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ï~~D~e~Us~B. rman~uti--ueda, it a iopiilty ''aa bdy secuted man#,. ~ ~ ~ 7 Johnsoz.s- dineplihnation aof r 'l A -Thd Northi Oere D -7&diGighn nh;Ls.not re- paintin-Ai"I 1,have-'e! nbsiesi;j rma -asw~ toIsed isv 11, n sillworig Kansas":City...thirty' yeasadti' s M toareventtln utbreak- of- new cases. Iniy irtdsgraceful -event. n i- f nqury 41ei-bis fifte isetr twork -fumi- _XI5TOH.V H aS-T TAX.,,' *was anided to g~in houses where cases have been "I -h** bought all the bondsIcW-IOl 64ay remoived or where. patients have recov- __ut__ 13kneyAo. pay the Oi~rlta hat theanser red-dhas-given them instructtisto on U je' J6 Iltiff-ah~we-teed,-anofi Iwhi0sky, eighty cntWo_ -g adanes -adsee that no one is violating a quaran- Oft~y quitrt of 100 proof. I beiee uch....Ynces andtine a tax is a - help to. the governm Ient as. U1 'ussi~n bet&en -ltine.nd.,. r Four deaths- as a result of iiiftuenza much'"js I4bery bnds'I.her t I."Wilson will,.ure1"t night. First TI 'eit. Wil- Mr. Johntnwoliottl bwmc Rail] p'eace, for. the6-11am 3. Ferguson, medical detachment, th'Ml~tng committee'desired, hima toafe - -army training detachmns ida give orWa i usrpin~oper papers that) the, Sweeney Hosp ital.- Lieuitenant Pergu- He IMwa aked for $1,000 and, ub foug srflyb-teson, Is the ffist officer here to die. of scri - -.few 6-ais __We g& trair. J'.f-tecacltteepijieic' -bounded -to deat Mr Acte~wpc t un erstell,&'l urodayniht 40F, O.At. 1.-_ Germfan ye-. ~flnc biaimilaflSreply4 to Wilson siniriies 4as been,-ad idiatig tatit is "in m-v.ceptan1O ol.the President's.ofpeace, leAo' an autboritahnt heivetoday that-the pub-, be-Warnfe4 against believing tAn ' eiVWas ig1)tcxd - presdiajiatches findicate, VP. 11 -'reacVjas Ington not tomorro* nfilpht. Prince, V frot A1ote -was delivered to' Priesident Wilson Iby. the rge here,L so shosuld the reply 9941.gati ontmorrow -It may_ 1tir Mbnday 'to, await the ree Prsigdent -from New York te- Deparkment still,was withladvices today c onfirming re-,Tu,,rke0y- has" appealed -to the pe ace On Allied -terms, and '.AS n othing"official regard. Dr,,,Communication from Austd, to h.1ave moved again for ouwit6 for. a -reply' to the toPresidenit'Wilson at the pital iast nigbt. 'Two, deatns-41re 4-', ported At the Old City\ospital. - Twelve new cases' wer taken to the Isolation Hospital' late- ydsterfty. With the,. admission of these patients 'the emergen cy ward on the fourth floor was put into use for the first time. The new emergency ward w'as equipped by the Red Cross and Is In charge of a Red Cross nursing unit. Doctor Gannon riports the care less. ness of a few undertakers, as called to. his attton by the American Elxpress Comptuy, whiji hbe says has not helped In keepinlg con 4tlops' - d onrl noln.'!are Stiffice~t to -PantaMinate- the. Wholeciti' Vave iteamed some nnd&rtakers are,-uing ij eX ~janeett-011d440 Wn in sono o6s4- I ha0elowhed chauffears bh-aver-done eiinbalming. In the future- I am goling to see that only licensed embalmeors are employed and that legal requiremepts in regard to hearses and sealed casiits be observed.'0 Doctor Gannon said all funerals of Influenza victims must be private and that a ban would he placed on all furs, rugs and other disease conveying articles at such funerals. These deaths, not previously reported, were reported. today to the vital' statistics bureau of - the health board: Burr H. Carroll, clerk at St. James Hotel, died at hotel. Mrs. Elizabeth D. Maroney, 136 North Hardesty, died at her home. -eoutdli ':sqbscrf e for -more and,-pay fo6r them:Without taking thh movney saved for MY whisky tax, -Bartenders and waiters were mechanically' wiping off tables and bars an hour after the painting,. U-JIOAT ACTIVITY LIMITED. Averagre Daliy. Opetieg We Prce-s Nine, 'Says Adsirai' Sis. - LoapoN,-Oct, -11 (detayd) -Vice Admiral Sims; sipeaking.yesterday -at Lord Northclffe's; lunchedn for vistiiig -Ameylaarouoo:.-"Ithe e-10'p,;iatber. of A 1 tli~als-bekiig~at~ mnerchaut - shIps an tra p~~ Whe A t0wg botet)t Put- thit somakle--f~ a tmwet orthitteeuw "I'!Zas Tth e submarines the- enemy could k,P out at a time, he declared. Arouind -the ritish Isles,' Vice Admiral Slms sai~Aere were about three thoutsand anti-alubmarine eraft In operationj day and night. Of American craft there were 160 and It was about the salpe In the Mediterranean. The British grand fleet, be said, continues to come out of port whenever it wants-to and gkoes wherever it pleases around the North Sea. The grand fleet is enabled to do so, simply, becauise it is surrounded by an area carefulli~ patrolled by screens of destroyers within which It would be suicidal for a submarine to sho4Â~saos-n___ Thi convoy system, Vice Admniral Sims explained, is nothing else than a grand fleet of merchant vessels surrounded by a screen which. makes it dangerous for a submarine to make'an attack. Threre are about five thousand anti-submarine craft In the open sea today, cutting out mines, escorting troop ships -and merchant yes-eel and-niaking it possible- for the- AllieS to win the war. MAKE NEW MUSEUM A HOSPITAL. lgsChicago Structure Win -Access modatc 4,300 Patiemt. -ChCAGO, Oct. 12--The Field Museum:f, Natural History Building -in Grant Park, nearing completion at a cost of 7 in llflon dollars, has been turned over to the goJvernment for use as a hospital, it -Was announced today. The ihietior of the structure will be rearranged so that forty-three- hundired patients 0can, be acacommodated and a number. of Ismall buildings -wll be built around.- the:-matpstructure for the accommodation 'Of-,,On thousand nurses. work will be started -ibl46eum building: coes Okaresof-rupand.has morer-hn--wp~ 11d1'A-0ir'& f,1 oor spate. -'It W*sbiillt-t h)ue tte lebi~s and'.cur 1-iv hich hav~o~~p~llpoldArtil4iga 7_7ks "<ars.edth "old' ull Mu g" I. I MEJZZI---.& I I ro, 1 - -USMMA 44' - 60M Oft- - bid 4.9 k il es *vxnTtl& away. -Inay -POmiAecrevolvr t e aind, reting to -he twrhousessh prociuired -a pis9tol! and1 opened fire. The. crew o-h-frflttrain,whc e signaled - to top" hun.apile of lg dragged,.upon tl4#. tracks and swtches. jand "telephonetetamhpered with;4" A REO -7ALOUTPLT V5SIX xserequed Seadily.- -. - We~ee Qt,2-.4 or coaVh*6,,-- tI the IJ~rro k dustry. - This producation record,- aeFudel,Ad,ministration 'announced today, wa$-- tablished in-th4e face pf many hanileps5 chief -of which was the- s'h ortageo il~ From fifty thousand to sixty thouaui miners were Inducted into military serv-) ice, while probably as many others.-left the mines to work in war Industry plants, Despite this loss, bitnminouat tonnage was 311,216,000,. or 12 per cent more, than was turned out in the corresponding period last year, regarded as a top,-mark. Anthracite production was 51,651,000 tons, an jncrease of 1.1 per cen;. -EARTHQUAKE- IN--PGil~T-RLOO_' Auadilla Submerged by Tidal Wave, FollowIng Shuck. ESAN JUAN, Pop'q Rico, Oct. 11 -(de-. layed).-This islitnd was shaken by an earthquake this morning and-the shocks were followed by a tidal wave, Re~ts from AgtuadllRCitown on th low lying northwestern coast;., ay., tv tMe -tidal'wte h ubmred-te town. Fourteen personsweekld and forty or more were Llie, -At Ponce, a city of more'thani thirtyfive- thousand persons - on tesuth coast, -the city hall was'.weckd d-it is reported several inhabitants - were killed. Two prisoner$ ari eJeporited-to have- been killed at- Aiboni'td "''..'"5'6, thbe center -of the Island, - ----- Srious damage with'pridjepe o:f llife -is indicated by ret0ro te Trewere- two shpk~h fis f whidb occ&urred at 10:19 ',-. kall h seon-hreeminutes lat'ei~theylst several seconds, shakingan4-crashin bil dings.-Light Itremoachiudt Reports d e~cribed miuch "- eadi temlent t*4hout- the.iln2~ hho ieneril 'ere close an- man qsns _piee s"pended operaktiond a, of the -pro-German gov4try is regardeO here ompOlished. Consequ ently 1 fjromi Consftninople for readto -Berlin Is exinumenfs sayv the Ex-' died at home. William It._tUssaLry, 618 Tullis 'Avenue, died at home. - One hundred new cases of Influenza on the Kansas side were reported this morning. No deaths occurred during the night. ALLOW SERVICIDS-OJUTDOORS. Congregatiens Cakt-- 5eet.. - Ostslem Chsurches Tosaorrobwl_.a_11.1-Hoes1 -- r1'llowitig a coda et- wifth, Bishop Thomas F.'Lll idav-. 1dor' sJampit. So tinul famci presi souti thebe ei T! rapi mon a d f Afte Rive tauctihe I pinreaceh the F on- t) than Br the Mile -F4[-- inel four bOlere

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