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ï~~ [DOCUMENT 12- 1919.] ANNUAL REPORT r w eAo OF THE SM n nns crte~ ArcivesCONSUMPTIVES' HOSPITAL DEPAR TMENT FOR THE YEAR ENDING JANUARY 31, 1919. Bston a sschset 02115 BOSTON, February 1,1919. HON. ANDREW J. PETERS, Mayor of the City of Boston: DEAR SIR,- The report of the Consumptives' Hos pital Department for the year ending January 31, 1919, is respectfully submitted herewith. The Board of Trustees met on May 13, 1918, and organized for the year. John F. O'Brien was elected chairman and James J. Minot secretary. The appropriation for the year 1918-19 was $303,254.73. The expenses for the year were $281, 353.88, leaving a balance of $21,900.85, which was turned back to the city treasury. The receipts for the year were $87,098.69, which are not credited to the hospital but paid into the city treasury. This makes the net cost of the hospital to the city $194,255.19. Below is given a table showing the cost, the receipts and the net cost, together with the figures for the principal activities of the hospital.

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Courtesy of: Consumptives' Home, 1848-1921, 2, 3, Simmons College Archives, Boston, MA

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