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ï~~I IM ENE. It Workers on rl ~l j "PHOENIX," the Ideal Shorteninag, and "ORIOLE" Salad Oil ar'e sold by all leading grocers. Rctuae chcap substitutes....Rduscmitations, Demand the genuine-.nothing "just as MANUFACTURED BY Phoenix Oil Use GRATDMA'S Pees6 that pure water, will not harm. The dirt Just rolls Powdertds rOAPfu walscisa Pass wetur ed oA sd SOAty " a. o oneWCaret of Bilwsrne is viswtn a rect istor n bWe A Mcy. Mrs.W. Si. Whirtofrbacarenefrm 'wasadecntviitr n hyciy Misstureyt sandhaCitured Mrs. E3.a it. bloorllvu Is visitidsin t her sioter, rs. W.rA-isctay oft} Ms... II.itrs etured ro '.. Miss Nl Marashal has returned to IEsrtaulaaftr.visitng MisstiMoseativsoa Miss'G'eiBMrwnllhas returned toe Mianie after visiting relatives hers.,"t lliia Alice -Elisabeth Wright haa re4, tsred frt~a Lebanoni, Miseses Ger s and Leaurs White ase reFtrysd from Jacksonville, Mawfts. 5.I. Flecher has returned home afer a' viit to friends in Aieasnaidrisi. ssRena Hopkins hay returned front a. visit to relatives in Dickson. M is'is Noroasino Roach has recoreosd from t;e uyseerese atteck of flu. U r. and MM J. A. Littleaned Mrs. Ui. 1 Wailer of Birminghana, Ala., en route i m a motor trip through Pennsylvania.,i 'apued in the city for a few days and ee the guests of Mrs. John Hlsleran on M~alseenth avenue, south. -x r. W-4 A.- W. (Cadea of LiPoilets.. is bess iuto te inter st of the Dtaie highway. Girls!I Make beauty lotion at 'horse for few cenits;' 'conainn t.M ounices of. Orchoartd COMMUNICA TION TELLS FACTS OF HERO'S DEATH' Lieut. Timothy's Mother Receives His Distinguished Service Cross. ttev-'rrtlg the detratied facts of the death of lent. James Simmons Timothy, a letter from taptolo ('oifenherg. 15. It. M. C., has' been w ritten Liteutenant Timothy's toolher, Am. P. it.rTmothy of this city. All Nashteille bemoaned thu fate of this hero and till will he interested in the comuanication from his commndlng offirer, which reads "Fi'ance. "Touir letter of July 3 to Sal. F'raklinu R. Garrett regarding the death of your son! Lieutl. James Simmons Timothy. was given to me to answer. "Lieutenant Timothy reported to use near Verduan lost March. 1 kept him as my assistant for some ire end then placed him In command of a platoon, which he handled in an excellent manner. On the 31st of Miay we were sent to Chateau 'thierry and remained there for over a month, during which time your son was killed In action and died an honrable death. "On,Tune 14 my company wes balding, the forenmost trench at Bota de Belleau and were surrounded on three sides hy the enemny. Thtat smm afternoon the lientenaistcanto fa my cottomaud poat,-wltciowas about fifty feet from the tins,..sad we. beganato tal1k of the great victory of theday, and of its asa beang hi.shbrother's weddistog v_ is ycWe'-weeo- taatoagof's wedding when he was hii. Ito feti over on mny top and died about twenty minute. later, Flu was hit jost below the middle of the hack by a frsgtaei of shell that hurst nearby, ond was bated the tatoneday in [lois tie Bellesa, together with. sonto othocr offlerswho hauL las Witea on the fietld ef honor. "Nothing I can say will bring him beck to you, but.F want to tell you how hravel y 1A died. James was shount the bs liked officer by his men I have ever seen. To me he was like a brother and a companion, lie showed magni~eat tsy of courage and knew not the iesacaisplaof fear. Ie dietd a glorioits death, kill bhr shell lire. James helped to stela nsd. push bock the lins. tie helped to immortalise the marines In the hearts of the F'rencha people by exposing himself fearlessly to1 severai barrage. in order to superintend personally the handling of all men untder his commend. ils coolness under fire and itressant labors for the comfort of his men contributed In a large mseasure to the success of itis company, and for this hte was recommended for the distinguished ervice croon. "Now, my asr Mrs. Timothy, it maktes ste feel proud to write to one who is the' mother of such a splendid, specimn of a real American officer as was Lieut. Jafms Stimmons Timotby. (Qn the other hand. I feet very much broren up sbont it because to me he was at hrother. I must share this' grief with you and trust that ho is rusting in a wonderful world where he may look down uoal us. "ihm most ierg t I eain. "Captain, U. S. U. G&. Mrs. Timothy has just received the distinguished service cross with which Lientenant Timothy was to have been decorated by ttenecai Pershing. The cies assowseat last week from Wasshingtom. --BUT LIBURT? BONDSAS MANY BIRTHS AS DEATHS ARE -RECORDED Bitire orhrr li ea 'osinat rsrain tic~ne at)ttte liel I 'S.thinsltrr.r at.1 i'l ri1 t tl C Cli to nri ro little Fridlay night at1heI -ii ra 'i 1 savtitlt ire. Scis Iil Ialo~ tlrsit cclr,. t i laottsott rls It.l'lllnllisite Mrs. Jaon 4t+111 1) i trl-c i guier:il ofti e lietateiet. tSitnr' W 4411 hima fhs lurti.ti..tall~t Josepht A. lZrav. -hilrt tc of tie t iltlI he ipreseat to tIll eltticrho. trltetr Mrs. Sam Phillips rrqutiee t hat 'ncl fiestat trtitdlng 11theii irq liii rrldr rrllrg wear tteir aorkilig,uni t:)r~. 00tier11 "": elan c-Ill le iitost l t 111:1 '11x" lrie I i for the'.retimti. IIlIr 010 rI.1 adl:." by Sirs. Sam i'llltls,. 1Il aloIilrrr lI. tGuilord adle y. natitnal eiihsirnln Il publicity;SMrs. JonaIt. Aust, cetair 1111I 1 Nashville zone, a011 Si. Jessi'i M. ilserulo. Davidson Lounty rllalentsa Thit ofou ii-A marshots Mrs. Walter Jones. Mrs. W. (1 itwing, Mtrs. Joseph SWurneir and Mrs. Jamer;' Frazer. wiil iotcodrc thair ca ptalac. wlls in tnice' wil gfye their res pecItive reports. An nteseaiu( fetare uwill bh' the masic by Sergeant Brsomley.oeofte hiy morale office rs of the Uatted Stres. Sergeant Bromley trill stagntglit lnt are tte compiostions of Seneca Pier.a It coposer of note, who will hee te ccompanit rhese noted liberty teasneworktros iv een touring the at i eth Ides. ilsilltps and have weon the greatesi adtniration. Tony Rtose's orchestra will alsa five selee lions. Mrs. Joseph Gray', ebatruron af menu, has completed tihe menu, which will consist of war disheri. Mrs. Geerge Wi. Fii I.chairman of hbualitisrrquees that thl four field marshals serve on tier conmittee. A splendid programnrats arranged for Mrs. Thtomas Tynes iboth last nightt. Mr. Stax loses who pslrtotleotly boosiroseil so unuch al histimue to t he cauae ofthle Liberty Lose., agatn made a moor lospirlog tlt which telpied miateriallyt inth e 0alIf honda atthainsboot h. L ittle ites tlte tonaiqted a pig, wich anwoo li for a latroe sefit There were several soloists. Mt-tn May Hoover playetd the elolts and MIss Albert Carroll tte piano. ASe Itp e Will Cooper, Virttte it. Moore nrad lur-s Fjitaheth Cobsoldelightedi everyone with their dancing. A splendid orchestra pta yrd far them. Mrs. Tyne's helpers for Wednesday were: Mrs. George V. tFoll, Miss Thteresa McGavock, Mrs. A. P. Oughterson, Mrs. Wi. L.. Nichol. Mrs. John ('roig. Mrs. Fleury Tettlehoon's esomnittee Isr Wednesday wass. Misses Corinne Gal~tsrrg. Sadie Prank,.sMrs. toeo Schwartz, Mrs. (Etel Livingston, Mrs. l.oa tushy, Mrs. Milton Frak. Miss Sybil Rtuth Haorris delighted a SIXTY-NINER SAYS HE KNOWS Declares Liver Medicine to Be, Necessity, and Says None Better Than BlackDraught. Cameron, Okla.-Mr. T. L Bottler. who lives near 'this platcrrecently made the folkt'stng statement to a vitiotr: '1 am sixty-alne years old, in pretty good health, able to stork is the field. Black-Draught hat its part in thsat. I have used It for about 30 years and kn'ow what a good medicine it is. Thedford's Black-Diruaght has, fori ovesr eazs, been-found a..thqrougth

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