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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~ iJ v0vyi%'au1 1l i-ri osUtied Press Sts WWI.hal W ASHINGTON, Oct. 24.-' SI if' +1v l American and allied cc fr.p - TO -ST AnD. isnt ppyamsietn ycntBan On Gatherings Wont.Fo nathrttv ouycnt erms arecesentiallyas flo nations Be-Lifted Monday Evacuation of Alsace-Lorry ecrfe '- *"-,-' Evacuaitioni of Prussian Pol vit anDA1-UST 13SLIOQWER Cessation of all munition i wl bb will be - sittleco of allied officials who ers who stores May Remain Open at Esseri and other poi. - ".".-- -. T IJ--7'P'-M aW'Y dicupatiou of all (Germatt ar with Saturday closing hour tn the stores officers. bas a be e etendedl to 7p" m. by ~I s conidered probable t ltei.lth commisioner Waggoner and iser 9.ny' iAYOr Schreiber. but the Slpanishley n ssfiua szL1cilactase d5Z. wilL ae b te may _ tited en bdoday. as hsantern ru D CA"l W O lThey've meved for several dae. sis war. Thin announcemnt wae made on t "We aee very mueh pleased with P O I E R the progress being made 'in the people handling of the epidemic here" id yank Mtayer Schreiber said. "ande we are Re ntsa Ordered Investis. " f! the not (elng te take any ehantces. The G vro c.te a-.wil-not he lifted on- ndey gated By G vro o eh, Per. SATURDAY 110CR E XTWtZ4DED. to allied Following a. eonferenre between MUST GOs' IS SLOGAN lbg.heth mayor. Waggoner. repreeeta ri Sth igisof the Toledo Retail Merchants I theBadanijcrso hilot, on'l'turoday.lIt syea de'cided to Ox Defense Council and Red tend the Saturday closing hour of esoe o7p.isedo r"T i mistierc c. s ow. Tis aliues.dow- Cos~ i tory of ever, only to Saturday. Rent profiteers, a couple of words ay. Iyf Os weekdays and Sundays. the wtth you. pease--skedaddle. va-, t U original schedute of opening will ba tw~ orsosae imutbe maintained-S a. to. to 4 p. m. mooses,betIwhlyorsesrj flora tiec TO INOCL'LATE "UL oad. crawl into a hole. and die. tallied B hsa b ~ySett o shoot- the-rhute and drown, or1 itepted ByTsdyteCtHelhD pariment expects to open a' amber something elase just as effective, so of taios n vrius"pr f. helog I you get out of sight, down T"Jave ciy nd eqlirBih satin wtha ut cnd.:Tod 'day has,ilto.serum to take care of all corners1. At teast it han come if the signs sit the Use of the new erytt. I~ etudy of of the times and a telegram from neaning which weade aisby Dr Pamment. Gqyernor Cox are read correctly. ercpcity epldeftlogist. at Rochester. PROFITEERS MUIST G0. M Eittn., began on Thursday morning I As a result of that telegram, the pitinue4 wl e,3t'elfatre Atseed ml. Toledo, teal setas e t "f o5tRRf'ft14%W. ' bade of Ul>e. bo-i. e O~~ 41 Oeers ad fbe.odrtbat propeattenti"nmay be socaracy. '. 3ltb I J0 IeeKSS6V lvf etfi omplants of eeestve ed. who o Kaonns usweon Wednesday. vances in rents charged famnilies of zolIf reporta as the asly ill effects a little solders end thers.- the legal earn. l asetlude and a slight headache mitteb of the Ohio branch, Coun about "six hours after receiving of National' Defense, I ap tn treatment.title feeling. be says, fm' several of the most important tnte preas- lasts only shout an boar. du rat localities of the state, altertad gov. Health officials were enoeuraged ne s who will act en ehahsnen of cnt COT over the Wednsday showing of the commnittees o rent profiteerIng" a e Influenza, altuaidon There were k3el TO RECOMMENsD ATTORNeETS. aY".H new eases reported, making a total proposal so fat reported of:.tIa. Nine deaths. The governoc asks the Toledo it '"the from Inilsensa and 11 from pomon-w branch of the' Council of Natlonal xtla Werereportad. The death 1Lt Defense to' recosmsnd two atter-. 6 e: conseqeontly. ia lower than for swy- neys. orse to represeent employers tea that, orlsasend the other i nploys. a ral Gys.-' The Steal Estate board aid the ar i-THURSDAT DEATH REPORT. Had Cress each are asked to name spon the These deaths from influensa were one attorney. lteoommendationswll idtoated5 reported to the Htealth Department he made at once. advisers In the dt hours: Clara E. Hina. ra of Ithe t. 1147 'l0'.brldge av; Meter,.Stat. to g~~tne.5,44Reiga-t Prince Gets Verbal 648"Emma Bauer.. 24. 721 Lagrangeet. 'c a "as-Tobica Hansen. 22. 701 tebbiesset; "Spanking.y the Roy rohnaian,!t, St. Vindente Roo- PARIS-A real prInce of pitail Helena Wt eetnaki.. it11E Prussia wan tn the crowd 'of cy.. TORONTO Ont. Oct.,,24.-After I___________ - holding up two express rnesoengerc4 G~ the Grand Trunk's.Bufa~lo ex-I DRUGES IS SELECTED, fpes near here on Wednesday, aI AS BELGIAN CAPITAL s th ja umped from the tral in=m' AVlR, Qt. 24-The,Belgian 24"E 4seerpd a passing auto cfd es- government has deelded to make Slipstsig 'd, ' EB'ugesetlid temporary capital. tthd tha will build -~-,of two =- -.. _.+e1l:I 1 0/2 7/2 0 06 L] -D: 6RAT --7-;c'se, the'allies wtill demitnd possession of Helgoland before Biritish message or Mw give sny cf aft Corree pondeet. grantitig ol armistic e, and will require that the bitt of the tertms are in this respect. -Msrshal'F'och, together with -en y cannon slid munttiions be surrendered to cu Cody of There is a belief that some of omnisuders, 'left by President the allies, and the German army disbatnded. \. demand that Von Dler laneket:, tin mo, have agreed upon a course The. provisions of the armnistice havc been drafted to em- other pcrpetrators of the morercv Irrender if: they arc aoeeptecL.-.bod4 the foregoing points and to insture completely against tie held as hostages. 'The dispositiot to, it was learned today, these.y resumption of warfare by Germany, either on land ' figure in the arrangements. c's: or at. le is under indictment in England tine.- Pr-cautious were included to prevent Germany utilizing the indietntent having beei voteda land. 'the ormistiort for mnanufaeture of war naterial with a view' a tiumber of child'ren were killed. saking, to be inscured by' cow-.- 0.1t coititltuing the fight. should peare negotiations tail. It is Assistant Secretary of' the Nay, will be imetalled in all faetorie,t, accepted, of course, that France and Btelgiium must be cool-tuined groin Euirope, tdeclared totla: - piciely tcared of ettomy troops. swould fight to a fintish rather than fleet..------ lirili dispatches today laid particular emphasis ontthtei With the Unitedt States pourin battleships by allied naval tias al r uirementa of att arnsticie, to 'limit Germuan sea F'ran~ce, Giermoany atipears doomed poster and guarantee agaitist future naval out rages. ing and devastating defets of hit hat to render Germatty harm- Secretary Daniels refused to maske ainy continent on the, onit the war uittil next yrar. - " e -ie:Wa.'Mothers~ Chief Suggests a Big"; Yank Airmen "I mane out ef the Staismee fefest. 0 capturing Thlrs. lauterive sapdPat" F r G m Bo k Thun and. penetrating to within a- r p Bb tuned Wasreghern, There was ioeeO BY MRS. ROBERT C MORRIS, On Hun Line fihigws rTournat National President of the War Mothers of Amerlca. ' FRtOM VALRNdMINND P % At their national convention the War Msothers of Americs BY FRED S. FERGUSON. s LAOOI.--The Eritieks. Wia--Amyd. A adapted a resolution expressing their opposition to the teaching; easp' aidisg, resumed thsl- aftek of Giermna in public schools and their deelre that It be elimiat-ed. 'LUntted Press stff Corrspondent botween the Scheldt sanp 0~e Sc. Now they are going'to test WITHI THE AMERICAN ARMIES bre-Olse Canal this'mneening hIt the sincerity of all people thisrefon ysteday nd A *$It who xprss te sme aer-IN FRANCE. Oct. 24-The fitrot realiN the raitureld seven l' v0+5gI5 in. sidlo to the language of the ' sunshine In woekesreulted today in olutunt. Nuvile, 5 hes nd un.the mosthbitter fighting in ihe sir. River at the latter point..aep. " and village to plan a unique Tie oky was full of airplanes. To plohing within a mile of Lequee- clvi HAllween celebration, Two big expeditions bombed ihe noy. The ellies In this tabs are in whieh every printed ward Cermsan tear areas tlats afternooo.. edge of, Murnial ForsisL.A "~soe b tnshdfo h oe stores than 160 Amnericani plane. In cousslee attach against "Vsn4egtse of Americans. There are, on one formatian, including 00 bombing Usn was repulsed last night. a tesevsofmn oe- mn.lilnoaswept aver tseIuaancy PrnbeoedteOs le 01 librarien, old textboks. region. Tons of explosivea wer of tGan Veyctwengehe Aflh *ive- treasured eince school" diays, dropped.,Itallway yards and woods Ore Only a bit of outwonsmen-,wer.rop earac orln F~i 1 LON O VlW1U.-- 'lae tlmnt mk -were deluged with bombe. at Americans -tave again driven the these relies of the pat, whlen In the past 24 hours Licutenant Geimnana 'berth of tGradp ro and we were innocent parties in a Chianibere of Tennessee Ias brought S1aithevjilo. The Frencbhmande lir- Prussian plot to Germanise - dwniohotl pae, n ie-c geect' torybateI under way Now, lot usasacritsc a dead ' - la," t tnants Rlekenhecker. Fevers, and bu t zioproved their peeltin bet us dig up these bookWigtnd airantole. anne. vii tw Oltepe and Chateau P- cast them out of our home Letnns Wasy anlg memoriestumes ands-Colson encountered and eu and brought dawn four Fekkore in ',gvtr* fqtrto, 'pie,flames, secaplng withott njury. -cla B8toom taery ao ve A. br> eting. Lot,~ fi COt - A5JSTRJ Aw Â~'WILL T Ra, Y t~h, ' - gl;; ai. i~isttr ue t Itiswell them for old e AYsv M ASJ5~~ fe"s"paper and give the proceeds to some ause that is helping to H LJ Y L aI~EIs Raa~e-s p~win the war,. your, war chest, the Red -Cross, the Y. H. tV. A. or Ic *=5HI OTt. Oct 24 -Braving your local chapter of War Mothers of America. " ' (e.24Asit',rpy!I Paper is scarce and ahpseve. The. war has made it an. W5hy to Preeident Wilson will soon e ise5e-V detsrnlsited Opiposition.. American hoard up one scrap 'of paper on which le the language of th.e 01 troops.tBlade subtantti gains north beasts who plotted to kill our sons tottg before our son5 were patched, ailvice recetived here today f Of Verdus. liberating two villages oo ttd ands repte-i toaymero. rio- Iftwe ever study Qerman again, let It be when it i It.dead shngreoredtoaylansguage, when sot a man survives to speak It who helped write The note. it was call, will an- Ni American airtpen shot down 16 the blanktest- page in history. - nor israsreta oienit NLm ineadon bevto ow, wilt you help lh. war mothers tcrenpres in this can- t s e" " teeid nd practieal fashion your oppoetin to the (Ilrmn with the Casecho-Slovak National th oealalinguege? Council. hut will offer to negotiate th rSerbs "S t illHerd then' te o~l s'converted Into-new paper, who. known bt wt h zcsI utn14 fit a eprinted upon I news that tilnahke j beta~ ritig wt h 'eh t uti -LONDON. Oct. 24-Serbian troops - ATbN A t have Meade furthjer progrese toward FAT I AX vl their formpert capital, driveng the F RUM lE~i 25 NURSES FOR DUTY AusrodgFL iin RINGs1he es OVER EA ANTED man Reicimtag has unanimnusly in hfocavo -River. 90 milse from, l-l. 11ul,~ Twenty-five nurses between the approved the speech of Prince.-tax Pr grade.- t -,Serbian war offlesSA- _ 1I ' ages of 356soand 4 are wanted by the nf Bkden sertting forth his prog i w nouned oda, 'I Rd Cossto repre or vereesin connection with sfforts toward wl theotanldetoule etingleep RndtCrordtoeae nnounve-aspeace and electoral and gnvahmmwen- re "After stubborn fighting, te Hvlt-tobegtigtlpoedtacrigt r none tat reform, according to diepatchesti enemy wqn forced to retreat an the service?1ssdads? ment by Miss Katherine Mapes, aec- fro Brli.c P'.aeq.~thecmu!qes. It y e re, d-n't rusCentr- retary of the Red Croisn home nuns-. e a s dl. 'lee erosped the West Morava ons ig4 lu instead and get the real ing committee. T~ citib h tthi, o-e northwest: of that village, taking offene-' -- Aplcat-maThsemaiasea sitiue tct vaythe of commlden-CeO 105.PrieneeP - Wlls housndalit n th ell. ' ppm-icstaandmuthme hcorreAp-In ie ital votIealor thfienctrot "tn'.ahkrp lighting yesterday ev a arhlses - '-1thsl ie Auireltlne iesusslelo., Chase sys.,- because Mauimilan. German cifneeltor. le t - I "Ats n d the Nro Zelanders tOhio. time figures show, has had more Ill with Infuenza. sccording to ad-' ab Tee5 to Paes2, Col. 4. I "Nevwsye. - nugar lbhan nmsny other statee. vices reeeivced here today. gr ~GFAME IfN -SOLDIER BOY LBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M atbonfiedtese meandtheira.

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