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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~ or;by h a illrig ioekiziand wa n tho ato 0 R: or 7 eria wa 'eAve d.c Dere brc rgo m w th thni th t oIr a 12 9'CH R hi r sa i N EM1 *boo Ie five Shas 0 d r4rds ~1 ii t a Ii n y 1 1 1 ea Regular V l ue Up toi $4 OO j Iki 'isi " egular V. lue to $4,O0 I t I b. anr. maman er RE, rutand not ead IN lnt the Iys her id ht, l I es _ ounaSymibiFe1, lay eid K swsaIc t lif eslst ta~ttht pritg Lpade aArmy iinncg 'Corp t te!ag no 'live Vat Lthat ad- IseU5 i DtrSi J lAP mt;!to,f' Pasorsto I ~ ro A~, Wet. Ave. " C urecres by Gene ee Co ference IPIdCIAL.1SPATcIH 1*3THE D DMO( (CT A b i CF iiLE. " iuffal,Oct. 1.- hea annat (4enee amides fifc. n ly ithecioufdrcnr tit tci Conf a e of Ike ethodis E kacopal attend I ( hurch a closed sat uigl>;t with the soe i Rochtester. Ii%-r tld l ie " reading f ppointmie to by B shop Burt.1 among the Jews o ltiffnlno. hwe e 'iew ch a es were made az~d mot o and I. racuse and re:ed thie cmi ferosi, a td gir greater finnalntial asippoirt io, the Two i itaut clit agi-it were made in T1x6 conference stunii tslv 1ci* Itocheat N W. Ii bistson goea to the nd to the 1is,4 opis 0toii tit i Monroe enue Chi rc-h, to puceced A. hold t e next citf Cfes at thei.1sbuir I Delaw,re Church of Buffailo. Itoellesycr Ui. Lam nr J.J. Barrett ancceedatilelegal~es fought harks to have it iii their "{C.xR. u chinson a the Wilt Avenue city, bitt they were i Lt'd;,lown. Itilffdh *Church. ay Allen was ealppointad ewas eor> iderecd the wtnt ntral qnuit itt ctprnt etotf the tocia "rtditrict. the co few-nec djstri t. ~ * Rev. r tobinaon is eon klered one 0the chatiges a~t tnc ~lwire: A. Ii, IYounger n of the onfereneg.. lie was W..1.. li-isleer: IF,l. Iitrton. to 'Silrr I it one ti dpastor of one of the Bitifelt) Prits;:. 1. Ab rnallt ",r., iA~r i-hunches d va tnit aferred from there Crit'li lSrnilforni: I. i1, Ir l~uitn, In to li-ad alitere lie is -coldito bave lest Churchi, frtrdf NI:. i. D..t-pherit. * iitilt -hur-li it eery ay, o reain resia-ti of itis ntinur;. I ~ id. E. Hutton, chap tdn of the Soldiers' iii a rigor us, eori rilng spelaker. le unine. ':it latli: C. '. W ileii. 'Willisni succeeds. Albert I. Laiibfrt, whlo rl: hi%- r -DaduIsllli-: H.* taserdto liillxn n lhites. Woodside. Buffao.if:I. I. Wid a 1Rev. J V. Barn-. tonis from Fill-:n Ontario Street, Buffalo-, C. 11. (;ii, character d eloque p reacher. Before ihi utdne.. Bit4.op Ilfurt said!The a dance at the closing session thiit sonic of the eate- t di-tippoist* of the a i-rent-i-wus' unuisually small Turtx In the lives or spinie liini-ter Ibecausee f the restrir ions pit; on public prurtbe tih-de be t appfiutmeiits tbty gatherin as a i-eat it of tlit- influenza ever re-ceiive-d, i1A ll hu e he rsC lose and D yiof R tI b r e y. o h s e Is N~vey; Before in Its' I-~istory Roches r s c e lnrtshbc it hi-me" In to eel i itsuet I; sit e s u tr ' lri jS undlay.ercin r as result l t nce i eed liithoriter.liiough the " tur ies Itnit c cod ritefiltiit-thes ii tcaAil tbe city h~ s wee tiued ti, u.list s ttaed it." said U. N Coer, the render -nolen a o d afect snon t i u Ctett 4 s at Weis chrclttoho. sie h ct stayed at hbime in discuss the l'4S rjrit-es 3-aity I'roibsitatit and Jsewish placea o. "of the H ni, and the women jonedIt n or worship hail miate p.-paeatisnn to cancel readt. I their Men 1-i, fsr the bly before (be sider 1i t was the first sln dA fir the was given, believing Ito be a neesded safe. itonitutil'jitiitic i-iitrc hi- hre,.1ty1, ring ouril against the sp 4-d of iluieu'a. 'Ti to flishoilJithuss F. illtey: \)!'e.i-ti Mtet-crlists i-'eplei cheeccfully by alltbtn mass wa celrhirated In the mitts pf The deletiotilons. Catholic nhunches -attestedl lhelt'oyi!y to The kindilflit t litite limu5ws-t Iithe goret meat by entering t o-hl--tit~ to liochtester api-ni yc.te day was regatrded I'1 I-a health rder which eamppi cd ibein, to re- the ilergy ne dtlitlt y. No omuspei-ts " tiqu ba-veisIed l -1,ig ill iti 4.tis'-. wcre opten. Mist i iithe.-lia-otile rested Tile Ii tttrhurch a /Chrst Ntieniit. at]mnalaly anti vttsivslly. I 'il iI. the e t ts 4 - t. 'I C t a y 3h ro l 1 U Vy, Bel1 an vy; w'faden in 1 eryr re l II I. a i Ii I I A,1 izes 36. to 46 PAPER THI FGETS BEATINGP Y IiA SNE D -Store P o4rietor atchee Rini and TO FIGHT INFLUENZA " ~umpa HiltnSoundly. 1 e Pcliv ing in flts is Monroe crent" Calls from Government 1 I t, -fi tnt street. were I aw4kened 4i - l rilsy mornlg by the' squilas of %nd Othe States is riutt llltWin witais roundly prapisheti lng umorning rapers rem iat aint le thatiut I ay~y t ut ar h ':ti+untry ILK 10FF ltai:itt ai910:gt, ii titi tu iit:fa h~:~t e no ew rnsReets the- srekeetitlr hat f-idt~ta.A~ou iub r oftaon lasIlT t tfromn t o a d;oeCt upaperis atuiiy. (n eesjiiiitiiWu1a. -"1tiot; ii uutitutr.if ss~aa S 'vIU * est to 1,1 toresbetly before 0. Boon \kietttil;-h:,. i- i ti rii. egu ar Value -Sad rcdetoiupbisiiRoaix liTitu he N:t l5i it"1t t..-utI Srtie+ to $75 1:! ia e irt-cran *out'- of ite lpe ned 1 sit tltvias tiur iistiey ' ~ni uty. ititi tiaulturi t e tub-ef. Atuer lvitig bl pn-ter-'0Je%%u, sit a fist. ii- use tearttaea: " erni blow on ithe fade andilheadt1ti" per-' miIi~ 1 f~ fl ttted Ch culprit uo o. The tluer crevi-!s-o r lt itItfiluire.,1I fior t t~ ilen AN 1IVLK3I1KI Ufor mercy anti aitbh t doubt beats e iti u~ i dne of is betting. tt * *later, i t11:1[ i- cto r t i-r ift ibi-. SPECIAL ct i u rIa y~i i"',i,-e:' " krf t 'altin4a alfu \triiit ti~e+t icc of tie NEW RHAIBA ' ue~n-IGeneral. \ - Dr. Jones deiteshi-n'that un}'.,Jtiit555l " orae ad. Owner -to Hospital oir uilysieltips who ace a ei-+ i~eI-Lek citC al- ay to Barber Shop. In restip o ie "u t '-e tlt -al itcow * George hoinpeyon. 40 Years old, of No. buggy 1st ayenteoinsy a f tterb a d Sc oeneclt-a P aible course htour later, as bie was driving and lr thne Syna sae. Oct. 1.-Lieu[ nant-Got' - j New Yorlk Central bridge at Aiten tree[. ernon wand bk-ho eck, who as ben __h_______or___ic ecaine frightened at a saitig accet for setrice in the -ef7 Itrain and rafts away. In trtyiug ts con- ho tCamp '!a br ar o,i trot tbs.r a Iil tTh~ompsoa was thie fn to not fo ally" resign "s office if he rte 1txpavemat i r ou". O No._8 Alln elected ^p ervonicenin to an e v- n-infrot O No-38 lle elcte ex mo tarito a 08/24/2006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL, 051get. in. Hia Place. Jq 'Tilden,. GOvcier Cia iIlE 111werseected git e~bat state and Were. pren at ntinica aidatos sra - eartic to. the people in r atmn tiger belowth vt' where ho righatfually. tinles has teq Tamnsy tog atiie state cot-centl o. with and claws clipped and st Ir i Manhatttil a very after an encounter wi nametd statefflti es babrouaght imat'. ci re demiae of Senator' Do'.a "~nay took now, b w.. me, 0%40g to P"ut a in d'William Soizer to ae.nuno Tenuor. The ioetleOof t nh~n by a pluratY of tic p.a gte5t iooit es-en u rati5lcandidate. -.9 ifer had been, in C(4,11gri 8 ~e years and wae several tr 4t the Assembhly of Cit a ways i-ead/with oea that the intereett of t e ca' posetal emnployeae. G:;Iand and many others founrs in Mnid and supporter, au of I give him his tremetudoits )as rdily Crime in Politi ter his snangusratWin speiil tr Tam any Hatt to Al~iany ad beet-l ol4o a ttile'IShie 'pollt ieandI, bat treasury at Dude it lait~te Set of Itself wll go dto ry the moat dastardiy ci ltt by any poiical part, hy er cistlleil country. ase mes Al Smith. a ashiin oan Hiall and high ezecuttlone aeb ant of ttuitaer. Mr.Shithl now snt forth as the Di-moecrs aao gf vercr. i t would le tai t some-of the 1)emocrat1 taa 0I iteM, Smith woutd Weta ncitattitude in the nape fr lzpsrtnt he will not is be 4ure. Perhaps5 he ranilon tj ano same specific crime Mir eha sei weth.A ciurt i-f it s ure thia to the trial ofa s tistser impeached. asl at suppositions? fi f. Smith comes to Roeheapla n! Na, he witl not. It a 4 to him to explain at this I cetmuand for the sarts of T L wjose creature hells.. N destl organization whuose hae ed with the crime 'of thc Ct Oft William hSulzer l ualt led to hold oafie in d s sgiiee Old Democratic Leader At te time when the hammuy being trained heSty Cns incrty hereabout had anl arms within its ranks. Among h 1b1 MeNaughtoti. Thomra s ii ~att an, Jacob. Gerltoc lWit Alitexander Bt lone slid usan sh4f times a few 'wi-u-t bef Selt of this caitinre woistit h4rts ten or twelve ihosu+anti t qampatgu ' fun. pemc-eats /cy ould give gladly for be Stgn expenses. Now. after 5ifTammany dlictation is, tiwe find substituted fir tu.bre named an array of lmi autiaa John Pattace. lIA i imto the voters far 1 Y far what be baa done -nn e~~.for year son austidt a tamps of thta and SIacta asgovrntor b Cith thoae of 'tire "Iris; cat edour gloious a5 t bringing tg a auicns't a.terrible conflict ttt fo+r the past four' yea - not time that all goodJ 'Â~ A'' to the array in the lansast R M tpahanl net.s. 14nitBr

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