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It to necesairy thtat lu tll tiftirt a t outr Liltert y Loani Booth on parrets whenevrer It is the IbOloiriltFloor. ALBANIANS READY ID HELP STAMP DV'OUT~l INF[OEN1 Frost Wi Have 'Cooperation In tFi Drastic WChingqOderWhich Went Into Effect atMidnight EPIDEMIC - WAS INCREASING Mayeor Watt Acted prom ptly Afe Woferemee With Dr. SasieActors as4 Astresso 5.Loes Ciiy--Hoeithad Safoty my 4 0OfficiasstisMoor as. urday Moraine. With the drostic cloaing order tos-. aused tate yestertday ofternoon by Corn-.>: 'atasioner Frost, trito the odvice of - - Maor Watt and Xi. hiattter, health aofficer, Inano effort to stomp ot the - epidemic of iafluenas in the city, At- - betsis o n ce h e hnw that a * they would co-oereate toneery war with the oily authortties in the mono.It bad bieea the desire of the oat- Robert W. Rasotohie. thoritie.snot to close ocboettt, thea-" 'rho Albany hey whoss iciturs to ters adprohibittittoor nteetigs 00 bownr tn-day to PrivteHiobert W. les absoutely necesary, tat whe ttort itusale of (380 Statestreeot. He Is waso fosuni that tbo diseaoo hilt atrigh' a areroher of Battery D,'T'hirty-sioth en 2ld ina:.4 bhoristheoig oct00 cegitmcot, Twelfth brigade, Comp Mt.' as deeared hoot. It wenit iteof- tlellan, Alabama. feet ot l1',nt-itch tact reighttanttiwilt remain until 12tro'bokSturday night. Ettirptoyes of tho traffic dopartoreat StatementIissued. tof the.tDelawaroead Hiudsooscompany Thbero wilt ho a meetirrg of the itealth Itase receiteed a letter frets Myron H. ati safety officials err Saturdcrat orn- Jat-baon, formerly a stenographer to Ise. at whit-h ntie it will he etritteli the em{Itoy of the D. & H. Jacksoo whrether I t i toll e ersory tt cot,- writesthat ho to at the 11. H. Coost tie the clrosing totder. After fir. ttrrademy, New.eadon.. ConSarittor hati reportoerth ie i et-tt-ct. tie ayes that tho Y. 38. CA. sprestd.of teire tnecinterit city - ari othter place s of rsor t for thoerace Maott Watt calletd a eitt' otf lt"e ii troaing woro closed iasat week on baretr of estimtate artdtaptpor tinenttrt t s toef the epidemic otf taflucnna. yesrerrday afternoton. Lott-ctis talt- Jackoon live, in the southern section -rnrt was iocteti: tf Albay and was rnlisted a few weeks '"While itn te opinionft he mayi'oryt ago ia the 1C. 5. coast guard, an errs' sot i-try oficids the,-rfiler-ottheitslitocy of the tnavyile hos been as-,ttttnonr f ulit- naferty tte h'igned tt the Third comparny, -Fhort rurrteeosary, nill, itt view,if I t'it-'. ettohll New lIurdnttr, Cotta. totnsr'ttttt-rtt~rft-nocn crtrrtr-i it' sDr. ttotttt'r tItnte ntt24ihottrc-. Ottoof ihoetoittoro this week to the thcity 'ty drtlrtttrnti 'toeIt..t feel ttes of the tDelawareand Hudont at libterrty to tmnt Itislort'esotittr..copany, the Olsaa. was Corporal John "'t'he actirrrr tf tettt.otrdt of el- Harvey, whoit oeoen a forloogh niste was takenri otat to ac-tttn frotm tile catmphasce hospital,.iFort 5.1t ef artie it tofttte ity -tarter. tisrnolton, whery he hasdbhen contatd withbproiles thtat itroart-ofIgreat 12 days with Infloena. Corporal liarartdimmint'ntptrirl tottr th.-tolicath ey'abhoersnaTrroyli sa toa,. of te city.ty i rtt enetittg her of a tranig detachment at h'oct itestitentet it attalt be the dtolyrf the iamilton. eon"t ctitt if It be pticblt-he to Letters received by Mr. and ins. erraveneoTht otitrey ftrrotrac ttion, Albert W. Falter of State streoet from or if rnot, whrenottpprovetd by the hoard their son I'rtaate Clarene W. Ji'llem/ trf esiattoae atndsititrtiint, t t. k t'oh mpaotyt IGSecond tPtoneer tsheatl ouhmaueanti to do. rrret-r00AmtericanExFpeditionary) Force, ore causeIrtreitonre, strc aete. anditi mahoettb erraodiary sttrntttrteeerful in tone. The yons oldier mak Pirch rof rditetmart erreitured renports be is molt sod that the moo the depsrtttertt of itealth cc in' tithave fpter)t emtoe Piv i atheaio ehapter trritteti.for tte ireserva-tion waofome epinydtohofhoa anti pretectionrrrf rhohe mut'hearth, office, the ' *tllee & Robinson cern' as he mroe iem nrcrenary and p rroper, pany. till Stete street, architeto. The Sucheit rollr' urblicItreart sall he ytturg man loft Albosy witha drafr darmedtit erot ortly when sod fortcotitigent on May 2ii laot for one of atr'h period as the comwistoaev and the training eamps. Onb July 1 it wa~s the hord of estimare ad ctportion- in France with the Second Pioneer inmeet. hy unamotts vote sitallt Irter- fantoy. a____ Asoine Cnf'ene. Acting Adjuanst General Edward J. Anothe Confrence Weot egt Is sending ardors to Stars Preparationsasr000ucder way on the part of the reidontsoaf the fiftha ward to bold a flag rsising in baser of moo from that sectidis of the city in the service of therr coruntry en.-the evontus of October 21). The flag wilt be susp ended over Madison' avenueofrem the Sons of story bslr to the Italiao eonstriate across the street. At a 'reeoI herd lsst night in Sons of Italy hall, 120 Msdison avenue. Thomas Moranr was ehotson marsals for the parode to be herd tho night of the demonstrations. The streets of the fifth ward will be 15 -lunminated by erlecric right.srupplied by The electric department a) the Manco tpsl Ghas company. The flog miii contain 412 stars for the hoys who are now be servrce. There wilt be one gold str for Isadore itausman. who was bitted wilie fighting in lFrance. Tire followin committees were nnmerd: Flrewon s, music and eletrc tights, Arden Coates, rhairman; Fred' ertck Dow ad ort Chitl; speakers, C'ommissioner of Pubric. Boirdings John Forton, chsteman; William Martim arid -Thomas Dola; utensobiles. Tiseuss ttretga. chairsra; Sam Kaltanbaum, Rtalpth Torrentino, Fred Mu11 Miss Agues Hunater; Miss Lillian broeeot5 Miss Motle Boline, Thomas Ryan, Hewsod Dascb and B. Stumpf. There will he a meeting of the Joiat committee in Itianoshotl nest Tuot r day evening to mahe final arrange. meas foe- the flag raining. Among tho apeahers for the fourth Liberty eoastn is Privateo Bombardier lrngs thatlO illbe day.',--These4ira biowhit 1 r This neit. sites.' We:are.'40 Iyoung mess gsd: Thia\1i OtgsGit -and areiced, while* which are a (Bacon ^1 'slate of mind has R%1dalh hs'reig eo t flF.I liM IN G J readrto f oe et romsrnens Jr' rave Esoc en-t othe Aar-~ i canolb a'yassocaiotn. If yotr 1O Itveo't the hook give is pcice waheo tire hig welfare drive starts onaNeveat her 11. $8,500,000 of the $17d,rtfOti(iir to he raised' goes to the war librar service of the Ihorary assoc'istiont. -- One hunrdred 'aod forty-nine hospittals and Red Crass housos have alreatdy PARbeen equrrpped with libraries.,srrd sowhere hove the boks becenmeore eagereiy read. A mast in hospitsl wilt resI more than he ever did before In hi-s STob. ife. He wili set the reading habit ii Wan he did not have it whoa he wss well. ase No matter where-bhe begis h e wmli tao- ally end by reading resl litetre. The librarian mahes'it her hrrmaeaio introdoce good books into the woads. Sire Iomes in at regular intervals wheeint -d so'- her welt loded bookwaona, stopping The at each bedside ond letting the mets In tenI browse adoelect at will. She tls' -.grh-s.--books-with--aiek-man,..ond~gats.4-rown. in the ehem the htnd af reading they prefer. Il a in The neat time she visits the wards she ung up hoe exactly what each one qkeel foe. es re- Tihat is why money as well aboks~tv mildlees osked for. Mosey is'necessary Ia or' a soon der to jve the boks that are needed the ConyJdeAdntnhsrs -We dcisio non the proceeding tnstituted pin by Mros. Elisabeth Clark, threugh her attorney,' Arthur -"Ideime. to compsl l'baritira Commisioer Questel to re- 00e coive is snoerphan asylum as county son chrarges, her two children, aged thres ant ad four resepectively, wham she claims ino to be usable to support. The children thr wore recently in the Coleman home, ant from which they were tahon when the 7 mother fatted to pay far their main- by tenance. Tbey are sow with an aunt eve on Shermsn otreet. to5 Mrs. -Carh secured a legal separa- thai tion from her husband, Leon J. del Clark, snd he was diretced to " a pay her $5 a week to support an tecide.Ms Clr alee ehe has failed tn pay her anything cedi butt eidctdit h army.' Attorney Herman J. Diekman, the appearing for the charities commissian* utusedthcouf'~rt sdil loua.It and' this wilt be aegued before Judge ga Addington nn Friday morning. M'EWAN ThINK IS oW fa VISIIOII A TRAMP the!r Ut. a'leltert avenue. 11/09/2006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M

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