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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~*MBO O 0 THE -- AS&ESSIYE NJI '{LO CAMP AICN'' -_-E6T-MEIBDOCO-MDAT PLAGUE1 " aFaiif sci Declars -Mask Checked Epidemic, Los " Angeles Scorns It;_ New York Calls ClosingOrder - Unnecessary; Boston Death Rate High. -That an aggressive fight against influenza rather than drastic closing orders have be most successful to checking the spread of the epidemic and reducing the death rate is the evidence conltained in replica to questionnaires sont out by The Rocky Mountain Naewe to representative Amnertcan cities regarding the eethods used in coping with the iefiuossaa pieosiaPractically without exception the dig-i ease wees eibdeed- first in those cities to e e. mas- twhisk estabtiahed at the outset saner- fsttive than adi-isory restrictions oea escy hospital facilities and provided tie liberties of thn pubiic. for the isolation of patients to pro- i ok hr h totthe Infection being carried thindet rt a whole family and lute a neighbor- was *0.Pt lower than In any other hood by ili-coesldersd vsiting. large city iii the country, the school. Attivs war wuged agaist the dim. 'thqa 'churches lad places of boot__ _ _ _ _ m,-u u =. intj the,epidemic asd ouch precanuonary measures in-geone mashe were never adopted. tn place of these P9TH LMAN DIES measures.- which are called-ft sta-ome adabudbyDr. Royal 5. Copeland, city health commissioner, New Icare for all lufloensa victims and pro__OF INF LVEN/U viding for their isolation. The city fl was 'districted and a machinery of Second Member of Pol ice De-1 listed In a-canepigwn f "no-operatiewpartment Victim; Wife Sue- cve1, w aith1c o hedses 1 [MIS $KY MONAI 'NEWS DS DENqVER'tD. $ ASKSTO WI, cumbaSameDay. Thee. measures wees effective that the death rate was keat down to Patrolma~n Peter Walsh aud his fifty per 1.000 people. as compared wif. o 486 Uicastritdied with- with a rate of 101 pea- 1,000 in Bosto. wife of 82wUtic stret. where the drastic closing orderasorere In a few hourn of sack oter ester- in effect., day from Influenza. Walsh is the The health comnmissioner In New second patrolman of tihe local do-. York worked on the theory that Ispertinent is die from Influenzpa within expert cars and promiscuous distributioo of the patients thro the city twoe'i a hours, Patrolman Frank PNo. would'rssuit In e greater percentage tootle having died late Friday night. of lose amcng Inltusa patients and Mrs. Walsh died at a private saul- -a more widespread infection than1 tarum,122 Galor steet yeteraywould arises from chance exposure in morning sri. r an flues of three days., a ke w d resttritiune on public cutractrd by suring h r husban. aseombages have proved of 4OUlT w-ho had eon Ill for several days. effectiveness in checking lbhe spread Hier sister. Mrs. Ktatherine Hely, is of the epidenmio. Physicians int many dangerously ill ef tije same disease at cities deplore any measures -which the eaaon sanitarliun. tend to create a panic among the Welsh and Putestio joined the do- people, declaring that involuntarily pertinent Jan. 29, 19000. and slame that hysteria produces conditionso which time have both heen assigned to the favr the prolongig of the 'flu" start. North Ode sub-station. Walsh served bosa Angeles asciet Msskh. as ating sorgeasnt at thue sb-ta- The helth authorities of Los Anti~on for severai monthe last year. goes spurn the gauss mash. clilm. Ulisevere Mooes Orissee. ing that it is inmpraetical and should Potestion'was often referred to asnet be *orn etherwise than by the "Petrosiuc of the Denver polise skillful persons, such as. nurses and aepartment" having been successus doctors.- one of the most prominent In the solving of mysterious vanus physicians in Los Angeles says, reraniginig front netty lea-cony to mordsr gardiog the mask: i "Little Itly" W hich of tien" most "A mack worn about the house o iinprtaut cases which has solved Ont thce-gets by the ordinary citi. eied is the sonviotlon of Mrs. Anse- son soon becomes dirty, _affected by1 lin tlrramoue, who ts- now serving perspiration from the.faoe end sb, a Itls sent ace in Canon City for the soiled when tsuched- by 'the hands. j airder of Myse. Dorioto Lahta C01- The only wa' In which--a mask can: lapeti aied_ MKcia.agutardiaf bath of he seriiised is hby putting it in a oem di pppeseodfrom thiet'vhomes cttieerad the face enlist also be 14- 1910. -'Pbs bodies of the two won. washed with soap and qeqhploi, ToI er n were found almsost. stmutatoelY comnpiets the sterilloatlon- rubber about a year later. Mrs. Oarraione gloves most he worni and the clothen Liuardia.' but it b, generallys- The opinion of the doctor was atc ta tht sew lgaitsresonsbleo lted generally In Los Angeles, and f4 the isurdan of mors. Cltantt. Inn masks wore posdnton y y lotestio in survived by a widow citizens. bet by medical menasnw elf. ai eight children. I Ioetes. Dnareeoen 4re. Walsh was born isnPEngland Dr. Woods Hutchinson, who advoforty years ago. Ohs is survived by cated the inash-i~n Deaver, receiv-od three sisters. llire. toslienney a flat turndown at the hands of the and Mrs. Anna MrCaitt of Lawrnans, city council of Los Angeles when he Mass., and lire. latherines Molly of attempted to Introduce the mask Denver. and three brothers. James thea-n earlier In the mouth. The onand Michael Ouch. of Deuver and the staught en Dr. MHutohinson's propesal. Roec. Carrett J. Burke. fernlserly of was led by the priecipal physicians Denver hut row of New York city. In the cite,, who cried down the mask. -Walsh Ie survived by a son and ss- impradtiaiasd, In inexpiert handsl. miaughter by a former macclogs. TheF dangerond.F son Is and his duh The rbpidity with which the dn tar1 --arirl~dedTOW~--suduedin -Los- Angeer Lake City. $ attributed to the frct that masks Mrs. Peete' s tearal Today. Iwrre not were. - the funnral of Mrs. Nell Porter. During the period at quarantine in wife of Dr. V. It. Porter. 1818 East 1 Portland, Ore., stereg were permittedI s~t o Q o.rmainopen and masks Were not mnorning from the W. P. ornto- eorfd-laringe the city health ueral chapel. Burial will be at Pete- atoiisdcaigthey would do mon - letry as much harms as good ifot clean Denver as a soujeJ leader and a char- caro wsre limtited to a smoederate losad ity worker, She died Friday slter- of paeger- and wers~rwqured-ton T. natto at S8t. Josephs hopitai after a keep all windows open.k' short illess with 0srfuene. Ohes ' Asitre 11ght waged. _ rilently-.returned ftom Now York, )Lain reliance was placed, huwever., where she spent the summaer-study lupnsattive measures to tight thpg isi social welfare wog- to whith disease. An emergentcy hospital was ---h-int Ui to -ays in 1 0D lbesn labdin e pal audi-I al~d her husband were divoreed ahout torium. where all cases which coulid Uppe'F MASKS NOT~ POPULAR; MANY PEOPLE. IGNORE HEALTH_BQARIYRULES One Sulestir's Nose Goes to Sleep, Anotherilts.Hig er Power Guarding Her Headt, Thing';1Thy.a.- Doni't Wear Fla Bibs _ _- _ Any flu germ who complained that the m oilt odefbZ pryd i of a chance to eara an. honest living could usd1 av sgeveikae adltipns in Dbever yesterday, whoa-s. except for moving picture patrons, nine fas out of ten were unmasked and offerad the usual number of hospitable openings for an anterprising germ desiring tonost up housekeeping in' a new place. Patrens-of store. did not com-. ply with tk. request to wear msks. js h a survey chewing only about 10 per Jimmy de Tough cent protested by the gus ~ awe The 'health authorities had notIswV ri"Flu Mask, sued an order to employeeostif ears. to wear masks, and only a few isa M ixes With C p them did, except In osee tore, where C I S at-?ad them o. It had been only suggested that the, emuloyes weer -aitho. the officials were em"Say. I hopes dey kssp up dts wear- phatlo in declaring that shoppers In' masks all do timer' said Jimmy should protect themselves. I the Tongh Guy to his pal. 'Die is do Various reason.-waneasined for greatest cineh I ever seon. Wid on not wearing masks..t des masks on a cruek can walk' Mr. P0s. weit- to - leep." - 04" a ds streets and look a copper or a fly "We have received pq direet orders bob in de eye and never torn a hair, from the health department and can. "Die maskin' alt de time is some- not lake iogtea osy snaor thin' Ive been strong for ever sine' mit,'asteld the eadfea big departI started out to he a erodk. De whole meat store, trouble always has been dat 4. cop- 'I don't like te wear 1t.' explained pere gts your mug fixe-e..ntea salesmen, pjans.-Aa1 us ou w Yourselfe" titan the eity aiitqrttios of Deaver knew you. and it's do booby hatch who is looking after my health." said fur you and mtaybe a trip over do a young girt. who admitted. kowov; road. - that she would respect the tawer -lo* ttlam.55g come die bloused finu P4wero itftbny compelled heit to do so plague. an: t makes de weaia'-of Theajers soestr U64th saes ormak ffact. De copper caa now dsonbtteypa e."si h walt alone de street and he don't ushere In half a desert different theaknew one of us creoka from a hanker. Lts. 'If they doat. they have to Honest. pal. today's de first time in leave" aig montice I've been on Sixteenth nyamnarte orhnkr COUED David the 71 COORI CAESHALI Z. pe lameau to -Immediately "yipen- veoilygintl roU struttlons from the- baltb omasleiaiip sionera.the Dmatriet court aothoi-iteasM ties dismissed the-eighty-add ee- the _2 bars of the Ju bo were theanbo a q ths wses- fs-mnilseeis-sn 4O7 Crona str eet.Mand Eae widely The epidemic Ie practically a thing bob finn. headquarters dim moafnn Rass tuailol non n eveh ewa eplyd f psei KnssCes.wer to see thatt.rihti d eworyThrohbitte A bena$a - S aL h.29lrlsy hteotel until recesnt handled With a milolmum Inter- district._ wt wn.n ha a prtdt car Denv R~~~~~~o oran~~~e- Wae an- peep o was nut eurtailed more dIe guy de! a.lelh fao o eek ttmn f let 4 er of the South Deaver btsonio than necessary, aud preventive men- "I don't tars If dis mask ordsr hardly feallslag tat Ofhaves a ommendl, toae han ak22 0 tan sun or rilal. -- - treatment of tisoets were relied make no uSetrngg p ei EXAMINATION FOR CIVIL a trial of a feow days. make a stickup wld enseof dee maksa fresk dab sof ris; topters whose two mines and twent-tfh torpedoes. SERVICE TO BE HELD SOON were advised by tho health authori- line on your mug. of thes high cost of Uloiiatiogr fluid A competitline exainaetion for as- EegtiaIAld. - deas masks s crook can walk along conscious of their noses yeerdayl Otti snmttg.uett oh Masks were s ever adopted at any the streets lust like a gentleman, The noaneso4, ichsnJ hn wthrprng100Su. Tmn aud women, has bee n annono04 time of the epidemic in Salt lahke "Me1 for do masks strong!" Tunom.noeo.s.tnt.nm.--n-athrpara, 11 Sot 1 yc ths United States civil sea-vice Cty, where a hosioms messa eommit- Iangth becomes twn Inches long a5stMark a Co. Jewelers, 100-I1lo1th et. -eommission. Applieants ust hawitei has served In coounesaies with seen e tasarei ftasaesiasti -- -- aki idovritI 3OUOV&T SlIAI-- lic

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