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ï~~ v i, ' 1. ':: " Athlktwcs:Yrermil: Slumbering, Pending Lifting of the An WhleHelt~ahigCamp Custer Combat the Inluenga Epi vs. Lewis Is aestill hose-:. I A rm y 's. P lan thesprt ord n te ortwet. Middle Western Cantonmnt Golf and otheroudratlic Eleven Will Probably are attracting" the fans in greater Cm et numbers than ever, but old George Cm et Public, Who likes to watch the hoer fighters swap punches, the grid play- SOLDIERS PLAY TODAY. ore tear up the tort and the shipyard - - ball teams battle for the leactue Americas Lake Gridiron Season rhainpiousblp. is iaying low and lie- Opens With Contest Against patiently waiting for Mayor Hanson and hi. aide. to pin Don Plums shout- ShipyardI Teem. 1 doen to the mat. - atbi, Allprto slumbering. ruel iinrueuuss tt?onet-Iutctttgo. uni- ct All tedoor nports anrcldoned tighter CAMP LieWI. Out. 11.-If present the e a tet than a drum, waits thictic contests of plans of Capt. T. 0. Co. atbito of- are tatting Soer bind which attract thue irowds fioor for Camp Lewis..- smaterialise. bull and b restilt bassed. Twelvre Shiyar oficilsarehopngthat Camp Custer. (5Mic.. will send Its fest- terming e Totuicrrd e l t talslarc byngeabl teats agant thu Camp tuwis' ag- tion, and I lic Ot~rie wlt ~t o. d h- natgengetluc here Thanhsgiving day. Ser- routing at Ponder so that thtycan ee ttti t hreoretlttrs and ciegramsihaverassed him tints"b ruget sound Shipyard teague titlts. bsgtwson the athletic director a of the _ piot~mh~p"aÂ~-otbe s o fna wl I PEp ok r mcas at R stolhic playrcseare rarie to go, ted though Pacifie Northwest lane witl lacIaheit the followers of the race hope that stceliarsean opportuity cf witnessing the there are, crams run ho played scot weh. Unies famous Middle Western aggregation in cial e n it is etard ofr mcoc It wilt he toe action. 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As Fostballt nlsmg Time. yet no gums hue hoes scheduled fnr -..., ltblhnl In thec blob schools tc alsrho local moleskic artists for a turhey at tis t siumberong. lbhe recrhes hart hers dey attraction, and that is all the moth aCdu fertf tit teen cha m ehpasmo s Tie first ecteset of thue211seasne'hadparsed. hr pep hamloehipas cocasfrom a Cosmp Lewis standpoint will be rightp aheadI rehoot fis ocened. While tan practicestnaged on the hletic field hare acndayi the marinesI het bren steered dorieg the layoff, drab mats SMEhr the athletes arsetbre heering in the PoundationSshipbuilding Corpora-i Lbh msast chaer and wilt he ready to play as tics of Portlancd, From all aoesests the jwiltopsd Can Portaudera hare heSets oilike a first tilrisiol soonerm the time comen. beset afiro-of lats med they are outto tOhu eeuset Other miner sports are marking wiseverythicg, The soldiers are lust Ars. NOWtl time. Gradescohool soccer. oitarhowl- as detrmitned. cren though it Will he romatus nt.lau acebiladcnet.teopnn ls fteeapie sfozgC err., will take their piaceone the sport oes Msltusme. In maitching aislndter the moment the officials dse- OnS aturday. GOtoher 2t, the much- lfcwev$,thr heralded Multnomah Amateur Athititi his. 5~u ride that ttn epidemlo ham brrn run- Cluh contingent of the oe City will the'',leaderg's quererd. entertals the Camp Lewis outfitoe the- ompleted. -winged ~1t"fld. and, to stoke thinge TWhe. tesonri appear geseous. Capt. Cook arranged tree- weeks a LACROSSE COACH DEAD. with Otmeagee George Oertasfor a en. mbdte dt v torn gams to taks plate at Camp iolci Lewis November 1t, ehargoeapt OTTAWA. Oct. in.--Jact "Cabby" At present several commooleatbooc Hlmes. who,cached the Lehigh eat- bave hos e rceived and sent by loalt Every: drti o ersiry lacrosse tmm to the American officials to the Aherdeen shipbuiiders lt*.lTreey~it championship ins1tet, dird at hieSome for on affair here.INovembher I, and this exen~seste here after a brief was dt Is to be -followed by a hattle with the "Icdbleats, 4t rears old. tltcdltatoo marines ft-em Mace Island OCldbeli,'N,, IT'SA SADLDWOWORLD. "?,,:::..:.:::.r B. 441 i. '.."hs ytmof 1401tie'in vogue lit the rorsty this fall, the the cro aratnlog unduer itol eye of Ucle Sam g r tinterest Is foot- ga-diron scas are at the Seate inebite(leach 5t, who Is di. LIl athlatfse,I. dividing - rutt enrthelu,.A pitamseriee Will, be pOleynd a PEINthO TraG,.and some g sause ar pedicted7 anhas 4n elevess and 6'4-i8ouse etluest madethe diffseent squads. an -alt-soiversity team tireen later has set yet Ideots aore also totng heosing. The ring game - rhetity TVletmobded rtdipathieqoV sados. adr trench cihlng. and ass is hdtcg oiitcdoted. mows will be gioelu. this i university gymnasium. to "devil dogs"wiedtrodrhth I te.weeld bhavs an he tents ipreenot npidemic of "flu1 s s r" 1 s', TO-TEACH BOXING IN HIGH SCHOOUS OP SAN FRANCISCO Head of Zdatlea Beard Favers Isatatlos in Art L o!_Self"Defease S NFRANCISC O, Oct. It.-It SGcarce 19. illagher. presi dent of the heard of education of OSa Prunolece, has bin reuy. that citycwilt muon torenet a mast-occurs as Bostonstuans out bean.. President Gallagher bus drawn.p a resoltiton providing for tire introduction cf boing starurtics In the high schools. Needless to sayche urpeicsfuror the de, and officiasi rcleis are said to ho more or toss favorably IntImned toward it. It Is theeorrectcnliheltat Interscholastico istg matches wilt take their placo beside hanehalt, football, basbsthall and the othe recogniaed school sports. Seats e4 Elk: golf Will Play Tacnants In P t~rASt~'M ' &. P. 0. E. Tarn, Whish Won. Firsa ca et R iv els Next. Sunday-Other News of the Links thr-i in Seattle. SA Og, The ecattie Eia gclers will het a seweeka wilt be allowed for eetr FQ realald estudayenthsybrael sueeeding raced. I toTc ma in et their hrothers cf Thueutp Is Sting donated by thescebb tcTcm ccaptain. idurry E. Griffith. (at]L that cityIn thecond half of a hom- - and-homc MateS for the Rhodes cp him G ase oce lee ial. The first half of this battle weasi W - - w......V i.nlth -.. t e... s i i i~s~ f {~ t o e r.' N R! } w r Y f M " w. 08/23/2006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R N

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