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ï~~ a 1 REGARDLESS OF PEACE TALK: Warriors of Civilization Surge Onward While Enemy Seeks to Halt Clash of Arms=-Ad vances Scored West, South and East Whole Champagne 'ront Crumbles Under Blows. HINDENBURG QUITS AS LEADER, CALLING FOR VAST WITHDRAWAL Although peace talk is stilt in the aor; there is no peace for the German and Austt l~ungarian Armies in the field. While attempts ar ~eing made in "welt-informed circles" in Germany and Austria to show that the latest -peae proposals of the central powers arc honest expressions of a desire for a "just peace," Moralist l'och's ermices are proceeding without pause on their tank of tlearing Blglim and Fraitee of the invader. And~ they are cojtiuitaing to meet with great ouccesses. Likewise in Serhia and1( Alhanin the Serbs and Italians ore fast reclaiming eneay-nef'upied territory, while at lait reports the Btritish Glenerat Alleuhby in Palestine stilt was hard,afler the retreating Turks. 'lie troops of thte french tieuueral Iterthelot htre delivered a successful tlow against the (leriustis nortlhwest of Rtheiins which odds nateriatif to the iteisoce that is hoaiginug over the GIerman front from the North Sea to the Swiss b)order. This' was the capture of Berry-Au-Bac, on the north side of the Masne abot ten end a halt miles fromo the eastern end of the famous Ctenijo Des Dames ridge at Craonne. A further advance northward across the railroad not alone wilt put the great stronghold of Laon in a pocket, hut also will outflank Neufehatel, another enemy stronghold on the west. _____________ 'The Tacks also have mattereda sertosbo t o es toIs the.. lft l nnntftT15ti' su s asT DO~ SLESI~M~GermanA Offens~ivx FSFCLRSfor itjtarPurpos;. TheAmeicapeople; i.le presence of a peaoe offer ~ t lhunched for military p: a. his. offensive is designed',JE.Al RESERVE BAN benefit the military' situat~o ofthe Germtans by saving r Boxad aand BarrelseCallediantoytheave results of reoestsIhe * Boe n aresCle nt irrhit the arn s a fs wholly decisive detest. I~~ fwmnh.toGrtalp ~so acceptance of Mr. Wilpns".e e tt@ Ly k '~f Service to Take Care of rt V fi+exle jatoitpoprm.Geraadhass Receipts. of a military victory. Tbees pr~ess ousLy and patently, to open a fleielflpbl' ad the public' statements. at0h~e between America and ourEuoen' C.:, OMAHA IS WELL OVER leaders alike solemnly Teem llted i les, to start a discussion;over:SYt~ ~C ~ A& erayspears terms, wieb 0.1 ppe. eterms which shall destroy.a "h -.. HALF-OF ITS QUOTA eluded the annexation" of BelgiumIdien4roldarlty. She hopes SUB ERIG O ENM _______northern France, eastern Italt. Sete.lden say that the United States t hinad the psi tuatisa of 0t*rmnan does not support French clai~tsp..t4" et.o Failure to Subscribe Is Excep- control in nosasais and RsitAlaeLralas or Italian claimas to InissonCoplteR -i tion-Feature Is Number Now, ~tÂ~haveen ane Tistengtheof seentnanuthen. ion--To Deal Only With' int y,. situption. Germany on tesrnt fsm uhutr of Small Subscriptions, resigns this programzof rofit at ances the alliance of western nations, German People. seeks eaehihhalot"vovwill -fall ftlat. a Bxesca haees wre aled lathe less ofansy cc her own 3foperty. Peace en Owe Terms. Washlntn.Gi c.1-m a however acquired. If she cin'.t prof- Germany wants peace, yes. but she mediate rejection aflthae Oqta service at the Federal Reserve hank it. Germany is resolved not to pay wants a pests on her own terms. Austrian proposal for ' oar!licue vl yesterday to taiklesre of the pledge" for the world tragedy. In. address-; Having failed impose victorious end peae negpoatlons was" de' 4 blanks, checks ad currency tatlag her penuce appeal to the peed- peace on her dwn terms, she In a ~'Sinded in the senate today bj ' head. t rotted in as Omhahs first days sub- dent of the United States. and in very great distance from aceepting' qrs voicink the 'eamanosentitsr; scripton to the faurth itherty loan., putting Into that appeat a tip-service peace on our terms. fie Is of the membershIp.-5. Clerks were so overwhelmed by II the least convinced that she wil 'here was no- dissent (tot tl4., the necesesary work connected with lAstoundig 'have to accept our term. Her states- Metw that an aenafattop woutslatefeat a property rec-Ilitag far the sohacrip. dn e men are now maneuvering to die. alt that Antejlsai~d the. lllps have tous that they could nat coca make o rapt our alliance and at the same been gtie for,' ne dvery speak'~ an ahbaoiute total, to ay anothing at of AmIeri.canLs time to get the sestimeltt of, the enr ing ths,.tws..houge of. a apihttet i thema sai~outterlatgive aiataa ep d rngoh,a German people behind them alchln, sessipe 46vdted 'entirety to dlaoosI p ei fheguriou lct e a s H led byF en h by establishing the faet that teoionpifanisit.eneemys latedfa,nmoed The esiimatied total sabhave =stoat- eremy demands that Gerimasy shaljoined in sdeclaring that o t 0.oeuh' qoat 1100OU Aeia yaaat' I ao ayteapicefhrcrmsadmetmltryvcoycol -o~etco The Wooadiuen af the World ip-ts t.heaer)Aelasfgt the demands for restoration. rests- tite allies and huasanit be wonp teh Omah' ot ystedoy itha paplalagctaneRetercom iansofgrlttton. repasration. These demands suggestion of sushi a atep w sacoaubscription of =1,26saca. Gouraud are credited With an sm.,- are lust as tqawelcome to the pens:. fully denQounced as p nnlnsleaa 'g - -The subscriptions were not con- lag performance In the fighting of.,ant as fte Jnker, end neither Is tank 140" ie nemy fined to large iteats, byly wmaeans. Frlitay In tha...Chamoaagne seeth. yet ready to 'accept then!.SetqiA othpock of ',let kA,,ast11 The featre of th re A deachm alTbee Gonly one odstand rd of dmethat thathihajpn- b t.lte o n eei' Ii Th etr fterports 'acsa tie Adtaht assit by Fe e ree. t ins *lt numbher af small subscriptions. Fail- vohuateers under an America,ueetr enwraanndtht inscociott pneobli are to suhsnrlbe at least far one hood tain, attacked a vey ton m iiaehsup e!by.German deeds. We Ledge_ of 3aaaha a.' was an exceptio. Federal Manager gun nest on the!!open of Blanc Mont have had Germany talking In the" miaority le ltit Calvin of tha UnionPaic reported which had long held up the dlled language of civilization for fourI Senatot P. olisheater otf W that 1.628 oat of.2UinoPacific advace. With the utmost skill' the years. ho we have' hellGermany. Modwlmher of )foptb De l d - 11/01/2006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M

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