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ï~~IV RpisWome'ra Their wrk oftheWek ~THE '( RND RAPIDS H QAY LORING, OCTrQaFR 20, 1918.' Acti~iffs.'Eindlubland 91" 30IEETINGS BECAUSE OF INFLUENZA * Owing to Govi. Sleeper's ban on sit public m,ethnca there wilt beone club. mseetingse oct11 forther notice. Hany of the club reports had,already g00e to- preos beoro the notice of doosing wee received and therefore ore ann ouncing the meetings for this week. The secrtaries of mnany of these clubs * have catted and asked to have notices placed io these columns announcing the'dlIscontlruaotO of all me~tlngs until the ban In lifted.. The L. L C. club. houseo booboon closed and no meetlno. itbcr of the cloa~bs or regular mcctings announced will ho bold, the club adhering strictly 'to the order. FEDERATIOIN OF WOMEN'S CLUBS ACTIVE IN WAR. By 011cM. N. J. Gif3NiEY.' The Graond Rapids Fedeeatlon od Women's daubs held the' first mesting of the year TIhorsday afternoon at the public library. Mrs. Etta Van. Noreno the presoident. opened the meets ing with a talk saying In part: "It Is - oor patriotic duty as a federation to co-operate In war service until the war Is wo. We are pledged 'to assist 1n whatever rapacity we can he 0f mont service to our city and nation." * C. B. Kelsey. fool odmintetrator, r talked oe the fuel situation and asoured the womes that there would be plenty of all binds of coal. Inlulding * anthracite inasmuch as tie t nsporlatios cydition was much lImproved. H. G. Smtt.,,,coet county sgricultural agent.,ceuphasized- the netesslty 01 team worll in producing and cooserying food.' Miss Marguterite Erickson explained the callous problems in foods and textiles, telling how to clothe the family " praotbcaily. suitably and comfortably and at the somes titecot down expenses to a cinimumt. The members exchanged tonic good tested recipes for eanning and cooking foodstuffu. Mrs. Justiarsa11M. Case. Sr.. of Detroit was an out-of-town guiest for the day. L L C. TUE:SDAY STUDY CLASS HEARS REV. MERRIAM. By MR&tS F. C. PANtiBORN. "Hews from the French Front" was the subject of a mosnt interesting address by fir. C. W. Merriam before the Tueday Siudy class, marking the first meeting of the year. Dr. Morriaze, poai agowing' tribute to the women cf England and France,fr their hrroic port in carrying lde the great wor. He -aimo emphasized the impottanec of the part taken by the Americacn marines and the l2d di vsion In chocking thec Prusian'ad trilng. Mr.PDwlgbt Dodd talked an "Americanisation Propaganda," org. ing each member ta malts a special effort to teach Entglish to sos-English speaking foreign woumen is eaur oity. Miss Conlon save a bftsf talk aaking the womn to remind the voters of thsir family In regard to the suffrage amendmsent- as they went to the balls N-ovi. 0. 0. 0. Walker who was next introduced, spoke an the value of Bay bScouts 'toseciety and asked the coyoperation of the mothers in organising the Boy Scots of St. Andrew's. who will moot Wednesday evenings in Cthe school auditorium with Mr. Rademacher as stout master. s CRESTON CLUB TO HAVE a PATRIOTIC PROGRAM. C By MRS. J. W. SCOTT. Ths Creston-Litarary club met Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. Coa Peck. East Leonard road. ibo-subiect being r"Patriotis., with Mrs. Lillis Morgan and Mere. Peck as chairmen.". -The program was oened by singing America. after which Mrs. Gertrude Hoffeaster read a paper as patriotism.1 Mrs. A. _. Knight read an interesting paper on "Penny Patriotiente" after which- Mrs. R. L. Byers told of the fwork which' H.. Cf. Hoover has accomplfshed In getting the people of the ination to save food. Mrs. L. Buchan egave the pemn, The Name of Old Glory," by James Whitcomb Riley. Music was- furnished by Mrs. Vandenberg and Mrs. Byers. - - DACORN )LITERARY CLUB DCELEBRATES COLUMBUJS DAY. f BY ALFRIDA MODJNE. The AceranILiterary club held Its eg. ular meoting Monday evening at tho homne of Miso Mobelle Curtis. Bummer Â~avenue, N. W. The 426th anniversary of the discover- of Anuerika war-ele-bratad by a Caolimbus ptograen. bliss Lynette White furnished the music for the evening, playing Baong of the troySager." by Puolerewaki. and 'rom an indian Lodge." b~y hlsrfoweli. The biography of Christopher Columbus Iwas given by Mias Lucy White. Many views of hietoric Italian cities u ers shown and described by Miss Elisabeth r Busted. A letter from Colu~mbus to Queen lea. bella wee rend by Fling Prudence Von I very. The clubh eang mi-ral songs. EAST END W. C. T. U. HOLDS INTRESTING MEETlNG. The Boat End W. C. T.-T. hold an interesting meeting Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. E. Tee Hopes.$t9 Norwood- avenue. S. H. -Those taking part In the programt wers Mcs. Mary Stengel. Mrs. Cunninghaey. Dtrs. Ada Spaulding. Men. Ten Hopesd bud Mrs. eMartirr'o comb. ' Plana were made rwhereby the women" may raise their share of the $20.000 worth ef Liberty boeds which the state organization ie purchasing for Ito endowment fond. The state society Is ass opsoifg a ihospitality hoome at Camp Custer for this beneflt1of the friends and reiatives af the soldiers..,Pclegstes were elected. ta attend "the." eduety-counventionat Kent -City-. October - 30-31 us follows: Mrs. Ii: 0. McWilliams, Mrs.Thaman. Mrs. Mlan Cross. 'Mrs. Williamt Vnieo. tlne-kand Mrs.,.Tyo Hopen. SHAKESPEARE STUPY CLUB HOLDS FIRST MEETIN.' By MRS. LOUISE M. MULHERN. The Bhakespeare Study group of the Ladles' Lierryclub hold its.drat meeting of the season Thursday. after-s noon In the clubheouse. Selectedl Amer. lean poeoosoa, note" were 'read by,the Lmembers.. "Rome: Past and Present."!was the principal" subject dimcueped.' The mnatter was tshcn up very interestingly and instructively by Mrs. Loraine P lumen and Mrs. D.. W. iddlnge. who bath spoke.from thslr' personal lmpressiqns gaisod front visitse-in the ancient- olty.Mrs. lumen had, on exhIbitIon views of Rome token "f om her collection of. prints. The neat n teting of the group will be bold in' the clubhoose November 7. The subject considered, will be tha play af. "Julius Caesar," Mrs. W. W. 'Long prpeentlng the story If the play. WAR l&TOPI6 OF HOME LITERARY CLUB... By HMtS. It. Q.'ROCKWELL.. Tlht Moms Litecary club met Friday afternoon, at the home of Mrs. J. B. Itendry. 216i Horton avenue.,S. M "Waman and the War' woe tihe topic for the "day," a member of the Couneil of National Defenoc giving at} interacting eech. Airs. Ida M. Mallet gave 'a patriqtlc reading., The Fleet noi By." by Mary Bynon, 'as well as several war poems. No meetings will be held u9til further notice. EAST SIDE L. L C. STUDIES CIVICS. By MRt. IMANETTE ROOKS. The subject of.-the Just- Side L LI C. last Tuesday. was "Civics." with Mirs. Almera Htlaeley chairman of the' day. Miss Florence' Walker sang several very-pleasing soloe. Splendid 'and Instructive addresses were' given hby Mien Grace Van -Huenen-" en "Equal F'ranchise,"' and by Mrs. Joseph W. Roche on "Child Welfare." AUXILIARY *TO R. N. A. ADDRESSED DSY PRESIDENT. 'Tb. Woman's ouxiliary to the.'P.niIway Maill'association met Monday at thebrn hoeof Mrs; N.,0.;Stone. 740 Loch. wood avenue. Ther new preelident rave an address-and- outlined -lbs witch for thn year. Red C'ross week to "hr done the third and - fourth WVedneeday of each moeth. Mirs. Clay Hf. Hollinter gave 'a vary Interesting talk on "WVar Work at Home." WVetneedsy ri-en ing Hr. Ind Mrs. IH. L.. Martin of Houre treet. S. M.. entertained thi. utsogolttlon with" adinner, the rooms -being decorated. with flogs, plusee-being.moarhc-d for 50 guests.- The wan un abls to bepcrent, Mes.. towe evening wasnspent in mulsic and games.' gave a-Short talk on Mr. MacFady eap -~-,works. Mrs.. H. H.ODegen sang '"teI TUJRRER AVENUE CLUB. ' Non' and the -"Birthday Bang.' reHAS -ENTERTAINING- PROGRAM.'spending-to an senorerswith -Good-y -. aTo Sammer" by. Frank Lyanes. an-.A geod'hept'csentotien of- the Turner other American composer.-Mrs. Harold Avenue - othere' club attended the Nx "sang "'Cradle Song"' "Spring ictt Teayafternoon; wenalsi>nng"and "Jun.' A guest of the ieietit~umay wen rs.evening-weas MElas Breeskin;. vioiils, Jssues P: Brtyton' and. her, aseintanik, who was to the:-city to give the Oiral htrs. Reuh"e B."-arits. sooist;- nd- artiste: ecital for.the-:Be. ' Cecilia so.Mrr Luavo'Parot'i. ianist. gave;"The clet'. -The next eaeeting~wiU be hbe Dr'oluiton..of 'the "Fl ag. s" which 'wan Oct. 31, at Mrs. 'Rowe's hoes, charmingly presnred. lliam St., James -Mothers' - Idub 'met 4 Best was ctitfreoias.while- Mrs. C 'A. Wednesday afteroonto the echool auJnta acted 'tas hosess. ------diinrluea MisEn lito lfachtegall s pened. the program. with a group of - -- - -senOR. while. L. RGilbert.- pincipal of,1. C lub Not Union- High. echool. gave an instroc- t K < fi-c talk - on "Vocational- Education.'..a~.-".-.-".--".........L~eThe 'club decIded'-to put forth every The stepitan sacicy will rre- - -o effort to-got thte women to- enroll 'forday afternoon at:et the fats Cecilia the coure of-'home nursing to be gie bulig whese;- Quton: ad I n ht--sch l.,r. George' B. QunMrs,.:S3 Bec~is. M- r.eoJ cDlsccwery 'SRllt be,discoesed,--. - -" Schloss and Mrs. C... Lewis were ap-The Orehd]taplds Weman's club met. point~d directors to--the F'ederation of Tuesday' afrooee -at-.,the,club 'house. Schobl aseeciatiole for the. coming year., 'the progroot.;bolng iqo charge of-bbs 1 * - mrlaellanetoos 'committese. "Mien Paul-I The justlieof 0. cauoe is ottenttmes Inc Cunlp -speke-'on. the. subject.,*D#. arnieheet by ignorane and excess In fontlve Spsoch;ie School Cbildren.'t -B. the ouethodlof puohing IL P. Merritt~gsave',al address-on the RedCross civias':relief:work; o('.whlch hsa - has charge: Musicel "nomers warn rendered by..the. Mi'sae -Tolrer. TD- -XD EAT The,Pleyein. club held an informal meting.Toedy at-the home of Fires.W, 1V, onronyathy t s a. S;, Hair is by far-:the mont ceneplcuduee lit which -plo ns,, for. 'te winter were dla'cosaet. The' orgatitatiso- decidedl thing about on -and Is probably. the to lend-: its services AO the. 'wtr wprk moteasily damaged by bad or careless, by jibecming.aunit:of the Caip-Com- trb ent.. - It we are very careful in munity eaorie.e-The reauiarsmsetietgs hi.wsigw-i aerrul will behe bldt oice a'month, -beagtnning arwshn.w hOhv-irutyn the secoud -Tuesday'-In. NovelInbel., heir trdubles. An especially line sham-- -The Worth Mad -Woman's - club m et poo- for this weather. one that bringe Tuendtay.kt the bfLoth5 of ir. T.':H. out: alltentrlbat ftehi; Porte foran all-day- Red. Crs moot- itentrlbauyo h er lsng. Littie Margaret Mleesce i-e- a that dienolves and entirely removes ntl reading. "Why We Should Subscribe dandruff, excess oil and dirt; can cusily! to- the- Fourth- Liberty Loan.' Tees- bho.used at triling- nimply{ day, Oct. 20. wilt be an all-day Red - Cross meeting at:tbe boise-of Mr..J dissolving a teaspoonful of Canthrox A.wit nrs. 1D;5 ahi a cave.l ras. Iaa acup of hot water. -This makes a,-A ncbh'!cisE'iil be formed: underf tcup-of 'shampoo liquid-enough so the.aW Jthie; Founetln Sctreet ii IBaptist' ~cmito bedtabught by Prof. - i easy to apply It --to all.the hatr A. Mtasseteetrain!- the 'novel'"umethod lustead of just -the' top of the head. ) of teaqliinsg3t: plcttttee:thrown on a This eke mlcaity dissolves alt Imporscren,;Alt thoke: interested. i10join',iesand crets'a oootlilng. atn ing S a lpsare moot i t.iinnglcs the'calinot the pe ho kiouseeTuesdsiy bvrenisg a- et n.Rnigk s h cl pt 7: 30 4OartifkÂ~method -will.-be:-fully balyiclean. soft and plianot, white -the dcmlinetcated end" tie plane explaIned.'he takes on' the: Glossy riehnesn of, Membership-will be open in Mli thosoeIliaurol color. also a' flufllneen which who dehIreto' join. - makes lb seem muth heavier than it is. I.. srO ilusl andPoer ' lam After- Canthrox: shampoo, arranging Tho 4 sii ui n ootgcasthe 'hair is a. pleosura:-Adi-. held It ets tregutaromeeting Thu reday. ovenia tuwÂ~a te'oeof-Mrs,Wiliamn B. Ro1Ks. -'.The chairman, intd 'Letts Thoas. -weavlcomned the members o01 the ify Q~' 3 ciesse:fl'ho-etudles:for the eveninglL ssy.LR0 RS os w-ere: Wllfrld FlsonGben oe. n Alexander Macaln Gcompos1rer and The shiop where servlce counts. Toil pinsa-JI5 Myrte-N omosCerry-d fursnih lbs material, we* make the man reed the -port's life aod gave gown. Syeft.wrmnhp guarandeilgbhtfu- yadogo of the following' teed. - potems frben-'ble h'ook 'Fires, Firer, The-NIFFY ' -n ho "Te-Wife"- "The Dancing Seal'-andG W 'S o "The Shop." 'As bMiss Bertha. KutecheJr. SOS Anhtan Blde-. Crto ~Dami - [t( Everything in up I.IWALLPeiPSR" Decoratr ing maL -tite thing." neld Dr. Merri m, "that transformed the weary, dicouraged -and retreating French and English ariesinto thte aggressive, successful armies of tod-sy." _ The speaker exhbited a number of pasters seceured during hie service with the Y. he. C.- A. In Franee, which reC ented both bhe artistic sensibilities and the Ind-emisable spirit of the.1French people. Tier subjects included Liberty loans, fled Croms work. devastatlitnod deporiations. various farina of reliecI work, American participation in the war. aeld others. - --One of tile mrost striking poters pictured a peasant girl, repreusetng A1 -eace and Lorraine. rhnined to the 'cdi of Germn domineation. 'Aside from the question of territory." explained the opeker, "the possession of thbee twa provinces Is of vital importance to France. in Ihat., becauee of the charactee of their tepogrophl'. they forms the key to French enfety tod defense, end the guarantee of Boigian neutrality." The undying faith of France in ultiroots victory jwas atrikingly portrayed. 1n a repreaeation of the present. actual army sweeping arenod* the Napoleonic arch In Parts, while the dress army of the future marchets victorIously through It. making it Indeed aln Arch of Triumph. I -- WOMENS NIISIONARY SOCIAL' UNION TO MItET FRIDAY. The twenty-second aneual meeting of ths Womte's Mlissionary Social union will be Ihel Friday at the Immanual Rofornme4 church. Eastern avenun and Thomes street.' S. l~l. The key' note of the me-iing will be to coumbine patriotism and miesiens and the follo7"ing program will ho given: 5,i5-Drcslnal servles.]itsie. tVae'censtnnta_Report stfSersetr. ies. C.H. Soff. llerem ofTreaser. liesbI. it N. RayReort Ho Chid Laber Amsonillon. aHrs. toI-n-'i.r iWore: for Women'" Him Hon' Col t re.....dnaberet-ar. 1:3-Soc' le. t. Rec. reelilse. ll: -etdrtes-s-'crpeu Deem ntte Hear -not' tira aunoe int 0. (esur. curio, II lrooneldse-Pre rrsereles. Led r 5Mrs. 1 i--Dsetolonol itertlcs itet. I. i'sno~osl eobure. to nnilCall. itli.-Adldrer-"lint'o tCiatnt tAnneal." Ore. liceheel (Tianey. Iniai. 3:0-Duet, liss.cuIR ltikhbsrs slnd Mus.. i. N. ireltee - Drink lb nsnoats home again. C C i Begin yow' Christmas' shopping nown--the government makcewthis re- E B S O T R queatliei order to eliminate' traffic B S O ogei ee e.T ES O _ Charles Trankla.& Co. Save peach' pit erment. Dry in. our LibertyFloor.- - A 'reaOcober Coat in whicover 500 of this. season's most fashionable styles i winter coats are - - - offer~ed t prices which careful comparison- will show are much less than real value-'mizch less than garments of such quality and style caii be bought for. Burella.. Coat This sale was made possible when -our buyer secured -several prominent New $2500York manufacturers' surplus lines at a decided reduction from regular prices *~iich we in turn are passing on to our customers in -this- sale. Coat $29.75 -They &~e all grouped in five lots vnd priced at $18.75 $23.7,$25,00 -$29.75- and $35.00 an edo not hesitatd'to say* that at every price the values 'are incomparable. The six models sketched will give you an idea of some of the smart' styles, but only, inspection will prove to you.the' fineness Qf mate- - rial and the richness of their colorings. - ' The Materials The Colors Con

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