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ï~~nig, medium length~, nfl tte hoW 0010 1014111- }oseept 8r.r ic: perfection of good tail- ic a ion is ntarol A.well; kno n IJctal tlrogehit sys he:ing and the acme of good0(1 l, t t.1,ct t,. tt who heyj.levt+in oveleotnitig kidney troubile it ~ from *Nauimburg sure 1 iollohv please the 'hardest to j I Ate Beefsteak 1 lease." We've sold their the Fire! Time ake -foi:4Yhirty- eig.ht_,years, zd still find them the (_. in Many Years!" ivorites.P'YLE-PLUS Suits and Greenville Lady Describes vercoats in all the newest Her Feelings When She to odiels. Able to Eat a Good Meal After Years' of 'Stoim"i K cli Distress King:street at Hasell -u eit. i~i el h i And 83 LHasell Street tim 1li rtr ' a lt- h[,itsorder. IC.'tu _ tgetling worse 'Nailworeuntil Ilhbegan If) fei' t in other. harts of my body. My iliter went hbul, 1i ld headaches, was ecenst~it ote ndsuiffered fromi pains iin the limbsm, lly'is.j) leftlmet andl I lay awake night rifler nitght.T could not cut n good meal wiltout f giving roe net1.trouble., 1 tied about. everything I etioil it.,toil tiie gave toe permantlent relief o tit1 5 deeitl' c~tl IL-S it. 'lut report ito try brco I he new herh medcie. i~rtro helped trl wonderfully fromnthei very first tday I sli-iet on it for t. ate a' biggnetof beefsteok, this.first.time to many years,!and it did not hurt inn at all. "the aw-? infte g,ouy tol pains in my lins eare all goi do ""' ' Â~ i > srnlep uch bettezr ni and reel rs AllSizs.ed when 1 gel. up in- the morning, Sowe" oll my recovery to Itrero and nit CHARLESTON OIL c gtld t teli everyO persoan t knowv aiout the w"tood it.itt b csnt e+,c. -' ---Pbne.422 _.jogneiu,Irs,.l. f'. nitersoti, -37 Wtilitttlricect,Greenvtlle, S. C. a Ii Seas.on, Â~Nit person ti eeitep well unleks the " alomichliverit niliwet ri ',"gn Cough and Cold time X.iok i~ r 15 w r k i rdr. Itt5 i s tmlt i mtte rain with us, hut why need to k ~ eecp tte muchinry ofi tehoit dyin drst ls hytrpe -ihrough heut tle. 0 U worry, when you have Itreo.. lust a spoonful wit at e al e right Cough Remedy irrl restilts Pot hibndrerde iT men ant ith: which to cure them. wotnehi of illls litettoli, 5 sitins.e inc raepetisi -e, pcs~tt x avre you a bottle of our sti quict: Ant etlh enl tt ints actin, )Ugh Rem edy in the noderndru stoiies'ng b hriliie parc fuse. If not tend. right tt lts ret otnmecih ini hutrtevu Is tittitn hol g (0 i Â~!to i ig trit iw for a bottle of HUMMEL'S Quit Laxatives, bite Pine and Tar Purges;_Try NiR It certainly is a good medy for Coughs, Colds. KR Tolgh---TuliorrOW F1 Right 3arseness and erdinary tt is a otletats tecontinunlly diose iroat Troubles. Same old saur:Qlf With o-tild inte nillp. csosl oil, 'purges adeathartlirs ice,25 a bottle. to bowel d tie ad mke cn; stant dtlanjg ncessary. w" W UM E W hy.;don t you begin righit totlay to overcryomyer cottpation and getr tarmacst. Phne 17 your system in such d sa tfhatdaily w~~r~n-cust.~ Phn1a~ pogn~ i be unnoeasaryYou 1 can d so if you =get a 25o box of Nature's RemaethiMP '' rant -s 'Phe ifollowingis t3the text of lbs Q cuaxf. etnilne Dreier, w'hich has been.itssuedh;by ltear Admiral F.'It. Beatty,' conuian-, dent.cif the Sixth naval district, 1 District O'rdler No. 19.1 1. Effective January 21;119, atid.he ttl ttifriltcar oilers, the foloilg otr- Pl~f redicts Alliance o e time we tintctttions re turic~tiy quarantined to iH-I I, I oe G: Athe litits of tie rctamp and navy yardiII B.UULIU Germnany and Ja anCliattattoogi Na'uvrt1al iostitot atad d4pesill 11and soil t. Mvachinitte' mates' ipen.ti ' l mss nu n--"and,Con fe r Teael1inielt ulco Ptelmakittg one All shipt lyit, w ithin ilte limits of J IJL P 11111 11 ll ii +et tleiti ft tas'sh.,CJan.2.Wt'Pthitthe ofrte lhist teu nirtvy 'tare]. I, s~..u ethtwar emn n aa fe h 2 ecpected to for~n an alliapne '.After- ill parthist, order does not tnclude that d10r0: Moe,'thrr tr savevsk a a ieli o Ipr:of the tiaval reset-va force: seork- I acard lsl it Ctle randmeshoher \Of~ elfo ang t the diiifferent departmental ofitecs Sin Feiner"s Op en Thneir thaiheclle d Rustianth "lte resolution,' at a mgrnmteeting i" athe r. p erelast night. 3. Miarrlidodllcers or men, whose Indepen'dent Parliament Me.rJresltlovslknya addressed mem.fanPtmilies are ivti'ng lothe city ofChar- Ihr h oena ltoa line ' lr'ston, -will be allowed to leave Itie osf il, el-Soheia s, Ptolesllith-e, yatrd ororrcamp'wfIlthetimuntderstondlng This Afternoon gusthered t'tuc. the repot toothe cir~pczsary, attantans and others whlo hadgted the nosy yatrd, upuontier return each. (ii" tite Associated Press. o She eraher edLnnteBl n orMttg. to Ite examned 1by a medicl Dublin Jan ti.-.probahly no coutitrySeit phrmierizof Russi a as a e riirt o d 'ee. Tese oflilcere ati, n n.aire dl-exc eptIr elanid could Pret-i an tott sodsoi epobagat, bpwt ree.teth not to visIt places of atituse -: t ~m rctkkle as the assemhIty,.of tlte ----- - -.- '..._ retits, such as mooving' picture shutes "flail ireainn," silcli is IrisltGaeil selfish, and repeated her formet as-. ltstl,lnces or oher puuÂ~Hwhere pt~o or.: lt'Ih. certions thatha wiltbeissla needs Russ htne asieh ofd f tth '.tt ioneiotepls heep&tt rihPriett'titwlbetecivilized sworld, pie.congr~egahj. In number's, citlled to nrder 1Im Dublin's ancient mtan- Ae ch.inle t.4. Cormtnng o nmcers oat vessels ty-: gon house this afternoon to proclaim e -felin.itrestkvekaya rpa'edrtday inlg att t tissy yardh will use their itwlatid Oatitndepetndent rephublicl. for - ---'atkee.e a~t,fldicretion to. sending on dutty officerts-Aboat half te Sitto einters elected ~ e 1or melt to the clty of: C hairteston tinder to mnembership In tite Lrtftrilnarliamnent NURSED:CONFEDERATES ta,tlte siahe resteictione, howvever, u0out- 'will participate, the otlier haiÂ~lf berut, in Irheld in paragraph 3. arr ous Itglish prisoits charged with Mrs.. Ella Newsomne Trader, Read at lt. ff. Rlty, e1dtlon r l a-rey h lansi cto I- Washington, Was Southern AngI ______ c,.lear Admiral,(U. S. 7N., Commsltndant tinuder the spaciossa s o hedfnctfte ealc it-. Hat 'Used C *be ans ou, r'Stonn th defncs lete nreamtot. higtJean. It.-The deatha 'ftte ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Nwoe rdr Skinetorwitnetude ie 'faiitgoSChamerlins oug stattiw of Dlints Cstle, swhere tpee- firs; Ella K. N em Tacr. no.. ~H Remedy far Fifteen YarI idslie tiitst Vscut"rnc, aiehes1loretice Ntghting~e:be"'e Itave u:tied Cb e Itca in'sCough th c~Isltee rty tt 1 isc~untorngus ocuse of her aetls-ities as a:C'unfedcrtte I, Remedy i c n our family dcIngbtie Pat:hist Iadatucroy initt arseeeto nuirse during the War Betwseen the. itfisn ~etrs. hav toilemi t snslf Tey sll eet fwith his flll icno'ned Slautesbogtarwtomn-ouh HefuA aniemee todhay. 3Shea. Tradercitied ese- H rh ave whel 'ni othf lde o e.titacit consent to Ithcemeasures eughtanod coldti e, and vse found it to whit-li ite pit-lr sdtoiea nol day at the home at bletr daughter here.: OttO Wh he ant. e ire to hese comrintis tti tio ofell ei tiosandin d-Futneracl scters t wlich tereset- Ilehinqg. ifIittes -. inco of Soathe~ri tand Confederat ete so- I;t ' rs.1.- lttm. IotiPila his is ott- liit idoe. Ansotherislht t e~tie il rake pott, nh be held ti a~ ---thfi eSinn Fetnere, I ]electet by Ih} ltobut Turdaare trouhlci halft atttre voter's Ieadoni i h- intogscalp'u MONARCHISTS GAINING fomo neeioe fentefiIi irs. Teader was a native of Brtandon;~~ n empire, were chosen niembers of thle Shias., and the drtughter of thte Rev. T Reactionary Movement Making Head. theltish pKinganent, huptiseciclergyat-r-an. S nh r fro WyiPotgl Ifused ta recognize that laidy and ~tl -as mtrc wc.eeySigti_ theniselves members of ihe, reitish loat- Just before tite war she swns mtarried scaip. l2ament. Thtey occupy Slrttonoause to Die. Thank Newnme. of Tennessee,. Madrid, tiJa. 21-The moachisti by tlie permission af lthe laid otayor hut:n-as slft a widow soon thtereafter..Bfr miovenmetnt in l'ortagal, iteade~d ty liii-t of Dublinho im ioself is it tome rater with a _fortttie iotfcaot c,,000. Shen or t cc. tGtneeiro, lice been sitccessfuil in bit'.ioit iticit iof a separatist that lie sca'i at Winchester, Tenon., when thesPtisian -sal I tortht'in Poiutgal, and a govertiment 'iiiiinut expect to accept whitat most of tsar began iand her father htaving gone-sr tiran n-li hiss heen itoret-d itattt Ortso coiu is ipredectessors hlieaccepted-sa to Arkansas, she citisteibar services ihair is igt-st Ii a rehpoit rece Ived hidy the Sptishtllt kighthd frot the DTritisit govern. lii the hospital corps atftime Confedet- TO) hirtKt I tovertneni fe'isn he...... matt.. n-oLacy,'and at her oaen expeneit collectedsceraggly, he

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