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ï~~_, J i n j r r J l'.. '~i'', ~!i n't;tia.,.i r' y" ',e 'w i+% F:.. 31 - },.i t 4 f"',F _ r, r, Y, it. r.t + fd 'vr 5 } r Jr:x "'"; jt.:.. i."vv=1r i,.. i i.y."v2r: J t l. 'h2..ylka. LdSiN.t',a {..r.. "i y.,v'.fiYc' ".:e 'tY fr iW. y..l b. 1:.c lirixY!.g l.. ui y..Sf. S.a' xi11YiCe Ff u" f ll '. '.. 4:. x. " TMsi i i r1(r ^ 'c 'r.,,LiL'., f nrr.:wrvx.r s zr.! ^?e v., ml,.r-;_ r...r.r. >eF:r. o.+.;ms-:,:,.:.:wea.r y.,w irr w62.vA'itA:g7..,..,. _ - ----- V? I1t1AA -IA ANY 04 wu x' ".M I ). I - XVm No. 28,129. ALB. SPOHRED ES WIIH ig at State and o ifear coverLoan Address {EAT SALESMAN tA. Tioroop U ntS as Sobsorihed Is Sums Were Prominent oke at it until crusheddeclared et the lbrty loan d Peoal treete at ee to thegovernor with Uncle Sam in aireroal democracy 1 within a tow mnTierney opened up brooksol records reo SMr. Tiernoy the tpe atate fee bead leeting. wa ne oao "the 0t held. The Loyal eone Werkero acted goenoer team the the place at moetheaded the precceeChairman Ledyard t and Mayor James There were fnlly t itat and Pearl his a large crowd he. governor warn the platfoem, essit. Sabearlptloes..11 presided and ho ans of 10634!1000 suhecribers. Eho.from the vrW $110;third, $l,lad,, $10,:110; sv 31 "511 nlnth $2,deoeth, $3,100; irfeaoth. $ 1i,i10i; eeoticeib, 0111; nlneteertht.1,3111. Wlot of laher ernaland theother no follow.: 0;insurance f; raternal, 6i;td,1110. as Chaered.!II thea Inteoduced wa, recaeved with for called ttleaioea ew York stte Sad other tedend $ FOLLOW THE JOURNAL FOR YOUR LIABILITY FOR MILITARY SERVICE OVER 27.000 MEN REGISTEggED IN THE LAST DRAFT WITH THE SE VEN BOARDS OF ALmANY COUNTY AND THE ONE BOARD OF RENSSE I AER CITY. THE EVENtNG JOURN04 iS8 PUSLISHING THEIR NANMES DIY I THE ORDER IN NHCH TYWERE DRAWN AT WASHINGTON. THE 'PUBLICATION WILL CONTINUE FOR 20 DAYS OR MORE UNTIL ALL THE NAMES HAVE BEEN PRINTED. BUY THE JOURNAL AND FOLLOW THE LISTS. Tierney to reach tic $5000001mwrk. Whea thia figore wassannounred thr goerrnor tradto Tieery andsid: "What do oyeaney. ranh-willihe ad snother S $ 1000 "I'm with you. aocernr"solidTiereey aad In a few moment it inst 00. anocrd that the $8000010 wack had Seen renched FEII1 STEAMEB SUNK IN CO[IISION New Tack, Oct. 10. - The ttrititth Dfreight stesaship Port Philip, outhabund, was astak in a collsion with a IUnited States war veseld off iwiaho rpei Aisland, in the lamer hay this forenode. The Pert Philip's crew at 40 toet were saeed. The soreieors were laned by a revenecutter. 'rhe bow of the navyar.e aet which collided with the freigkter -vas.mportad-tn-bae- Saasn-dnmnad. 'rhe Part Philip wos erseel at 4.000 grosa tans. She sank In skeet 275 feet of water. Only Sue stack skews abao tho surface. The naval vessel struck the freightter on" the port quarter as botth shipo weepasuing through AmrseechanIeel, otwnsrd bound. A great Sale wasa store In te Port'illipt'n side and nitt, meat town in fifteen a tttts. With the enceptiont u'-terngice room force, who stuck to, their pnts In an effort to driverthte nessel sultore, all the crew tookatto eSeae.Thtt goinceere andtiSrentjumped oneor(] sad weroplaked up by apto Gael. Ihe Port PhIlip carried la nuttnhrcof depthbhombhe, which were tat dioturbed bty bhe hock cf the collision. Thte frighter, which was unter charter tot the Connect line, carricd ia grtt eral cargo. iacltding IS largcetitentity af steel. 36 -BILLION GUI1ABS [O YA'S WAR Pf~I I GOVERNDA WHITMAN READY-FOR JOUR OF STAlE Camnpan Plans Made [or Addresses In All Principal Cities and Many Smaller Places WILL' SPEAK HERE OCT. 31 Schedste Wit Be Adhered to Unless Inerfered With By In~taueoa Ep. didol-Pnu'ny Wilt Tracel to a Special Traie. Gocernor Whtitman will login hI.t antcs mpaignt for rerlecthon neat 0I..tdoy. Accortding to the schedole outlined for the governo, hewillospesk It Albany on TS neatay. Oceoker it1, and following hia address in this cite will speak at a meeting in Troy. (Gocernor Whitman Sas bryn bos n ctnnec.tion with ohe Liherty loso driccosine tee tee nd std ahs made add~rese oo'helposellthe boeds in rch orts roof\thr tate. IThe peot ai planet ftr rthe goceettornstor a Ike: slate will hr corried ott witeontt thoae le omen loterfered with by the eti t-ttie t nlna. lewill travel It a opeciol traitt otd lie ight opeeches will behe n tte piriclci tie at. mate. 'The schedule followa: MtondayOct. 21-leaesaNew York vin the Went Skhare railroad, abrapping at lastrw at 10:201.In;wll11.5a- la.awur 1:13taco. at; Klngeton, 1:11111 I.tnt.;,Saugertrs, 3:211 p'.i., 11ttot9:45..,in.; l'oonl. hce~toic, 9a.M 'Turaday. Oct. 22-Aho ttic, It a. at; tCtbleeklii, 10:211 o. tn.; linettnta, 12 noon; ihllney, 2:111. p. a.; Altn, 2:rd0 p..:litghamton, 4:011I. to. Wednesday, lit. lii-ilrecte, 0:510 a.t; Oaftordl110 a. ttt; Norwicht 10:1111a. o.; Metrttre, 111:111o. n. Utica, 12:11 p. m.; itoaike, 11115 p. nttt; (lieltda. 1:22..mto: 'aaottu, 41:35'. m.: Hyrscoar. 6:301 p.a. Thuray, Oct. 24.. -Weeioct, 11:52 a..Newark, 11:201a. to.;t'slwcra. 12 ron env ia Lyons. 2 '. tt.; tieneca alls, 2:156 p. 'In:-,t'atasatgoa, 4:510 p'. t.: lttfeltt 7:451 ito. Friday, Oct. 25.. 1:31 a. iltt Medlitna 11154)a. in.: Sihkleport, 12:17 1p. t.;.ttckp..rt.11114it. at.; NIags Falls,:1:411 t. et.;'Tonaantda, 0[11. p.; n. ocheater. 7:451 p. tt. Satttray, ticrt. 21--Dunkirk, 15:451 a. in;Jameown. 11::.1 a. at.:;llalamtnsca, 111. tm.; Olean, 2:411 i. t.:;h'rri' sh ip. 4:341 it. in.; loroeli., 1:151 p. at.: t'ttrttltf.7:451 p. in.; Elira,1:30 p. met Mtonday, Oct. 244-Owego. I1 a. at.; I POUNDED by THURL-OW WEED ANYe N. Y-e WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 16, 1918. Par~tly cloudy to-hi b ANOTHER DECREASE GERMANS R[S TING'AFAY PS -IN-- FLU CASES AMERICANS ON THE 4S I FOB 10-DAY VERDON_FRONT- PSSEtI OficalCnfoi ensha Tey WtSh the American Forces Noeth'L A flg west af 'Verdon Oc. 10-12:t0 P. Si. tBy the Assoalated Prees).-Thoetier' No aeteUprHn monoe today coninuetd their resiat- at ndct aew nve th Uppr Han ~once aaist the dvace of the Amer- Head1qurters Repors hdct on ~ ~ ~ o the Siutincft pc~oetion folly equaing that Favorable Condltions [or Can fir uno e Ooand edinorcouter-attacks the 13Dy m PRECAUTION STILL TEOReranti__usng____ ndies Q a It +ranoti oao net~e e'te resiotence to Perahing's ace all Meeting at Board at Estimats Will Be it lotnt the tine. Wnsblngton, Oct. 10.-With fear Hsld~A slda neAoieTbm the t tinter-attacks acre rosily mcedyo ogo. the nation ta-day oe the Order That Preventa* co r rr a b opaa, tas e knthree. hiion dnllar halfway PaksoSeploeof ttbeiln oief crts oftornpost lothe fourth Liberty loa aca Gahae. centcoed fb c t he gme~trcatoankeowntoward tix Silionobefoe nSsardn teftogn tcttmteAerb-aans iih. Hesdqareters sreports indicate laity stil h'alth aeuthorities to-tday o'tct attm facorable conditions far the closing wcereogain leaed withtherdeeea day. of the campaign. in the tnttbere w c areran-aof influenaahe"ikebst reliy encoaraging reports retoe o't-b c eth drnoii 'bceuwat lfup K beano aremnie o e repeaidte oerep1otedot.'thi. stronhed'~r wa aap o V M N Y hgnottt eiento-daTh'saidrteports i a total oI 1111 to-'lay, an comparced with LIUUII ItIX ON red emple evidence that the countey 1111 yeatcc.IoyfIc toe preceding.24 LVreallartithe serious hueieess it Sad hourn. IS DfISlTRlIBUTEfl ahend daring thn remainder ut of theis 'Tat th ire 'ea of ti,'eltidetuic int IiIII I I week to make tile fourth Liherty loan there will c..tiuoocto be a it taty tcde-________These optimist,. reporto were not cli nthe ittttiler.ofinei-acto rc- supplorted hy definite figureo showing a portedi en-i deco mthe eo-.,a-as itof y a"Stt o sadden awelIling nf the tiberty loan, ecgthe ity iofiil. Alba- Towns ad Sa te RUw VII 75.5total. Early morningrerportosicere mans. however.oareorg., sao hn bel ufenaltsto pauhaggregate subt cootpe~rate wteth ie lialli thoci Anl" alls Intea of h~e e rpisabsore the three billion dot' tica ii ite napouti otheOttim-o 11dM lkWTarmrahnt affieials said the resuci rase.550 als ' ittrenewed interest In the lean followHae Upper Hand. O'U~~J ing President Wilson's answer to Gee'IWe feel that at nest ccwecveguttmtany would ha reflrcted in efficiol fSgtie uppe~rihnotf.1the ei.i-.Iwhnichk--ures later. for ati thustecatenedto bhexc tmely IC{; L t q HERE9 I F:More encouraging reports esme toserious,'t roitiDrtiehscttier tt-tiny, anl ICESE OLV iOF $ 51. 5 EREday from the BostnPhiladelphia and while we walt tt thank Albanians foer New York districts, where thu influena their splendidi coioperationi, wesonaCohons IncesasaGOoe $8,00,White epidemic hoe keen checked sufficiently want to itrge'ont theoi that tlicy Coopmans e Csie, Sera. and t permit rosumption of open air meetshould still observi'eeey Itrevait.ion (irene island Have Inresed ing$;n many localities. a ehdto idiltie dsoonse. Allot msats-n--Watsrvlhat's Paol Roaere Rides. It s caetedtat thiee-oil lena Messy TriflesLess-:Spetacular methods used in thr neetig of tie hosed of cntia,iate end C________ tlecceland district foe the toaneincluded eplotitet on a turdsayaiorning 10to, b0aoseriesefmodernPaul Reee rdes deiiewhelheror not the drati on Despite theefact thatt.ereclt roug 120 towns of 815 couaties In iug orer lccn be again xuaed.I'lThle 711 lese pliiica in Albany inlere liquoar thiough Pennyleania last night by rdr ilre ainnefc-t it, any is sold this year thiaiilast p-or, thoe o wrer andat moo evenit ontl midiiight tiatordyieoy cipy will retelee $2,it..2,5A) Oi i, liceitn ofwokesnremwmto iatictee coil toi-tity thst he would ntmtotey, ahich I isl,1.15 tic,'eIlian cks.The tracks were equipped witS dtiec utll lte'r initht otek what lent yer. bhasIs tine to' fc tli iithaerdalct.mwhleslercosh r enesapd receoitcetdttiico Ihe mocdd tone'at the this yearcteIeliceuaentitey in divided pdnehilehsioonaandrblankrcartboartd itceio.g celattivet the ordei. betwteen tIe townsan od thestnt' in a, c it h hsTowns shotu clottedbsarermid' Died ie Hospitale. 711-251 kae intstead of til.'!110)-50 niale. night,- citisens called nut of bed ad Pine deaths the disease occur- It to pointied outthatt itO hail itt bcen mnterst their doors wIth solicitore reit. the Alb'ainyhospitnl the witrn- that the townosrIet211 per c-tnt mare arwed witS suhsceiption hlanks. About log. Ht. ltec'n l.ecitni hod two, if the litense money this yere their, $250,000 in oeelarptlonn were gntkt.lmaI~ n, i, of 211 Thiird tnret, nI hf r 110110 would tild ben?'c- red It this way doring the night. At tandt Miche sne cd~it, 27.of 143i tict-inil i ess Ionttanthe y receileed from the Boleotlac t., tbe liberty loon riders way.11117-10 licenses-I were mietaken foe hank eobhers and Tirere were two ttenibe at the Al- ihaeiork ef completing thet allot- t itiinIahe cillage.cslabooe for three oat iololt tct i eth.Tar ictnStoiiatse toeeact Iuiiaceording to thd hours. At Georgetown.,0b.,and Jef' rnnty, El, of!nl hird tree totii nuher of II. eases takea eat In the. ferson, Ps., tke rglding portios were ettrtie '20,fioff1lltTl tiet utre townba Juel been cotmtpletedl by I-la' Tiredt upon. The rideo will he eatended Ifok tele t.l-swr, 1 f 11 ct 1. a ieencer 111 'oo. Thceimoar0 to iny other communities in thn dIeCI e etecel. he Cialth r tomsthe leccscn to be tured eare.,-trict ttt-night At t teI.iccteichopia the ~talee by I totnnuJaincc iateNsb iill Mtany communities are adopting the won aurieitatli, Mrs. itonlo Veccl1~i, T. si met&hablt lees than nest year ha plnn ad gted by 2. H. Burtan. fathee of Illi Ilitnnanuee." cause ofwthe falling nit in the pomhae f the Lbecty loan konor Sag.idea. ef Raalarar'aRasar of nar.& ere lounr old lo wisaanana uls n unay.e it and T1hu ~OAO DEATHS FROM.~ INFLUENlA IN~ NEW COR YORK IN MONTH w s: a Now YarS, Oct 1&-ae than 6,-- 1100 persons knee diellfoam Spanisk In- - le eth, aoe 1L000are bhan 31le elgktwln and the- now- gaou-develing-dnelag. moeeas-t tke pset 24 hours sow sikig ingeae driven Au acer those reported yeterday,..enrd- enceati ins to thaouiatosgiverun a -day It iemhal by the health department. Th. deatoosalta mel frem Seth dlsensenithowever, se 20 Alreadj fewer on to-day's listo than an tbay ri morni agg. en~ In reepotood' I andrto M.adMn oct ose - sein ost f 'a n"t,, IS nerde ita rll are 'also shout to acquireethe ad- + ffffl~n.Ank o n io last Saar, JoInIng prnpertt en Hedson aceoh t1015 BE I wI ent aeAlkortJT S o o s~elnt fe ATIDe-m-llhI IB IAYIiILL 8El1 sMnnaD td' de Baea eilh eCo$5u2 ILiTsO OF TNT SAYEIIC oe eI' W~ ItuLniJ71.0_ATONE Dl:AMAGE lma innalreihaen tMIome" P turi iirmh' f or l:ll third lhear d;fdil*!.~ 11/0 9/2 0 06 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NTEWSPAPER R M

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