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Influenza Encyclopedia

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If not, make the initial payment, and harness yourself to the responsibility of meeting the other payments as they come due. Be reasonably liberal in your es'timate of the amount you can carry. Set the standard high; determine to live up to it, and you will find you can. Play the game. Help to beat the Hun. Help to make his defeat early and overwhelminig. Uncle Sam needs the help of every man,. woman and child to accomplish the big task that has been mapped out for America. Imrovement:m r.ix Epidemic Looked y.Fo6r Yl.E r. 'Ea~ono IRKelley, State health OFbIT ~lEZA ronnalsloyer, stated ls night that there is definife encouragemtent in the WASflTNOTON1' Sep(.-2&-Vscreportetfrom all over the' State. 'No cinatlon.wIli a recentIl discovered. Jarge. dmufmties," he sad "repot serm, h fran.tst', tcon ' n Abamlnr extension of the.W diseests,. s Yesterday. and'[ belive that in Ba- plated *tsveraiJarmy camps has toll, which' Ia, by fa~r the worst.affected bebu found to"a an a*lmost positive - dert.t epidespic- has reached 'its theak.few Prentlve of'contrascton of Vncts. The deaths, of -telatfwday. he nienli, will' be uaed "t4 ombnat -the pointed out-hbaye been the result of ex- o pnta'1 pogore in unfavorable -weather the ftit opldilljc -o paih-l,.uclza of the week.: The weather of the past Us. ofalhe vaccine will be s ld two days has been all that could'be Xex.:a tided Cohs.'ass oay sig pected. and itnreactioajs tlgoked for '- tt~5Y i~o In a much lower death rate, wttln the AV p r'lad $,QOGOO0to-bCused' next 48 hours. ta u~4ha evc i 'Cardinal O'Oonsnl st i ofgfs1I r lftAJhn'eS Coott ctl l ~ ter SpcuqI h dienases. Th #*enjfe, Briktwsat. to thetynerg t~r d4pbo dsass h heslth oommittee to be 110.-s 'the buidings.and equipment. '-'' ton1, ffe ed i n iieiNseb$ AiR = C~rdtnaI Offers Aid tesentative 4llett of Masa cltsp': its eoon as the cardinal arrived from' sotne, was ade tnd bya nsnlmois York he feed his -errtqea- to Uthe - - - - - - - committee and proised to do every- and U der tehis ll, the Bostton healh dspthinlo is owe 't hep. indr hs -ont ordered: yesterday that," no glass direction 113 sisters were mobilized alto~ cup.-'s 'iinIfork or other utensil, used they later volunteered the4 services as f tbl( public:sale or dlepenhipg'- ot district nurees. eimyoft smwre as- liquldae. bet'srag*s, oh signed to work yesterday afternoon anCfod;r ebon.- b osmto,ntherthe -others are expected- to he used to- abuI t te plhib " of -sale or dts qnsI g,, day 'shall 'be again-used' nones t-ar snS h In all probability the offer of the Rem-i thoroughly cteansed; and':ialded nftch. beary WIll ha soqipted and patientswillcleat- lboilig. waier -orrothiecwvse steul' There-sits so many cases wthoutfined- Soe eoafonans nBso I alattendance, cco0P ng 'to'- standth srrn~n on;~tra abl no- oe gleyat~'6b refis>ed, to A rve drins evidently Isab>y nt' drs ift d pallhllc. t contu nteiregneSit 6?the: emergeno; ens. asestare reported. lee says-that- cormbitte'roads-'in riday. Teeiday the Boston =health.department repor'ts It wee announced that no- order- todid. that It Is-practIcally impossible to give continue the sale of-Sofia had;beeh madle an accurate estimate of the number 1n0,but. It was upt6 the dlitpenserse=to sae Boston. and this conditionis urdotlbt- that all tensis- are properly. sterilized. edly true in aUl the -other' cities and" The closing '-of Protestant churches towns. BokoGocse n uaY" will be general today within a 10-1tile "In rootonGl~oestr ad ~ radius of Boston. while Ili' towns and cli. he says, "there seems to be relatively lea more distant the sarns' sAfeguard as high a rate- of Infection and as high will be taken. Several Rtoman Cathotin a mi rtallty rate. as in Boston. Con- churches will close.- In Brookline t:ts erning the condition In Gloucester, ser-vice, Catholico'or Pr&teetapt.will be D~istrict 'Health Ontoer Jones reported conducted. - The 'e s Istrtle-O -Malthitatterpsocm.that aillthe health agon- deft - In och r oolnuuities the churbee aie* are 9o-operating splsodidly and are will pe closed, although no offlTctal order making headway against the disease; ihad been given by Cardinal O'Connell. and that in the Northeastern district as it appears that the matter of' closing a whole the situation. seems to be well ha been left to the rectors, of 'the iva-' In hand. On the way -to Quincy Is a" rious churches, who,'bade: been- 'goyhospital train.deepatched by Acting ernad by the seriousness. of thse elldemlo Surgeon-eneral Perry of the Public to their particular town.Health Service 'with 40 bedsfive or si Besides the nuree~t which arrived yes-' doctors and 10 nuirees. teray from Toronto-'i$ nmore are- ex.-Â~ 63 Doctors on tbe Way p eoted front~ that city today...'"Colonel Allan -J. MacLaughlin phoned ASSIGN Di C P'rn S". C the 'State MOelt Department today y4wac from Washington that we may expect 66 -B SO fsIseaaese doctors to brrive.from New York State 5 f-Ej7 AI and Pennsylvania within 49 hours. It Physicians have been assigned hby the was possible to assigil 4$ nurses to ter- War D~epartnment, through the Boetoh tl vice in Gloucester. ' Brockton, Boston Board- of Healith, to the Boston illsand other hard-hit cities yesterday, and caueray, locaitbd at the corner 'of-Ash S probably the number sent out today will and Bennett streets, South Band. They be much larger, will diagnose cases and treat Influenza "Dilstrict Health Officer Fnnegan re- oaAbe in tnable to-pay for the services porte from Wachusett district that be. o f a physlcian. estimates the number of cases In Ayer M. 1g. Davis, Jr., director of the disat 1500. with conditions- very good for peneary. wishes also to announce that the control of the disease. their pharmacy Is' available to physt'From, the Berkshire district comes clans and duly registered 'doctors who Al the best report of all. Dr. Howard A. may prescribe for any influenza patient Streeter wires that the total number of unabls to meet the 'expense of having cases in bin district is not over 100"-that the prescription filled at a, locel drug C all officials are' co-operating excellently stoe. The dispensary Is 'Open daily -that the situation Is well in hand and from 30 a. mn. till S p. in.. also there 1s no cause for alairm~." day. Wednesdayan Friday evenings disease.' The first nres from out of town - wh6d haer.velunteetead to help nurse.Jt4" VWa Iest Be Held Boston Victims of the disease arrived at -t - the Mouth station yesterday noon from - Daring G~L mpe mi. Toronto. Cdt There are scores. more;p:Lp o q itdeI c t~.from othir distanst pains expected, HeIa l.oits oneal l hiderta0:eWood The nurses were the station' ward sontiea thems that under no con.' by maembers of the American lied Cross dlO ton"callkes be'- held 'during the Society and were assigned to duty fpl- lJlduensA epidemic-o.' lowiing a lqncbeon -and a brief rest at' The ' tindertakersats recommended to one-,ofithe Back Bay botel-a MIt~i 6iou'ace -the..wakes -by, refoispg-"to R ~ ttietie McDona)G wad"y-In herge- o!' sipl lI ali s Thteorder,: beyievsr, A i". eatrv which ihcluded Atnc-rTnie does not nswvnt niournera 51-owl "Ite FOUIt/ --This is the one big job in America today-nothing else counts for a minute. That is why Filene's has waved aside all mention -of merchandise to devote its-space-this Sunday to urge you to subscribe at once and. to -the utmost./Yours for the Fourth Liberty Loan -'7 quaf-to ration. tibns- r Signati Mr., A kddres;lty o~ zo pref felivere ivered ielivere ddress. 3 -nay' be (On display. beginning yesterday, all Pllene windows are devoted to a Liberty Loan exhibit which explains some of chr costs of carrying to the war-the things Liberty Bonds go into.) William Filene's Somas Co. 'I -': - -. BE T RA E N R A EI E SDays Report of 29 New Cases, Total f or -Pest Week 992,. as With 10 Deaths. Beat In Second -Against 491 for Previoua Week Naval District in Weak -. I d 219 Week Ending Sept. 14 NEWPOT.TR. I.. Sept. 1.-Reports The report on deaths from all causes tonight rrom the naval authorities In- for the past week, issued by the Board dicated continued Improvement In the of, Health. shows an Increase of 140 Inf'luenza situation in the second naval deaths over the record for the corredistrict and at military posts In this sponding week last year. The total for vicinity, hot there was sn Increased lbs pas! week was 681. and -of. these number of cases among the civilian Oil were due to influenza. Pneumonia population. The B4 new oases, with 10t afnaed ITS victims. deaths, reported (or the past H4 hours Tile heavy increase in the recent death by the navel authorities was the most: rats is evidenced by the total of 091 encouraging report of the week. deaths for the past week, as compared Naval and civilian authorities have, with!x9 fromh all causes (or the week registered 19068 cases of the disease this ending Sept. 14, and 491 for the week week, not including todays report. ending Sept. 11. And against the em6 A vanguard of six nurses from the deaths from induensa in the Past week National lied Cross at Washington there were 19 fronm Influensa during the arrived tonight. They wars assigned weak ending Sept. 14 and 173 for the to can for 9< victims without homes in weak ending Sept. IL the city and confined In the Newport Pisemoica bad a total of 99 for the Hospttal Eight nurses of the hospital week ending Sept. Ii and 27 for the week staff have been stricken. ending Sept. 14. as conmpared with 171. Private William 8. bMaher, United for the past week. Stte Mrn Corps, of tioned at pord Adamns, died hero today IIA QU R hSFOR - ha orfortifications. eprtd -o I AUTO IbWNIP% HA)I n _L SHORT "OF 1-N' Eilevated Exerting Every Effort to Obtain maximnumsoervice With Employees Now Avaaills The shortage of car service on the Elevated is due solely to a lack of ina schordilog to a statement issped last night following a meeting of the true-tees, who declare That everything-Is beIng done by the company, so fair as Is possible, to prevent a spread of Spanish, influenza among passengers. The statement folio-yap: "The Board of Trustees of the Boston Elevated hallway omnpany respeotfully requests the nuble Is bear In mind at thIs tie that the service of the company ie to a censldershla ax. tent Impaired as a result of the. shert. age of motormen and dondueters due to the general war situation and Isotthe epidemio of Influenza, "The- company lacks today '711 platform men, and the result w6uld be far more distressing If- It were not for the wl llaeesof roan who- have completed their days wtork to Aperat.e xtr re; I I A--I

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