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ï~~Mis Gladys Mathers enter- club Will meet Saturday with-'; rs tained the L. B. club last evening F. W. Collins, 2020 Washington at her home, 2009 East Twelfth avenue. e street. The evening was.spent -ktnitngor a -Red Cross --quilt the- Iff ihHarter will ' tertain girls are making. the Plymouth circle at a Red Cross T sewing today -at her, home, 675 will Tte Sewing society of Hawkeye, Eighteenth street. A picnic lunchchapter 358, 0. E. S.. will give-a eon will be served at 1 o'clock. party at tlie:Masonic temple, 608 Members-are asked to bring their East Locust street, Weduesday eve- own sandwiches and sugar. ning. Nov. 13, for.I'the benefit of Mrs. 7Harter will be assisted by it thi the united war work fund. her mother, Mrs. R. M. Mount. it this - it Mrs. Mrs E. C.- Corry will entertain The C. C. Taft company hospital Beacon Hill chapter, D. A. R. at club will meet Friday afternoon at meet- luncheon today at her home, 646 2 o'clock with Mrs. Herbert Smith, f the Forty-second street'. 959 Twenty-first street, Pilmerur-ed apartments. tal isa- CoLowiAL i[ANqcflG CLUs l O- colow D cISNG w US The Associated Charities have reThe initial a.ty Of the Colonia ceived man y calls for bedding' and IDncw clu1b wi-ill be hld- this eve, omorters. Any donations will be "'" -...--'";-" -v- reatli apnrecfated. Ining. at Crawford'set st udio, when rt a eca e of the forty couples are exp ected, par- e umnae [ticipate.-,lThe club i 'offic -4.. ~I At the pe# meeting this afterroman The scheduleu or the year includes Preparatio of the next week's i. be the follow ing dates: Nov 8 and work of the council of defense ined be 22, Dec. 13 and 2,.an 10 and 24, the wited war wor drive. Mrs. Â~ ' I -t....::: -:~dMarch. 7 and2" i' Homer Miler will preside." teein Te, c _+h- ybr'hl In... whe..n blc segans catan and Feb. 7 an 2 an. - 1. ctnts will begiven to the an It formal daces h ot, r man - Mrs-.... Macoar' e; -w Aoman T LU DACIG a.ra ta by MrJLSeuerOne.I hundred... so:" ldiers frm the faisti....spesi.... and Dean Holmes schnednuefrh-e a Wgldes f "Chi "tWek' esday' will be the complimented gests at the Mis Fistbatalin f te epo brgaethwr will beinadwre ofnte mi e h dancing party this evening at | -e - t a pr- the Army clt, whenfour. Grls" for which is, "What Has the negro ild e 22S. 13bb Mrad,2 B -th Wnr, M0 s - wad ie4er w el~ -Wr. rtsdrvLaterse Marie jFCointeel aId companes" llhe Contributed to t American Art and The,: Capital City Commercial collge /Literature?'" oreewil b e hostesses. l Thee veni ng'so e le I CLU DACM ofte Aenh reg n adDbloet tereanbyer.' J. 1Ahee-ig er of' rogrm ihncludes a solT ance bylsspa and Dea ' I iss Fo irst Haadion.-oCarrhe eponriae Cower hont-1e b e hre ofemes Virginia Treuhaft and a-playlet by Cmlme. AT WIE. me. menthedim n par ty a tis, G.i V. Ag, at-dngJh Hyo p Rue th Lawr cnson, Geraldine Reeve T" mG, Agnes Buchnan Joy Hervey and e n y-ihve, octors ofa the inChiori. Wallace o..'f Drake. univer- firmary of the One Hundred Sixty010 r Conori a ue o " th ed to A ic an A ad se I it hti eo brigade were enter-,ill be C haperoning the youngr peole tadned at a wiener roast Tuesday Weei will beMr and Mrs. BEv Menules evnin at the log cabin at Union hr M...r and Mrs. L d Mr. Patin park. A Mago bonfire was built SuP- an the company mothers Mrs.. outside the cabin," where the DANING AT ENE ASTA..adies'S. S Webb, Mrs. Bertha Wegner. Miss weners were roatsedf Later the dress Carrie Bell and Mrs. Janet Bller. y e went to the home of the work hostess compaies are C and Misses Katherine and Ira Love andty es ofD of the Seventh regiment and rWD spent tte.emin the f t evening.hurdh ~ ~ ~ ~ hll Mr. anWr.1.LE r aires Wbonutiree w ha bul Sduct- and I ofthe Secopyd o which Wini- wth dancteng an music. w. e rs for fred Harding, Carrie McDaniel, The hostesses were the members SAgnes Flach and Cleoe Falken- of Company H, Seventh regiment, heimer are captains. G. V. A., including Julia Haymond Watson, company mother, and the Miss Frances Blackman and Mrs. Misses Iva Love, Victoria Love, 1000 Sara Springer will be Joint host- Dorothy Haddick, Iva Haddick, enter- esses to Chapter EH, P. E. 0., Sat- Genevieve Hanger, Lillian Hoim, ooden uraay at, th home of the latter in Kathryn King, Norma Mershon, g. t the Butler apartments, Fifteenth Gladys Minehart, Edna Morse, BeuRay', street and Grand avenue. Mrs. lah Park, Edna Sargent, Elinor Hagler and Mrs.- Foster will be in Randolph, Maurine Shaw, Madeline were charge of the roe a, the topic Williams and Ossie Turk........AUGHTERS OF ISABELLA SDANCING PART1; SATURDAY.:Enlisted men will be -the-comÂ~ pliHnented guests' ata-dancingmparty Saturday evening at the K. of C. hall, 812 West Walnut street, when the Daughters of Isabella will be the hostesses. Anysoldier or sailor wishing to attend may secure an admission ticket from the K. of C. secetaries either in Des Moines or at the camp.:, --anJ-made'wtCooAUIJR ACVTE. Monday evening,Company A of the girls' auxiliary of the Jewish sh Ru a' c oc A A opyofl welfare board held a, business meetb [ook ofrecpeswill ClI.'lllll ing at the home of Mrs. Abe Leener, company mother. After "the brief oa.":,-:.-, i,-.... - session, Jeannette Sherman, captain, arranged an ent~ttainlnent,. " NEW YOREÂ~ Readings were: given by Sarah Friedman and Gertrude Robinson; a piano solo by Ethel' Sherman and Svocal selections:by:Marcia Sherman. Later...refrehments were served. '. -,... _;The reception given sunday, Nov. 2 In the,'lnhmrnene sot the Tawish ward clerks, and i their stuats am boteheat the heray handed farmer werks repaleti eteeks sand wathes; the gi eare atthetr brother's jobs-.* statistivs all declare t-but don't repins amnd hand sit sobs; Jst 'wink sed grin sd belr It. We all are doing what we can to keep the home fires burning, and grandpa washes pet and pse, soidnel. 'does the eburaingl unwonted tnsks upon us tossed,-we take the yoke, sad wear It. and If our effortsa em a Post, why, comrade, grin and bear it. R. B. Patin and the company mothers. Personal Mentleon. Mr. Aaron Horwitz, field supervisor of the, Jewish welfare board has arrived in Des Moines to confer wthte camp ad community retsries of -the board in regard to enls.Mn t g the scope of the work Ia Des Molnes. L-. Horwits i touring the middle went and orgnising the work for the 0.& A. T. C. Mr. and Mrm James. Lamberteon and c.ehildren. Margaret and George of. Slouo Falls, 5. D,, r-turned home yesttrdja after a stmerml days' visit.with thef tanmfiles of tIeir aunt Mr,IL D. Hadiey and Mrs. Ge orge. F oranc. They were acconpaned by Miss Frances Wagner of Deadwood, S. D. Mr. and Mrs. Fa Sperry left Wastdnesday evr.tng.for their home In Verio. N. M., after. a visit with De * oines elatvUe. They were. accompanie b-_Mrs. Sperr's 'neter, Mrs.-A., R.' -qugn. baug, who will ewenI severlt wee s In New Mexico before going to California for the winter. Sand Mrs. j, IT. ReavI of New Castle Pa., who came to Des Molnes to attend the funeral of the late Mr. George Me-, Meirn left last evening for their home. Mrs. Thomas Monroe of Muskgon, Mich., who came to attend the funeral of Mr. George MeMain. wilt remain for a vit of-Indefinite length wth h her niete, tre. McMein. sergt. Harry B. Woods, formerly hlef clerk in the Grest Western railway offIce. whe enlisted with the One Hundred Ninth engineers has arrived safely overseas according to a letter received in' the city yesterday, - I Dr.od Mrs. E. T. Likes have received word from their son, Lieut. LanningE. Likes, who Is-now In France, that he -has been transferred fron field ervIce to a base hospital, where he is dotng surgical wa ork. Mis Cars Lorean of 2331 East Ninth street. has returned to % ahington. D. C,. where se ins engaged in government worl. Sh was accompanied y Mis Ruth Luther of Adel. Mrs. Dawn 13. Tullis left yesterday to cojlapete her visits to district conventions and inspeCtions In southern and western Iowa. Mrs. Tullis 'is department president of the W. R. C. Dr. George I. Lankelln g left last week to report for service at Camp Gra-nt. Il. He enlisted in the dental torps in Jul), 1917, but had not recived his call until the present time. He was commisslonted first lieutenant - and amigned to dental unit No. 1. Camp Grant. Rockford, 511. Mrs. W. M. Abott and son, Dr. C. R. Abbott have returned from a short vte with the former's daughter. Mrs. Wayne ClIlnite at Conrad. Ia. NOT MUCH HOG CHOLERA, Situtton in Iowa Better Than for Several -Years. The.-hog 'cholera situation Jn..I-wa- is--more' encouraging at' this time than at any time during- the past several years, acording to Dr.. S. Koen, Inspector in charge of the United."States -bureau of animal industry. October, as a rule, according to Dr. Koen, is one of the heavy months for hoig cholera fatalities. During October, 1917. reports of. cholera cases were lighter than for several years. Reports for October, 1918.- are much lighter than in 1917, and there is further reduction in number of cases reported thus far in November. Mobilization Sold to Be Against -. Germany. - AtfSTERDAM, Nov. 7.-All men 'mliltary service up to 26 yearA of age,' throughout CrechoSlovakia have -been called to the I colors, according to a Prague dispatch to the Weser Zeitng of Bremen.-. It is said that this order includes German Bohemia,. Comment in the Czecho, press indicates that the mobilization is against Germany. Â~,.oawm-e rwe ra -.-ee t -v',,mee - said in an address here tpnlght, reviewing the work of his office in taking Over and Americaniting enemy owned--property. The business built up by. ths Germans in the United States will be forever lost to them, Mr. Palmer said. lie added that 'no',other course would be compatible-,with the safety of American Institutions, for German autocracy is quite as apparent- in its economic exploitation of the wdrid as-in its govern - mental and military domination of central Europe.". "1. Mr. Palmer, who spoke before the University Extension: society of Philadelphia; said the- alien prop - erty ctLstodian's office now has assumed control o-f inearly $500, 000,000 worthi of ehemy controlled or owned properties. LEAVE FOR TRAINING SCHOOL Five Members Civilian Class Go to Camp Pike, Ark, Six Des Moines men-five of them. members of the civilian infantry training school-left last.night forthe. infantry officers traini n school at Canif'Pike,,Atk, Metmbers of the school, wh:left are H. H.L Parmenter, 'E. R. Wakefield, David H. Crenshaw, Frank H. Dickson and Ralph Stiles,. %L. F. Drury was the.other member of the party. The infautry training school will meet again tonight at 7:30 0'clock at tle Drake stadium. J5:. Hagen urges all members to be present. Officers to give rudimentary dill! tralning to lmen of draft board No. 1 will obe selected tIght.. The trgining sch ol has taken over the training of the 804 men who registered under the recent draft, and will undoubtedly asSume the duty of training men from other dlstricti of the city, ANSWER CALL FOR NURSES Aid for Needy Flu Cases'Comes on Red Cross Appeal. Several responses -to the appeal of the Red Cross for nurses to assist in caring for familles where several members are ill with Spanish influenza, contained in- The Register yesterday, were forthcomlng yesterday, easing th sltuatiofi somewhat. It bas been very difficult to secure nurisae from among the names Isted in the recent survey of nursilng resources, due- td illness among the women -listed- or members of their families, and thbse who have been able to serve have gone from one case to another until many of them were forced by weariness to give up. Response to the appeal for nurses will greatly facilitate the work of the Red Cross influeiza. conmjttee in caring for families afflicted,..... LAST CHANCE FOR TANKS Tomorrow Winds Up En'stments Here for Tank Corps. Tomorrow' is the lastY'day that Sergeant Boland will recruit for the tank corps at the Chamber of Commerce. Seventy-five young huskies from Des Moines had been accepted for that corps yesterday and the recruiting sergeant hopes to raise this number to a hundred by tomorrow night when he leaves the city for Omaha. The tank Corps is also In' need of officer mater!al, and although every man must' enter the tank service as a private, there ari more officers to the unit tian in any otter branch of the service and every man will be given a chance at a commission.The tank corps offers a guarantee of almost immediate service overseas. A man who Joins the tanks ' can be assured of being overseas InA rot six. to ei ht weeks, sa it Se:rgean t Boland..r ', SWarnew Othle ffect th eace was- deleared_ yesterday will not tp thereruitng of omen for this br nhOf the serviee. yesterday i Lane of t came to ti mInessage 0 lagging of Secretar came to th state counc "I earne lax. your. t 'degree on m of an earl armistice This.doeais over and gency will time. Mos1 have been go on und ever.,y mant. cil of deftn have -no el of officer n tralIiB e] which "has.!successfully auspices of -Cas ~:::asec of:, Commrn.'A bindre have been Captain.- -Ta cer, thus-.fs U6.. __ "it-67m appleations are In. the-I board. f.t:: th possible. TI urday.. and: 'to. f inih -'! itt an The Old Round I MA - e,, - eca'_.... ef Col.M. Critero Gr' in Bohumi Vk Six g $1.0c Secu Seats Novemb

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