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ï~~R xINTENSE rabltto ofd the Lack which C.SoW.wo i 'fieid organizer. arri,Thursday. The S BRhaiiiatloo Divi. f oaun4T Drt. ih~tw ls Lbs,0stinial; of how- ~r hated I%- his iznalrt f aiazi N. SLee of the k ptoed $%tL Liberty Bond Campaign Cosa ' t81 vtt of prtfiOfi 51l sfles%'ace1 as foil boA cod. ad $188,860, 'lo L "w ifth Ward $74, 111;,06i1" total forl u'outdr.. district.. 0, whicb WIaM1&6 o xha~tiu, Witt reie )e Metropolitan Insu iiba'e4erpin 06' to assist in thql 1 4irngan answeredv,Mjoount will be dill bihalrmnan said: "Thus to.' iank the women ss$sinnce. and. Mrs. A report' of $#I916 in c$+ttus7nuiit x" tlhy; lepolqiwtersI Step nan -said:.W at W~e are, flihting V ope -.W ". an downs'tit nijiut r many slibsoribers ) n. When we read o( of Qin. ibfoawi4d./t WA, duid. airnosZ e tbhrdmthe lttle bslu thm. No uatiir ho Lbe% we a e not.g i'i but, simply guaisant res in ftsate 'piaco and iThero. is not a 11 ty-w ho. 04o' ipe4vr mclecoU"ba yare doing i.dt the Hun. Si:"are doing~ad I~rly tots atether ~Bfei patter. and.lu141 Shdd lin and. hi r' a other boni' th O t'_ healt isin the t (i 'OB ' SRIE fief meting *as he] Fit iii- Major Livii - adanapbelt.Cown tt'iicsaith Boards. n I)biil County. Cot Ware msculspionousft &Ad 'of',the- "buy in. a inebaCiu Sthe grstiin4 e the " cp upItont S lt~z yi 104 ooo ttahal~..iesaay t 'nci ~'illi.for sm he-odDJiirwl-L~t;"NIdO)j ile,,gw~ iu-4k",". W>[algwill not ciose uni h qoaf~ eiiiod ed a atorityon. he ribJc Al te opningof tnt s oldliers rI-'dicatioii alzid ~, 'e A r Peunigsuau t ' ' 6alahthe time for cloing was a +t oi wo asen] SCanai Sftiada isimilar om." doy.+a,C_'., OTE4.1 undersandome 1.80dik ad M L~rc es.influenufiza epidermic has retarded i.-c.--ta L in tie Sev entbh itit wl- 5 ~rd,7 ~g oeha.C1 ~ b~a~bOd~uo ~ eraeIn the ittust will de~ daghe o ee uced to the Chairman tt ton ' ts 4 ood upcnilteinmbr wounded "in bitujue;n.its50g05 a 'YY ''r s e;.of racsm en~ r who arr disabled thaca iilnevs"' auc xipt >i}orea itecanvass has not been u'ist stda- Hgt *Milr lstnnuce;, in iores p iave r at ihth een ne wo aI en ufeig',r1P Joe1315Oli$b8 ~u, NEWIPORT MA Eif>l CI intovariousu"sections. oftthe city r tiefdiet% alte bibe sculonis, biit in whom the! a c~wounty have reported.that, id' t l tds i8 PI t.h no loger active. would be sdt 7.eiuMA,.,4woibe oicld'*+1s mse s b 5grn ajdisables soldiers and ree iavoh e blot rat c sf the t C f heeduational in1ff1 toI d~ otiaeMcbg Fsd.., Kr.carna e ad that aypseoarstad reslt.; tituted ib lie dearem i n~ai4~'~ovsloibodbyheaufictoa ad ad slur You. x $hIlsitwexpressed himself as mct~u Lt tie con- TE LAEY& '63og " estin Ltberty Bnd cn 0tirefutds in'5 litsd Otea r so zd with the work in suldiprs' 'rt-0 minItk WZe qay pnaane. fctbean e""ifs itirem are:P.tetion that had airsadty; 1,5done1 uc mlslsne Cdhnbsarbismnd CeiHntrrtonQiy several tati fcur ed' w ~a i ta. orkli~cr teuto'1see that tie workleraIn the to lei.ntwiflilnnsouao4.jiit Ky. fo t O' tmr t heprsn eids 7 o a Etee IjF. nii plans were In ejgA pf d h tceit fur the suhsprtptlons. at f?(.ndth -ee-a, Iago hea - a1tif n. 'he ituore,.nha,1, ) ut ~ lvt; Idtil it os a cto em intj aout"111emauthtrtpron $. a e$C!ftelTA dor itaOut a,"111bil Wdfuet of their eanih~gn. iao Thr.tdmca ucrlrkpats4Co~~ should he irttertsd in inning 5%I i~. i4lftlweuosr.eRaid Dt iilaw,,"wear1s, L*~ se Ma$ hr isty, of a qua af le and ures the Invpt~tjnt in iq~fls1-uclu*.icJthis vast nt&~k and our o.-dli o ith tie lsle aPe tiical1 nied., ts~z'ameans or aiding te govercla-, ttAli or,sDr.,Jtns +lbPtaiel niprtne 'Thetrcno s lowu Oasesof PP r lhen~ Ths 'iworkern aro urged s oliit t ~uhujyls He k assal lr mefI ieoewowl dos reotp nlet~t~Aor1Said SO tt ',h t ste n h iltws, sdoet lsobstriptiore inetrderta e s)tcttssaetrIl i k 0; bf CdtItr ta- ncp r 1s-I~ -,ori---. ii ui se-. Mica possible."'.ri adqarnipdk~taAorI di IRilepol xtspI-~5rieinn eettsewitsl.- teShag and Maksenlt suy urtb Wai~ rd opaani~ls:6_ prey r - srnnLee tslated 'rhOrsilay that a1KiTOGN CIRCWT' COURt&' #i.Si adMllrsen.h _ "-. "---r" Ool 'i lr a tuitable location fose t i,6b 8x ytptgn~., #q if"eea reporit'Friday noon at the osN. juZiegieler "t eb int easiest lrtmengt teadhquarters; havgl ep Ptewpprt of. If,Otto P. pair, in charge of ke grf rsuate, nea aretitrial eti fevia eryP~I7 i0t11ott Z rs maidea sao o ebl Vtad declneoffer 1 oake -~d jicaited States. public hesith sanltafteti in the city anrd county. If the,.u aSmlt t.sdr~aa ulol elndueBado dls, ieptaline Sound of offer to- 78make lln5oC~ry ed t.hl4l eelsred Thursday that but Goe ae1 ea tcan net hi present. In person Ju,IS OIL. et654 -reide.5c Maa rls~esi heDnc ull "e te101 enpilte infloensa has so far dqlvelopsljt te l edinterrprs '-- an 1 aftiat thgr;e bavs been tonly five n" orprson") or by phone, CVNTI4 *RAEIC8 r ~ A 0 Men~t esjfr,49casesiathe whole commiit* Mpcht odependsono the nature of "" OaI,,. MtR. E'5lG N U JAW l~i1Jt IIIess ts ie esalt been isolated;.hin piswts submitted Friday as to whetite Hary ttl ye1. iarr ocu:: lie. > OFFICILYPR S:ordera to detdrlne the true nature of. the6ro it will he seceesiry for the wolk- Maude May Ltsbsl.:c. Sctlsiiiu. Idda ' 4d a ldteiSealeu t'.,.ers to dontinue their canvass thin nexta-!te tbaounpteaeted irance.Vom-.',X~tIs*, J. fohr, well knlowni labist' we ki - If the qtuota is reached or W____ar_.g tefheofheiyytmswl for Newport r"edde, Ask is in charge of all labor wihis reaching distance then the'ceh- ' a.. -. Pr. h ib dieIe.trtulkust tss nitrate plant, swssel-palgis rmsy end 'Monday as had been JasesLueda,, ~t ltisw recejnat tsly ' eytwnuwith thankts. Lary ooditiots there are excellsnt and fiswviouly anlielsated. ceetnlr e t H ~ ltdretia is b btt. i nsrptoshft lbuted that:aeeqkiwn precsaallonary useali' Thsere suo tneelting of the Captain-s lonuestat- alols sede 154uvea s beofthdinsciptionGerma I' rt'r "heed caureaulinasos.. - areoffeiint era ecommittes stire esi mployed. Tlanuday but a big meeting is antici- kicaV'-"aetid '"'!.h'"laasoacidaustomerw h6 Park it'iiiissius discssed Tu workers for _____________ 'pFiday uoon. Theore only remain a qeettr;t ilu ta itnarr Suenad,h eoa n eie Alfred G UfwyO tht mo r e oays In canvssIf the eamI r- before tue. otiu etic hthe nag ~deatdb teriiia addcddt salem. The 5 J iAIUlS1 ar~F uigi istoenhntchdue im. t oisa;.rlill sbthe place, nltile ijsIuge kar Jaho had aleo suffsredew OtIs assistance t Said 'that five city precincts and three ad esufm. chckbePaas.' Pitee5510 au-i that the shaft shjsPid insecrtas B~1IJ~mG T AI4O~; otry districts have goice "over the ----dv----- +eai. - andA1helpingT top~ 'gsd many ace closely.follbtting.+ E anurn uauau D____ en weAehi O 41ST GRO5555B extension of cthe caipai:depends' E1iAALS rA ILPESENTSIUTO enwret-on efpr of the Precinct Captains IE 5'R IUTO for in this phone for acsonmmunity hotue it.i; to hit submitted Fiauday noon.. FOR G WHR OVE TO THE WAR LA8OM BOARD and helplp but car were completed, last Sturdy: ~LEAGE O L AION'At a conference Thuamsday at the City ajddyt idht. Work began Sunday inorning 'ASKS RT("AB'SCRU as we p o..usdly'vnntwstreweeou-i _____ Hall, participated in by Mayor Sohni the glorious isMeteth Work' on the interior acemvpaterArpe.VcPei4 Attorney John T. Murphy filed an PARIS, Ott. itt-The Gernan Mm-i dvn, atrA rpr iePst hose cothe'ua n i xetdish ~i ppication for a writ of habeas corpus icter of Fore Affaira will sho'tly entmoyt CltSolciosti ctonkCoan-. orcohspleted' by Saturday. The coinuoi00tt in the Kenton Circuit Court Thursday appoint a tom aishtee of officiais, par-payCiySlctrauZiokand we are able house will oqtain a large treading loca sss fPe Ttbe l,15Rsttra n ursst risaDirector of Street Railwaym W. C. eking the rlaeo l Tibl,6,la inan a ui~st rm iw much we with rus, couches, wicker chairs'.aid negro, held in the Covington Jail on a German pslan for' a, eague of nations. Culkins, it was agreed that at thes ug,up any-i rockers. It wili brlsteam heated add cag fbigafgtv rmjs~e h ss-fliiNrh6ra a hearing of the wage question of the boigeiteach of the forty-two bedrooms Will 'rribbsle was arrested two weeks ago zette annoynceaccrig oadm empioyeees of the Traction Company lwith.a e"f have hot and cold water and contain by 'pti'olinan Orville Walker. It was patch from Basel' today.. before the Goyernment Labor Board at - pemopain to cos an a btlt'n W~d- alleged that the negro had vioiated him The foregoing nmay be a development feel t~t oe wshsgle an witig es. Cmpny.t' ciy 1ndthepTractillthathe rbe, ashtandand ritig ~ pdrole fromi the Michigan City (Iod). of the plan of kpthias-Erebergsr, h pn, the ct n h ulcwl inparianho Mrs. Sara N Baue, house mother, Penitentiary in 1908. Tribbie has been clerical lesder in the Reichstag, who be representled by a citizen, to be 'otrsr here.' j atMAcor looking after the girls ealp a reienot of Covington foer the last ten late' Ins Septemnber. announced that he chosen later, who will present the t'l qdy food. tay here.',The grle livingr'pcrea th ear h plcto lb er adwre u sdti rf fawhole local situation, but for the p1l1 va r de4+r and in the westen part of the Fiye h pmo ainwilb erdhdwrkdotestdti dato the ty r,ag yMr.Sne riday rising.. -- constitution for _a-'"league of natons. pose. of having all the facts pr e w the ret s arThe panewasy.Mrs. BauerInaebook byin santiartial way so that J ttce may11enigY1"Itsto.h asovllTepanwsm ldInabkby for a uniit. car line- Wi~ltn oinaplete, these girls MAN INJURED BY W L Herr Ernseher sntted " The Lesaebe dope to ali parties lntet*steti. I thten. comte *11l stay at the commWui*ty s. of Nations; the Way to Peace." Tics' boild. It will' "Approximately 4,100 men were' em- Joseph Sarringhaus, it, laborer.89ti~iltospoie htaysy ~lMRPJI4TED at the same picyod at Ancor Thursday." iMid Cap'- Crescent penue. was' crushed to death' erelgo state might eiiter the league, LIFE WITH- G UN SHOT Is epm tamo F: L. Woody. This is the mini-thur iyaferonweapief whichi should,7he considered to have_____ is week to mum requirement of labor and 1b1010dkt drive and car wheels toppied on him been formed, cqken Germany, Great Jobn Leslie. 41, a former pugilist, weab rii lte' both skile: and unskilled worket'I h C.Rirodyrs hrta riti Francte, the United States and found dead in his room at Illb mawa t' -With 6,000 laborers the task of. gettIngli teeuth anid Madimon avenue. Rtussia were among those that luad an - street, with a buliet wound in his rigiht the huildiugs in shape could be " dom.-UPie was, employed by the reilroad nounced their adherence to the plain, temple. Him istee, "Julia Leslie, reportrdua.Dhnmero kle wl- boaany ha. a laborer end was In the The ltagut was td be ttil sent cf the e4 to Coroner Saue Thursday moening ed~ C up; amon deen pte unskilled iao.t "o f qecuirtog some mateelal:whenl league and oa1"h state, with tli ap. that she- believed bee brother had cornDuring thaeirist tenl days of the mnith the "wheels fell. on him." Coroner Dr. provol of Its. arrient, wouid ap- mtted suictide. The Coroner's invsstigaId Thursday there. were.i,141 paso qinpioyed and on Da~vid *f..,Stephens was notified. A poiitt odlpa to there 10 hie inter- Lion showed that Leslie had shot himugston's,of'.Otober 1 -there were,1058 -mm eaegs- * tow,andafive children urvivoe~sotlns self Wednesday morning. sty and- tttu togred as woekil a.'Jt bddylrp~s rembved to the ttnJ,, According i"to him sister'S story, Paerbra A. E:.Bowe;..nn~unces that coniO" takkling etabtlImeit of Middendopf & CA! flweeeyIoldLelie.Ides atoller o, pesTs&,C.A aii~shv enin ~edietadwl ae e i;.TYPI.5555a J-pu'MAN trna'SweytodLsiWeni111'O t e pleatb ~l' -'U A. aciltiheaqartbe iers for pbekanillh e r a sere- S A RS day that he would hare to go to work or'te8$esa~se+.fb"''hedqatesfrnplved +0 ' tbme Th SAYSl ' v Mat the nItrate plant. Leslie pleaded that wi"hloesoccupieis a whole win*..Ie wil be hsld at St. Aloysius Church he was physically incapable of doing -nytry"of ihe,'dotor* Bu ~ilding and part Of.Monday Mors9BF. OF i S~ON'S SPEECHJ hard bo, andhortly after the of fitI) a~a;.another wing isaevoted to colored nIl r-.,t -n"----,-' -i car alit, it s clahimed. Leslie locke~d BOGI{ MUSJT YAChT is.01 BOOKA, 0MoatIGHS LIRDAT. nAP Mais 171 cc ISIJRANI URR"T ANt bile Ismres oralInesuec WILL Ibo pm thisiog 005 Lion card S ward 3 Adds thdse and I tanmb.-5 mensofns1 av illein the prset Inentoied was appro prs MALLs frm oci

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