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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~ ing Under Red Cross~ -are of Influenza Pa s-Inspection Corps )rganized To Assist tcu r Nurses. emergency hospitl! of 24 opened by the Iced Cross m liekeeplng Center in Lewis aly. P Is In charge of 3ligs n1rdrer', tie temrent will hi, l ' i i tel t o (mi lrtc tIi. in''r tii~ e I i \I' ii l lit iil cu5 l 'll Its I ''a I llseit.1 ii It'a l~I " I~ i i'; i (e 1ti 11 Ii 1 { iilii Ii ' t~" i t iI '-erving niio influenza phia F Almer, who is t? di c- irlps of inlspectiont. IisuId aft 10' in some Pi tstru' '1 jolt 1-010yalies. They a re lis iii ii l ill iinil '0C C ii warm ni u t l r ' is tiWI Ct'liii the ii f t c'':ct r"Ic~ic 10 t i ii Cit i,:' l' i II,f I ii i i a It ft r i re tI,\, With the stme A r~ytitLt e.he~ No Indication That Restrictive Regulations Are To Be Lifted Within Next Few Days--'Everything in Readi ness for Opening, of Emergency Hospital in the Convention Hall Annex. Inilutnse. pitatlJdust as s ott as occasion arises. i'atli6'i-to l uina. 3t.1:; 1.111- street. Originial plan eras to use Convention Mlariont tf, Weaver. 18..179 Clinton ilbtlaelnofhepmss aveflili' south. Hibtiseto ftepeie itarga;nr'L CJrlffitli, -'ttiont is, 1' Cam;i- resullted in a decision to use the annex belrneethle, 7 f hldepl first b~ecause of the bet r facilities died at lnfahts Summer Hospital.,. a'ffordled for the care of patients Who Walter Wela, 2G, of Warsaw, died at might he confined there. This seeInfants Summer Hospital. to ftebidni qipdwt James H. Cartwright, 21" of Trentontiorgofthenuildingis equippedmwit N.,died at Infants Summer, Hospital a lrekthnadi ffrmr Sarah Tostes, 33. 27 flre~h Cresl-ent. modrn ionstruction than the t!on Inseph lltII.4. 106 Chattitn street. venton liall proper. larthtrn (rdefl.5 tlo At the Y. W. C. A. emergency 305 - Anna nis in. 4'., 4(1;.ins-plI aC-rnile.litot at the F'ranklin street dormi tmrirge F. Mtilei., t:, I -t2('earl tort huildlinr, 63 of the 67 beds were lii ris:12-.'I<... i "t finib in IlastI-nitnght for infltuenza patients. s I re t I it IItr-een new cases were re \r-liieft. S; i. art. -(maitiiln 11r111 front the everal public hos-.. i ll 1'.-iil..rr,i, ri.; r l ii - i lt, tI It vesterltyayrtdll 10 (deaths. The (;l-iw~r IK hilisIr, 'i liii I 'tr-st l;r fl I t ltoiiit l:tdl seven new cases I- 0 Iir i":.: I ii, r1, r <- ~ t ter e t - h o e p t i ',I~lllt11lt~, " l: I"ll{'{ Iit] 545 O' il-I S i. t M ary's halt rae 1. 'ti','r"1t' nfl,' -t-. ij& ioSIS l llthriee leat hsl.and P-". n ri I t.. Iti i; i k hrI h ho t111hn'ntu n I los=pitat hali t laroc li1tlitit r i " d i it a t il 4it -a ' lu-ilt iti. 10'n11l Ct- c 5e, -herI l lrilinlt. I 5nrl it'. I 't r ll P5e'k hnw.3r 11111riltwo deaths were re-.ilab'i Car':ss,,t. Y W. 1'.A..i limorS;,(rt el (i-our 1the Mutniipl hI ospital,. ill J:il-it.Il 110 -ie:1:" I lietlI toli t i. S,rtnnse (1nritini, l To eliaised ( rt in 1v i t t.r"-;;.4- I I i ion atr '". i ro a! l trfesta aft-ccted 11y the quai E ul aIt11i)I llt:;t irk -tr "I". lIttlii - see it ray of hope in the an \ii r i n*:., rIi,.. Ill tii ill I 't01tiett t ha 11 t the Syiracueua ila I t'n~t'Ir ' l..,,. i'. 1:i., 11 il!" -: l t n -a is(id lnI lt l-ri inv ow ing I I i liiiill'-r lii:. '. iii l-ntw - ci h Itoffseitits are' iopeful thatthe llzntru I i"tli t 1. X\lg ii i toi III 1 1 liIIaraltititf maiy be lifled, rt~till1 'lll::t ola 1:rt',!lt lI-t;1'1l"ii init on (I j f' l" 1"1'' ti I \ ill un iii. it to ' tt;afiltl wtill Is' itn readine'ss 4lirefI (1 ri{1 liecessni- y t~itioltncelnent 1 i. ilii Ii the aulthorities decide thtat at tln. It illii St1""i'l0ii lliii ht r ttts been sufficient improvement Losbe, I Ieumnrii. to t ii sttialitor to permit of a nato tr.alglailil 1Hripe"' I)t. I." aitrort Itioit of the closing or-der. IHowever. Irn tili 'or lingit r I luiinan io Intimation has bet ia byetr street-. Commissioner Htamiltoni or Acting A-insa tcCllrg..:ii,.1 i tflECi' street. Health Officer floby that the situa Jhm J. Meyer, 311,Mi luekiti Hotel, Iothscagdsfiinl oDr Central avenue. tothscagdsfiinl opr mit setting any definite date for sus In hh' Inta'i'-ot lit-.Il. tnitiedli penstion of restrictive reguilations. ciases the intl il-ora ii itl. illl in itie _'4 ondiltions tater in thte week will h liirs -eliding tlit n tcli i ---; rieritay probiibly decide the course to be rotI-v~i iig i I illl ct~u'i i og'l \N r-l' owed liv I be auithorities, swho ltre has there ti- en;11 101 tinra- Si~ IaI' 1s itltilitit tiithatiti-Ites willlbe the iuiilii"'il it h lb it r iiinlitton Ii h(-I ii ttst irislitiltoits to lienelil fr-oma aliftitr."hll.ii i\ ti-i-.-. a it Hi i t-f i i i f it b t ii gtoiitt. public assem 41 tI oIi ii---- r,"i.~-i, I 1, Il, li ii h q uitiiC' iit lito itie(utthI ere 1111 is a sum) -mll:illiilli 11' li. a -u- l". I:1 'I'it 4il1itiiY of Inlulenza vascinf ort V4. ttt~ikiiqtin ttotl I ir.rl rti-il 1)15 nto 1tI-n rlit general itnoculation of of 7237. etottlvses In large c-oncerns brought a *,Against Red Cross, Says Soldier Writing' Home Rochester Infantryman De-" scribesHis Experiences in Two Pitched Battlesr Americans Charge Into, Machine Gun Nests. Mr. and Mrs. John Ashton of 453 Epworth street, have received the following letter fromn- their son, Private. John 11. Ashton of Company K, 30.7th Infantry, A. E. F., describing at recent battle.,lie says: '.1 have Mist come out of the big-'gest battie we have yet been through and,alhough I am physically alt i.1 and as weak~ as a two-year-old, I con-.sider myself lot-ky that at grave did trot claim me for we cert irly have endured gre'at hardships in the past 10 davi while in the front line. We halve,mlw lean relieved anrd are on -out- wa'r Iitotttolthir stir for a month's rest..'It I st CC.eaItighliIittg experIence..hbat tis attacking it'e itnnry, camie one afternoon when we went over tihe top ant- were no 'sooner over thani the dirty Httns opened up on us with matchine gruns. $nme of tire boys fell, buit the rest kept right 01n and only stoppedl when darkness came after we 11e11 Cli piureul it Oerma n gin and gunnrer. Aboltt tllre lilys later we were agaiii orde-rei forw-art in broad dayligirt and the same thing.- occurred. A numbler of lhe hogs fell, but we kept right. on t oIng-ltat's lre American spilrit---and madle 01u1 objective, captilting ttwi tore machine guns. We tiiok ontly one prisoner for we did not arillany tnor10---anti of course you know what lie rest got-rile;cold steel. It su~re was ac terrible affair for awhile rind I do not know how it was thlat they mesised me for I was' in it at the thickest. "The Marines ale doing a very good work over Ihere as well its-th. rest ofthe U. S. Army. They are all making thle Dutchtiaien sit tip and take notice anll if a Huln ever feared any-boy itis an American. Only the other day I met at prisoner and lie said that the Amoericans were the best ighters and thiat1 1-,rln o till soon he lic-keut. The wveatherhenrsltas been dis11111001 Ii- 1but tat does 1101 stop us fromrliving in dugouts part of the tirjle. riot that is all plart of the game a~f the sooner the gamtie is won the be ter I shalt like it but I don't want to go hack until the dirty iuns are given a gootd bealing it-h ich wi-ll mean peace for thte whole voi-ld. flow is sterylblltg In the old town? I 5ti~pors it is pretty deall, nott, with till the youlng fcIloas golie, but it is bietter to hiaveIt, It (lead fun a short iwhile' ainiiihare the feltliots over here fiishthtils thing tip then to hate there linger at hutne anil hal-ftIhe towv nd Estimates of the- n}~ reconstruiction -work to be 19 towns in this Bounty ha mated by County Super Y. McClintock to State C "of Highw~ays Edwin Duffe 'inder the law these ems, be filed with the state' c,before the beginning oft t tbe nwork is aubdivii cla~difications, as follow nan'Ce, including prirnar3 the repairing after heavy and so forth; and, necons cluding the Improving 01 highways, straightening widening and similar obji It will requlire the exi $236000 to complete thi 6911 mites of highway operated upon. It' will equiv-alent of 18,300 days do the work. More than Ions of tar will be needed cess and 1 11,300 cubic ye and gravel will be requl 1.470 tons of coal will ba carry out the plans. Tire following tables ha Strong Boys Nee To Help Harv "Spuds" And Announcement was Royal F. Johncox this that there is immnedial about 16 or 20 atronj work on farms in See cerport and near Canal apple picking and othe i ng: Potatoes remains field most be harvests if they are to be pi'ote the frosts. The boys v to) the farmsg early morning. Information Itog the itork may be a the.fourth floor of lb pual IBuilding. JURY, FINDS WIFECG 1f 1;tiil l n (Is-S Waatt -- I) SOtr best to tiring abo10ut ')ull ottniihanrds cdealt and do iit 11 In t hr 0 ut11hi. I tt Cret.s roomiltielltt'enli I--f i t' X41 -iled Se 1t 0.14n. l~ IPf Fi l t itr. te alit it rI I I.r - l I o,h li -.,iil111 1 rtoi i icsIl l aIl h5;r(Ii rt l ii ke Iifi ta n.1, I;'I' [1 1 Jii riii-it t ill-u 1t fl,iI titlto f I ti Iii i - ii '-i n-- %If ililat/tltires- wla --I f- i). ifIi- i iill ii ti lt-I i f n-s ttas t a ilrss ti-its" qES' AIDES DL' TD A NTVJn 10/03-2006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M

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