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ï~~ * * F,Â~ I 1. 1 1 asi Â~ttee.. following a weeting of that cean. '* iid*1' lUl d. t VaOIIOW j aittee. The Committee hbts just been ea. - p tttIft 0 1eu4 q.Iotbug' the government vwitihthe PW" 1 ea t 4r'pg thtleweekts Mite doe to regulate future constrlictIon In the > n 4,t l -:i.Mass 5of ftnileUotment ofcon, raa"oOpside. Never.. C1 more The same iron w~u of war demand Ale 11ttycis heeee o h oBe will rule out the building of all fiats, Ctli f the- coaxl stylI tN" From sceent lefttes and cables received,, apartment houses and dwellings unl% ar fromUocestr woker in~e~gum nti HARR N.KZXON. such erection might hecoine necessary, to., " frm toheilerwokes n Begim M Y. EN ON house emrployees of war fine rtrles in i:I'. Il- France. this city Itnows little or nothing Harry N. Kenyon has resigned h iy n ebe tecmite!a. ~ ~- ~ stteas ofthe f te high cost of living, or 16f the suffer a14 the tocbl ~s place, as lnstructor of mathematics at pressed the opinion that tile new govern. 4I~ubU-hwg tlm wugb cold ad imprisonment under Ueect abJ hruloeth East High school and is now 'workingawent order as enforced by the cnmmiltte s uto an' yteps'a4 'tht timpe>al There are no shloest avail for these frteSmntnMcieCrtrtos would mean the elimination of more than + l;itio e prinited 'ad cir dsttta 'rnc ad e exep r. Kenyon W'I, one of the oldestf pren.othohrws and. mosteexperienced teachcyaroffEaettitPO Frenc. ofdthp otherwiseprobableceon 0Ntwekhesaensnr discarded 'wooden shoes. stores are iii hr ehstuh o ieps struction in the county. era.whr e a agh o teps. H1, )iA. IR, President. open to them, no quarter er's sup- tite er. H agtntoay SvrlRqet eue to b "Oft'r.e lst day of plies; they can buy little nothting ntth te earst. le tcahd noteOaleea eussRfsd 91 iK in tile way of clothing, even if the i k ate mNmaties. but latin, coached severyo Comtn.sioerofDeeds. the money., hy of the debating teamsa, and -wireadviser coedeby h T omelnuructinti mov boue 8. P. PsoerofCOes.tCtIoy.. ca+ t byIth e ome ndilefnm 'niittee Letter Tells of Great Need.,to thi s.wwr l.Kno hasn t e s m m r t at h so ti nes just fhow the fine he ta en.,rauma tOIA' Dn GSrju been promoted from thle place of cler.: dlosed more than' half or these ten roil- in the accounting department to that of salti and h neent holc. Astrui-:in tt lions of people held in captivity clothed iiookkeo'per in the same department, and outline of what Is ex-peced and blants< all-Meeting of Common Council, them~selve as best they co3uld with plait- 1400otoffce manage; and assistant audi" for permits are expected Intmflniiily. 4-' Olay.dxiiin o d reed s helped out by odd pieces of toir of the co[mpany. Already the committee hats hail tfte shie falr--Txlbto f cted from the leading Linen- bulsand cloth that ty r reied from or twenty requests for ruling-i on rnmtrw bltina of 101741819, 10 A.' M. to 6) the m~ine of their hotbed,. Says ouio let. &BOUT SPANISH INFLUENZA tion tinder contemplation. These Incli lei ter received by toc-hester Chapter on --oecmrb.aiuneslcfat.lre Dsi Musenm-Elhlblitin of his- Saturday. 9ntuton1obIs icvr and Ari unties. All the indirec-t atlilli-ins ilics, 9 A. M. to 6 P. M. "A manic coat, frayedl. torn adInsrciosfilIsDicvrysi for permits wera- loll that their pronaemi aTotTETERS.l edesayPatced, a garment that ymaiicould Ihard- Treatmnft' Issued by Rupert Blue. eonstrucIjon w s iinneieiwanry tq the rocring Grace;" to-day. 8:16 1'. M lb' get a beggar ini tis coury to ic- Although-t no cases uf Mianieti luiiiieniU icrul wi zng of the wair and therm-lire a 'J'leater-V'audeVllle, 1:16 and CePt, sells in Brussoels for tin eagiivlent tu a aebe ei~riI uIetr err.I l ne hr lr s+ob f $lisO. Cotton thread is now doled 'theus far h rave eenretakingmeierym ltoci1est hottiem lii all ruse-' 'di or e-re mwour Theater-.Vaevil~le and 1Picturea, out by the yard; coarse thread selling t-he git-at ithedsease t tgiaininegrya r~tal- aoi,theepr'iisritions imll-m fur 1Mm-lg mr P.. t d elnvaleu o 2cens yrd here. 1ii1- mailuy tit prevalent in several to lie iStile toinnil of Nail itPmfm-i' Theater-Vaudeville and Pictures, There are no mlh thing agso szm aslot-k- trainitng caump anmd thme following (o neo newar' e irehv be rlt 'Otn toesaid vtlltdnirfer temt Wm"miin 'Tleater--Wmtson's "[fef 'ramt' In all the rhiIN-a of hielgiumn nilNaoritm- In m-mrinmg fair thimIluenzaisumaerers: Mar- Dealers Are W~arned. 8:16 P. M. emn France km-Id by the ena-my the stores garet Mrl,eurm, Gmary Purifo,,[asia ~iimley, 'am iusi ilmii a nulbml and faciorl~ avehot- mtn sariplta+41ilentof Ll~ai (mo-lmtiirsii eweisanti IMary itimimd, li t a i! CLUB OFROM AT 1OBLEeverything of valmie, whki-ihas 1m-en ert.i-of lime Haim~midmmiaopital; l'lJumhiitliar- wmu-immmi tllr ilmi-i ttr wcitim0moim' UBO O H T~. ellinitto tiermany. IlewseAmineric-are- iltonn ainmi:irisiiiimtrlili, of the Ito1- omit a ifiar (euiuritau;il.' vai Mm WI8.sonmls, and very (mi 'klt.tee p jaI)- nemimomni 1iitiat '#mamim I t-r samd 11uni'-nra1 ~t.neifo nithrlgm o len T totofl-liio imla ih 0will face a winmter of extreneue mifer- l ur, mf the ItomilestirGr iasilloo'lmti sml nim-istrimoimm- 'mm~mm ter achao ter via- leke avamnue, to ins, from Inc*k of everyting to keommtaiemunii itm't, tia lmit mimte Tumrk Avaume -oth nlom hamu-fo rtica hi7 mm' mi'm-mm ll(mmmiE in Itidge radm, through Clarkmo,Camni'.pital. alotre ndwnruiet11'tl tos ieft to lBro'ckport, ootal4t ed' Cross Coammriitte. liu-ge imhirumilimihter beentimt. i t 1m'mwitli i.-uo 114ls l e stn. -,1111+"i't liort turn right through 11011, liaieoa~'rtmlmammupmat m1mm1ii ommainnI~uy Medinan, tdgbway. Wights Cii- The lied ('rosa 'ortn-itee in -imige to-i Ntatma initlt limmalim tia rvite. t-tr lihtihu Itl c i1+Ihmt of time uumar rtimck toart, T1ransit u-oad, teas-wile mide- of thet1nte ius."Hl rrrglan,1111; Wiavile, through tyme, to posed of far;oIiti ngm a nit mu time disof Iit4"non'i'Itnieru-macuctetniomilsitrioÂ~tin pomildamf Nira. Itobertomat hiat'-liamni tm-- a-v r-tlunsmm I nomtItoum is m drat I Itn' limt. Isi atrlift Valia-ioliow above route to M;. ammne iinaer haaim-, rtt14iniat tmmpnisa- trisam emitu--smirtmryliaemia MetSam e eill, Mrs. Frramkt lia- o ti t CitS ltu,0 i'tu-t'ltum.mmmm'mI m niiartia t n mt Corners, Camnbria, Niagara Fllia. cmeMs htie V mg Ms Inrmtuaiittmm nin -u-feia-i- otnt-futoutr u-- m's11 tim- wur. 'nmirual itt if hmuit macadam. cmeMs.-hre V.Dde.i t.d lm- t-tnnlvty to+lrrraI tact to iufao-Leave tochester, John Craig IPowers. Mr+-. lieu-itiW~ard-h siiiteo 'mnsim amt-m lvpuctm t utimI tmlrtinimamt tammmmls Omiurt'' tlcotavneadi e. MumformirtlColedonla. and Mira lee.,'tot mr luill ra-m'outt imim aimlhromuml the uroemfi mfi t tit imrl ememinity tofI li+ li-mr itittli kg tavtu ad tiae te 'e W ie.h Is o e vr~rhammmterthia-ts cm-mmimitint1mm ' Itm em.1'mi1s, innm- ft' berg i ll i e lm- it tom time m imlm a- a siim tovta, lombroko. Fanst Fembhrokte, Wil Tte1esone "t-te-nmt-,~ur, rmolimm4ohtt'itrarsm'oinintetlithi yuile into I ia1aio(dlonme construe- en1Cotraing it was imni-0'rmit -msto au-limt fresim v-i-ut+lmumi. I arnmimv t. ii-cl inimaIm a I' +rsiteddnomplt1it h+ mit front tatavia to lBufalo--Leare tes azgenn al:Ximvmi. u nn nImmmimalmmtl i ' t. I thlty Ax Inx m i-i'mm uititie di, al itnmi m immmm tiakeutmi alt into 'Buffalo. lvn iafx c u ty t a h r g t t t''4' ersonilmubarmm h Ila- ua mli-- mugmiitmn 1imin t e n iv tm'm-u muma- timmol it'uImi t 4' liinO-oint n ate 1g-ilar t i-sml Inir t r l-act-. lint dea un I ii0 ilin-vemthe r in';"s i--uirt" NOT.' to-day some spare clothing.s-orn or oat- Mliii ti ormnt rul"t mi 'he tItfecutedi la Item t Waterown--Lave vi it~na g'row, and etld o bringit to (emmme tt i'm-l imintththin, rosu-'.intitztinltmmttth orimmamiaiim- hanlemm 'enld. Wabsipt, Union j1 t irwn al eid rIrlm t 0ttec liioti more ticcnmrmmmnanm-iv "tivIrat~oto ~nttlli nte"11 d Ontario Center,.tOntario, wit u-u-sRI warenouse. ttmtt'mlmrni b-lticiu-Io 'it'm eciimlmio ottintim n Cat~iiaao.Sds aln. I otcno edVl acl0m tmiit tm-mIt m mua nimalhumi-e:'logaea t htmlig', Ii ),1utul mr-inmu IIha- i mmy-prtm-m ma owv a lob lity -' sn t od Wlot ann thro gh ied toClo lt.follow the onw aot oshtenrd yiolur "ledi lirin f iifiumn mmi 1m-cmumm frItt nnnumimlmliiltfydl tiedwaeCoeekto tatirfhaveu and ledmi oimitmshrlnmg h-eumcosima-of time ulirsami. t- inilit- nutlrt-s throug'Nrh tterling, so, will call for it. 'the relephaones tsmret-osief el-amitinells are to tie recsmin vtn')iteic, tnion SquatS. Adams, at the warehouse are; [home, Stoneinwenied. -mmtiisa-i si vti Atimlmimmionm a fr lu-moilts oust spa-i'ttft Cmntel mto Watertown. 2$" elChase 12.imnnniniIlint 'r'n' recciwlthe' tin-iof inttiiiinmg it i-i t vu;tinrt-htimeu-a-'., EIST, 71 el, 12.omly portlal at vk,;Nm. It--iit-- lruuttatsm'.ilml lie mtht limora stat to Syralause--Leave Itocheater fetters from Franke outline the nmmem(I Qmnraiitnm-'NoneIum- mmnrummti'mua-l. 1 clohmi Ilium' IAammt Itis immtoutr n-t~ait7.:avenue, turnaright on Clover road, of every larad of garment for ill tgmm'm Concorrent itniimrfeciiiu-'he 11mm- bamrges te nit eswrtoboritoar 1aeadamn through kMentdounCenter. and both sexes. In addition to pijeces or time amnlthm.titroantnose, amid atim' e-ucThyimmti- 0-niImnttu-inon Victotr, straight ahead on nasaadam fgossc s iht wr aumtnsmrtury imsaiin-in. publii. ofgoschc slgt wr atneter, lifton Springs ihe~llas, 'zemintl I ialitectton--Trsmticuleop anlu.;im t riffs pnt It - I De,-_flannel and other kiu.tmm of cloth, froinun ugs.i-lng andmi sutning. Thin'causative ta11ItVD 4111C DAr;1.m~ il~ I wuldbe cceped or dmision~ ~ Thcras Colina, lime returned Canadisa Be, WO d I se{i: ol~r. Who attacked Kos with a hatchet rt.'~ ysss p~ thpole rnil after the man had made ' severmal utter ay -~t ea oebr15~telby'ftete-daeee which were considered seditous, t0 as *-- W -'l.... ---..,." Col deiir"l 08/24/2006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M ' mn tt p~ h corpe will d.Kep-s. chin;'l Co timmtittem T eplactiriauof. taas'M4 window., i radlaeP4camathat i'v aemb le multcolored. the delui ng -of -ibm are three steps ofr ClIub'asglan. to carry - nvestent opportuni Liberty -Loan to the tar. Ralph Barstot big outdoor P'ublicIt tasections, each. on organised. To Parade Be A remarkable par-a precede the gluing e aut-omnobiles carrying and thtousands of sigb 'lam- escorted fromn the I street east and U'n i 11:50 A. M. Tmu-seI itsa which will start tmmit advenitmuret: 's u-u men and bandl from Si-hmoof of Aerial T Corps of 'i-he Nat Women's tSet-vice.mmon lice: city aittincalim; 1. trincuks:RBoy S~uiim. 1.1mm- bill poisters with iity districts ant iiir mmmiiithirdl floor oa'irdmi Ittihdings. (fu-st- thmmi tags in ait sect itns -if tuittitus inoinoimita-ly antI amtulin' schools. Anotiter nil cntml m-haruge of the Iotanm itomrds. Abomit 205)1 i.ignm4s will hetine t i ihomtiestu-r. A third thme iron frumemi if it mm gut for lightin lll' lion~ and to wile i_- Si: itons. Street Cat-s to Wit-h the peu-fliastm hlun, street tars moth sit-it mir pass mu-v',in liii unabla- to, galtiup tiu~pa. Onlmthe in-aim wil'tim- pasmted 141,( "1,4100 hanigenrosoll i Also, on thme titisit be~ string mmross i-lu ticlaluata I ai mow ploann, 'umutit-molion to use inserts ntnhir and 260OFlrms haveom-i play cloth adoemiimlu froni.s of thietaku ltilii Bitt Posting Comopanyi sm-u-aices In pta~ing of idewa l kstand at Whnilabielda and radii will be emblazoned w verthaam enot. Icrty-fonrr L-oips of '-window displa= "1'rederielc IE.;-treaism - aley, WiiamJ. li,. ~ t-o, tto aoJone

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