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ï~~ tve been. fighting fort us are to be Der. I11 iii~l~i Sound navy yard, showed that of,thie f... '' b[ L.V CNitted by our indlfference or neglectLIN lilVfj]l. 4212 men vaccinated. not one man died. Li. le iS)aeg uard~ing ~ ~ L stad aoun th steetcorersidl. 1115 DL V lVU IILof Ill Filipinos isolated and vaccin atedaon h tetcresilaed early and later exposed, there rtiie subjects for the propaganda of n~uri i mn were only two eases, both of whom re- g a oy B r eBolshevists and the wily 1. W.. U.II5\J1I~1 f. covered. Among 361 marines vaccinated St1~iY id cu i en don't blame them It they say 'this RELUUL U MfU~UBRUI with -no attempt to control exposure. Is Stll in Ef fect ai.Jn. a hell of a country I fought for.' there were two cases, both patients _____ ad(zc ro coigdw fe h is neto."We can't afford to have any prof- IAIl'I'L ii111 and both recovered. In every other Or glen hunters of migratory birds n'l iehv cu wering by employers at the expense of I1L A i.i case where the men contracted the do t ell to tread lightly. Recent 'dis otes fVe turning soldiers who help to form a CASVE, V ISlSATE EN disease after being vaccinated, they re- paee tt httefdrliirioyia fHnay bor surplus. If any man expects to_______ covered. Detailed facts of the invests- pt msaeta h eea trt ake a lot of money for themselves by Ration. together with a table of the bird law prohibiting the shooting tinrciehr sonditon, thnalosrluIsae deto syiu SttcelthfierW ud incidence and fatality In vaccinated and duc and geese during passagehs -laleo aodti the nll anAeIchan.t a s tt eat fie ol n unvaccinated personnel are given in the boee declared invalid by the Unitd ueCo. ai Regulations n AmCombat cur rent issue of the Journal- of the Stat s supreme court. Such tie_______ "This reconstructiont movement is the forceReuain to Cma American Medical association, tinder wou d obviously ignite the flame in theggest one that ha~s ever been started. the head of "Incidence in Vaccinated htratu you cshr hw h etSra o ies fsman'sahrcast and bid hint throw thuse boUriedSatsheshwythert SredofDiese tnd Unvaccinated Personnel." oft he shackles of the noisy city t ant the American flag on each of the -- +wne fed rewieadbu oncigtee Cvryu og.unded Soldier Carl Shoemaker. state game wardens abt i ur corners of the state with at rainbow Avoid crowds. vetoea the inclination, however. t mbols and not a sigo of a red flag be- Avoid the person who sneezes,.ae illvewiythCatnad rcnsmthedisig aty f een these giorious coiors." Keep clean; soap. and wtraeArrive H me ewitheCagn oumat y it sm rhe convention was opened today with good hactericides, tae Irr.JAya5J nrlt e ging ofti atr rd s I invocation by Bishop Waiter T. TDont g ohue hr hrei ~Fac,,during tpassaei tl ard sar-M.Vi inner. lie was followed by H. L..influenza.UUU sultit apresidentisi proc lamaton pro,rbttuereidet othChmbeof Strct ern the palatable fowls during pit ane i e rbet. resden ofthe('hmbe of Stictquarantine of patients duringyer.tad li immerce. of Portland. Mr. Coret the attack arid for a period of t tWO Forest ("rove, Janr. 9.-Lay Terry,-----.a~a.saae Dmised the aid of his organization ini weeks following that stabaidetias of, Williams. who was wounded Ins France ~Iiindstl a crynt t condtion, the unmly ever, or the wearing oif gauze masks November 1, is now in New Jersey ~l5jQ Q j Ihawt wat t co peittioepno- under strictly sanitary precautions dur- and expects soon to be with his family C o Bay nlwihv ttdgar B. Piper gave an intimate wordIn the iame ierih. faile tore of the r etunn soldier and sail- Teeaeteat-l euain s ce rtrigTeeaeteat-lreuainisDe m d E fceand Fred Loclle sp~oke on the "At- sued by the state board of healthD~ f~ fiin anleI udeoftheSodir."MaorCalvin S. which still insists upon them being Cz cfth Pr mi TnI hite also made a brief address. obeyed. It rigidly enforced, these rules '.'ii 'efVe ~~aslsiiigton.ian. 9.(-i*'SllN4t;'h\terti rte program of speaking for this aft-, are sufficient, according to Dir. A. C. AittiuAl' 01 THIS: JU~fIiNAI l..-tetie ai t tr tonflov:Sesly, sttat health officer. f~ sr. resetrative Sinnott has tonsuilted i I a'rituiiil t.o Notll enows:. aj iuzrTargetofA s si 'The Lumber Industry, L.. J. Situp- t The same tiriaratine should apply to!I daparloisot of Jotlve officials oitlh I rtiisfri rtland:K. 1): Kingsley, lortland;tose in close )'ontact wIih infliuetnza "rotrttotIi.ilaei oileiii ullui utu neral Brice C. Disqute. Loyal Legion' patietlssod Ithose In 'iota' coniact London..1tait. 9.-h(I. N. i.)-\~oat-.I);ay wtagoniroad hll, t.-litlitle Iise'i nhu iI5 Loggers aned Lutmberin.I should mask while in aittendance upon tempt was toade today to asasassintate tbat Passed. ai is;Litred thtat I it Ilt, s trel 'Wode ShpbildsicI.k. kapPremier Krainarcz of lte I zecho-Slovaks ' cinter 1"icsttof heith ivsa-ssi lat iiei rtooan bildg"F C np, Reports of physicians throuighotltheat t'ragtue, a nett s igery dispatch from'tii tintt Si i t asdonithe h- irtaitttu if.I itith rtad tt Substitute Industries,' I. N. Day, satetioti er lie use of cordiinto arlSee mTeostvBsicthis atenoi tEd. ight re- Etlfri -s.tu ialti nt ieli lfy hi h.Iaysi isi im tad stale board of health is still supply- 1pIremier. to that effeict. (governer Sends Greetisg log Ibis vat-ine free to pihysicians. AsI.. -- -.-.-- - ------ Jovernor Withycombe, who wan totI the ditratioin of the Immunity produced ye been presetnt at the opening of the i s not lnoaht, vaccinationi is ret-tin-I 'oni-tritc:tion convention, foutad himelf mnedil able to attend,.lie sent the followving- rThe expected increase in new cases ten to Mayor Baker expressinig thetntintte third and fourth followilng Nw. aviction that the nien itere for the }'Yeasy festivities predicted by Dr.,See-I mentous discussion of unemploymnitt ly were borate out by the facts. )blema would outline a conttructive Art Investigat iotaof the results cit the!Te:gantdelwtthsiuto: Llyvacn.wihIthtyebig'Deyrgetnbltyoatnde-sdinOgnpnneinhe'gt tatruction coanventiona but ex~tetd + _ __ _ _ vvu.._. (6jiilIW re trtiest greetitigs and sincere wishtes a n a n st s u c c e s s f u l c o n f e r e n c e. W eto a t t e t r h o d o a n e o h lt eIo t n v l i g s m o f h e u t v t l R EE V S TE, Iblcots that have ever cotnfrontedl the ugtand sunited actiont. ACHING WI51I~ will I llItisI 1have faith In the ability of tire imen wili M SCE the convention to accomplish cot- ___/ srvc" wllthy"u uactive results and feel confident that tcoming legislature will give most Sloan's Liniment gives sooth- / turiin awly -eful and conscientious attention to cmotn recommendations of the conference. m~g, cmotn relief. 'These matters concern not onty the Get a bottle today I at Ilere areth Jtesu.tire destiny of Oregon as a state but 'yafc u-oy h aemd ih a gloriouas record overseas. It is'l11 ll sacred duty to put forth oar besllcf- It goes ritght after that fever, that //'i~Wthtl x~lgta t to fulfill our obligautioni tov ard thtemi hot, pain-throbbhing Joint, that un-; r' tl Ilt d tonumake certain that patriotic Ore- comfortable swellitng Relief conies i dl is e oae cition of er)nois nde n ges vftion an inmman, i- } tfelt hat. When riding he wears a He finds relaxation in reading sait' rking. lie is preparing a memoran- HY have we been favored with so wonderfull a response to this sale; ti of the subjects he expects to take i.' at the peace conferences personally. 5 event of ours? Our Store has been far busier than the proverbiaa W i l s o n A l o n e t o A t l a s - - r v n tn - s r m a s, i - sh ' na r a t i a r i n r isr a s f f u s s, A,~i s S atriWilson.lateIreprese)-ntlh 11/2 0/2 0 0 6 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M ~tea at the 5snteannsa.of th

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