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Influenza Encyclopedia

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Wient11U attiit I'titIat - If lao iieaai eOly the Barr, _ e., 1> i. * * W li'iuiI inR'l at t_,_. t. eani *' au i Wra.~l.1 naynatt-ae.0tntarriiiiti'wthan it.aiu to their rnon=Catholicltheir offaenve agilnst the Ger s'w ~hie eceere c aeatee~t..hi~b~~" oa thmsl nnbut-will follow up. L he oiei~Y~~hÂ~lttlI~X eeataattti4- h seiu hceemavmeai3f 0 * 7.* jOitia iut his -1 q I te fll.of 4 eiito aei et~e i.laa, ' I rom.ter e ces -upon -tetreeauto f,-ocupied ter, htullsesaralry o.i jetackvit Iiatk frial cIWitin living time[ 14.utitpaejslrg htest provocation with coin- ritory, ma.kng,eure that they.d4-tiles t htti'restti 1 ree ataefepael eqnt *K. p 4 e" Su l * I Ino.w i d ortl l tl _n k 410 'te iet.gliiaiiia nt I*;y.not dea troy.or )e - waste tht. or iiia.i IatIAittIiefei nl tii i.Ieiki irnjinita In iysuaewittettnut r ycurs Is to arnieTion' _alttt 'Iytall: 'iA II -Catholics 'may. rest assurred which has been -spared--up * il --ny--- to. eei al. 0rn eeIon -that fBishop 'l ickey did not order'date. *1 *V..t's th lie?', aw coo h t1 nnen enjtlu KATatE..the Catholic Churches closed aim- Ei+thw'l t Uthu ilhapnlI.ilan, bfr reoigl'Ittja 'eiLi atich a letter in W''to u io t', a~to sleep ou e Lt e.been lbi:.:..s'.e ply because the other.dononrin.fighting will 'cohitlnue untjl win 7,s-,tir te llietes ind ~ ~ Io~"resi~d o deg Ah ittr aut aend- -foi" the-'season.;"T','e a ' hitt()eatit It odhUC ar~ t il prs o Ir * - sashe nl pu Ipo perttoneno.'resured int Sfm' Worth nti<l ta wia ivale to cultivete rillrugii lihe thoroc ONE~~ ~~~~ *_ gmten 91.-* J!!IIL.& ivil run the Wntkl* yaie uI1-a~rei nlunprecetaente IfIU1. ' ~l t~it t asortanof teaiiltee5fortt u> lA teaudre-l -er Nor t Itilt *method--fuspcnaion o all public! While ever'bo It',we feel sure.,lany. [irailetttt;it tieoiiar'tIenLeirtiefe. 131ik etlie, S - churcti functions and closing oft seite~wrmgt.edeuittt'~~air U~ocitg ze tr eCl ChasriCrse; PridyOttitr ii. ~iia te Ctholc' hu~h'e, * hic'cet phap. th unonsionble VinL eiaaiur4AII izen. A;.ree1- -: -- the -Catholic'-- Churchso ahito'cemne peeratstthe unconscionable ntu Bu n rv,**enever are closed durn Oldinar,rofiteers and'they do not coup iettr ' Jeneewer t--in a a pierit thu ~Igsefliap Adi Presidenut Wilson has vetoed the Mayor and health 'authiorities wishes will not be consulted,nev don'tial sen tt piteglo.tteg.18-jsotovrlai! g the proposition to- have. tw assured him that' cm letoau's- ertheleit ~ twere ibette that th w','titg u. iittlec to give at ello ri eel. iintytatee ieItl ttdriveafer wor actiiy rubacrip- pension of all promlscuous pubic war never began thanto haveri*n itt er iaprain"' itiyrt euiaeia tions- the'Y. M.C., tb Y phrlngt'sasfar as possible was end withoit *n decisvytr4 - C' 'A,"the htayAspOcialtion the on1ly kniivn method of check- for world liberty and the extiki JcR T - 0 A ltiaie, uu-i 'e snd the War Camp -Servi'ce toing the.epidemic of -influenza Lion so far,' as is possible "of a t' Pint-ofPeanuit huhDrinkeheeeiiov come first-anti the Knights of Co- which threatens our city. erdtwy~ ----_ ImeacJ oigeus of 'Miii(.Scforo trotlal r.Cniti lumtbue, tl e Jewish Welfare As- Let us all unite in fervent sup- maybe imposed' wiliy*n~illy upont- Retiring.*'. 'tetuthe rlt' 'on-o~light Go tostay a subject people withoitethe tat ".-_'L 19Â~ ~- ecatin n~thn~uu~in~Ary ~to- *. neunty n ie l" ircel ntheard run t to fellow, say thirty days later. the ma~rch 'of the influenza plague ter'sagaent. This war is waged tat [ itactlmirs;_ffr______snrwh 'twewell pointed out that finch o that-we may soon asuist'I gaikato Insure equality of opportuni''ithedm f't ircue iu a proposition was- unfair; first, ln-tho-loly-Sacnifice'of'the 'Mass. to every man,. woman and Ohilil fjl) r asttletetf iltl d ink ghtira o F Naolt because it 'would entail two 'die- Them' may be those of us who ontthe face of the" globe and. ft bI"Suitit e'. -.t i tttrniuol' en ici ru eaetei tinct expenditures of energy sec- feel within. ourselves:t-hat- sue- not- won until that equality i gotiii 1ii~i jctiQi~r I eiirli rt estetdar end, those participating' in Jthe pension of the measamounts toe assured: Moreover ifwe to. r~j re ltf iw-felbr -ti t- icus lrrtn ol first drive might weary and' not tacit denial of 'the power 'of Al- sitt'atow of that completeeq1ualtJIniaiiilitet I f tIt icm 1,ty ttty to rrcportihotleb's enln -hdlp-either-in-aer-vI'ce-or-mone '. d-toprote ct-and-g-uardty-of-optortunity we m v'' Â~ ui~ with the second drive; third, and those'gathered-in N~is'-name. -ear that from us Iy the United i, e itai,'!~ lmeitew '0 LL aa ~ hae ~.d' 1rsi tlt" mV aymeyienui wn X\1III 'nhsa e most iniortant. 1 rniht easily we Must rememoer that- the Mas Stu.ake ho aesuch 'te ialit l ite. a ilegontqesi~i ery iueeea afltr1 t 'rin tset lead" to' r lawnso dielution and-un- is offeredt up as tasual-by (4od'ea may- be taken-that which we now,.at y rttueat ihe'i remt,h it'i eiu -i doin I g meiasure nll the se'len- priests-'but that ternporarily-we hls..''' tti ild - au li lrady achi eved in must be-deprived cif our oppor- I fistcsry- has recorded oiorethai n i5 i-otIi i;t IiIi iit-ptnth'i) lerts e t-,way '6f breaking down.i sec-Junity'to assiist in thte srvice, in once that premnature:p eaee..Is tlrngoua (ut wit rhji P4 - Tonal and raciiildivison betwteniorder th'at the good of-the entircafully am costly ashacrdly woiuI-vic-;'tt I+f lisii Iuluc\t-ft nti. utglottilll, wl r vyc tig ii% gotnttr7eite the Ame;icn'people, community'may--be conserved;.- Itry,-k tn~tI hl ~lt, w S,1 A cordingly -there -'will ho ut.And. abtove tall.-this is done by. t ' hIuielIt r+rul titeri 't f-the waii-iohonIIet one gTeut drive participated In the 'authority -of the' Bishop of Aa tteo Newiman. 16-1ecaii111i1 iu t iiij, ui ctcta f i-eaneaieetc e Wgrn Angeto i d7 Itc r aie t tt.. S i t e Is iiti,ei; n wt hIcle iie t elunaaiite the seven-gr~eat war activities representative in this part of the iat-e~ca~od-wa eti'm n tittltilitithe Iirnikm'mti iumne 'in,tl the st'tsl antilCneI lel t almmi ac-hen lute liea'.tiur already organi'*ed -' This Will be' world and asRoo C'tholics we ci rcl'es. allit hewas tiot a Motu-[-ecen 113 ii etlo trunttn irelet' -gin on Novcmberlt-h:- tatflowi iubtlduj persofhge, judged by' certsia"i.iiusstttt' reh n 'lirt ioter 4(10 a W5 1.Rochester will not par. spiritual herd,. In other words,aa nil- icnersyenc e'ticcaars ics ittk;gi nohisva s e-n on -. ip'.ie cla in thiczdrive bey an old a5 t)e' y l on tlr tgh hld- I7east u.tindliacsati g t ttinto-is etngt~'- - rIgit cas u Wr et t-e'lust leses-.trite saying puts it 4one had ncA~ t tten opttbf th ieeatH tathisJelneuaro- ie cii mcn:h"ot " COOManel.l a summer will supply our quotas' to must notarcy to be more. Catholic selr.le a o tae iniea the rlng l il pll.iia te ~i erioI ' he it o + ot it t h lgrooinul iatg il;the imut 'nel all the activities, nevertheless; than the' Popv. drama.Ilie was just one who did,:timptht. l erlietaiti l tall itile ' iS tei'ttt' tn'ar we can [all subscribe' to the follow. - -' u r~tcl~gh 0 gshiet fte urii e.B~Bn.'- --hi. bit toward making: others itiu: lie c'niii hiitv v'tritcnt Iat mtsui;1~8g iisc - - haFse timent of vid current6- Bu Bn { +t itt 'dli ltoteg tithieitattl'a above.tnla: ~ y tcr 'hn.I tttflkt'' itpil-foted 1I il"i cz.-" l ife he emphasised serv~icto ) e ntiot.i U - e.-l I: Theear'tlnt - v e must join tieitizela 'with - -Never-mind-what the preasdes t um -Hssi' i vie.- -' hit cy-'n~ all our neighbors oni. different patches spny a$bout r the )~adapproach 1 i itinctlnt i ub-- Iok o&itn.iar --cn ts eltn committees- formed-.tol conduct itr'ndoftn a.lirgr'l,.-. 'et hclof il to tenHair, nie., 'ia 'ei

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