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ï~~ r BULLETIN OF THE Kansas State Board of Health. Published Monthly at the Offlce of the Secretary of the Board,.Topeka, Kan. S. J. CRUMBINE, M. D., Editor. Entered as second-class matter, March 5, 1906, at the post office at Topeka, Kan., under the act of Congress of July 16, 1894. Vol. XV, No. 4. TOPEKA, KAN. April, 1919. CONTENTS. Morbidity Report for February, page 50. Morbidity Report for March, page 52. A Fly Ordinance, page 54. Food Analysis LXI, page 55. Revision of U. S. Pharmacopoeia, page 62. The House Flies. See the city with its flies; Deadly flies! What a world of sickness and of death The word implies! How they're swarming, swarming, swarming, In the summer's balmy air; Every residence they're storming, On the edibles they're forming, And they leave death's message there! With their specks, specks, specks, Typhoid germs, consumption flecks And other dread diseases which most frequently arise From the flies, flies, flies, flies, Flies, flies, fliesFrom the filthy visitation of the flies. -Pensacola Journal. Let's go! "Hygiene can prevent more crime than any law."-Hugo Munsterberg. "A state which will not prevent what can be foreseen is open to indictment."-Munsterberg. "The preservation of national vigor should be a matter of patriotism."-President Roosevelt. "There is a budget which we pay with frightful regularity: it is that of unnecessary disease and premature death."-Irving Fisher. "Health is the essential factor in productiveness, prosperity, and happiness, and hence in the advancement of civilization." -Sir Frederick Treves. Are you going to attend the annual school for health officers, at Rosedale, May 12 to 17? Welcome: The new Bureau of Public Health Nursing in the Division of Communicable Disease. The malady for which there is no cure-old age. The food substitutes "that are just as good" are rarely "as good" and never "just." All dealers are required to candle eggs before purchase, between the dates of May 1 and January 1. 7-6032

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