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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~ - TIlE SPOKES MAN-R ' EW, SPOKANI*E, WASH.. WOKDRV MOLD UP DILL-WEBSTER BETS'A ER NFAOSWOUhLD CUTELECTION COSTS~ W R.D VE (falrlsit'ao -ut Nrtmar n2..As Ha I A DERS N Ig.T.I% Coaaasiamer iHoward Studies Teas,Q00Jority Wagrre. Fian-"Exedetites Work. 3RINGS 35 lrmrnrlF eage-. Ji.detrietia. "" CONTiNUING BA N Spokane county, which. isnow paY b1R ag l-ld up fr th. ofi-it 87000 an election' tq ' the Price for conagressrintohr Fifth may redote this more than 3o per RIN S 35,00b Dig ill.p orThe LetlK aMereextntr e ivet-ig.atintheTea Pters Re oats Steady Frog-. H i C. Dii it o ti Pat-tin lO rWith 29 Pneumonia Cases Against sy"ionrereinthetiials cunthe are -10 County Ditrictsei.%'..asal the old guo ere- orc. at. sa Eight New Ones a Week Ago, th or rs retcast. - It costa about $30 Exceed Quota. it any, wagers piaced on astraight Officer Seen Menace. fice~ser'. cale ~war HEADS LIST The euricos te t s that there TOeGO BEFOREs toUmayorsJioaaAustGaivest sce to have teen roe ost moneyTO G BEOE CUCLJeFlPsorwrGavtnI seaed that Wehrer wo uid not icc' e"nd San Antonio yeeterday to get a mrr' titan 2tental e it. Thr mosct '-- general ~pinion of the officials as to (sni9sty' ea lcxBest ChrtOO. crti tpublilhetitaboistion of iho'Diors.. Irrs.'hrca and Teachers hots flt' s) sttm is workinig oct. 't"e r rrt teetffieloal retIurns fat't' "The r}"atrle wouid mean that one io tte-ijtreanod i elie 9Vrs"r a majerityof 2691. tall it1'rr,iet ainst Litt- meel '-f oflicials would begin counting (tis x luny-. lr~teu-r, thero hne enceretutrns lg itr iaratie. 'dee sonhotlr after the polls oen yint ihat blitthat gil e the lude andlthut In ashort time after oh.' - itillotestol nd.Dild lgio golnet! - -polio rletot'd 1thr vote wouid be rouei Ch'AR CanCull 1 ICC kItEP- -somabitut -t u many as his etppt.- 'l'h' it'"it tACO.DATA '-d," ogeti Comnlleaiontr Howard. 117101%S. n nI.I etsa. reteti pesterday. 201.."Two ballot hens o re usedj" fiili'e is 'Itfiges Piet' o tclose that mnasy; nathe musonrday tas eek. 2141, toommeseionerr Howard will aek] to iiti dnx-sa... b1 ly ~o ii tnut Ttalscases t. date. attdtt legriciatota ie approve the system if nvnatmtrtaCo'..:10 teorl! tierofficial announcemeot ato-rtoeter- i0 has no eectt to drawharlas. nag Iisretcr o!101teecele Thte 'oDuty atitlireare, day 2 C"HO ---- 1 Inters..M000 oelptetl toel 'near thte eeturnsaj On the-s cla ttart eek, 1. Vii: anana sea."" """""" "Q wi ti tl 1 0 lays and Certify themttoI Deaths repored lsat night by un-Hr'il adE tisa.11 1-".rlr fnnI rs m kAtn..... COLONELS RANIK Former Cornmandasnt at' W.S. C. Returns From -Service in France. DEFER SOLDIERS' RETURN font Expect Doys Back for Two or Three 'Years." He Deelarea. MEANS $72,OO0 TO US IGoverament. 1n laci-ed i ai Hased. of Mesn Wino Ile Robbed' Pseblic. somWittli...ouaitstes- In S--I (iil...............a i"Itt iisrttlt Co........ 400 atpittyrs........ 07$ tirililog teams huoy 1-eterne' olp(t'etiow atown dievtiol checked in last night 04un5.ciers of tile unitedwar WI $O 36,000. dotr wele planning lasth 'pen thes work in the restrits this morning, and the ewgs peoted to. depend whethdr 'the influanza han It was thh feeling early ternoch.that it would he great 'preparations were 6.,bioL nsthoc i~ln of I*ac ii'aped &St~A csatllngs rloe 'joo 't1t ' each'-a the ntit ze Qept. 7'" 1'Knerihy. othalrnmsos of the, evetr te htp. 5Jt t~LhIA ovrta trpen.tttÂ~ing 'brought lh by maniy ir diitricta whish lead are: Quo0ta. hij crlbtd. rde y1..8$400 $810, y.....j....100 34 0 10 200 00 '.....1 biy20 ye P elf 'he Ra~tof any l~r s utie 'the city %prAsotin' T ho phalrman 3 h t e sin a a n o n e mn e n t. Sp ot h a n e f t e ai h ft r e p e r t e d o f i al l y t o d e. N I-t) t tlrsw il the rcinl"asrd to- A G EAN0s Ide e. Ntsewe r ttIfst-nashospiltal. 4. /A( CL N O S e 1'--- - --C- ases dlsshsrged. 5.! "' c'n~~o~r's'I~an EasesIt hasplital. 140. ELVLIE U jL,- UMVID Thetr-.rtcelrcehec nod ocltole well Public Demands That Dirt Be Ban- ~ T If rIl I-n Dr. Johrr t It.hdecr o.itty theahit(-tJ fihed and Hostelries Obey r_ "" TO INFLUENZAL iflier, h eteteottrd oct tighi. "Tie-" Mandate. 1~0.I returns ttovydoiot01o((ety arty lift' __________ing of thtuit. at this time'." modd the healtil tfflvrc. "t am nt telcog CREWS WORK AT NIGHT Clee Grover, Medical Lake Farmer, my mind ritpe005nt as emon as the ct situationsiwarranisa aterrain tO tef Follows 'We to the hs tagalitt I will hae fat(io In itesLk e Grave ~~reroow fbdIi. In thia matter Iomutt Modern a lsesLk e Grai.tceguiti I1,it htteltuation 55 it tie-,EvHerey frirang-Patrons Par telpso aythe figuores ar re heitheDetI GEORGE A. PAGE IS VICTIM icd(ter h tte ftll lf Dr.,nvtrnon would eec hoidtio B Y SHANNAH 1I.SDAL.. ettutragemcnt for opening lent MeW5ij~,DalsasiMarkawits. 'Mother ofOSeny. Oft- cold that ho had pri- John.Wesino one s aid rleaniisssss olt xreort-ti the belief tai thtere is neat fh (itidlite. Ol e could hver TeaChiden. uecsaa C trigi ie teldile Jiiln c, t:':aid also jt won almost ae iff'icult n[. Epldeanie'. boo neoxt Sunday. hut tt exrit rday' ataianment, for it Is' of groaet Itrice '. r --- flauroadid utolleud lixtiec,. Seven deaths from pneumonia fol- (iatkages aslling Tandtin nsa outward.oLie lowing Influenza were recttrded yes- Thesirti l nagters O Ie' si aeagagcsnl. ndinilduta larday in Spokane. formed th-- ittprrooilon thot lte city I manifeclateine is indemanded by' the Clee Grover. age 25. a farmer nfl hoard tor healthOmrighit Jilt tilt' nflic- letibitr wherever it gone. Ithe Medical take region, died at the ies 'I 10CC ranit OIntaklob"'flet ttite'y A ctty is bnteocn by the ulrsnniesl looms of his parents, O ad mrs etii'c rOttgelltlroit':1lttliOYfnrr- Ifits stret-r tttle ortier of It o rat- Coltet- P. J. Jteaneaaey In the nat IJ. CV. Grover.,PN816 Cannon sisreet, opelea tl f"roner ~tm.frs i if ido nlez atSn i O iof. 'otttetth C ise lcthey. ways and tl.r~dtn fisad, 1day morning. IBesides his pat-ante, he wer. irtformed that n miltte rr litng walks. A strecnger gaes othe rs a: ormnata Id survived by an eight-montha-oid thi, -oba itthel i'ests.'ntt-rt.i octichai leerrito'of istows by th.- enphal Iri tt)hrtn tol11hee was c omadant t 'and. two brothers,'obn Grover, with met aeo te'i 'tone oa D o ugre talnst trea liot!i- rai eanoat lOft-gun Agriclue leI thc.Amrneian' sapsditinaey forosain healih Itoard att1:111thtiseloring trsefa gr lotroieyami-italln tcic France, and Ray Grover. a member Darters. Test-hera.tnfteen Protest orBhe ahit. In ttigood r od day nofe..alCtala ofth tuens amytaiin orsthe early 'Oils the h ho-reilreoedo Wler''ftautd 'Piematian. othstdnsam triigcrs Dorioure. t'nchero and ita'Iriere tuoks need fn recommend In all I Clonel ientitesary ihas had the dia at te0ChneCh orne shooormalcaleschool.y eaTheoficalestd- tile nli theiuhvaiisitbathnglchoo ofMrtend-rsesroveeartatnayec thetonniaslinn;frtffirs( ieutnan bSholt of. adMs rvr r tdyi'proteet againat lifting tbe let- ence a mocntb and euggreeatate itoII litin of 191n; fo cohoellIunaNt Seol~.fluenza quarantine'. -They wren in- tha hahit was oncee eatallished it to Sci3tee "Her. weath. o le toNo ittisa Grace Dysart Victims. forertotiy ltr.Anderson riiat tile "ritld he focd not hard 00eto ntInttt..ft...05 Coos tzty ont the Mexicnrborder Grace C. Dysart. age 10, daugahter place istnoilk their views kniowti was butt rrnttp enjoyable. and itt Fraer.e and weara the blue of Mi'. and Mt-a John.Dypart died on the Ifrocr illhe city coureeli. A Sane)ttl ittsches were tbe rild out'cerl o lalf o o i s.se4tt tasnois-tr of them premised ti atiteti titetlern ft'r 'rpele and cit- 4sut 'icoorhseeef o i -at the home of...4VIii tkirettootne of'the counefli then atore- '-f adding morn satnd or pling up a ' non t tsric iotheSEuopceaniivthe BiWtioaette. -. l3L -tonie e triee ino thk'ev-opeat-ter hodfomTs itle.4.0' f ' r when. hboi-h ei45aof tefin 11f1- few inors..rusher on t (Ivflor mad^ lxlsceeneo slluaen clsiA afternoon. leg argem. rt wilil be heatrtl 'ieaning an noaty-task.l v'fht' '"elyee 34.thinfantr5 iehsinsc elo.eliof Mrs. Pasequalina Mosotto. age 83i. " - - - no germ 1hterl"to 10harrow t ldef0 t h lsjsfur weekbsdivo. lie Eli hidaeue id tteSEEK FOUR MISSING MEN lteees hen ortd lift wuc. tilteor ait. ~ ar 01fu ebeao i Ir~l4 hir avnue did a th miplomater.Ye ~ld In pe- 1rclrrs now instrsct hinm to report fcr Sa6cred Heart hospItal. She gave ninipiti toalte. Yetrid or rttanandOre rt'it'e wihthe is 1th division, at birth to a child Monday. which dind. Pellet- Are Asked It lod Psesnstdd eomoat!nsforltnon o rn Bowie. near tort Wrieth. Ternea. She lisurieved by her husband., sught hSt Reat~ves. bolt lin A rhummry protattoity lt h it e leave expires coi Monday,'.but lie Angelic Mossuto. The body Is at r woulenld niake camodern Fi)n ifen e cri ep (t eu"anetninI i~ Anges Mosut. 'so bdy at Chirfef fPtlice William J.Wnlr ygs ti p anti perish lfeni hcrrtr ' Ite r o rerianotieoo t ce Btiehanans. ~~~~terday received four requests thaitohetIons was as absent quantity.Ono-tltengtgofteanti~nsri 'it aeMplys ofaeB Roger. Shoe eassist In finding itereone' presueud to There Is a rtimi-r that s e'lrtain hlceoromotien. Ito old division traitied cmayde athrhm t3be in Sppkanr. 'at.Is Thittet know et-methiog abot e I'aw Dodge. Iwa. Nintbaoen. h i Ornsdb esof tho ldtetrco.Iit ptht-tit' p- tatrillznsgby boilinrg. end sne sgood rPat-a e s lt Diwlsbpe' her erane, fr. nd Ms. -I. ro-peal, is front Syciocy tickher. rage 1it -lid ltttreewivee recognised the cirtuee W rie nFac nAgs els cndfur sisters and threse' Stokle Plans. Itevonlitrl,.Enogland. t'f analding poto and panse a 701ln ito ieitgtigC h brothers. The body is aitnbucanan's. who has been dradcisntoth r lrtieh using..But they wore few. tr fetl.' said C'oloeni Henllnesey. "The army, lsaving Sic agedi nother wiih- Fabllest'acd to tike Diet. AmeiricanI esldlera have rertainly dune Tiekaet AgtesO Sesasabs. out meansaof sutport. tie oaya that uetoikade e' ondrrful work over thert-. nod many George A. Page. age 35. Wlith oshswre ar n o~Iiay The publ irtednwto ie adite'adof t1cm west into aetioen witillittle Thireensth avenus. ticket a sant at sacrificesato kete bint. in nc'hool.He onnr af dirt In what it ntc. and itill th&ti$loit station idI t he Dna- talssthat hill fa tSC!r J. Beakero, alspn pmdrnolo ~ 5ruO et ofe- rilgevsa -lotths psinter rr telIusae ivoser r t e tw mwteanre hbtshelslith conese hospiltal. Hfstos surt-vedb p intras ocrtrf1iufrmoerael nfat ofohdirt Oeine edited for good lh trIad t a hnd bnfot-n the war to hts aeidow. M-te. Lut-lae H. Page. Ths e tkiown in 500 kane Ino former peace. measurs e r mnet neoplse'devottred tet oiig of the slorthwestrrn meo body Is at Smith & Co.'. Mr. Page be informed of the eirecinmi.anfero tncosevralhnded i i efr 0te who have uetiittad hemasi ens no well foismes'ly was in the P. P. city ticket requested to rommuniotieo with tisetrl orIen Ple ryteases. office here. but wee transferred tb wife and. son. Policerofficere haveti ded.'Whiein Perlei.ji set ators startingr -Chaney as cashier about Ifour years nat sesen'kim in receitimonths. Price at Dire is Rising. for hteme. I mat Geoneralt Paei'tonald ago. About sic months apo he re- C. Martin. Tyson. Idaho, cot-ks in- The deetorn hove itad a gretat doat of the gist diuision. an e~l arnie tulrned to Spokane. formation concerning;1. W, Parker, to do w'%hi moern rr"voye~tnc for te friend qf nler. acidlie told me then Mrs. '-David Markowitz age di, died whe formerly worked for him. Rn virtue oh cleanlitss. end the featr that the divieton was mnving or Intt at r m Wal)S13 aeoe avenue, stae~s that Parker left Tyson ceet- ef flies ast a bypro~duct of dirt hasl the Belgian country at the nortit. Die atewylst*of -these says.. She ly 15-fir oisulk car, with thetsantler- also added to itescomemorcial value. patebese sines then hare shown that hid ~ 'lived n Spbeanre '18 years. The standing that he was to restrn No- Nowadays it is boutg ht and evld and they did great work there is action. 'underal will be held at 2 this after- vembke 5. Me hall not beon heard of its market pr-is a dity risting" rite!Ralsln~ran Cejo1 n from Smith & Cs.ts Mrs. Mtark- sinces. The place where the ptobi omsemis Aniee esi t~es tlwit51 Is srvl ed by her husbskid" The Yakima Red Cross ols Ian re- to demand etranlineasathe mtatis in 'ls-rtrtnny marks the whole ei 10, clild ran 'The cidrean are. Mrs. lef department is endeavoring5 to get Its hostaeles. The hotel that Ia net uasion sinces the sigtning of the emIt-. At' Davis and Sadts'" Route and Jo- in totiel with Dire. Minnie 9111.e or eleas o I the. down add oter-. Ce- tire. It makes mo elis now that I seh ako to lli Spokane- Mr-s. Miss M innie Mayer, praeticed to hoehtrts of er-ubecnoen. hateries ef bed passed up threy ppor-tonity- her pr-n It}-d- }} Bestsa -Isa- isa Spohane. Mer aged --fathoe-" I& vj.cuoi rcleaners Fire eminioed. Whole motion cod had remained w'ith my eleeo; Samuel. with the Amer-loan E. 0. Jeffries. South Send. Wash. tha table lines specklttse and every hr ief ecpsrienor over there has biee trops n Fsine.andHarynewIn eek amanrot ns.~tol knwn 'idr~y- Onthe modern Inn is hortna lse P- well worth whbile rmyit n d st!1e.andatHarrncouver 5sektta, who was smy na n s ngd reaher svery nighit, foe "I iamnoeeljust eurer what my status bhearyadsaindaVauerpoks.ot~tntbbs N ain o d fntortheabout halfeet cidtt iglit the army sill be or ramp Bowle. I atn to he barrcks tie a th Nin Mies lan oftheof cleanes tote-throulgh the optblic attacend tel the division. That 1s ae Auguteflueisen. age i. a 1ine. Washington Water Power cotlpany places of a hotel eod scoittr their way far as me information goes. Tho fu died k at heInfluenza hospitalat10 and later at Mtaitne. A relatlve, through the lobbies and hllwae.'o tur'lac of the oen 00 the training ranipe oclock lst night: Me haÂ~ been there Wilitain N. Mcl-er. feormerly of St..' it uncertnin at this time. The facl Isinee November 9. Jose before hIs tLouia, Mist di o4 recently in San Fran- ius Be tnmmacuate. that the dealt hoards ace Instructed C.Iheath as inaterprster reached his bed- Cisc oho Intlut-nsa. leaving $1600 The tiling in rteho tl rooms roust toeclassify the men under i:1 seems Clede, and Retnaaein made known the worth of Liherty bonds and "Scotty" beimroaculete. he carpets must ho significant. It masy he the beginning.ddfse'fcse'%e-5 cn~r&H abts oad to be-ieiaheir. Oflcver's unfleched by tterade, Che glase tops of 00o50 system oh caiverual rtreo chad been tn Spokanle elk years. At the effects are in ctargo of a Mc. Bee-(it the dreaing tablra mast he ae 1ng.' oIutbrseakt-f'-h.-Wt---to0- f "4hi.s.(thsng.tablevf L -oporating Gees tee Pullmsa Todsy. - Irothnee. who haul boos with him. re- tractoro. Nevada Bank hbulding, San room. As for seriter in the ce Cf ColoneliT'Hennessey, because ateeon 'turned to their 00000 country. Francisco. Cal. it must ha oipen to. innertlos. The noebloi restrictionsnon eflloes a[the~t __________C$ PT Cfloor monttbhe as theooil beuewlveelint, teosabla, to epnalp in detail rf AT(CTY '.M'ODIKPTMÂ~ Jused eo say. 'clen niogh to, oat bin experiences at. the front. Mn dis. eff of.'".0covered an 'tilaarriedt In Spokialer, in au.31. 3i ~~ ~LusmbermsanSiOus itlahat-utures to Thu public is aattel'Iddwltb no less. The Spokesman-Rtev-iew, that he had iD.Gg fSetnI.teCerFlo a.Asotdarn- atea ~ieljbpkn ini i eiet ly d'Alen. tnpinstlatung ocros the. arm of ntL.Idmith. formerly a reporter en The d~~leoc. '.' ~~~Disctrricig usinesscsolitteno heel- wetter have cost hotels hundreds of t oona-tve- d a nw J. it. Smlith of Gaheedale merchant, lowiing the war. J. PF.tMclolelick o' inllrs in patrenag.thr puobllr has hpm In on are tima. bethadakvowen is at thd. M~~jextlb..h Meicidrich lumber Icomepanyp e sybariticlourceof what i lets. ataecee e; utmadieerru Is ryÂ~i'p atrth M ancer.tfiOessaemoe(l heetordayC hymyh esOcln nter C toset Inthe lIcks. Thtyamay 'FetchpJr..irancherhofrDdoeoael-Mensnessey -plans to hiaitt 10ti theCoeu d Aone."Like the rest, I anneoptimistic for Individual homtehlet nvhen they laoe Puillmlan Isitay. Mr-a eenssssy. who Is atW Bateeo tha Copoc d whnet the future. In view of the events chroad theo cleanestC to none too put-n vasa Ptaitmy.ngit-.t hb e.lvn C W Bleis tte of.iaep. wetwhich have talsen place, who.culd fur them. I ~oar o e enit k a.Ms.Ge!gLh.s o f oeirevr c ol 1-I I., tw. r peortl,- th- ( were nt"nS -.n__r_____oso_ _If ha miakte t1t trll. After notn: disco he requet-t'ruas not grated. which Macor Faecett announced hr would go att hit- own oxyLater intt he afteranoo furthi: furnel discussion oreas held by cilty commisniotters. after wbirh missiotoer Fle-miug atonounced ihe rangements bad- bere reache. sanding both thrt mayor and the attorney., nti Mseycic Fasotttsait thaj ion wrsittoet to Betttun Phicl rote hacatillg that arrangeentes be for'an nttgrview with Poatin General."ilurleon, federal telei administrator., Means 572.000 to. Phioar tat-s 'This incese meats $7'3.040 Ohe tdleionusersneoef Spokane." lee. 'If t curt bead it off or hell siuation!t toy- tay Itam wIlilt spend Smite, should t etty cc net cae en1authtorise the trip. I reec, I aenfttornoed (hot the crt sione-.' oretaintg a differrent vie it andtln000' favoeirOndtfifg tOPS ibot lion t'votnsel atd myself." litsatlg In tadigenut. Commiosiettr itieming u-as it ttant or. er thc etnoeed telephone "To thinkthiaIitt H. t). Pillchuc Sen Fro'e-ii. generol cousel1 10 father ',lt-ihett ompanttywoe foulght the 'eity ot Spokane and phone o-ris I.thia '"typsat every oh the retad her r e than four y nooe atiarera a erprescattv ttl.- Iarn;.bintt o lilenhe Ilir irleletotlrroinny Is tile 01 said Ole.leicng. "I am In favi fighting this tecroatre to a finisha thes Tine on which tot- had sn prior to the goeect taking control. '"I believe In gonerciont ow chip. bitt not of the kind that I force On the tanaigeoot oh tolep affairs n ibeslate. The euver-n htam played Inte the heeds of men bats riobbed the public for yeara nate appear- as reprenet tete uncole Samo. To add insult to in, ouc corporation -lor'ing public sri commission must lIter-fern Is he of the tt'lephon company ott flimsy claire tiet olttrateero nee, Increane,1ofswges. Oh the prep increasto. eooloanihars I..otestur say that a small part of It willr the pockets ef the telephone of tern, who no doubt are entitled t, that they ash." KEEP EYE." ON LEGISLAT 1.. R_ uHamblen HeadsJlownrChat Wi~lth L. B. Reaiblon as chali L~ester P. hidgasaevico chairman Mark F. Hayfield as secretary, new legislative roomlli~tee ef -rhamber of commnrce had its teoirma lRlenbnehn has named ruraI aub-rontlttecs eso hadle feots egoctecl to coe up at tile legislature. The subcomittee mec reevinmondationa to the t toes to determine the attitude of chamber on those matters. Tko subonttctteca ar-n ax fell the first named being ehatrMat eaeh Instance: = County goveropment t-gforms. eluding clvIlsce:s'J D. 'Shsru C. P.-Zuni.nd '.iE. ICinie,....Incrgascs, in..ienaurance Dsa itt F.ML. Pcpe 'WW - '=Larki a5"J Cooper. 4' School leglslatlonet. W. H. FParot Blue sky law; George D.' Ayer A. Teofeujoa' 0si, Jlime deeper.

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