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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~ T. E. l olcombo, Chie, - Mi ss Quilty, Nsurso,15rid Mrs. Elliott, Nurse, 0i s G raoo Psi nter, - Nurse The O s &ua s1et,ths t&6y of S irmingbi a s t ay,,Oot* 4, 1 Preseat on roll oells r1Wesi$ Comis Aomais Absent: commis U$ IIBINL *,-150.00 ay1 etbei18.191. at e1 " s0kk, a. n. 85.00, 85.00 Birmingham met in the Connoildhqmber of the City Hall of 910., at ten o'olook, a. m, 1i65siourned regular meeting. 04 ePtrt1etr, r 'c upon- j,, n atieasSau n as esioner oready uionerTayttt. sitoner Brown.' i i The following resolution was introduoud by Commissioner Hornady - WHEREAS, owing to the continued prevalence in the City of Birmingham of a serious epidemio of influenza, a dangerous and highly communicable disease, the Board of Health of Jefferson County, Alabama, and the Health Offioer of the City of Birmingham have recommended the oontinu-. ed closing of all places of publio assembly in the City for a period of two weeks beginning at midnight on Sunday, October the 20th, 1918. THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Commission of the City of Birmingham as follows. Section 1. That all the schools of the city, both public and private, and business oolleges, be closed for a period of two weeks beginning at midnight on Sunday, Ootober the 20th, 1918. Section 2. -E I- FURTH.R RESOLVED that all planes of public assembly, including churches, Sunday schools, theatres, moving picture theatres, pool rooms, side shows, street fairs, carnivals, fraternal orders, state fairs, eto., be required to refrain for the same period of time from holding mostings, assemblies, giving exhibitions of any character, or from doing anything which would tend to cause the assembling of people in oro*ds. Section 3. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that all auction sales, bargain sales, special sales, or s es of any character which would tend to cause the undue assembling of people in orotds, ther in or outside of buildings, be and the same are hereby prohibited for the samn period of ime. I I I? Prohibitinf! crowds or assamblies during Influenza epidemic. Section 4. Any person, firm, corporation, organization, association or pnrtnership who violates the provisions of this resolution shall be punished within the limits and as provided by Section 1216 of the Code of Alabama of 1907. The resolution was read by the City Clerk, whereupon Commissioner Burruss moved its adoption, and upon the roll beL ng called, the vote was as follows: Ayes: Barrett, Burruss, Hornady, Taylor. Nays: None. The vote was then announced by the City Clerk, whereupon t he President declared the resolu.. tion adopted. Salaries in Dept. of Health. The following resolution was introduced by Commissioner Hornady: BE IT RESOLVED by the Commission of the City of Birmingham, that the salaries of employees in the Health Department be increased as followsy effective October lst. 1918: BUREAU OF SANITARY INSPECTION J. D. Lathem, Chief, $175.00 H. D. Perkins, Assistant Chief 140.00 J. W. Burson, Inspeotor, 110.00... lix, Inspeetor 105.00 J. 1. Mills, Inspeeter 105.00 A. K. legan, Inspeotor 105.00 H. H. Huffstutler, Inspeter, 105.00 B. A. B ayrt Inspetor, 105.00 II A. J. Batsen, Inspeoter G CMoore, Inspestor, J. a. Tawrat, Inspeotor, R. W. Arneld, as pete.rr 3. J. Bosrteon, X. A. Reya s, Oleink, Ms. AieeHiads, i0 II

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