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Is.Ck itnvioc in! lis State of Lolorado. do 'HIi i h- a rnhat he psrlane in tbringitig nearer 'the ite eluarta-ro. )% (Ii iass I --.-h I! nun thie various hieathl va-taii ' utho tenay F ui fteCnra ioeawnt e llow offiei. sal' til \vin- rioi.ini'e a ieitho emsy ietril of tiithe utria n naval asinrti if i i-uh,i t. the Tenn lint. S...1'.ftiri.4 the auito snd on thef Der h ifue~oelilnI,. i.,-,\e til I onorii oiaunufan tuur vi~ 1 mim no- Wu aii inle peopite if 1 tirduy aoil raptunredt itazticourt. liiAitrati. WASIIISUTON. naaltet thin Adritic J.H~tTt i) 1i'.t Xlnnootp tg ur. haI inu >" I t intlIa upon tthem ia~tihing lt village of Conde. the im~porta nna of the defeai~fts! 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S. cni, firit Ingra Yhinrc taainiintiie baa been as- I tHlts-treinieee- - - _ - fAmes-iea,n-lneisngcnse -in she uvnioini t, p-- 4tin- os-ha-k lm1a}a Vhs n'ba toliunei by lawful, auttorities. neu 1.Conan li-it tie allied assault enus tinpe ar vcaig t otet -nit,i,.- mdciir ao fail--inn: I furthen urge that the quarantine~ arr iiiteri njniing tiC ni;crnan pels - tialtic turuvinnces, lie State Itejiant. WVASJIIN-T(iN, Ir. ru 1rt tea Nniu' $ Xl 1t1Icrcu-e id(nttapol i n a oc isni~oova eo inAle atie ecitlosn h It is cotirooted that Ih tii:an, at,mi.i)!k.r iihi~I-t tnnnathuu tietn swlig - ounshie thu: Blrest-Litovsk. treaty. (ft 111shenl, lie rio-u -n-- ngi in.-wti aleri rmnameclo rohria ei 1(111(1a fromuts theiiru Beti toi itidinonsitins uiitil the nature ofjlt)liN (bt -Iiih ad ilmsfrntbBatcpei- loll nuohels st yi-ar. h( I 'I........t.... $1 t a - Itnachir iltiness be detutrniined. i r-nrolaae i isatn in a"Ill fiiruc Germny to give u1 i The conditio n! of:n ind atsit non + - nun edi tin+ 200 ffth mci-c hiefine sfrhrhrlyddcn I-ountrot of this rich territoii offictals improve oven-e tactwb decnlarned n-n -i -nn~icii. that tv-five stia fri-nt Inteen tanabrll ~ - nire heier ansld with thne Germans' ------ _____ ~ il6 ntS..uninbfr a out oftns nir the loa usin -r~~nrsei-on heuul the Sl+aite Boad of muirning, General "tai tepot-al - iti nirc mxijiesrle to mtake abot shift of I I fljj' n,t U Slealth gorid otherwise in ps-eventing lt stilts of a veny heavy rain, at the Hoelhesiki. - S n----and arethroghLt pdo thseI isfactury progresas ni-i made. is1 j ob vi +re onmi theug -h pewees- iofi tonal, In toes) operaino yslerday ino th cot-r fon aitBugatas efe -itipitesu and othetwise. neighbiorhuoid Metnt IBrehaiti and noth lionl stream y have rubbed Germany off 3.U ('ThR3 U f' j33 n-ife, I lion- herenintoc oct miy of Ileourevoir the Americans too eon inInc ninto o th tlnst-itu- 1JEI~ I I Ii0 I~I0C I ~* 3* ihand ainn canns-ed to be affixed thte ta-o hundred ihimty prisoners. r s tneatm. Germian troops have been greaJ.i ~ ~.~I~I ~~* -int senhal otine State of Colorado, n C'.1 iuns TI- tinhrain fo fm ether parts of 1tos- M1 UUU K U l iii S0 11 at ~l uitl, Ituee, Coluradta, tU12 X'1't TIlE F-IRST AMERtICAN m;is andi fron Ronuiania in strengthen.~ -iu nbhi a! o hlntou~, A. U., 10181 ARMYb1, (tnt. 1--line Gernmans ars ethne wentern frount andi ace the heaw - (I) I ~ 2 A F ~ L JULIUS C. GUN'I1;t, loitueencd tighter i the Argonne puck mienaceofn a Ilalkan attack. I ~ jj~ ~ f ~ J~i ~ ** 'nun-ut Governor. I et as a -esult (if thne Ameriios rap r,i itt".ii:itTY iHNiNL A) L IM ~U. Il1 E I T I ~' J A 'i, f8t. N I LAND), Lurniig t'hath thehnery stnt th rn tl S IN EAST AF'RICA I Seretiary of State. heights aest of thne Attire riverI Hn IURT, GERMANS BtACK( ---- Oideis hi) -enes-day's furn-us alh-ihay btistle. mtinctin Liae IleilI ~ebn h d-linnnnY Ihari of Htealtht ' The Antericam sotormied tills 10 -PARlIS, Ocnt. 11-lotuguese fan-ces WiASHtINGl1ON, 1)..1 - ti. 'Ir Inn-i ogn -i in officially itesigit - 1'1w fnlhrnintug telegirim muss sent. Xith214, robbhing the Gernman of thI itt Afriica, in connjunction with thne I'risideint Wiilon ii, niIn- if n-- h- a-I n inqmnuiet- aind not a reply, to tn tie Boardnn of Ilealthn yesterday: 1posiliouns dnmmito~ing thne Aire river -nt tint vsn, have thrmon the remaining Genrmany ini inquiy I o in,- ait ri InLirunnin y~v inn-ioute. It askeid t.-,'c IX~ E.iiueney, Ant. D., n tOne Americain -ivisiono in the Ias nt 'GIerman troops in (German East Afri- Girmnsys v nuuintn nu ins cnn- leae o- (;," lornan o ninuilium fur his exact So-nietnny.State huard of Ilealth, few- hays catured sight cannotts, svy -er en harh acrens the Itovunis riovcr. ac- ferd, the alu cereanl a+ c lire 1u nt i,,nininh n I.iolnnxin-on wihethici- Ievr ('la erty-five macbin- guns andt a 111 r. ordling to the Paris war office. The ntny ltst. no a m l'l:tC mis nn nn I- I, - li-c.lnnitnnl n nunt tbhat Gee-, Scor mum-men of influenza repmorted gian fielt niece tine G-eunsiai we-rc us -i, un unsa runs from the region of while Teutonic arieumn arc -u~n Al uniny is niI "u teceit (resnlit 1iy railroasu rgi-on. Doa you advise ing. t ial -Lake- Nysosa to tie Indian ocean anrd Tied noil. He a-ted thtii tine tneni fitiul, - \ hei-ti hiiounnin P'oints aiim dig-;clninig nf punicn iinstitutions. IlIease Considerabile ni-eeict northwri -mu- furiti thr biundary line be-tween (;-en- if ant licion ti nIf nhninnnnl ni oii, ci nhlV thu- netails oif their atiplics- I nunounenr ioni.-linitnl}. of German artillery and supplies ha to mun soi Portuguese East Africa. The the willingnsmes of Un-n in into \n [it- Inn-h. - It. N- Liungeinflter, M. 1). eeni obioerved behind Cunel, inth -he - Ges-tata ware conosnetled o abandon a dreaw her fore's ltuimmeditey fi-nun nun- inmontinmes as Page 4.)o To hich Drtle Iinhenfeltecr receivedt Somme. -great mquanity of material -ann lost ---- --the fllowinmg: Fotnuth ton-a hue nusmerous me.n wos-i were tlpkemses hr. 11 A.mmmngeifcter, 'ht1ITI 'Fttl IntIST ARMIERICAN,t~ipisoners. ti~iTA ds iruranga, Coloradlo. ARIMY, tact. 8- 'lie Gserans con It n Baniu *.~i Yra Governour issuing pnaclama- Iinue the esacmiaim-s of Champagn 10- EGIG HP UL ill P B IL L iJL s) tion todatiy Ctase up tight, apposite the Anmiricana snt to thI of! DURING SEIPTEMBERI Keney narthwest of Rheim, bst the line I as: -F IF~(C F l I n m~u~ ui stationary as the enemny is desperate IID II 1_ rIKWAIIGTN.1) CI ctI8I lOlR GOt) ANh) COUNTRIY hy holding his present positions whil ithe gross tons. Iomoments tismtonning' an thunn-i n nI ulumni ri-n ra thmer families. for the remaindter of tine sicel., it Tic~ ni- limo itm sassing fore ib t least' -~ onntni will nail at your door only,LO S A S I I S hecounty health phy~sician andnl nn-hiIll nott cnter your residence.. A the hoard of county comisioners Every assnemh-tuge of every kind is PO W [R ha~ve orderedt that all thme eonu- yprohitied. -, IC I D D try schools he mlomedntimml uthr Ifficil -- I FL L A ABOUT. [NDE::Tea:r aovernit' offIcial proclama- - schools in this -ouety, emp~loying six-n tien followos: tysi teces iha enrollment WhXemreas, ae epidemic of imnfluenza of21910 pupils. has sme its appearance Is varIous 'Spanish Influenza, hts morning st F. L Harvey and-wife. 1140 Seret ever the Caucaucas and Ukraine ne- The four city schools employ thrs' inctions of our state; and..5 o'clock, claimed its first victim Its avenue (right across from'C tbs Pa* --gions, occupied by German.; troopa, ty-seven teachers, aetdIonse an en-! Whereas, It in a matter of national Iturango, when Lolsa, the eight-~year- sc-hoot). Two tethers of theN Itef ahe-. have as yet had o opportunity to of- rollment of -850 pupils. imtuortance tha; thts' - epidemic he old daughter of Mr.and Mrs. Edward haucideathiroma Vfth for aillaglanseJf the,ew,- pro-.Ally- Last evening the Gem theatre sm-o l limited hn its demcation. the nemarbcr of Batsa of 1026 'Main avenue succumbseedTolsride-na hi on Russian governmnent formed at Uffa. closed by Manager Taylor to remnain: icttms and. the extent of its spread; sf0-ar but a lour days' tlinees. a Mexican lady. - ~The princtpsl dtfferensse between so while danger tan Imminent. andsm, - tisor Cses There other oiasea, undoobtedfatevrospltclfcln n ie n'bynet h-polmto, Wey s h ainlGvrmn ienw esso tedsae-iebtte r otrpre.tetileswee.oeaan ntdt h iy ofcashv rerd-ta-a mrse s steipra low. rho eaue af branding at new *saftIt betide:the plece of. public asacmnl- of taktng, e-ctli tn in this t!ray matter, They,are;, C a + +i t afternoon a rea Va,ts w 1,

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