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ï~~ Frank Rrow"n. formierly of this city and for some time in charge of the Joseph Smith memorial farm at South Royalton, Vt., died this morning In Charlotte, S. C., hceording to A:cvices r.eceived by relatives in this cite',:t 'A as duo to p neumionia, follov'., an attack of influenza. Mr. Bro'.-:a and ii family hid tone south to spend the w inter. actiVities at the farm being closed during the::evere w'eathei. N1lr. l t: c~ n is survived by iis w idows Winnie Tibbs Brown,. one on, Ken iie'h, and sev'eral brothers and sisters. LAST DAYl'S S 4kLES OF tAD STAMPS MAY HAEiVT STATE DYED been returned to their owners. Of the 190):automobile tires stolen, only 30. were recovered. This is due, the pollce declare, to the fa-ct that tires are.easily defaced and the number cut out, making it impossible to identify them. Ali ordinance was recently.assed by the city coma.:.:. oners,al nP g it a misdemeanor t~ or x"211 defaced automobile ax--,-.onures. )n hundred a-nd forty arres-:or the _,eft off autoi._obiles were mudle dur g the year. Of this number 124 we re Juveniles and were turned over:c the juvenile court. S'xteen adults,.rrested on this charge are now serv egsentences in the county jaill or the state prison. 1In every case where an:arrest was made a conviction has been obtained. New Cases of Influenza. ISixty-three new eask's of influenza were rep ortvd to the city health de partment from 40 houses yesterday. No deaths from this cause were reported during the day. U~p to noon today re Torts of new ens -s of this disease had pieteci his re-organization plans. W. IV.Barton will ebutine~e a: ccunty treasurer, having been elected to the office. Heie s now serving as treasurer filing the uinexpired term of Raymond C. Naylor, who resigned 4enter the service of the government '-,ring the war. 1i C. I verson continues,ountv audiltor on.] George (G. B' cr ~wi'l stcceed R. 1E. L. Collier county ili tvev? or. Just ice of the Peace Henry C7. Lundi w il succeed himself and Juo Ice Frank( B. Scott will heI succeeded by \V liatn Reger. Albert J. Cope and Thomas Vowler succeed themselves as city c4)n -tables. IVOCE JOHNSONHED t. ] x# made co: which y~o be duphic 100 This Ii. tine sll ini the S1 speia ~l 0 vailety c en g t hs: silks. E ten ers. Tramn H A tr-ice i t +. I VMENT ON O[EDEE 9' IN 1R I~AI~IT ____been received frtom six houses. 115 1 115uSESI SlU U I I The heaivy sales of Watr Savinzs stamps- --It'n ( thor;cu it" stte yesterdaty. mdi- I~ ffPfffff~l5~l Betfore Judge Tillan P. Johnsoun of h}lt o cted to) the comunutttee last night that I~f1~ f~ the Unfiled States di1strict court this ~ Awd at record for sales had heeni made for T morning argument 'a,,s 1or o h the l"am pa igio'dal ht: ' as expressed ~ ** ~ ~ j settlement and deci ci on the judg~ment ~ i ioY offilol: s in luharge that the state ii ~I IIL i lIombn h ly, ha++iheen suvccessfutl In raisin gI g ~ I~d iensee'eral iuec~ oto in a of mgsii Its utu ~ tt. If the quta has not been ICN TOE O h P)aintiff in the case of Snvakte lily-i przle tv-I etefrttm ~n UIScar Mining am) }Tunnel comparny vs has failed to meoo' I ara obligation Midway~ Irrigation company.Ojeto Imposed toy the government. It will be PHIwHM iasH~ raised by counrSel for the, Irri t- -a eprat days before, the resultcn be Lion~;g ~ u UlLDua company against the forth of de- rial lBurmed. cree anti the assessment of costs as There w as a grand rush for the I prepared by counsel for the Snake Riv stamrps and war certificates yesterday. en company. None of the objections I Long lines of people could be seen at Friday has been designated as "open was allowed, the postoffice throughout the day, house" day at the Deseret Gy"mnasiumn Agreement was made between the j: waiting to transfer their thrift stamps litigants that In as nuch as the caseI Ito baby tvends, or to purchase an ad- and a special program of activities had to be tried twice, once before~.ditional supply to make up pledges that lasting from noon until 11 p.m. has United States District Judge pope of posten ereeTrbusyot selln been arranged. The occasion Is the New exico. who died before rendering betfpoten rer ed. throguthellg Ww nmOTisun the stampos anid certificates. The de- formal re-opening of the gymnasium hisdeiin the costs of the first trial "nand for the securities aroused great folowing the reconstruction which has costs, iof ythe dsec ond et arial by thoe brittItrth,ptlm in that the+ $10,000.000 quota et been under way for several months. fondant. It~are htWt essf. F 'or Utah would toe realized. Fridays events have been arranged should not bepito insss w UIL Citizens onre being urged to continue in groups. From 12 o'clock until 2ps.weepntret d wtig nts. a buying the starmps and certificatee there will be a special series of netIv - orIneetdlig ts thogot I.ties designed to especially appeal to Anme fdfutttruaefr ----men. The feature of this group will be closures were also sec ord. The teoittoO a match race for one mile between Land and Wrater compoany and thte Ted Johnson, Inttermountaint champion Francis Investment: company, an of marathon runner and- Melvin Free- fil lated conicer n of the Delta company, foreclosed mortgeso five pelis of' A~cHES~B GJABIAN bairn one of the- bit of the younger.Tecutallsoenuget & 82T distance men. These two werethaeln.Tecutlowdugm tfr SA S T M I S N represented tie gym as iu m n n t oan t eam ount asked together w t i ntern- A pp roLx imaih n t L s A g ie o a e t a d e s n b e " to n y s f e t nrT~lI~rn ni btothe re wll e awstoad ng out ae-la s.And lWter toek from at e renia E7 uncertain health conditions. In addi- Californila people who had purchased flItf~fI f~rj tween two men from the gt t a fens- ti-n company and have been utnsucess- To B R-,,[iUIII OIF- ing bout and a twro-mile relay walking ful in meeting their cint meet payments., race between four gymntasiunim mem- Last seatsons cru~ps on all of the land i n eg - -.~- bes an for slersn ro Fort IIvle s handled by rec.iv ers.Tihe~ bes ndfurstd, fom.. n1Jani. l.--0fresidesut x1"Douglas. Wal1KIng for the gym will bee ceos and the Judgments prayed forr SLeut. 1). lE. immond. 'cod rt e re as follows: F'ratwi Invs tnt eon~t rettunnl to F'rauce y eterd ay. It; 1.1.Jacoabsen and C. A. I*'Mallder. Ina ot~t yvs. Friend;J tand Let tie 1$ 4ttitittI as time." says the Manchester Guar. the pool there will be exhibitions of' Austin Judgment of $x,5,000; D~elta band tai SatI omnigo h pehsswimming and fancy diving. And Water company vs. Fanny' May tn Inth l Aknf reIen -C lmenceaugion dhe oeihn1 from 3 to I n the afternoon the pro- Forbes, judgment: for, 54 200; [elta band Cf~~ldt tu ttd.''oet:gram twill bee scially for w omen annd d atr somany. vs. Iedro,ran )~i'trPeo n h ifrnei will be held in' women's gym- JtioZoxay, J tdgient for $400, elan aca ire 'I epressd byth d ff nen naseium. t ill I nud4 exhibitborts of, ta Land and Water comnpany Vs. Michel, ieelvedr y p y varfous kinds 4aui g and demnona- Je Iand 13ena Cisaret, Jugmxent for,tferrn b)!. and President Wilson."Te)I stratlons of' gymnasium work, TheanWtecopy hirm 4j ffers.'nee In views," it coatinues, Is' QU rIeill also have exhibit ion wa-vs. aJoe and, ciary Witns,. judgment for, flag. Conmite aci~y ~ute andi cannot b esad ter sports tIn o1' the t4OOQ rnd h 'ear: Itis better not,. to g1 ssit ove, n the aei'ennthe, formal re-opening 82a,. tetIfl'fo )yu tpi4ce It and to htave our differ- programwltlepac lnn tanzdnays '' o sIled" 8p.. Thelre wll he >a period for in.s 11 ~W.p ATO3J that thee l Â~ wnA1. r l.; i --Aila. '-U.. eacstIon of the, buildling; folowid a * _ i. ehange4 r h

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