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ï~~ leg Laware that the health officioals, }eall aes 6I to Oh atsU pairasgwe. Mean0 busioess when they ask that none eueetILl- travelipg- -he- abandoned. Stpsetcares'cannot beovoerloadol-ao4* Women's UnionS all ewiodows: ate to bhokept wide open. a 10 Ct-owds at-e helog disporsed wheever Specialat$.0 ' they gathoe-. ' Women's Fleted UnontoSuits, m10 Ooseasios Granted Librasy. h ektkongeeves; Dch nek Oh Spetial dloipetot for theretricted ro:atzes40to e4 tece1.25. cs opening of tho crcultionoomto of thsele 0 o4a liht-aty wase glvonyesterda~y ho Mayoel Bake p o e h advioe of state aond otty Children's Uniont health officers. No chtairs will1be, al- Special at $1.00l lowed In the roem aodd5noloafing ItsoI hide' Fn ebe ht ho pet-mitted. Those getting hooks hdsts10OtbdWto " Mst etand fivt feet apartt tntine. fleeco lined foil taped wi10khbutt " Geontra woerintg of masks still ieses!40001years adIgOS. uodetrptttsittptatioe. Dr. Parrish op poses tho owearing. of masks In theSoe I1 t Mcotpsa06sayifgth sreft- "M h coo a~il e nh tr ehetts40r zeontos a dttt, mhett school agaio take. M upas a meansof making tsp time lostNE o IO du~ring the* epidemic, Oupritodeot TA * Ooot annoutnted yesterday.. THE STORE TA SAVE: tudnsAe nettegoiPaactgtoof-ett ear the [ R N E - 6 rasdiatorp fireplace. regietet or other SiOthe the ro hatobeet a rapid dilly E T A C S G heaoting apparatuo ae a 01ean of to- drop to j2admissionse Priday. orasi"g he itumidity tont.e oside The cemp stiltlenquatirantineod aod " air-has bensuggslte s a cold pro- milltontinue so util onditionstlm onttic. hy William F-. Wtodtward, prove e In det teo rryitory and cities. *Portlaed druggit. All indoor congregate plates also re- ds tot o ae flfiel Ths Natiol leospitat Associationt maio closed. taieg eetSch ol.Tedwo aeMoooIthlenad announeseethat it mill administet- anti-.thltepbeeongaepotegs aot-aatdeut-taod aeudranInluefttaeosaccitne to its membets,.trye. IDAHO RECORDS 30 AE rita Not-mc atheroingss it eeoea of ha-g. yoo 0toP. 0. aiy t -so. F. Pesiset. COt-s Dsrtcleaet. 4ealaiag a CityEmlsploye With Ani- istat howearat-nad they. hato heat the Mohamk bailding. tesaish a sfisensaeruam,Wail.eOis AssiseaooAssMakin COstast-e s.5ocsrattdmeethetet Perditend.liteed, real esateoman in[flueoza Epidemic Seriouse Ian strs OesO.iaseH sees sal -a ss e na.Ooss aeseptdamgte__ det andlibherty ioao morkeo ell aliitiOm ettess sisere 3 alay MSeo.WhAe an Usal." ing a lyc ote tflo to the ttfitoten yeterdey eftarnooo. Popsetad La-witeCouese. Illtisiaes ____ ELECTRIC BURNS FATAL~~ta a roge th Himacontdition contidered set-lottesNe____hborhood ________ELECTRIC______BURNS_____FATAL__ Postmaserr:Myet-sinho mas ill mithtohe BOSEIdahtoOt. e.-(8eaoa) tttsease Is aok tmtaort. Twooof hia Thert-aettpt-romatyao00oaase f Nbewskle ntn -enOftEpoe tClmi boysao emraetck ith tnfluenza, Opeanishotnftenza it Idaho today. Tha UDMrrunonur Nhemshta ot~ty, tccot-dttg ty.Oit spoye OCtset Boarding studenots at Hilt MilttaOt-tecortds of tha stata hoard of taaltt th HAIN LEVATOIURS] BANNEDL to tha tettar. Letnn odsatsvrldy usatR ihFo nuis Academy testerdtay- oars t-cutated atom the spideotto is particulaorly tad Int ha hospital aftsr tha tattle itntwhich 0.0 Olit,,of 841 Brooklyo streat, geaiatto the disease-. Dayt- dntstaye It Power ocnd Lomisecounoties. Dr.. Nobto lost tinlitfe. Concussooiof ha ieoto esedaysaomibrnass 00013adeaioi thseorteto Bthte nt-try01titot-.ya r-AGRCULTURAL COLLEGE PLEA big Rune laid him out temporarily.psadpI-mh or10toh -totdt t iyqueated cerks to tre.toret, levtot- Lteo Wtoo oNoble mas agraduats of tamed frot electaictitothe (oiotmhla hoihhriitets sk omtsoperators, dentists totdtoarrs to went- IS DENIED AT CAPITAL. the fetlla Higt echool aod taptaitnihnoioo ~tOriodRtmt -om totitteiteto. ccyrding to a report musks, Petsuesteodtat tat-gaestore *,of Oill otyrsity of Washintot loot- fight41:Power Company, it Vacouve to ther censtt bitreatu at Wahittonotclone Satut-doy tttectase ofthe -ball team It lt17, H arrtt-idOisconseand Colouthia touleard.tie ttIs yestertlay, yoetttltty ot epreadiog thte apidemic teaa e l InrtoPr-Dotisomita Portland girt Otd aiso ariveod hy hts -eidow. tOghar- Tree Deats.tReorted. by ha cromds. erm tSurey IdctsP a Washittnostudenotlast Wioter. 01. D. Bowman, anothereaetciantetat Stat.etieaith turoau yeterday re- A sotomary tf new cases reportad tby ant Sta-aotregAre Sufftcient to trhe oumbiatlentt-ytho utaine Ma-. cat-ted threto deiths ft-om MatioeitesonIt he pat-aei, out-s to tae tatae- vettilrns0ihneGoodinttorag HtMil. Cooountn to from acksn an0d 000 hoard of heolth follows: Doisea.17; Met 0Weasnie Neede. DAILY osrt-rxenoeoIOmALREPORntT. i~ltt out ot eonetact mlit tlice mire, from Loo. Lewiston,; Nampa, 4; Twin Fails. 5. - PorTiAIt. ict,.Itt paninm l eopero. wta lair chance of recovery. Atr. Deatha trported yesterday foltowr: maing atotl of01600or that city ltd tire. t geso mnmm4 4wr, ithwsbredb h hrtcrutn Otoher O.-Ray tinootrty. 04, soda oite doathe1; hlecam, 3t Wallaca. ''o; Houettg authofitos at WashiogtonoRiveor riading. t A. D.,.9fl ash. 41chaser niohitashore by th ttict ilttg fouttaio dineneer t-.e1001Naat-o. Coear dtAlene,4. Intiha poiuttrt- soot- hotsmads the astoishitediscovert-fall ast 04 hat.2. toot ait. otal atft-.arwnorkicnheg. Otoberp3;l--tiven 0. Lne,13, 371% mar y leta ityonioutiy ra-pot s S4 otn that the Northwemst a dotaed wit an P.tor1tisae Tta tr-yfll ssinc e y.+tc,ittt. 1taia.6Saltoil. - East Etaca~ riteet. Twit Ollis Coatty pr-opet- It. otmtleoomber of ranetoeto r0 and normalni 4.84 ito.e; deficisncyr, 0h7 Ic Octohb uAnd-t.Dto.2.tot arr. 7:43.0 t.M.:;susta. 00t" Tell eHow OtobFire24--AitewJ.tDany1.33, ook. wAMTOFAl CTo illtt 0 ooonteaoathe erectiont of Totlte tstnhine, Ihourt400emintes:te0:t-orrll, 1 M 2%FitstetHeyL.MnILAAH ALSTAKES ATINothr-e. tttototast2ittlootos. Ooorist. 1040 A T l naleesmto. 3et Third tiareet: GeorgeeTi nomtv escm atnonwl:01.C aoee r~~,"l *Boot. 00,.mtolrmni, Bat-lay, Idaho. -iThisttooseA-maurre, buasintgoama rlat oiOelelt LP0.1. 0.9a trt,,.,eBeu fu Otob e t-ao lelagtooa. s274 acamig adOutgoiog Ties to Br Bt mto sleerA. osrayStatedouct- himttltyatnoo, 00.00 cet.tio-lt T eB atfl Sher-danooti-rt.Baricte C. Canoat., frefeninloastelera fStheCo TiII ocoti-coek. 76 North Sithlto-ot; Joho Glemiat. thtd for lPossibl Caea. toalDcatoa. Iatelaera onertNa -_________________ 31 dshahe, ak otl Wlla KAMTI ALS O..Ot.2 t-qurtan was toeOregnron A- a Wind - (1,1Rid of All Pimplrs Blakheads W. ItDontalsont-2,3to r eot tet;m LAATndrLSkin..Do.E0.-uteptioatonfs-PuheDrifyA to oodoi 7 30itnoOeaset paecietI)-With no~t olytoe Spansh ritaltoral College. whose I ntrctors,. 001 o nd1snh Skits,66 hIIIstot g3Â~ leehRseot302.e01 praesststl;Influea-ta obtutoovr atotter cottagioas together mith Govegsomeattagr-ioutuatal aco ' the Bleed With Stulart's 37n e8opt-a isass praangwhaslrmngt aenshae.tat a-orusde fot- 0 0 37e DconbetrO26-Htttie Fttla Meyert-21 426 ridty oothis distr-ict, teasuresamoreoountory eltorens ailameata or hand-SeAI~trONSa to- w n Wettaeot CattciumWafera. Pe t-s 0.- ottiio-dd. chit-ftitlitong hich mill he initoot ts ooatoftathksandil erlig.v hoe weattgogfitcttottoeaks by soiry- Thto Washtington dispatcht.antieo-rng -PCAEOALDPO iNLEneAE AEFEE 0tare hto e,,tdol,i tohreoon i - ths rlea of the agritcutural agetshoc INFLUNZA CSES AE FE Etituctittie of thllcite ottiet ~mand thesleated that ioasmuoh oe a eurcvey iesnÂ~ -Red ('ruis leder', o artieocoopra-atshowntoat the Northwesoltosamply as n:ir4f128 Cod CretO of Eethotaongi n ePn nor-to0a tighty ctffort to checit the po-vided mitt graottelovtoro. permitesOt2.. i.... i4, ott Is OtC Cootir *'APlt~O not -Ws.Ot not t eyptiiidem10icta.losor thoonstrcollege adti onlohe ho ostoutas....I04 7t000 WCloudy * 5- a otttti tllrt y- detcil 0h u-itt l i-lo a ls, e tr atd toe dr ircu tttltur pl for totoko.. l. iho. itto 0 1 Co dehtt -l'ey t nyl th ionspit and thee ctournKioitgtoroeloo;o.:ai'si' totit OlAt e hoAMPth EWIo-i o a sh~tt ct. Ditriottr-ot,(lie yOtomsry on-ttltagogicutualcolgticdett t~e n-De ohe..,: it tt '-t Maoi 86"-Theches ofthe nflenza epl dieasefir to e cred or mrnclatl trutte d tocro bterma ly in or Eurekoas...i.e41 10tilt lout y ttme41toeliillinntio-itio yitci.rhtltol-didllced the demaod fcr hulk tandling of Loe Atooiss I to411.0ottitcclud oled hereangna034Ocaeasrepirtclifrom it ec~ats, grat. ThttOregonanoth~er Norh-c rwh.0tstld..1'3 0.04c Cloudy i the previous, nk a decreaseoft 1200ser tts onedl u lc ttptfail acltesMdod r.. o Sn Wcloudry llImasto oWetar Mteho Â~. for IttinItpototed otleanns..ta-n'Ito Oem O8* Osit There mete 00094copof rneumonia overyoefamilia-r wttithohe ltton. teN tew ittr hirk OOutlO tAod an 006a desthsa, l ttiwlo,,dueato rteo- tAttIMA. tWash., lt,6t-Citcy nfft- Mr. Cot-sy stated ohat he hastic iles North Ba...csi noti4oem4 Raio tonths. duringttahrto-k. bohltecort cli this t[Hortittoteic d orestelattheretha officials 01 Waehirgoncit cNorith aia 3too 0.01 NNcli ea0 ptaireo-contrt-tikOOlito -o tii iit t ored the misinormtation onOttoict yocatel in. u M'OI ttW lar C 0markhfort-rlttotolnooasrteached oto, ct rtkolIniot.-rc,l ttnko trtittttic offices tteybaseltheir detision. itoerg 41 Oet W Couda bet-el, wherythere winre ktiadmisitons ahould weroauzytt-ttiiontoftieos or- ________ Portlaot.i3 00.It+0081$ Coudyp. to t~hehtiae'hsitaltrainitatidiase. bae tthaetreetcaircoccttIrcthreotas- 'KHEALmenWORK 740.00 4; Cleoa ath cii.tpoii-POLICE ADA LTH WORK eSt otsit ""'lt "'Bin Clo [FREE TO ttil he perinittd. Thtere- trt now101tan rnlc.14; 2OlotisO Ptein oud ASHc U F R R as n tha ityoc Thero have hecn sixCroinds Not Forshteelt Ptabltr Seattla 00...41 ittI0'OS~O Ran deaths.Rooms Must, ie Ventisatedl. Tacoma.t.o. "1 4 -ill 4110 Satems::; A New HoeaeapThataAaa-onreta Oar Raker Soldta-s Is Ruriedt. Chief of Police JohnseotIsedilordot-s tldsx.,"CI.. WitoutDicomor orLeoofTim. OAKER. Ot-. Dcl.. 76-Spoclal. I Ot- yhntoiceadedrt-mentOyesteordanyto iynehntilot..1011.'=. 8Cloudy ins have a Nt.m htetirdt htl cures The y oy Lieuteaoat itoy I fha, ivto at-iculari attentiont n eoeWnie.... 1OO~S Cod Asthtme, etd 00owantl ot, In.try tn toottcLotin.....,.ou.src Wthoa-e dtirtt! Ctod - frsety D Ott eesNo ateroWhth-ouriruaetIs o imi cStat'nssClcu oftuAttt-totani ohaecntdeerpent n eh LIBR RY OF C N RE S NEW SPAPER RN fski 1thir sat w~ ti,o,,t IsoO. hlso,", elonÂ~1 oreIcliito- OF f 1' surrintifacd IDekum Building, Third and Wash 7S YOU MONEY.. "TH WASHINGTON ST. ANDI 6 d s. s n a t, 8 r, r t r. 3, l r. R n 1 9 H - IS DR. s. G. AUOFLUNDa Mit-. Tli ts pratrsrelrs 5Lmitd to Sigh-Ciess lDeatistry Onty. There is a staogrepoaverity aboot homoo moth alike in thioso-esprt)-that the thini not vslued oearly so moth aa those inhio' UNATTAINABLE. I hats born anetd ti I cootinually advartisewhinhe my practicei largest ia the otate and my office alwayt I have had it ioiouatod that I ina wheo I still madr off orts to oerure morr Foe tho beoefit of my legion of fren thin qoeotion 10 a spirit of fa-iondship--a, inho seeoaiogly inquiroeinky I fled it 01 adverttisig-I wioh to sayt I havo my ehare of adverity-I em athers, wsnt to acquire that whith require -hooeaty, skill-and "etiok-ta-it-ivoenee; PEOPLE WHO WON'T BELIEVE IN Ml DON'T BELIEVE IN ME. You recall tho joy which roigned inktou>oo-you remembea- the weclcooe-ertec vant the impoartance of the pr-tdigal or that THERE WAS A PRINCIPLE INSi victory Osweet, and thot painciplo is intolv Through this medium I am~ telinig youo for yearn to comeJUST THIS: Thst the Dentalmwerk doeInteyefftcr wit any Detwowrk doe ie this state, r Thatreeary paino In Detal oposath hy my system ef locsi steathesia. Thst this offite in a mtodel of tattle need not suiffer hy compariono with sly anywhere. In other weeds, they would disceter t pie ALL that the High-Priced Dentintseca it for ieee money. MY WORE IS GUARANTEEI Open Nih

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