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ï~~n ~iiOons 5laying Uase -AT SCHOOL C*HARGED TL~ Bill Seeks to IT SBar Runs From Coming to U. S. S i WASHINGTON, Jan. IS.The real pu-pose of the legisand Germans who would come to this countr'y to eospe icoI ammitte isaensidoringth Burnett bill. which would bar immigration for aperod of frmtwo to foau' years, and iggist Also the Lufhin bill, which aims to suspend i1meisroton for Is quisitors mnh atren~atment.~ h wosc with these Germans and Austh omn tians atid that they woald ofu-.;o ndoabtedly oause unsettled ot-f haingiv conditions to proetail ifspermit'rook tub. ted in t"ecouantry, 'y tothe I919, Mrs. atin Clara Foltz's #mn to.4eve Sona Is Dead After ns~s for 11111 I-e ss of Year,n,4 tcat'.tolt ~ttempto iiy PSauei C. Fltz. sono of Mrs. Clara Cihhios uand hrrdeVlz ioAnlswma ls-. i'teged to tiotltn'to o nro tea roth. aitornny. die'd today at the family iARGES reonideit i, 11, Sooth NorononiloaveI1. iargely 00on nue uto ot-ofMladeath csaroe after at illoess of boos Is wa-moot-nthan a. year aso4mw"ucased by asat attack in the grand Mr. Vltzwih was 40years oid, es Dome i0d ws hn onephon of Sain Phorti-dge, Z. W. Pick-.lawyit- anti toliticianor state-wlds I a druggito m 5irnnce.-t blt-. Phubmas omnplete-ly prossalled to the iatl ho 1wLimso f hbo onne sat alon In 1i4 ili. Dutring hiscotonre skness MI wchiis tho ho rlsion i-niemi oronif toOtto. &C sbeing ctil- rillog alt otheri-sintrrn Inin soefmtenitotittv.#ttort to ight toff death. - Iher fate lFuneralsrices wino lliehoebld tomoroi at Pissco Brotthrs' chapel an who fooqt and %%II Ii ho toittty pt-loatsbaninhitlod. atiutri-d sioo,ooo,o00 Food lIES Kut a Bill Is Op posed in r.t o t-to, en teCommittee lniosooit iiiJ;ibbono, but WASHINGITONf, Jan. It.--Stoong tippositilon to the bill appropriating that (oe.s $100.000,000 lot- feeding stat-s-tg s-nopodw-he ich of Eat-crs. an passed by the otllat-totbchooe, wao vticedsIntothe senate as-- lip Gibbons ponpotations committee today when allegsed thait the mouaro camo op for conaldetaame of Moo. Uino. sdtey- As amenndment providing that these io took (tib- oha-lIte a "detailed statement of all to had cot- expendotiuret-and s-e triking out the at the tSnta msdtifiattoo.when practicable" le, nith Gib- which mas acocepted by the housos. house wheren Was appoved hy the csmmittee. No Isal vonteo n rporting th CK ms-soot-nwas e ached today. Gibboons mao I nly a fewVN.Y.Asseambly Vote I. I AID PLEDGED IN NEW 'FLUCAMP.AIGN Churt-h Body Asks That ffogulations Be Made cieneral, - Not Special lt5Sloltion.4 pledgtng itcoii iiO' poot and eo'opcoion fi~r u, totret campaign that wioid i i~vtll dliiltis if ptibtic oathering i theOfiht agisinttfiatosa ser- lait befor~e tho city i'ooosil todiy by the Loo A ngoee Prebyter)t. rs-s-t-nttng 40.000 p-mono to toe Aagt-to. Thc' Poesbyinteri-rgedtho-t if the conit ordered a quara-ntine that ito quiarastine be toads gonit-ol and nont eptetal. Tbe Citytcounciitooktiplthe qirdono of ta-kingcmoeon.tb-ie-antion to eliminate the dtseeo from thio city. City he(alth Cotemisiooeo tir. Powers. in a letter. asked the cousncil fto -iticient fotndo to employ 400 quarantine is-sttom oone loops-ctor for eveoy I0 patietst. But Drt. Powere happened to Ite at the hat-boo today and when'o Do. -E. Vt. Passoe, in assistant, sod Chief Quarantine Insesctor Kimmitleb npeso-ed is bin plaac, tbe city soonci demanded that Dr. Powers. himself. auppeasr. " We have already gives Do. PotwPros about $35,000,"nsiid Cooncilman Mals-rd, 'and before as give any more foods mo wacit toiknow' loot how touch he hast itft i~f itoistitiey. -let lir. Powers opinot- kooonus tomorrow s-nd di'etip this informatiiw, whit-itcsnset be given by ibes getlemen." CHURCHES IN ACTION Ths communication fronttheitoso Angls.rshytery follown: "To the lHonoableothr Maynor and City toooelt nf tie City of 1Los Angnles, California. "Gentlemen:1 Tho Oreeltytery of Len Angeles nf the Preohytt-riao cthurch In tie United States ef AmerIt-u, at itn regulior winter tmeeting. beil In the Bethestda churc'..In the city of Los Angeleo. Cal., Jani. 14. 1919. adoptetd the following reteiatio s-sd Instructed Ito clot-k tn forward.the eaton to your honorable body, to wIt: '- be Presbytery nf Lee Aogeles, representing approximately fitrty thousand (40,0t00icnmmuicoant memhero and adhorents, respectfully represents to the honorable the mayor an ity oilncil of the city of IAa Angelis, that they will heartily support a goneral oquarantine that wilt coeall places of public gathering, euch aasotooea, theators, moving plotore houses, churches, meeting's nf oluho and fraternities, anti other placeo of entertalnmont or assembly;,excepting only- ndb necessary actlvleis as grocery soree. drug stores, milk depots. markhets and such other places iho opening nf which in necessary for lton puhlic welfare; provIded such quarantine shall he desednecssr y he ch.ty osun41l; DRY FORCES WIN 2 MORE STATES lowut and Utah flatfty Amndment, with Wisconsin Hauco Prepared to Support Measure CI-ICACO, Jae. i t-"By sightfall 3t states will have ratified the federal Prohibition amsndment making it a part of the national basis law. 0f this I am certain." C. G. Hinshsw, shaltirmae of the notisnal prohibitionn committee, mae this announeemnt todsy. MADISON, Wia, Jae. 15-The sets today ratified the federel.0 prohibitioneamendment, 1e to 11. N,0 The lamer house wiilvoste this afternson.,X Br Internatienal Neservire~ WASHINI;TitNJan. 15. -The eighteenth amooenmnit tIhe soocti-.... totimutof the- I tiied tlhtti, tires-iting foe a 'dry' uatimmn, mittliohabee ratified within Li ft-inhourse, in theo opinioin of EL C. Dinwidilie, legisativo supeicrntendent of the Anti-tS-tomi league. Thiirty.-tmo of the 30 nooro4 -sary stoatlegieloturee thavertitited the propeitei amendlsent andia stream of toeniengers.heiarItog telegrmo from ii gllatise battefrosiun to Dlnwide'lti-ofofict-. iodicateddthot the necs-ary other for would oktto Girl Who action toiday. And ft-nm ths tine of Says She fiat ratlittitlim mi itiy oeye-ar will Was Kept slopseruitili "tIoiii taoiycou-n" willion Diet of hove bewq lpiibi'm4 from the ofage by the inex.orohie tiirwcr in ilic fcdoral BraMl Wte Thti'dry fore ucs-oreiiititt woeno Greater Part ili wit-s fltihi-d tim nott li Ithn of Seven Iewa ieaet it iratiiedthetiuntioinacl Months prooibitionoitmenimeni itodaiy, cotlng 42 to 7. Tim Ihouse paisoed the muciius i-i tor. Thisnreiottwas fioi-i oshintty by the mo ithai ttim had voted Isn llV IU '-l I las-o of prhituitmo.Tim arnteednient B ~~in i O Was eatitteul lipthe oose yesteeday M YSTERYLIII H [EL INI biyunonnmi o ite. PULL VICTORY CERTAIN II~ won,s- titat notiting 0.01 prevent Ii;HICIU the inimoi e rtitficalitin ahd adop-,K H G tion nf the etinsttiolt amendineliL,Althnugh tinty 30 staten are neoded Jl~ l for the enoetwee - mInt law of bb-heUHI that 40 to 42 w-lit ratify the amend-lE moont In a few dayso. With detaiteui osportetsfifltaeatti- Afea i o mytr hd tude of the irgiattree cif the thirty- le avilo mytc hd odd stateestin eneion thin ye-er on the shrouded during the night ie true emendment. b)inmiddie said that rati- identity of as atos-stiss- yrmng Oicatien Ity.30 eeeIs a cer-tainty. woman wbo wan a prleom-r in the H~e sald that s-vs-n though anty fours-tosn department of ie eity mnre states ar needed to ms-he thejalthdecivsoay ern, ratiicaion ompetether ar, itey say, that the-y had In c-todny entirety "dry" atates the legislatures Dorothy Dtceroun of tatn eacheot of which are piedged to ratifications. adSnPacs h skont THOSE PLEDGED tean s iacuacosiwher. nsot These states, hoesaid, are Colorado, The asuancwohanslae e am New Htampshie.Oregon, New hMas- oThaiettesn ernm agred2t hn ten, Wyoming situ Nevada. The leg- Hartetaashdoen.agledowtwn lalatures. except Nevada, are In sea-atrneatafhnshedwon sono Nevadas lawmakere convening hotel by Detectivto Nick tHarris and Jan, 20. E. G. finss on a charge of passing a In addition. ho- said. Minnesota.. fcttiouas check. Pennsylvania. Miatmool, Vermont and At the Jall today shs- told tion asWisconsin, the latter needing only the thorities she waa a singer and had house ratlicatlon. are cnmmitted tn appeared as a soloist lin soeal lat-ge ratification. while tte "drys" hope tn churches, carry even New York and Rhode MENTIONS BOXING CHAMPION Ialand. While the police were questilonIng While the amedment will not he- her the name nf a former champion mirne operative until nne year after pugiliset was linked with the case. the date of its ratinication, oven this iss Dickerson, 511am Miss Headershort armistice wilt net- be ashowed son. dented the young man was'In Bacchus, accordting to prohibiLton- any way associsted with her, but lets, who think ths-t the natinn will be admitted she had moon him a abort permanently 'dry' after July 1 neat. timen Drior to her arreet. On this date wartime prohibition That the young woman and her sisgoes into effeet, tn continue through tot-, said by the police to be Margaret the period of demoillsaton to ho des- Dickersaon of San Frascisco. a wellIgnated by the President. knows entsrtalner, have been In poThe "ported of demobilatlon will ticeseustody befare on simIlar charges, continue. the "drys" helieve. ontl the was sated today by detectives workoonstitutloonlaiandment becomes log nn the ease and Mr. Harria. the operative, one arid ported running ioto private detaotlms who arrested hot-, the other. 0 '8 0 MCs Dickerson, alias IHenaderson. -1 EMBEZZLEMENT CHARGE admitted, thes Police say, thaI--she-was-1,_ d.'.So6seodor will he tresd isn ta se, eking to hide her identity by tslo / Miss Ltucy Ae~anessWho Is Wit-tess at Inquir-y Wittmhtletu Iory At-s-Too,.t-a ngt-I orsie cllil fconmcItoe ty jail a tt, firtveitutu en.the effieilm i-oeticaititif rot-uity cod msmmanageml -1titi~rcos anlngt time Californtia Schol tiifur Aihotoat'etturILVV"ns-nbegun iiii lee;Angeies today. The state botard of s-altlen end correctiens is condut-ting ther Investigallon atthue hesitiutie it time hUnion Leagoo buiing. CHARUES PILED Represnttives of time o-tetimtus-ot wmen's otoha inte ity hav hcvti delegated I-a attenth itmnuvotiguttlen In ordet- to report totekto l their lum *ionthe liroof ot- disproaf ef the Wit tho oening oftcbs- nffic-ial heaoing It became knownt fir tile first tierthatIformoal chum-a tihave been fileod in OS-n Francteco u-iththetosta-lo lieurd of choaritieosodnd-corretios by hMrs- Nellie Boewser Piere. Los Aegeles wmma sttorocy, who Is the plaintiff in the case. Fonar charges are on his- the nirst te thn effect Ihat tohe ciouitosnviolited the etate penal cods- whit-b prnhibits cruel and unasual punishmnent, including enforced showet- bathe In reformeatory Institutionse Thre seond charge e ituat cruel and Inhuman punishment h"s bees admin-I ietered in contr-avention of tho Unilted States conatitluton. The third is that I-he school does not provide adequate education. as demandedl by law, I-bat i-s condiuet Is like a penal insutitution rather than andaionalone. and that it dnes net give edctlatinnal I-sitenlng tosrach and ev-ery girt. OTHER COMPLAINTS Lastly, the schnol to chargrd with falling to give proper phyeical care and attention to Ito estates. Mums Arollanes was called an the firet witness by Mrs. Pierce MisArellane, In an soofslal inteview pt-esdIng the hearing, stated that she had been an Inmate -of-the.. cchscdsowd--Iid-bso pt-o B0 HD LASIES ON HVLlNG IN N[WJONCASE A eenflltl f opiioen betweon Cob. lienon. odjuaitt general of the met-t erni d,'Iartuocmut of theist-my,, and the eumiri-mtittoal luvard presiding Mathes t-tRo f Cmii. Harry lb. Nveurln on churuns of alleged irreguutot-iiIn cuoection wtlibgecurementmwok discowi tu-iboy. Time buormifled to comply with Cmoi. Bensonsorder I, Modify the fint charoge against Col. Newtee. Cot. I-eeeon, in a telegram yseter, day, nt-tered that a eciotge of peejurey aguiint Cut. Net-nliobe reduced to a chsarge ef smuking an alleged false sbtateent- let-Jury isia s-neal oft-one, whoilesthe fates statement charge- inavolves vielation of army regalations. BOARD'S RULING The boot-i ruled today that it wold hear eovidece out the complalit withnat It having hoeneniooded as sluggesteid by I-be adjutanot geseal. It oo-io stated by a personeconnec-ted s-itt the sue that the armeec stoeal regiiatiog oaolt cu-see prohibited the u-meidvtect of ts- cbs-lowe. This, hoesot, s-as sot spoen of by the heat-i Iii japen meetieg. The prosction opened itoose tolay with the. testimony of John Bach.a Loo Angeleesacntaator. ilaacu alleges thtat he saesCol New.ton a nheck for $7h0 as a guaseantee when be bid for wor-k at the Fs-jMacArt-hur caeI-ttmnnt and that the check was neers returned to him. LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER RM

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