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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~ or the 'ca-es. I' 1 ttres tro:]]thtic 'a:^ catmc: fIl ailt ir,2!iCat' that t= ttc:t::ati hadi lvS cask; rtm- A~le.-.6a~tthatn any c the larne cittcc. *,'r r'rtsca -- - -- - - -- - -- - - - - I::r~n the eves of the news bor-- 0 0 143 0 1 0 134.I. i t CINCINNATI SANITARY BULLETIN STATEMENT OF MORTALITY "Pop~ulatiotn. July 1. 19i1;,41i4,Â~4-S.) 'M farch 1917 Total deaths, all causes. es. still hirths__ 156 Death rate per annium per 1.000 pop...._ 11.81 Measles --------------------------------1 Typhoid Fever------------------------- 0 Scarlet Fever f - - - - --______ 0 Whooping Cough----------------------- 0 Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis---------------- Diphtheria -----------------------------1 Tuberculosis----------------------------94 Pneumonia -------------------------- 15 Diarrhoea (uider two years)---------- 0 Influenza ---------------------------- 0 Acute Anterior Polio-myelitis---------- 0 Violence ------------------------- - Classified by Age Under one year_---------------------_12 One to five year.--------------------_ 4 Five to ten years----------- 0 Ten to thirty yeara - -----__----- 18 Thirty to sixty years-----------------no5 -Over sixty ye-------------______ 66 Births Reported White male ---- 70 'White female - ----.-. 71 Colored male __-- ------ - 4 Colored female ____-__-_..__. 1 Tdtals---------- - -.----= 145 Birth r t. _ __. - - - -- - -.- 1 31, March 23. March 30, 1918 1918 160 116 20.15 19.64 1 4 1 0 0 0 6 2 0 2 2 1 26 21 18 22 0 3 2 2 0 0 10 6..__..._. CINCINNATI Zrnerred at te.Cindsa8 aPast.Ulea at CirdarnaU, Ob., as esgond-a anel VOL. 1 APRIL 11, 1918 No. 48 INFLENZA(GRIPE) deaths chargeable to the prevailing INFLENZA(GRIPE) epidemic of this disease. Specialists in nose, throat and The City's mortality rate for the ear diseases report an unusual pre sat eek aa ben oe ofthe valence of acute suppurative in known in recent years. flammation of the middle ear, the gh as rtowek g tht mastoid, frontal and other bones toear twopleeks agote ofthe head and face. These are, tacked suddenly and violently with i l rge rpotin baetisad aches, painis, chilly sensations and stonby the infunabclsad fever. Quite a" large: number were may bring one to the verge of the wholly. unfit for their usual' occu- grave in a few; hours. patios arid were compelled 'to keep.reThe inclined to to ts~romsregard ":ati attack "6f grijpe as a larg'numer f caes m 11ea-when =.the other. fellow has -".- i,"St atistjcs.:shdw: that it collects plications.devekoped; compilicationts tht-ar aneru t pfpad an "-appalliigtoll -of-:.lives during glance" at --.the mortality:statistics,vr ya-I lae talo will: iow.that death followed 'si,"'physical wrecks in;every. conmu For te.insancesnity apd i ften responsibule': for nimFousa breekinndindopriithe. last:barrier wekedn pri t holding:in;check: a. la tent tuberc eiirY five datswere:reported.' m~siefdangerous con~pltcatiol fi t:t:Some.of:th ose:who.have.been aonpn n.fliena - attacked during,this: epidemic, will may cifine osough;::Later,.:they. so led grpp e- neumionla r:and;wil: lose:weight e esaily fattgued; ofte"hrt; fve.eah'r." '' havaittif vec" in the-:after noon r'a e-l arge::_rouorEt;o-..fhem..ave. ai..,.e isa qnou redy f (at arity an4 lo'se app' tite ' If "they are wise Tuti~irou osis: "i ':1credited:=wt: thywilconsult s:.physician '.for' thirty, threes deths-an sinsseually tes. ypom icat ht hi. ea rt. rp tat~ latent tuberdtulosis: has:;becom eeac m hyifiuen sa "isirnishe;the lad I:th yar otwsthy il straw: tQturn thie scale a ntin pecie oe.*reIpthe t iiiduatle far, advaniced itn t:hi did; eiie n nde e nps <;.;. 81i5n.. i de. ou,: j ~th'~aeot-. ithe Â~stubegtceilosiss.rue: fluenza diret '. "crItical=:analysis' ' fuasz sa dsaedaheos of-the5reatnng-i~eiiudrd. tolif I~may16s1.quickly:because:;..,'wny-th -:e.__,o ~6x lee -r ne:comiplicat'on "or maonths made: It;s believed bIt gye: ' at-sor y:ears later:= \such a. analysis;would = ~6th4rtk ' The'acute, d'ieac ly:complications'. 12 13 24 60 45.74 72 6' 8 20.15. 16 6 7 17, 53. 68: 72. 149:. 18.78 F SCINCINNATI SANITARY BULLETIN' " desnand immediate surgical inter- nosis was confirmed by'.the labor ference. Delay of a few hours may atory.',e estal. Supervision of all cases Cincinnati is. not unique in this! by a. physician adds an element respect. Other 'cities have the of safety that no one can' afford same problem. It is not within the "; "to ignore. If you hve anattack province of the Registrr. to change of influenza callyour h"ysician. or alter " a, legal document and' a death certificate is a =;legal doc ument. Cincinnati with her.high death rate from tuberculosis is not VITAL STATISTICS profiting by, this camouflage. Our ermnentrecrds how Occasionally- a doctor wvill inherit CINCINNATI SANITARY BULLETIN' CI1N CiJNATI1 OFFICERS AND MEMBERS I3OA1LD AF7' hEALTH OF (I5NTL *8ltZUJ U.tti George A. FacerM.D., Presient. '.a. "W. iWalker, si.i5b.. Vicee-President Samuel Wv. Trest A. Clifford Shinei Published" Weekiy by. E..0. Slake, 5N. D. " Feem p 'v"Us "Comay lr Johe r.ii aadie M.:D.. "Health Odtee 5. B.Freean. roD.Wiy. II. itie MD., Chief S.'-1. Feema,; Pob. Medical.Inspectorani du~st.Hesaith 015. 125Frt Third St.,."Olaniinatl, 0. W. C. Folesoi, B.S., chief sanitary Inspector. J. H. Leadl, Editor. Biomuni, D.Y.S. J..Lands, EitorCief Food Inspector Cis. eerB..imna B hiist Sehesri

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