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ï~~ VL..1 1 1 NPa lth Rnnr u" arPlant id Flash!e --Re to Safe'. ti to i ON R YORK,. -The city =fr it by at - Kplosions 5.--After rror, with in war zen towns were, in afternoon PRIV. ARTHUR MoGUINNESS PRIV. DENN18.J: LYONBS 2e dIstrict - 8AeTHREE WORCESTER ASK RETURNOF aody SOLDIERSWOUNDED WORCESTER NURSES b ell-makingi industries Three Worcester soldiers ore re- The scarcity of nursesin Worces- t --of' T. A. )orted today as having fallen for ter has suggested the advisability of a it Morgan, frd recalling, temporarily, the- W ester t tmunity of rem-City Hospital unit ot nurses owat g ton for the Relatives of Priv. Dennis J. Lyons. Camp Devens. Dr. C. A. Dm. su- c es. an ex- whose homne is at 177 Washington perintendent of the City 7'iobpital, fl ause scat- Street, re-eived a telegram from said this morning that this is unider 1 te of er N, t, decei thisrmrom the consideration, but no action has been explosive war department this morning that taken other than wire Mrs. Dora E. it ne had been severely-wounded in ac- Thompson, head of the Red Cross 'h n detona- tion on July 27. He was a member bureau in Washington asking it per- h hdonath of H Co., 104th Inf." nission can be secured, o Tb official war' department casu- Mrs. Thompson wired the mayor's es, this. alty it dives the name- of Private office this morning asking the names it Yt cty, Ch r.s> D..{ brio,. 106 Solithbridge of the nurses desired to have return.e,at t Street. - He was wounded in action. ed. The telegram was turned over to Two) He formerly reslded at the South- iss Rosabelle Jacobs, head of the Sbridg Street, aetdress1 but his family Worcester Society for District Nurs m oved to Marlboro. eing. It is understood that the epi Prlv. Arthur A. McGuinness, Co. I demic at Devens is now under con I - trol and that the nurses there are:f-Cootisqed n "age Two) not rushed. t ake di~on b yast Dee--Oetardr -tgthe yesl4et., ~"W'hat: does - ~. Vog 4,.. / aX'tit Close Saloons Of City If Worcester saloons are to be losed by the board of health this ctlon will probably take place at a neeting of the board this afteroon. It is reported that such acion will probably be taken in view f the fact that reports this mornng show that the influenza is gainig in strength here. Deaths ii~Day 26 The board of health reported this orning that there were 26 deaths rom the disease on October 1, six (Coatiied an Page Two) CONTINUE TO SEND 250,000 MEN MONTHLY W ASiNGTON. Oct. 5.--Despite,e epidemic of Spanish Influenza emarkation of American troops is beng continued at the rate of more han 250,000- per month, Gn. March nnounced today. The total embarked o date now has passed the 1,850,000 mark. The September shipments exeeded 260,000. although cases of inuensa in camps at home exceeded 00.000. The policy of the war department n sending overseas only men who ave not had the disease and who ave not been exposed to It has neesitated material readjustments of hs ipninaschedule but has not hattfered with the total number mebarked. TODAY'S ROLL OF HONOR WORCESTER COUNTY W9' &4ft CASUA.T1S, MoGuloness, 14 Sprie 106 South FOfl IJiN PDWER Fnal Blow by Allies NEW KING OF THE BULGARIANS Soon -Trap Set For Hun Reteat -Turkey Totter ing By HAROLD EDWIN IECHTOL (European Manager of The -News paper Enterprise Association) (Passed by the British Censor) WNDON, Uct. -T. ora i LONDON, Oct. R.--The world Is now witnessing the beginning of: the final brpak-up of the Central Alliance as a military power. Will -Continue How rapidly the Austro-German collapse will come no man can tell, but the period of ascendency now reached by the allies will continue to the end. This summarizes the British official view of the greatest week of tii Events in Immbdiate Future F,r the first time since 1914. Germany finds her front and rear caving in at the some time. EVENTS EVEN MORE MOMENTOUS THAN THOSE OF THE LAST FEW DAYS LIE JUST AHEAD. Whitehall from end to end is charged with tense expectancy, awaiting stupendous military and (Continued en Page Seven) AMERICAN CARGO STEAMER SUNK OFF JERSEY COAST 1 1 i i An tack Argo poin hav4 Oct. a 4C to r rain men kitho in tI frox "noll of c Ger CROWN PRINCE BORLS IS NEW BLUR KING OOPE EN, Oct. 3.-The offcial A correspondence bi-. rema bas out a dispatch from Sofia t K-Pridur-tating E g eP. of -Bulgaria abdicated On Th iay n favor of Crown Prince Boris. Tua new king, it is declared, baa already assumed office. COOER TOMORROW Fopsoai for New. England-Unf salIbd;prb.,~bl hoerstonightaid aseittiad obyriy s.omers t hodert e o ds, probably becoming 0 0 m m m = = m

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