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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~ 1__ Pj i,,:. -y-... N ALLIES RICHMOND SALOONS OPEN; GATHERING OF OWD IS BARRED RIdHMON DNov. 8.-Saloons at El Cerrigo were: reopened today after hhvlrig been' closed for over a week a the o'ders of the health departnntfe JalCnct s ri tn:'f S v. 8.-Allied -sol- 'J9VW J.L4 of the Jordan 1van s; a resort at Stege' Junction,' ly unkind were appeared before the board of trusteespre-war days last night, and.complained that El rico." To -thes, Cerrito was closed, while the saloons o:and its dust- were open in Pinole and other places ean heat, flies, t -e county. Permission was given kes, mildly ad- t e saloonmen to reopen, pt'dviding rks in this mes- no crowd was allowed to gath-er. site the, British in offensive frdm over later when mac on, Srike? - after day, army the Jordan rem- No igest a125.t ct, withNo ndg s and these '(ust- N GI -a h e 1n e n and New Zea- I ing 'these lines,Upestmc 1porate climate a Upset stomach nd vigor lackingt stood the o deal. All indigestion third "summer heartburn, brash qcultoes of' the '.*Now 4instantly. No'wa,Tn. the oarly li5~li? ig, when it, wasQ e the aeces ry Quickest stom is,, they, bred~ i )001e% of stagn &nItJs s ona climinated and' ut s,, ona *b tiirned. 'As casI '''reaches your, sic k of malaria cased ly low. all stomach miser if tPe snakes ard td' the precau ' OS rs atnd amen; cas~ s lttle.~A bites have bee n,nifleant, despite Stomach Suffer reptiles and th'eir INFLUENZA' EPIDEMIC The city of Alameda last 'night approved a request from E. K. Taylor, president ofthat clty's chapter of the Red Cross, for $1000 to pay the Red Cross for services,rendered during the influenza epidemic. The check was sent to the secretary,of the Red Cross by thy city cier'k this morning.':Several of 'the 4lameda city offi cials who were injected with the influenza preventive serum are declaring that, the cure of the -serum is worse than the disease itself. I Jnight TietI Here's Reie ion, Gas or Sournes s feel fine., gases, sourness, or acidity goes: aiting! ach relief known. Pape's Diapepsirt unsettled stomach ry stops. 1I druggists. ing is needless. I Go to your V'til 11 tom& i rnii Christmas. zs week days. save.conger, much earliek Christm from where the 9x4x3, see' fit. T l i, C.. i, been at>y a serpcnt four, C lay on his cot'.1 he told -how he reptile andi en s were shattered I medicial ofiecrs I voknowe I it ON Do you know 1. The' Itching stopped, TOYLAND is all a-tingle with everythit Builders, Bicycles, Scooters, AutomobilesK kinds,' and Games, new Games that you nevi Gloves and hundreds of the prettiest Dolli TOYLAND has brad aisles and is s Flannel and S x..A..

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