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ï~~MBI 1g6iAdo3 -s-nAq paloaoid Gq AeW puB A1Jed pJiq} B Aq euipaejJ o AJBaq fl IBUO!IBN Lfl Jo uoioej0oo uWOJJ paO3 SeM apeUs squo eiaww 4 144 REPORT OF BOARD OF CONTROL HOME DEFENSE. Augusta Falk, '11. Beulah Hall, '13. NURSES IN SERVICE WHO HAVE BEEN IN HOSPITAL EMPLOY. Miss Helen J. Burns, former Assistant Superintendent of Nurses, Foreign Service. Miss Edith Clendenning, former Chief Operating Room Nurse, Foreign Service, Base Hosiptal No. 26. Miss Lydia Fletcher, former.upervisor Tubercular Pavilion, Foreign Service, Base Hosiptal No. 26. Annual Report OF THE BOARD OF CONTROL DECEASED. Margaret E. Canning, '02, at Camp here of Scarlet Fever. OF SAINT PAUL AND RAMSEY COUNTY MINNESOTA INCLUDING THE REPORTS OF THE CITY AND COUNTY PHYSICIAN AND SUPERINTENDENT OF THE CITY AND COUNTY HOSPITAL For the Year Ending December 31, 1919 DEPARTMENTS CITY AND COUNTY HOSPITAL AND DETENTION HOSPITAL FOR INSANE Jefferson Avenue and Colborne Street CITY AND COUNTY SANATORIUM Lake Owasso, Minnesota RAMSEY COUNTY HOME Gla'dstone, Minnesota OUTDOOR RELIEF OF POOR DEPARTMENT No. 14 and 15 Couit House and City Hall Saint Paul, Minnesota

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