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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~A: l Vs I /7;:7, pidemics. not so dangerhing more than rippe,"' said Dr. es in the careiseaae, are careg pneumonia or les to develop.: has received ig new cases in 300 Clinton 200, 100 and various and cities have I read epidemics of thought it wise to a~ fpeatos._. ent of precautions iding the disease. antitoxin flow in t should be used a large extent, for use as a preventive. Sslightest chance Dr. fayne says he is receiving teleposed to the dis- grams hourly for the antitoxin. but is eaith has furnish- unable to furnish any at the present,vaccine tablets to - e as the supply has been exhaustza is preValent to ed.....,-:- --:- - -:1 POORM Dorothy Dix Advises Eevry to Be the Fai Among my acquaintances is a pretty I young girl of twenty, who is engaged to be married to an admirable young t man. This girl's mothe died several 1 years ago and since she was sixteen she has been bearing on her slim littleo shoulders the burden of the householdcooking, washing and sewing for her father and two younger children. Now the girl wants to get married herself and build her own little nest, but father and her two married sisters are horrified at the idea of breaking ipp theh ei. andf=tell hertt I."t-6hter duty to put aside all thoughts of her own happiness, and take care of her father and little brother and sister. And the girl wants to know what I think she should do. I unhesitating adyise her to go right off and marr' heart as:. soon rs she can ant to div. up the sacrifice business with her sisters. There is no reason:why any one member of a household should monopolize the role f family nmartyr. Of courpe it is done. By some pro- _..1_,,, e nn V P r iiln 60 ~%American.rre of Bayer-Tablets and Capsules of etely under American control. The cornping them is being operated as a "100% n." Every officer and every directorf is Ln. s and Capsules of Aspirin contain genuine i,a I with Vnce. r your additlohal pronuine Bayer-Tablets ofI ross.

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