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ï~~ 6 _____ QESERETEVENING NXEWS LUURSDAY aC20DJR 10 1918 A S l~FUNAI ~ PEDISYS GYRNE I~1Lb AMUSEMENTS. I___ All hssesdee by order o The ~~ORSE THAN EA GRIPPE CITY 1A05 AIIIOBIIY ~ [ NPJ ' ~ ~ Srn ~~*~~s55L lii fINt lya Cvor rh fiel Nulltrl o[th IIIUUBl i trn ',,,llvI11nRtt In the city, oclcon- UInIIspitIL lnterruptow f at the bernoferrmysa A ______ I c.' %Ith Glen Miller, local finord NUewH Ibout s~t cil~n oase.last night, the new bill at te wetni nri~ t.( cr~r wr. r.Dpi uI Distric Court Instructed t rhu rvdt eoeo h to.s for a fnew daymn', time..Unusually good' waa.ths e ae ofban1 Isatsthat ho tn not only on at Allow Demurrer indctirnedbynurospros'a aloan r ---- als..LriHmren t~t 1o on a re-{ _ _____ os-foaa ne~oaPre andr:+. rinrrlnl ti. Ho tree recently repI -..__..._._ sad Thursdays fro sumnerl In Whic sedese Agent SLre Caeresent* an exceptfonally pleasInghi t,.,,n n heslt ndti cmtnlo muslcal comedy- Their dancinganbonlxtest t I by that l!0,4 a" d joosn",e he knowst I l- enin are artlatl.anid. daint- ieapmee o Is itto onIoo ctntothdiooanrCta -sa, fParker Â~n ls~ay osatumes are mos >prospnotnle r5tons3fI Of trath. tore ecidedtlooy so than the oldf fejelio- - Whlnte E togv ~'c ent Cme ChiInsecoro alluing, hadh:oeo too Idlaho. Wyonsg, al. Ivan ', to gripe. Eastern paters, he says, down to defeat, as decided hy the see- cotms ate is ensatloal orer maltui rn Ae os lnoraro, Oregeen, I t 00t soflcwsrase ewhen they told of1 promro cnurt yesterday, In tho Bomoser H l a rmSae e,Chnofcae ttep nmrMelen rntlweteexl;,:+''red o te. l~roe ad t i 3rand gives a special number of hits own niIs Gon-boiont In.e-n reod n'lo t- dshoos be otl nas sch"ool ones, it was able to snatch wha James Conin and: Myrtle Glassar eals 'r-lto y5at h7 i p;tllc.rmo:: ponseihe to prevnt, ma poveo to be, an Important brand ( among the favorites. They presett ho e k foennrbed onlobone on star I Ie ___________ srnsrl~li.NE n'rIeaee2) from the burning, The suopremo U DERt an arrangement per- A hoot1, a Flirt and Her Father.~I ato IIut corsdnolslcn appears to hold'that It fetdi Wsbgo,, of songs, chxatter, tnd pattesrigfoe Ths iok.t~t hesieyief~~Ba ~nesIs nocesnwary for the board of educa.- Preston A. Thatcher, choir- wrhallsbytefoswo.ndm o sprate aril utioint from d LI... stature and couhteance., retemlste.that oat the, Paott' and!incur. I t, Â~ ddaeu POT Sz ter oni to comoply with the city ordinance tta of the Induetriat omi-somewhaut a combination daey fiesa. mr-cy a2.60 per t requiring that all school buildings he Sion of Utah, waa there to attend a stage conception of a college profe-IUtI year. 21.00 for eta months. I -atinti women of Salt L~ake are' connected with the firs dspartmnent, by maetipg of the' war. labor,. policies sn and a grausbopper. Last nighsUI UAA fr-ee sample copies sent on!ihfn ae by the Cleto Ceuoter as-" telephone or othoerwise. This port of bad h ureau of mines of te1audience called Conlin anid Glass bac rOcsltieOL totd loa qut n t~neatedciinras again and a aln. Mharta Lo and s-~ fnton iho loadnt soies aned anet Ther eion hore a tir e i United States department of the In- erai-associates appear in a number o lf t________ the state university. Fifty each men presented, nam'ely, the one relatIng to tutr wilh r playr preneinent attractive art poses, winning genera a~re at loresent without covering and aI the coonection of schoolbudigwit roa.Thsiggofhe$ great nmber wh shouldbe stayng1 tie'ire deartmentbypgrwih. it, the inspection of the ines of apoa.Tesnigo h ~o threnmbrhoholbetaigtefrdertnty telephone. orahyrca'nn City Four. elicits -enthusiast~cap ON ther TAi.n hare forced to stay at other places etharwise i n accordtace wIth theoerdl. 1Ja-bt. or iyror n piauset. MrsW ON TaHEegs whoN~ the chair- Hance, whiob We have-ri * to..In thitalllfefoii. - The two-Amora." sisters: bille MsEns albrgrwhscai-~ our Iedasusn -lt~ SPEIvld-eit~s heDeeetNesIsonSlec ta of the anioclatont has calted llp orit d snt h thet i a v ireattioe his 'sanduncd yesiterday: With "Those:. French Girls," exhibit sar 1t.Ds~trtTa Nw sonSl nSalt Lake women to furnIsh th s nu sonph-htsbor f ato th6-'QIslt here, fromn Butte of Carl A. tllag -ability in certaIn IlneW of phy plaeDilile 23. en-' 140 o n estrt, ol the wllf a however. 'intended to,ap ly;wbee: the Elet.y &r'n- hn'h~ rlgmatc.We as sn vcenek Whpan ot $bta0 p, A-re rlieJtat or y, esor they wil beat 'y5et- building ia cqmnpee4 and not been.with the bureau of -mines car In dance. Barto and Clark give. a noveCodr rvs Whte o Cnr Nse ONewsa Oft, te t ch o 50y7 noi g thouldrta a V in; proeesof oonatn'uotioo5 We the Butte distrct. M-Allen has been jkieaentation in. *hich, they reprqet pialethip - ----- -- akdwt teoee--enm n d pnot cQtteilv5 ally reaston- why the einaed -bstbe induaitrial comita- tW-A; wal knownr v pIetie a otalkingte ihth wersrastead d drsso tati cn eprmpl r-0 erectfin:of 14ny" such:bullibhg-sboold el as q himf i 'i e. or of maines for ad. --qlir}ng e:~tnohips (Gantle' ot dred on tlntI 0he rm uptl ns-4 beAtted Of eol9ined- 1#s~ tliat9F-1 # 4't p. - 'yh -4 l lhi a Iaroe oe h aoo~ltsissisdnae o coonpiited-w lth.. sty,: IseKe have charge of I- -"Ailnated p, o n y -- auiurr arrive, - t'se buildin in d*uestionli -oi '-/vr spetion word 'In both the mel and ponie nd dsapajoe~an ~siie~aa DES IN B IEF of-on asstro ---,and Is cr for use the; boar i". th.-oeyonlfsrousl milnes, end -of fun, The' travel AdeklY fe-ta-enebfr 1_ofLgan.___i___asiserof____ a atIon ebli -still,rel~ito oonoldt,t e;:" tinder him -willhq.. oho Crawforrd, turesacene front ilas:and' fro il- -.h~u M. D oddtoed hlro. AV. C. Baron: iysame, w ~ithb ttiefirdspa krtdt o4F t an Impsfrfence4'niner and maine execu 'Japan., and, the;or;chestra,gIves iS--.haytu a, Way, to Washington--George T. - lra rvddb te-eiac, thetb officer,, who is already inspector utsal contributionbatni.cne l'is on his way to, Washington, Major Painter Prsoeoted-.It -1ititcut4po tpwapia o~l~~~,o n a n In--ntoofhen r 'Mrs. Odell has been viaiting learned that M1ajor R. P. Palme r of tien admy copl tbdlno thte rlna e entpart p r t.ipf ihsmlrpantas Ci.pens and Closes -iiswt thetr daughter., this Forty-second tnbafltry,.a regiment of the beard of, sedoitlot- -?~t sa ws; quaifIcatlonsZIlp praotoeai eaperlenc bren'ndrs 4v"~ for Detroit-Mrs. C- H. Me- 'born and bred" at Fort Douglas. has read the. orLiniuite, Aged, howd{iee not wHilt bet*PilMaed eIti lagherar who 'iatei~' -L e eand- er furnishedInu -o toie qn ef ystrda fr e oben promoted to he:.;lieutenlant be de:until. tlo~ ohoel - unil4Ing _in $ti '} Natf alatv. aaie ein the new bili whIch ope--pttgOh wh! etreserwa calle rit colonel In the signal corp. -"He lan4 tompletod. -w-i-~ ---.Alaglt adepresell ed-:yesterdyathPnage B-fistosbee th eahofhr sudn-Iwamn cmisin~.IlOS fo1 bett pt' r frtE'ponthe hr;the. sto cause-of-the orderbanned' bo the sat the d Batt of he:mother, a setweneor in the Six"?th;infe-11tr17 Tha ec Io iy~boa1';; i1wri!ttse-lf htdfrt~~snn ots oard -of; health lstnightse showwa itmet -Mfr,' anelrp-C. P1. During the Spanish;w' irst wasr5- Chief-jut J- r-P lake;sad 'a lt 1 ied r l i"g'-L - isrobaIhly the lat..aiprfrane.. Ir' Ihoe been appnointed' teaaslon giant In M compan5. -lbtYfirst Jones which:a+1 M, r to telse tb eoa_;it>tat toalte at local _____it

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