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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~BREWERTON'SBIJOARD I f oXRM/,r $tR N Whether micto -(( comes and ItfCO is - declared next meek1 or cleat- year, Amterca wilt, etill nave food under s rngent regulations.,lIt wits declored Fr dy at the oftice of the flood adminietration *Oneef the t~nestepe in the forther connervtng, of footd which will he taken regardless of ttto outcome, to EnrOpe, wilt be the inetgouratlt a of a hoecord' on or about Iteceetlttr I. it bhtootesevceeny odier to tihegrect Amcrican home army to prepare for It, to get it when issued, etudy it carefotty ted help to put itt cccesllty throgh," ayes he food adminitrtonesbuletin 40000 iciltthte now card eyest tw We halerto e fed thetewortl,.Cni" pro the bulletin The batlet of the ocaontl odwetototeetlo mst gno nowhen the (abet beltle ateop..Afterethe wor notos 0r0 10 demobilize milliono ofmej Iand rc0n00e1tooat hboon macthines itoerocnrivoduaeole Cilie tewne, hoed datifarmo ore to herhohtlttoted. A year of truooleot. hardehips cod the higeset ho 00n teootty C.o - wtoricers, ateol tyiteletera to ftltett3po'1 tint war ##i a poeltione at WashingtonI and eeoaen oafrtetewill" be held in Attenta each]T'f 4eetay. A lit tof: theopen Ldegs toas 1 ols: *Assisatht tih cist eoattftet in to itetcopp; labos tery attant, silartlay qualifed, -mt4e and female; field matree: matrom; assiqtkot to tratnsportationo, tale; itlex, male: ralo~eay mail cterk, mate end female; traveling 'auditomaead female; residentt aoditee, mate an -female;,astlstants tn exteneion wer iwth women, female; anoitiantlnsp or enteweights and meanones, mate; ianeittnt to nematology. mate and fe aooe; assitant in maret' busness prae lice, mate and female; ae-1 oitnt in ptrservatioe of fruits and v-egetable tn.eraneit and etorage, male and female; alec for mente. poultry and egone; and anlielant macket-milk spectat tot, male. READY POH UNITED WAR DRE ABNGa.,Nec..-Deouiteety countOyiswf organized for tite U nited War Week rarep.fn to begne net Mtonday. Novembter 11. lEs-Mayor C. #Y /f7 / j -z andkerci aomorrow Wf/ 0 dozen Fine Uineni Hai n icorner designs, handh6y are wonderful value5c ~.P. A-LI 1'4 j o-;-ANY' aeld duringthat time ewoene otntden Ott nope vision teanme or solicitors As t1 Sslito CRAP OF tttttteeomuttefedthe of'toteilooae wtitt no forthltMondao morning In to P- rrc t" PeAOO //elA PERmtrotntttie wertAmercteffot tto putlltAbant and Dougherty AS76 TtIT,'HA ER. must efeecwihlfeed them hack0010ont tttltherut over te top" In at ehort a P O L i E t A - E T E n oo f e r t e w r e n ti "ei t l e a s p o e n li o l o We THT 3N DRUGGISTS STILL ASKED TO CONSERVEASTOKSOOF VA"ORU NEEDEDNIA"FLU""ISTRICT / 4. /7/It t~~ ~ 'Influenza, Epidemic Is Decreasing in Most Sections, and the HTow fE- VOWIHE ERAEN T Deand Is Slackening, But We Are Still 18,000 Gross Be~ ~ ~ RPE ind Orer and It Will Take Some' Time toCacUp MEE EK - THREEL' MILLION J1 ARS wIlt ho foewy rided 10 drokgqt! en ren>au >e - acstSt.5aatcJ 1'e Illialohle lod in molt Loan oIdivi ti t oooftbemen nokltets, -SHIPPED DURING tgettheerelih a tqoarter-outcncotaplc, ToBE 1 CT BR HOW TO V VAPOHUB IN TREAT-,h' 1 Df--YG wk PANIGH NeeraUm2ma-. P/ tInevrycakeeccal aptyetelun-VcpoI /IF lt4 P on Monday tIloboer 21, we addctesod Ritch ehettIbe sonyotintoconetfotit %? r anotdertistement toc the wholtetle trtd cithlthe hotyhttln Intleettal Zeallpecl j tretil drou';ttade, advisitg thtt c-cecc Apply hot, 01 tclots 00cr the thrtoat, / 0badl y oversolI.dcdue1t the leltooct-zc heat cod tt oh between ttle ehooldie / E n 5000olsidec tlinlg lotha bobI tI; sd blades to op tt the porcs.,Dry lghttly Ofee~ce.,, / t',~oO~i'- -tteltp ohtittocntt oereo Ithpuned, nd itAlntd rlb Vtal~ucoellIntountilltheeblt reqt-tntg thttt OlotuiithettpulchasedttIs eecl-spreed ontitkly and oeewitlh _____ ____- ~ itt "matll totesoly. Thisttondllttolt stil1hot flnlotttct hp i-coovut-- tbed.co9ISCLOSUIRES AT Atlanta's Death Rate wrtttgte Oilsotdotbodynhet o tope eltoeitecktil th fo lt tlntouscnd(1800001IeerossIotcormotittot.Thesenvapory, IttC HEARING ARE Lowest in South adtvpotrd1ersocpdymlre honntbe ur ttelttaacebtuteth. ottt thnf dottoerloc In mutt eetttcct t dt'tttttcl thc tctootzot4geretttoIn caseoof heal A L li teoto ailslogcait ot:ltf-t'laob repot ittslalc e n t-Hoti le Itte tworkin;tt g htltt oe htt-tt oll, tohich often accopanie CASENSATIONALlOOfMUThetttmotc 10nlrotiltto cchec.II ofIct otr twelteloo dotoetrtobItlt. itt itotttoous.ttipeo,a Ilt oc peloosen ldtohe plegn to for tenwoolt codIng lost Oouttm o r it aeteh ote fltc ie ceeakee ci bcn ttlt ate.phlg Lic vte t: o;tht~toi Ntre 01ttiltiaht eltitct wa receivt'd bylep tel OVBSEZV5SHHTS AVE dto, ttpojti Is te obetd throgh 1OC 1''"It,,entnel,t ccitct IN t tey ea ttltt offr, ri-trt WIPED OUT EXCESS STOCKS,tot tiwoltt thetknotito otclog the t'Occr~n; lol'ryof lot r, aal+ (ed sla, "owc tatAlata'ted atirbee for On October last we hadod ttet i tt t he b1lt o ot 10 ei ur oe, ond thtue oidslTt) 'ohtstlr", +nttotttt l 1.1 100r t; 't-j tttcOthewek sugait th ie 0.01ofttey factoytandntetynlo,eousttioveroco etlvingthe!oongestiontintt' " ndrrvto 1" otlihtoItss ocitt- pune"city-'iTereoprt Itb-wieotsehowy the countryoa rewolttlousock01001tI1011 ting tre ~ittolct-o tt ic it c6dtthaton 10 ly'th lre ttles n ittoecoutryltcRtacooiut.1 Ioriettt eItorumttceHOW TO USE TICK'S VAPORED AS ltace lowenr'tooath oate Itthe1110 lb otnhs.Totic 100o eoe-no1,rctaly A PAEVENTtVE. cell on equloly t tl~thttiti oocvIaxttuO i tan Atanttn. 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COMPANY, RLENSB,d t1 foehiielreporte oniinon c-II ly pe imteli 6,100 mites,. ti i t hotir uentclort t: (- tint -.t \'en --- t rom cl ietoknero among lime1,- - 1 et no emloytes~ of the I compctiy - 1 w; soahd atkned ltlntislte p~rstelothe n 0-..AlA& o Al-intatemetlfthe 13103 nin14eeh Itn vidence by Counned Ion-hr ovl-~ - - O- f 95 ieal O t, co tpony i'ftberccp nltt,.tst tthlrtleye t - ', -t, -,, 0 - I VevetI for Jui Made with the reed-like si so effective as the velvet frockt smooth surface-gives a soft ft indescribably attractive.Black, Brows Flat braid t 8,10, 12-.$16.50 tc 14 to 16.$19- ~tc All-Wool S Charming regulation styles. Tile dress every girl wants - Paul Jon emiember the Campaign ark-Be Ready! l r Re1mtii i 9 ft 1 i,J1 "} - ft 4C Secial: The1 Blouses, that Oar your I Chrstmas, t:;,:,.t:.,, ' I,j 0 8/ 08/2 006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R N t

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