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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~-in. woo77 Furs: b Wlace a1.....e.............. wro: S o rs. Charles B.: ] and Platthews for. Co2moIL.laa, Jdge Ths.package--hadand Fredriks, Hturley add Ze ey for mall box tcithout!4.Judge of- the Insolhen tftWlthe -writing- expm-rs 5 wetanddr aditina -- - package. - wet ad dryadd~tonaLPolice ao& Cor OffcitI tabulation of -the vo-te fton all qty nn's- death__w other omfies will be U44l leisurely by drowing, as5 the i the eguar eplotes f te bord ndtion shoed' his lu the ~ --, reua-mlye ftebat.1 Physicians WIS1 msF~r not be Pnlshedfgnpr eh-k. may his death was F It was found in the poll boos of Prerinct I). Twenty-third Ward, that Predriks had receivedi70 votes, Morley 49 and - - LI. ti 1'!4 ''- L-J - ".ia - 1J were cast on the regular ticket. Btectlon offiits or the precinct were summloned to.cxnainth~de~jre pascy ohldh they'were unable todicaccording to board members. Thes offials are John B. Held, Chairman, and George B. Brieder. Democratic Judges; P. C. Aschcrftand William Keeler. Republica~n Judges; Kennon Schledon. _!-mf i~r wiit i... - Health Board May Peim t e to a s k for if. - and Drills ia. Opca-=Seventeea oje,*ho have Deaths Tell BoDy.. tice carmpain o - -will enter 'the-treni u i. 6-... - - eebt. 1 Man Should Lapp's Naturalees, only $2j0 s3. gyn. These Toupees *Get ue to-day. II clng. Slasmpesisg. Wolbnder'ful Nestle COME TO-DAS". O YSta-le-This sea before the + I i.'' i Rtepublican Clerk.r.[ter hesring their testimony thc hioaid decided it could not go- bebi-td Ct' returns, and tnt1i were Counted nc ricorded. Attorney William T1horndyke. on behalf of 1Ir. F'redrt'cs. tiled u pe. test. Little change in the vote for Common;Pleas Judge, between. ltatthews. Democrat, and Locke. Republican, was made in the omfcial count, the former being elected by nearly 1.300 plurality. 9lnc!trcial figures Iii the r.c0' for -short terma Judge of the Court of-,Appeals. confirm the majority of a little more than ',000 received tn Hamilton County by Walter MI. Shohl. Republican, over Jude Gideon i:. Wilson, Democrat. Kelley Wins By 369 Votes.' Official figures on the contest for In-:iolvency Judge, tabulated by canvassers fot Judge Kelley, show a Plurality for,Kelley of 369. with the following vote by 8 wards and precincts: Wa':rds Fredtsr. Iturley. Keitey. irsi-t....... 1 seonid... 1...9 1139 1.53 '1"h~r.... 1,3 1366 1420 1Forth... 05.11 48t Siitth 5OAK 3. 11 tietet 91 410 3;4 Eiht....... 33 431 41i Ninth.... i. t 94 641 909 Trenth...:i:- 4710 7 Eiet-entit.... 1 139 A! 1,04; t altt... 1 It6 its 1t9; 'rlcteeni 1.0 "15 1.:12 Foetson h.... 41 531 iioi l'ifteenth..... 6' 464 631 Situeth 4:0 311 4::, Flisctntaswth -....... Mai1t4 0 Partial exemptions from the inlluensa-.l b-har -' ar quarantine may be allowed by the Board of Hamilton Cutty;._ of Iliesth nett Monday, according to ru- Representatives of:-1 ___ - - Workers have been In It Is understood that open-air meetings. Davis, Mrs. A. L. open-air drills of military organisationa Peter Q., Thomson and examinations of selectives by Draft assisted by Mies Alice Woe' ulct nBoards are to be permitted. The omen 'sublty an Strong appeals are to be made by thea- Robert Alter has been ter thanagars and clergymen for the lift- port system for printo log of t~ban on theaters and churches.., for Boy Scouts aulIti The prevailing opinion yesterdayw that the schools are. to be opened before erty loan have. reapo the end of next. week e-t- l--ad--womnen.--gels Health Officer Peters aid that ' while -business circles. there undoubtedly had, been n decided A corps of woman. abatemesnt of -the lpidemle--the -atQ - to addrsax-aid did not warrant the complete lifting of Each woman wilt ape the qutarantine. zatlons co-operatlni. Seventy new cae. and IT deaths were metalted with some.apt reported to the Health Department yes- service. Those-to eni terday. The deaths now total 0131. "ing crusade are. Miss Conditions were so improved at the Henry Frey, Mrs. Beltg General- Hospital yesterday that the Brigadier David Dun E~mergency Hospital at the County In- Treadway and Mrs. C roaywsatnbe.Tnpins Chrmn hrleV there were removed to the General Hoar- out letters to everyl p11.1. The equtpment at the County In.- territory. Tho letti tlrinary, however, is not to he dismantled equally Setween 100 until all danger of a -cecurrpnce of an Instructions to dillvelf epidemic has passed. Seventeen new the prospects. vases and one deathn were reported at the Team- C. which Ist General Htospital. tory in the eastern p The penny lunchrooms, opened during has "establislled' bsadqi the infl senza epidemic to gve aesistance tral Building Loan to families afflicted with thte- disease, sonvllle.were closed yesterday after hfealth 0O1- There are 200 worksr cer Wa. IH. Peters advised the need for they, have panned to them bad passed..-_ - in, rerd - e. Thee s mnessengers. rjrte b Vll. leae the cityr -alt for-- 4lL rganl; Each has bean-ems-- ecial branch of.the Sae? nte ek aultne Fibs, Mrs. fwed Geismar. Mrs: sauds L~otepeich. A r. 'aylor has sent peeon in Team -9r. ire were divided-; Boy Scouts w lb..' rtillitedlrectly to mostly rural termPart of the county. zaytnys at thuCen~i Association, Madir on the team andz exceed their Quotal1 0. In. is w nixedl I L. - F: j i a;461..Qo. inseeiO il 41 rhn' n-sese ee e-em-n Tni-nti'.i I;1':0'.! 1 Os' f Z iUri PAN NE1 ~lW WORK,. Ticinty-flt-t.... 63!5 65H, 6!' enty".e. '.nd. 104.. e~ I.. $us4 Comm ittees, compose'd of publicr 3wenithir15scool teachers and Prinicipals. met 'pnect-rooeth. I..t..t.1 1 x4 bSyesterday-with Miss Anna iLigan, AsI'eemny-vhri Le: 1 > stn Superlotendeit +'fV in-lottatl 'RI ING '141 C rtr3 ""..O "" lt:Â~ 4:: P i c Schools. o dsus w y n - 5,rs-o,i...... 1.14 --.4 Mn~wo~l... aA.,, means to maintain the physical rondiAnd~e.' 14. 14_ 431lion of teacher and pupil for thte new s''I:1 z= iheduis, which 1s to involviiext re":Â~ hour in the classroonm each day for E5r~t 41 4,, teacher.. and pupil. The rev"ised liar7 ir. i ".....; shedule has been made necessary to 0 O 1": t9 make up timhe loot wahen siihools were - 1 *t- Ii--.-r losed to prevent the spre-ad of inltd P p r, lA~rf '. '"''RIol. -,io'ciu-t.~tode'rte i"1 ''Arthur Busch, 11 months old. son of "- o.,ti-; )adoeAndrew Busch,. - Weast Nint h stret. ii. at-nFled in his -mothers arms en the way +, -ci,,'t i ', 1t;ito the General Hospital yesterday.." RetOur Plant iots.... atives told Coroner H-auer thi- '"till had Our lan I'c.i l. 5.7,;, _,1 1been 'sufferitng with a 'little- old.' but 1 1'11'Qil'l-LI' i i...114"" " ciit1,' investigation provet Od.ath tsecdue FO c.Majority of Wets Is 52,770. to pneumonia. Ge COO 'o org iS. inke. representing tit.. l,' niade a tahultati ii f in lths POOR CONDITION OF PIKE ____:t;__. al ieIures oun the 'net augil inL '_____" ________I C" t:7 r flriXT -oriu - "ei n- N B1 ned on Tactin toip nyanti cary lt i,i-ip ".ntire. so f-li -c - -.~, ~ Milford Waterworks. 1 "=s:Si Condi ion cf Vititter pigt..e froth Chairman, Gcorge -. ASawyer; Ticsefhir3 roan R.ttW. Bohuetth; Secestary. - A. L Clem" ofte: Office Captain, It. W. Bosse.; Wemen's +Captain, Mrsa William Albert )fall: Aceounting tLieutenlant. D. Edward Baueri Publicity Ltsutasaot. Van V. Doer; Spea!L era'Lieutenant, I. A. treton: Supply Lieutenant. (;. IW. (lemons. Division Captalns-Georg V. -hlart. F. IL Feseendso. IV. W. Cippinger, It. W. 'acdenberg.-Hi." A.. Cloy Ms. Tany Brown, ILi F. Stliuson. Oscar F. Kline, Prankh)Alaltbe. Waiter B. Richards. -11. P. tlornette. Jolnla J. Hudson. Feed Monroe. George A. harper, 0. S. 'Tcai and..tiMeble. A large part of the territory cone Ista of farms. Itiffs been divided into 14 divisions. as follows:1 Seven In )Madisonveille. Plainvtille. Terrace Park. Remington., West Loveland. Brecon. Highland Grove. blaieirla Icliti illt, (limp Dencisop. Tw ightes. Sixteen Mile and H-aewoit Two thousand pac kages of o-ar chest campaign. literature "were made readyf tat'-distributioni yesterday in six. hours by Cinotnnoti -Girl Scouts. In order to comply-with the Hoard of Healths regulations, offices in the Owynne Building were borrowed attd five Girl Scouts worked tn each nfilie. - it was reported- at headquarters yeaterday thet the firm of BischeC7-Sterne & Steitn, clothing manufacturers in the1 Putgh Building, weoid make a till-per- 1 cent returFl th fe war chbest. This flint LC I RED GROSS WORK_:..:LEAN l, CO.I _ I.:S IN FIGURES, Count Aiids Fiae Bruner's Total. li-n I. -. _i fi A - y --- - - Tnrg~j- - -- - - - j* - - -SI 71 _.13 F i0 253e Loveland rraction i 'iopany 1tirepair its crossingis and to a ir-ak in the mains of the Mlilif-rd iiiliii-i Waterwoirks. 'otunty $iirt-eyo.r Wiiliaili i loech repiirted tii ('iounty i.'.mniioerivi.-rs yestrattion company to repair thiiir ariseings and requesteil tilf..rii '-liheilae ta repair their pipes. Contract fir the irepair -f a bridge ono the PEt Miami Stie, --ad wail awarded to Josephi I. lope on his hid of $1,002. Investio:titin s-f complaints made by the C'incinniati Aiititriihit Club dsoiped r ali 4 n ietncr r were in villaiges in whichi the i'nammissinners tacked juriadictiion. ("iiinty.urv-eyne itueh reported. -lis*!itern C l hso? lneLhtnT~i9Stn t1ire arious- -enniny oepogrtoresa $3,4733619. si-cor-ding ii re-ports filied yesterday.SUGAR CERTIFICATES GO. No mole eerilllsates for sugar for itonte cunning are to be coored by iattfton "I ~snvWndtrihotiine~ii to.,....l TB Zs~ett zr 0 woo - ootry -- Says National Council. ~ Washington, Novemnber 8.-Relaxest ion of effort by American Red Cross -- chapters should ndt be permitted."on-- tit peace Is really obtained," lays areto - p ci to each of the 3,57 local" organist.-- 'But even with peace," said the Hies- M ns S sage. "'let no one suppose thatt the-was-k - SnaeErs of-the Red CMoss Iisfinished. Milllons $e nt te of American -boys are stil under arms. Thousands- of them aesIc-ick and i wounded.- Owing -to--the--shortage in bring our o3" Fm- ro rance.:y.O 'The cessatldn of-"war w.ilt reveal a picture or 'misery:such as' the;w'orfti - That haa;e bealrea f9 itas never seen berole, -especially In Ijut- 1. -a s'iaqa i many coi~otrles whlich can- lot helpi. -Sees, N lea'si CI = themaslass, -The American -people' - Dd l1SR 1.ay;i~ will expect the Red Cross -to act as --_BI ES r~A their alert In repairing.broken: iri's 1.1 - i tt 1 '.iiin. - ii - ii. I~t..-.. 4 ~. Ti T1" aeti a. rigu --_;it..:-;. - t tot 'a than last -ittits: - 'i --it..- '.r-n!1.1 1"i!-dt s. Jr.. - ii, i- I -i.. '-1 -"-.i". -l the.lirtii.n,,f " 1: It." i ii 15."4 0 ' ii t. '~.ttf "tions at this

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