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Influenza Encyclopedia

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T'he order cs icsoed bcy' Dr. tOuttfoyd to the poice catted for the olosiog of "all puhlic nod private schoaosIn thecietyp at Oinonpoitem. euch ac you find In open If Loan amnsHild By 151st M-ahdmnen Breach of Contract On Captured Hforns nr?~nHE regi8 ink. bhod of the 1ii: toier M toempc outho fiet I s" iley)recently 4oepturod a Gormat Ins Mnesapolsisihae ale oe ke b and Intaot, according to letters boon ito Wes-t o.'tatiea1 toend Hennepin seely, as orgaeiatien Isto tobh epeeed todayten tin ef thseotIcdro Eoohate DEIMN TAT. TEAUYIthrough the America eppo.piYi DEPAR~nO. The Star OnWinged Banner" on ti Geocte e' we tostrumelts. Army dioe. momoiol ada -40 thea duty been5' to hor eoh onoots ~ ar'ON LGHTne S. Pillehury. president-,Dou" or notice from the de- "nee 5 ta A oe, irsd~t vtos.rnWidt k. PARIS TU ~ ' VintantopeKoo;0. Hall, v ttel LA UGHS5,AT PULL MOON FOR, tf iv rwmt~*-. TIME oha*irstoanJohn 0.PitiburY l oit1l hoard of educLan FIRST TM IN FOUR YEARIAOC.6.Webr. 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