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ï~~,G...-,., QLUMBUS EVENING DISPATORH IMONDAY, OCTOBER g1. 1918., BOTJEGG _FNEP. S DWNAOTE PLANE. fo 4~ito~.wy slseM, O IIflTA $20sdCss r Oosi;M U fiilCoi mT.VoetaJhnP0ranis sorinsdornlaof; fns~l~s Wila i oh AmdAl iut. Louis C. Simon, Jr., OsisVVlt WithsstLines.. (1 I Air P.1st..I~l nr professor of noginsering; Roest F. Wil RFO 'lNil.iifl l Wiewasc ish.aoloode17n1. ece ived that LieutOnigsbotanist; Thomas H. 550UfUtDIJUJUJ North ThW1idatrBoutt.Wcolord 13120 ETNG a IGH NuIS I UN hydoigist. William E. Heondesuon, Efn otsi uiineal$cour Mrsn Louis C. Simon,.jr., flight command.r, comist; Thomas A. Jones of this smunicipalnose.ourtI rt MoN^ 47thi a reodc dr ii ond be fci ly hspreme s~N.NNNjug f h upr moourt:.JMstths ifUL~ lI Plsadingnt guiltytparo f NN N LiUl~isrticlartrmcmacinshe jJ fl L UIMcthh ionygscrco Calld uponIBA } n forE$47,000 violating the winorroom ordinanco.e,______ brought down In Liout. stats, Hugh L. Nichols, chief *)usCharims Cataline,.ainnict as 101 Simon, who is ths.on of hire. M. u. tics of thcc supreme court; Cecl C. Campaign' Opo.N. HiadFire- Wes Sprucsstrtans eorge *. No Indoor or Outdoor Gather- Sion of the Noromandis hotel, his.l NatoOr, scoit; RWodnPddCh.Acrsiiyiohrdofic brhm aot fhr, had thseir cases continued untilings to B ete B e aeriul victcrieo and it is expected that hm2 reAdtoshorteutuript; Thomas E. oand Ed-(01sicquota toinocthed a r Boh f eritedBe;giW ecrdofsoeof these.will o hm2 r ddtoswr..owell, lawyer; eorge. cmagt e 0cha 0 The chrco allnged volators Ioillrnr fcm Instant Death. were wrnesed Sueday. cau~se of Epidemic,. onh forthcoming. in Last Two Years. Barba, editorial writer, The Dits-nmoos.tioccdtotiewh I~ ~ ~ ~~~dctor; Clmeci, tirumbauogh, memborichst commutiesn o heen AYED TRAFFIC THIR[[ COLUMBUS BOYS PENALTY IS PROVIDED [O UR BADLY HIURTINI T-HRE E DISPATCH NAMES man;cnrss;Alice ORe.chieler. ortist;ieWclryI.tcapalorf ________ _______cottprofesses nmeritus, ocats uni. to the general pulost amut nsnll~llrnI - 1 -- ~versity: R. M. Waoamahnr, Jodn ge o Froklioncouc~nty' f h irs Plied in Heap LARf l Citizens Requested to Do NoTUD ITA (fliT( Education and Law Load Pro- lod the supreme court, and Coorge H. quota for the Calemu lsro il IRear Follow- NAME iL ASALVSViiI ndtoWakto'Thelr ITllREEIiAUOACIDENTS ULIII'.) with Medicine Woodformier atoant generss of he 8427,000. It willistod01ftto ion of First. WorkWhen Possible.: ndSiecfRv-'. jFrance. U.amwao cliest, Thseouwo.dttit k n cec ias DEATHS AND REMOVAL, tuota is $811,000.Ohroctisn Russell Rawine Dies of Wounds - -- Two Girls Run Do*n in Linden- Among therens ot reprsenoted tI the district, bee runlo r oft a atmr ee altlineetinge. indoor and ot, H,e ColomAutoobin, a sawi nr-year, through death or rmoval from totnasfioo;Mto,800; and Frank Boord and WithtHeght y Atooil ented in Who.s Who 1si Amenrica, the tnctyaeDAetlaosate,~ Itware, $:7,000;hors. io; the N. 6&:W. nrows- completely Sannd, citisens advied htcoxc$20000;:tA.ckl.. $54,000; b'sir.'.sd vons Snda Are Wounded. t Yv i~gan nn t ab Own. y G. W. Bobb. compendiu~m of America'n distin' H. C. A. secrtay; Dr. C. 0. Carr, nx 3.0.U low watorin tise ofravio I Tisresgutahed mnadcosl*men. The issue physician:....Hartmano. p hocnd, 802,000; HtssiMOo;~s vrby lwothwaetrihe- -- to work, when possible, Coumbu at odcswlic kptof huhiocondubictinnhufusaoturer, W. t 'R ry$3.00 bLroas1,00 -coont.tasMonday's casualty iert cntaincd enters spon another amue~ehttleoe Three atolaccbuswfor etim isbenna ubiai a uthe 0nbiy, hsorlculttacont;Ludwi e'Pry 7,00eloh ae fon omrClmu teplc arlbs fratm c enpulseLo h ers11.0 wsopoeso.n uhr aidRN ainlq irm n h s ek and.thesneen, Columbusiseed.sbnnedaslhadaingedisg.ofhnricra1e, Coiomauepeople,;Idojorscoo~t ro Mle n o fOi be iatst.Tc 50, 7. erekiled.heys hvingd~e ofdm5.50 05 asToot meetings planned by heth' Eleanor E. Adams, 233 Macchester ropresnteld It the book, which Ia etate asuerintendent of schools; Rev'. kndcmpalo illgn ~ orcto sob. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ot~a weOl eeey n lgty nortlos. for Monday night avennue. Linden linighta, and Eva rather u arg oahwing for a'cIty of Do. Carl S. Patton, otergyman sndtwsdes h la o h it, cg ttravelitg at a wounded and a fourth hey.,4whose havebee forbidden. Street ncare edoncn. ae au~t:to othor; Chat-on S coasoreduor; ~os orcg htsw~~o: nt IV isaload of 10 carsneeotrltv.hni oobs must have evnry window open. ' 8' sbln. were struck by cbs auto than last yrrso quota. Tcledo to cite fereo; Jodgo John A. Oahoo h; J. seas ah frorgheaintlRomberomL Loyat- )ooamust keepn 1thi orsadIowned by George W. Bobb, 722 Oak a oily of otwilr lso, hoe hot 43 WsonS~h.8 noo dhle tchdto bass hospital No. 41, medt- windows open and may not permit trt teH. t epn l-listed. Thorn oirm:6 nomelistrd un-CGeorge Stocktonthystotoan; David hi. tissny sonmrd h to ngicodn avesa h earstponCIv-meot rof io 011cr. n r tnf y eniewas pushing',Ideartment of lbs army, who the use of chairs em other loitering.ln aeu, and MissLarge nw den Columsehwiirtwere not in the. Watsoo, no-nceressmco; Royne B. moalo hond omtsoI~s roar, and when tbe.-Wasformerly stationed attbs Co- A ponaliy of $1005fiesInprovided for tncity or onmddIssc honor 01atsth ime Wiheer, attorney; co. Frnstos A.IA, to n e sonloded the one in lumbus barracks dird of disease. He persons voltitng any of the rrdcs of ien at the point of deoth as the re- of folst ubuitions. Wilber, physicioc, and crook B. WII: I Ina order: Y.Id C.Ath M oe arstcgether into wan a friend of Thomas L. Held, of the board of health.. colt cf Internal Injuries. Miss Adams Ths largesotrpresentmtios s o Islit, c- governor. Thse te Do. s W tash ngt; V.oW.C. 0 on Hallidayo & Co., whose nammohe gave Catholic rhurehes wilt he cpeiite.;was misc severolin ljured as ohtteh y edmiors. thornetbeiog 28 100100 (llddseo to Included to thisj Wa m Colmbu,1. mo rareham was founod i u fa lserla e.H cwposend. Bishop J. J., Hartley hnn. girls were takeno to their homes., ite opernsisosssacfthent; tch.hvtgdJewct Cmityicsh ~.'~ ea:and that of Hall a nativs of Resmia but bad not been ngisinsoodrLbddonrnGoe tBrn.ttigat12teaching srofroilse, from rommon yeressof hltcotion. t.tesrnt;Jwo otr t ablusaferte t er rmht"rlat teethe private Inses" elhiohave bienmess nrt tlay street, wos a ttack by the shosIatsrti ooleto IPTHMNLSE, Salvtstion Ar~my aooioiss mop en~e h atrsince thebeginniog of the year. permittted octil now. Republicaos, mchneof H. J.Cotlern at lbescorner tiberally rrsentred.both ty judgeso sree tmbrs of The (isapatob Aprnme.nssrs20 mt; eit e houro ate thin at TInk oaAytCsFor4thandbymttoney, toootathr rostafsae lstdlisth rolCo hoor to death. Darsham's1 rvt oo oed,24hbad planned a tent meeting at 'Icrop"atTown and Fosstosrets aod re- o ycloorIs ott os"e tf s ise tioml fhsosIntshe sixo Ohio doroo thrWoI. anerdhs of lgInfantry Isin Itited as having boon Hebersa, 312 East Seventeenth ann I celnod Internsal injuries. Hoe cnas There are 1 yl rtnn, mnsrsltrs W'silliam A. rlacd, rartoonist, oClmu ititht on u fg dy scalded, Ths Ed- Iseverely' wounded 00n0St. 28. His nue, and Democrros announced a c arried to hits some.. otecialirtof5,variosbinds s,.or;GrgocoF. Barhoeotoriol nwritorand 5 'o. sent his body to1 wife. Airs. Edna C. Boord, lives. at similar gothering st Recreation pomrk. William Armitage. 26. liviog at 40.12 soientists; is0mntonosortoonstole Osmas C. Hootper, iitesrsry editor. noo lnd,usf$4,9o;I frfmrland 1213 Oak street. He entered the Both hone beeo ahendoned. The Nemilston morose, was hit by a ma- positon or former members of ca0nlevland, 14036000; CDcytooon frfnrl service In May and wan statIoned atatttcagcmpnyha. ee odeedrhno1rienhyS.Jergymeefnhe. Othade1rcoosmo.Ot In.t:, HedndrHanlAt. 81,6600;eayon Mann0 Act.:~:io; ly was sentpnyha ee odee to NieowyS.J.Hnke ftto ild, I392,000:Todo t. ShawCo. othCamp Sherman hefore being sent to use trailorn tc prevent crowdimg. J Norwioh botel, 01 tho oorner of cludoehbanke. rsarists, toventorsc 00-Pasnquale Legge. reelditg on EighsthCooton, 1064.000. FrC by CorporalPotswiofraviothwhosesneat HEALTH BOARD'S ORDER, Fourth and Naghtrn stmrts. dws hecansts 'afssctusrers, treet near Ms. Vernon navetue, bIs EXPLOION, orinPitMrs. Sralohsefrolox~Thebado elhiudteft1slighty lnjured. Ho wase 'token to fOnancieorm. eerrs, soldiers,atorm seessoolaondemr mw r r tithefed. AttackedbyTg. wtnr sEXsPLOaION.wns rorti slihtly wounded, ingThe odrofnaythigse ht: I "hi. home In the oicioe patrolt. and solticians. Tho one acroess rep.Proot outhorities on 0anlharge of vYb hMr,.H. Corry,20NohElt.IntnI so ofpithesmgiwas orivortedsell C.unds.i asom-whn erSuchorenisgphva:oteresented Is Elsie Janis, while How. toting the white slsavo law. Heits th egnews riae uselC.lteenmo. ie os. ad Thurston,.woowon hero in Co- sarrused of binging a woman no Co. tespreo ttol h oieta fCs going throsugh the hen of the 147th ambslaoce company, throeghout thr stats and the nountry vsFie5 oi, lumbar,itaterd omong tin New losohus and posing as son hushandngootnpted totlhpnkO1h0ss is tower. Wrekinsg 27th divisio, who enlisted from Etnsa, at tars. assnepidemic of influceza:Pire of enhnown origin caused a Tork actoos nf sps.;minnc.__________b_ ook as.asit waosbotoenrhrnisos &0., N.& W. amd LUcking county died Sept. 27 from and $25 tose Sunday sat the gitomge in thereinc tud reads worked until womeds receioed In action, accordingI Whereas tbere are many oases and Cootrighi building. Town acsd Front AMONG NEW NAMES. More Books for Slir. rsdonOtrlyoat earnsg tisstraoks. of to word received by his unnle. Harry deaths from tofluenza heing reported streets. Council last Fridayo prc. Among thin new oomes in the Cc.-cSlte librarians have hors asked T 111ItsIl E 8 atcSTteN.&E PREVE0NTIONgsre, nteciyoooumunwteecpitdmoeio hernig fti lmu is hsyar ihr hog;b h Aeia ibay Iti"AAIS NL aIc onth.e.naote140EstLngnonai bsc yhfCeabdquowarooteiarsmny o h roileoltlltotmuslitthsbta.iihonhsouh;'yth moianLbrrysoo a GiNTINLIEZAoss sst ' hsh thwasnotursumhed T DICSEPEiC Resolved hy the hoard ef health of cities, ar;:(Gov'rsssr James hi. Cco; core (wokhs fosr the ooldiere abroad. Taeithemsrial raa. s4t Itws o rsme O ICUSEPDMI. the city of Columbus, That by reason all lDo~ldingto's for Office Sistores. Pvass J. Crane. rst los of Chsrmisosl More than hsalf a millio already swenedon od, bsoe ol ss ruing. o te rv-eneofInluna hee-Ads. Abstrasst; P'redtC. Irontoss, tate have been cent, hot moro are ndedt. on rtring-Ads. R A - - ------- Cosnums Acadsdeiny of 'Medcneoheoteprntecofniemair, HoldMeein ondeNigt B is a thrensersrs epidemic, and In or.00KfL9odMots odY Pi By den to prevmot and control the spread,. -- 5 ~ SO E a O K 1 Pri s.0ofKshn. of said diserase, the following rsles -.,-.h- -.. 5 h 5- -h-5 1 I-I 5-5 -h I Health Ofincer Kahn has givem per- the. state department of health, are; iODOY 8 missbos to the Columbus Acadoemy of horeby adopted: Medicino to hold a seseiom In All public assrmblapm amd tputh-. "OD uOR plperl1lecture room at the putt a crnge. whetber indoors or ot. are r, lirrMonday ight. The eccop- prohibited. lint he n on public gatherings Saloons shalt keep ter doors andalaton Steel Car sa made becauee the purpose of the windown open. No losfing or loiter. meetios' Ia to discuss the insluenza. log Is allowed. Na tables on chains- * l Turn Russian epidemic, shalt be domed In saloons, exceplt leral Officers, Dr. Ft. A. Ramsoey will spook en whore meals arc corned, and then "The History of thes Disease; Bao- only st meal time. rTarowshkj m fth n34,n TsePra Any violation of the foregoingI at the Ralston oarleoft. Epidemic and the Ohio rules and rgulations mhmalhe punIsh- Isofrnsn achbeopruiie - vr mnto c po it giled byftellow em-ot The Clininal Side of the Die- The mayor In nequestne to aid In. woman t comply wt the gwoveronmseintds reqnuest foeal Christma n ed biss the flag. ease," Isod Dr. tLosis Kahn will seaktoofreeto hs res owih W~~sasus~~ ~ erysopn bs~oed ithhavng ~ 'nliuoseie olubus A O0~These robes and regulatitons shall - statements against ea imslnwl olw take effect mnd be in force from and sod with having m. ass'mwn c~. after thrir sdopstion. oemnaer planSoSrt LAU DanielsTINmTON eBer. Thndird emptos ohiCar- h Eer n socs'sl ov the matter. nelfIe Steel Co. aere Inoculoted with; I-snlarie ous.arrmmbrw n oboe Coons made thi n erd W. Hermann for Bravery being used to fight tsrersstdeici It' r - merchandise o the highest quanrli'ye sy will he arraignd Under F, was provided by Willie J. Root, local-5o n in the court of -.-- superintendent of the rompuny.. ace Krumin e. IessrWHerman,20.sonnf Dr. noPOglrstsy, 49 orneave- t j V WlPrices Yfou f" """"" B. W. Herrmann, of Worthngtnsue, returned Sandas from thre ~ j y Won't See Again forW )1 ER oal. who is. general agent of the Norfolk we' serviceoat osatons ans Iin Rhode V i Msny a Day. Magnif~ente, Both phones 575 & Wesern railroad, Is among thos Island nod Now Hampehire for the tllasaoa just comnided by Seretary of the United Staten puble ihclths serviceIti SNavy IDanls fer iravery uoder shcll He will teave Monday ufternooofor i'.51tAr I race H nlstdasa e&Iasv thTnnena iOlrnrrndy...Wordr 10 HwD Iddd inba tOswie sof as mucss' aids. They must havos hiPeba'ss.i $2.00 Gray Gloves u.1 r $.00$el2u m einad whsichnos A ~ acsala u b omnfirt 'eelemnsctary hygteme and Dn.FILi.dwardfnrl~yts.ereted ' ' " ' "- ~ ' ' 'Wsefiss~rs weseaiasen of51nsneainnecometted the Red Cross cours in a................... I ~ loss ani siocnslnesspaid 830 a inonth and alittheir esin- 50s. Durig them r-eheae EXTRA SPECIAL-Wshable Tam Gloves, Hae.A4'.Scrf Condit camn1be reanbed at 376 East femw wdlksoown vegetablelgmies- Adler's,,Fownes5 at and other good makes, which/ bia noe l w state atrohet. " mxe ih lv ol amn xs ldas g:. S Iz$10.007Velouri 10 com te t fr. awdrah T bewi. 7 t and 7.............................Ht...6...Scarfs eterenal asssim~o, per _________- 'Thesetskletmcowederwofkfifs ____________ e tectast notben. ad ever Fsrlosushes ad Leas s oAbsencos h iver an 5fd bowels whioc 05t S tdsb shuld d ace as l Kspt at Minimea- '- o fl~no al anlidn. casnn l t he l waste -______________ ot 1elis al fss, Fraonhlin county d 10/31/ 0 6 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M IOSIER a~e sa uppeOoa eeisnr day rtsoevied a bull

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