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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~LY. SEP1tEMBER 28;.-1918..... lo k n..14 13S 184.!618T tTd...87 37 87 Noiw ae40t:.... 9 Â~0- 5 00- Docto r Q es~i..... 4 U4 4 f so:.:W6 1034 101< 10BeYe7a d 484 a' Nurses on 1 0 A T b W w.. 5 + I 089 States by. federal officials and by the 100U et.:::440, 4 to + American Red Cross Society, are be42% d41% +1 3, vs 5d.....113 111 13 +1 Tihe against, the Spanish influenza. 10oo wss~t i + Th first batch, expected here within i" 24 hours, will iniclude 500 doctors and goo Woer',, 3 u 33 Other pfisSof thet country may suffer from the- epidemic;as severely as ]Bostons, according td% government BOSTON CURB - physicians who are receiving reports Nt of scattered cases in- almost every e..5....... 'Â~.... l State itsn the Unioni. They say. that "":::aU.0.0 55 +1 they have the most wins epidemic-7.8 3z1a' aa-..78.43.44 1th history of the country to' face, '~Bstsitadss..1.11.,. if it follows its course as" it s-i msew "44 "40 "44 did in Europe, may sweep from ecoast 94 an......-.--.. 73.76. +61to coa~st. - 100 Pesaty....135 13418 to a' 1.laW t i laid +34 FEWER DEATHS REPORTED 10oSc ap......s.16.37.1 + S6O7Smt.......02..4 +- There was a marked' decrese to the YMiaisls.313.1.31 number of fatalities from the disease 5108Na.'.l.Pu. 1.ib 9le -0.1 reported to the Boston Board of Stealth f New Cweella..17 17 17 yesterday from the total of the day be. 100 Nas 36.53.10 +.03 fora, and yesterdays crisp air and sun400;V0llTne.1 616134 l1 6.5-I shine wil do much to leesen todays to309Pl'tw..44.04.04 t 80 al. 00.0.044 A 13 lS.. 5 t 0. An urgent call from Maseaohosetts to 70 ~ ra......78o.4.7 the War Department for army physi1 i VreEs.. $734 1714. 37845 tclans and nurses to assist the exhausted s0 Vheei..... 50.506a6.e +.03 doctors here brought forth the information that the achy has all it can do to' NEW YORK CUlRB combat the disease tn the various tranngcamps asd cannot spare any ofIt t331)OJTRILO. medicai staff. itowever. the department Open. High. Isv w.Qsa promised not to draft any medial men Ses e~qisew.. 1 184 11 4111E from this sectIon until the epidemic is Ay &a Ts m..e434 4 2$ 254passed. bon s led. 12...1338in 132 126 Theatres Dark, Churches Closing g' 5 Proittee er.... 26.2 14 ktu...13. 6 lB 1.2815 In response to the request of thes semerE auneal'bssese. 17< 184 34 y public health committee of Mdal. Mash.d Msles..... sachusette, not a stogle Boston theatre, New Yerk hiv...4 44 44 moving picture house or danms.hall Wes Nee ac P k eF&P...... 3 18 opened last night. Clubs and lodges Oafib Trash.. """"...8484" have postponed meetings indefinitely. Os aisslnasl. le 13 im16s413 3 s I 8 adeeypaewhr esn ih Veiled Mesal.... IA 4 113;84gather and spread the disease has been U585l~rdip. 88.....b4 e 68 e closed. Wlghs-MsrtIasAlecour.. 734 6 73t 1 Tomorrow there will be but few OIL& churches open for services within' a 20 -Berett 6 0.......17X i mile radius of the city. Almost every Bea Wyo On..:....17 is 1 13 Protestant church will be closed and c t C........ 34 A 534 o In some communities the Roman Cathesveda...........3 13 3 53 ollo churches will not open. although Pees.33224 a general order Io this effect fronm Elsss A........ 3 3 ~ Cria 'on had ntbe e IlslO kT. 184....184.. ce5ved up to left night. Eses.............."b b' In several towns and Cities in the Meit O.. 11... 2184. i 13035 2184stats, notably Brookline. Maldesn and ]6 Pe........5-10 18 1 3-16 14 Quincy, public funerals have been for. se 0m0 9 086 6 6 bidden by the local Bofrds of Stealth. Rsae.....Ill 11384 il1 1 5 Nethewl..........07 495 7 9 n rokline the order Is modlt stinsObA1 Ph A It.........6o 6 gent. It forbids persons meeting In O 5.16 3 11 8 16 aead orders every church andplc ftsk 00......... I ] 1{r ofamnusement closed until Oct. 7. U't~ ihs.......... 1 1' l Eeryhospital in Boston and iti aeaumOA O lle11001 11 ubrsIs crowded with influens.a and, Olsis Now.......134 2 134 2 pneumonIa patients, end many of them YI~i~t.were compelled yesterday to refuse to A~uk~ei~ol........ 30 43 3 4s admit any more. The ecarcity of nurses Aless............ 4 4 is most keenly felt. At the Msachu14 ladv......... "., "% sttsGenralHospital it was eaid yes08g1a.ed.:......... 3 33 54 )4tday ththif 16 more nurses could be lsh Mestesa... 43 44 45 43 procured. 108 patients could be cared for. Sefe&A0e0841t.......6 7 8 7. 4 4 44 46 32. Nurses Sick iseamhim. 1-18 1-16 l Oseda~qppe. 184.... 1 16-l6 184 116.18 This is true of the Peter Bent Eriel4 4384 4 4 ham Hospital. where 33 nufoee are off.. 84"34 1 duty. suffering ftom the malady. An Ihuweias d...84....Â~b6 45 dea 'of the seriousness of the epdemic Dai ay.... 7.. 4634 675 78 can be seen In the' case of the tomeo3 184 1 184rT3 7 pathic Hospital, which has refused ad_____:......184 1g. 14 14 mission to 400 influenzapatients. 511145...........10 18 10 10 In the cities and towns eurroundlnE Ms Tur... 0.....8 a s cstobe done In order to systematize the d v."""" "" "" 0 086086 work. and to minimise the trouble of L.. ". " 4 4 the famlllee pf pick patients who up to Bitsoer0w '" """"x. 3 now have wasted much valuable time in Ness...........123 1 13 11 1 Tessh 138414..... 7 1 1-i I a.13 1 6-1$ finding en Institution where the patients Tre eb EI~o.s.. l 1 4 1 can be treated.,sseeqhTrislsa...... f 2 Z Doctors held a ray of "hope last night 'N-_ i ttr.b." 4 4 for a continuance of yesterdays faIr Ustd"Cza" "" weether. The Weathier Bureau promises Ols!slVeetRA..........6 11-16 6r fair weather for -today and tomorrow....ed~o..... 7 T(6 WuEad Corn..... 1118 1110. 1 1 1.16 whichi the medical men hope will have 'lI1M ls..........584 18 9 9 the tendency of lessening the number of new cases. A, spell of brIght, frosty THE BOND MARKET wsather. they say, would be moat acU G-Pa I s e"a I AT 8 p *"4 ime Fi teel Is abe I. U 150 13 338 andtOO Wayce:H.ere GAUZE MA S1KS EE FOR" 'SICK t#.10TODY Annoncement was-.-a last night by James" Jac s~ist chags of Rcd'Cross work In Boston that gauze =asks for the 'protection= Of persons caring 'for influenza -sufle ferers are being sllllfictured:ill large numbers, and waiL be ready for delivery thIs.'morning, at tihe following stationls: Room 365, State House; Miss Bernine W. Billings. No. 5.1 Msassachusetts avyenge, District Nursing Association; Miss Mary Beard. No. 142Z Berkeley street. Boston Metropolitan- Chapter of the- Red Cross. * Red Cross Headqusarters 1sn New-t ton. -. These masks will be tree.tq _ally and it is urgently 'reqneste4I that every person who is ctplesdtiZ come in contact with an influenuza patient will obtain oe., The Boston organiationalaso announces that workers-leo hospitals may also obtain at the -same stations. the reguiar Red "Cross gown, to be worn while on duty. CAMBRIDGE TEACHERS Voutest eCle rii h500 to" Aid Nurses-Protestant Churches Closed Scores of the school teachers of Cambridge. released from their teaching duties by ths cloeing ef the Sty's schools because of the epidemic, have volunteered to aid the nurses of the city In lighting the grip. So practical does Superintendent of Schools Fitzgerald think the. plan to be. that he has called a meeting for this morning at 10 o'clockc in the Latin School hall. The 500 teachers In- the city are requelted to attend 'and all who can -will volunteer for assistanit nurses. Only the- younger and strong teachers will be asked to volunteer. Automobiles have been loaned to the Board of Health, and It is planned, to use them to take the nurses Swiftly from case to case. At each cse -a teacher will he ieft with thorough instructions on what to do by the nuror. Thus the whole city will' be completely covered tf the scheme works satisfactorily. and fro-n the results toslay. it has been an unqualified success. The schools of Carnbtidge will remain closed another week at least. " cost of the Protestant churches are elosed.-The movies have tlso temporarily suspended. Throughout the city all orgaisations have besn showing excellent spirit In calling off their business and socIal gatherings. ASKiS FORSl.OO~fOO" Senstor Weeks Acts for Ptublic Healths Serylce's:C slifW"to., BETTER IN QUINCY Decrease of a0 Per Cent in Number of Calls and Symptoms Seem LessSevere The sltflatlon in Quinsy, aooordisg to Dr. L E. Stows,, naval lieutenant. ens'rgenry alent of the RoasM of tisalith "! '... Let mo'th1Cr,: augllt< 'f yg Id -. Now ''the.boyl Somerville, Mst 1_IJST FLi SURRNDE No Peace 'Without Complete cut-Off, From Gerunany WASHINGTON, Sept Vi - Bulgaria,. suing ' for peace, with her armies beaten and htr border strongholdso in the hands of the allies, will get fl'? peace in the making- of:which Germuany even indirectly hag, a finger. and no' peace leaving in her possession the slightest pnrtion of the spoile of her inglorious part in ' ~ war as Berlin's 'tool. BULOARS MUST DISARM Nor will- there be any lnterrpption of 'the victorious march of the allisdforces Into Bulgaria until the Bulgeslksas are.redy to disarm. drive out their German offiers and advisers, and- surrender as plpdgep of good faith such stratsg.o. points; ek may 'be desIgnated..On- these.' points, there was -no die-. agreement tonight in offita s adallloduip oa i urters when. woad' ctl throigh American offigal.ohantneis- that 'the. BulgarIans had aqked 'for an A.*rmistice to. flguas terms bf.pssace. In, mest: lmoslt Qverasdowed,the very feeling of satisfaction ovpr thbis 'eii n that the expected crumbling of ier-- many's leseer,allies Is. at.hand. Coltouse of Bulgarian resistance, nf cours wo~ld be of tremendous military advantage to the entente and might quickly affect the attitude of Turkey. Neutral diplomats in Washington appeared. If possible, even more impressed by this prospect than the representstivee of the allies.'I They spoke of the Turkish debacle in Palestine and predicted; that overtures froim the Ottoman government might be- expected at any time now. Some even went so far as to express.the, opinion that eince Bulgaria.has dared to defy her. master Germany'. more powerfulJ colleague, Austra-Bt111g5. may gather courage to' disregard German pressure and come out with an unqualified proposal for cessation of hostilities The United' States Is not at war: with Bulgaria end the Bulgarian xinnister.tinl occupies 'his Isgation' here.- Thereoare directly and formally the A.8neilean government has nothing "to do with the proposal made to the French.genSera! commanding the allies iln Macedonia.:.Actually.,however, the BtMgaIan affair. must be considered as an.ito-. poriant phasA of the world war situaft", INo "Round Table" Talk If the Bulgarians really, are ready, to. nio thcs e sosanthe "eniantis eteo d. '5 -Germans,.HOWE _r, Unabl1e to Cek the Advance 'WITH{THE AM ERICAN OIICNORTHWEST OF VEu9RD'UN' ~pE= 27 (by-= the.Alsociatd -Pi: A the' entire Amican'-front the C rmanis ofade a btah'd today ut I-p " them r d ternied efforts ' Ijtoch positions yielded- one:after a bsiitsir ateady ha~mmiering " '', The, sweeping advance of', the::f rat.> day was sloi e d down,"huitom~ghr't }c line had been moved forwarda; -enough to satisfy headquarters a3id~ win the praise- of the Firench,:whoas.-, officers -arce closely observing the QoDS7' DEISPERATE qH NO7.-The:cousntry about. Mohittaucon ands' the Argoane:forest wa4;t:i 9ce el f,. desperatte contests.- The; Germniae,eleft, ifias ' o.f ahn us n twenr abn.slniet uehtraalon tiiithe Amnr.j 'f ir; advance.'-; Oe' A fione 'foret:s"'~hlF~~tp~. Ive3Ope ibift a ainost bansd'.i' d, e } ag#the mst4 arverted.; Guise irowrded fo'rwlard- 'thi~tih lie dner growth."'-"It was- fighting ' tilldry. for the combatants were 'too clos together to permit the use 'of gos. and they were fight It out. Tanks again co-operated to the' operations. while airplanes centributed- materIally to their sucess after' the heavy clouds which' followed the rain 01 the early rposning bad disappeared. % Muddy' roads hipidered for some.time the bring- ' tag up of artllery, but by notn the g lne were in- positicsn. They soon reversed whahad appeared up tothatIime, to:he a slight advantage tqr "the.Geritoans. It was, evident;- however, that the enemy had recovered wuffqiently after the first staggering attack' eterday' to establish hip line along thes secondary defencea. These positions. are: good,, and It Is expected that irons"tfsem -the. Germans will offer a stchborn resistanice in an endsavor to at least" check, the off ensive. Mopping: Up (lernap,' can left..n5.otved stiff. fljb In.s the regton of Chahroentry, which: contlpued until late In' The Germana left strong detachnsente of,mchlns"igunners.: flanking-tbq town. and It was considered wisa to iptIeqaen th5q.nfsn r 'slwork; with thai of artillery, which wa "placed In poeition at midday.. Thebig: Jump yesterday, conibined wIth rain-soaked roads and:the "tGer-, 'ans' destrs4tion oft thei#lines of, soms

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