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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~ should otey be degrees and tte -lpulte will be slow. 4~i4 the qi1ethird tar thed~y U tmperatrz-ewill -Y 0 a~ak DreeoT'" Be -ihj&RtaO ater -those: keii, VOt1ln. sags t yuma leel fine abemut the fjffh day, go out And In a few ousmay bie dying from puep~mo Warcatraeris Net oiffeeted. The war lnduetr~is board Isnrnaking EAa5Ptia tor 4,r- a nation-wide survey of the offet [L1fO Assured by of Spanish influenza' upon industries ____engkged on war orders. C. A. Irvin.;C~eis53,sRers. chairman of the war resources comt {______ ittee of ipoke~ne aod the Inland Em pire. submitted his report lest night*,2asss, of influen bhe Mr. Irvin finds that the epidemic..,piaiE aase of pneumon d while general throughout the Rpokanse pouit d asE of pneu a4 trrritory, has not appeared in enr4 ut. of 'influenza. w*ei' " cue form end deaths have been few. d )esterday to' the city hedItl2#. War Industries i+n the whole have not itir f J;ohn $. Anderson, health b+-en handilcappeid and are working at r etniatfes that fully b0 per practically full capacity. sore j O=llseSS:et-s not reported be- Only one Industrial establishment physlicans being Called, In lSpokane reported any difficulty. 30 0th: 4;ejinntng of the quran- to R per cent of its forte being oiff ilelday:of last week 708 capes duty, presumably through lilnesa, al thoughhave been reported. Dr. though the supecrintendent does not '01 ed. - trmintio ofknow that his workers hae influbip~ for anze ermiaio f nans..The.,company's war orders are taren.lltinfe was held Out yarter- no suffering, as workers haveA been y 13r. Anderson. He sad that trac working on government con 4~..i~.given the.ending of the 5trat. Ivnssre hw hr r otile ay tnsieralon end eoghPhysicians to take rare,of the It *o6Uld be continued until the ces. Mstcougnth'.h fns p is t 5.nend.have enough nursies. awl S au~er victim. Eight Glare Children iteroveriaa. s(Grtrude WPeusop, a native of While the e~ihtt eidrer. of Cite tovie prest tint and director Clare family at L3807 plain avenue are W. falt Streetbatk, diedi yester- recovering from Spanish influenza, the aooi. of pneumonia resuniting mother was so ill frim pneumonia+ ",atack of Spanish influenza. yesterday that County Pbysieian A. pag.tis. daughter at Mrt. and E. Stuht ordered her removed to thie lust ee'ateon Her illess be- lSacred liiert hospitiii. lat 5rlday with what was Mr. Clark. w ii lois oiio~ working it to0 lW C old but which later In Idaho.,, rivrd+1home yesterday. I to. grili peaor Spanish in 0 mPoiin set in Monday,site, ~ e i aott24hor GUARDSMEN ARE "4Vs.n wee former president aitdrivan Sisters of Anieri- a hal Adt usiled by' her faher. I sS E V ''ereA,tobrothefa. "itr of Port iu._ E V C d itrotew to arrive t-~iw-direotot in lyi Washington s Recently Formed ' tb r Sas- in. Regiment Gets Recognition "' T ron. -cashier of the Wall.-300 Spokane Ken. ad brother of Miss____ Z 1mtWtl a-liueavy 0014i re- Washintii v"reently formed homne pan h iteie. He was guard regiment has been given fed llrn iprva e t s~y era) recognition as the Third Wasfh w" ington national guard infantry regi A. u mnt, according to word received yes ~h~pitt tt- ~ie0~ofa terday at Seattle by Brigadier Glen ttitas, *A taIilfred 'ye s- eralfiarve r J.. Moss. state adjutant. b 4ii Corn-genoeral. from Brigadier General John,, = r010lent-W. Havey. chief of the militia ho V'r r anld shol ci ao at Washington. 'l;ho strength 111 >r on ouf the regiment* is 10540 men and cd' i ~m rli 0 nera Companies L and K of Spokalne, " saners with a menobensieip of almost 300, are e~p~N' affctsd Other eastern Washington pk f. te'p military' organiations affected Bare 8*I.t.5likeasum company I of Wenatchee and the ma eWb' i l j olemiatoner elites gun company of Ellensburg.? te4 i w board Corpn tee 1 aidL neake up the d l g ild contim ' Major,Tlhom aes(0. Asto 409 ~ t~iol'. of atoes y A 2J * t,, VICE TSh t t euFt i atin s ' i t r 'jeenle x.hQ ' t4. 01ui o ~ i 9YF.'g _4 5oIpc~ob+ "1 r! ~~ ~ ~.-%''F,y 'ye* 10.1 car ete m esrsos niean' 6o r y age-ltylg est 009, lowest 41. meanSPP } Nelatye-'um~tyt 'a. 3v 6 cent;at Ip. i.AV43per cent. *Observations taken at 5 p. Wn. (Pacific' Ltlie) ysterday PLACE. Boise.........t2i'04.60 'Cleudy Beaten............ 85e4t6u.00Clear Buffalo........iiPal.00 Clear Calgary......... "'e.00 Pt. Cidy" Cbieago...........12.+i.00 Clear Dpi Moines....5o0400.0+ Cliiudy IDenver...........74 74.00 Clear lEdwsMonton.......6 00.00 Pt. COdY Galveston..........i0ii i1.04 Raining. Piarre......04 66.00 Raining Helena...........fit6 ii.06 Cloudy Klispell..........to5tO68.02 Raining Kiansas Clty. te.. as.00 Pt. Cidy Lee Angeles -...70 72.00 Pt. Cldy Titluneapeils.... $4 ar0.00 Clear Mlem~phis..........7;0 -710.tClear New York.... 14fig go.0Clear North Head..... 54 P+6.00 Cloudy Portlad, 'Ore.... o 60.00 Raintng iiacranmanto....062 600.01 Pt. Clily St. Louts.... 0757.00 Clear Salt Lake.....05 74.00 Cloudy San Diego.... 68 71.08 Cloudy Seattle........... Ii 62.00 Cloudy Spokane..........114 154.14 Cloudy Tampa........... 7 0 2.00 ' Cloudy Walla 'aWalla.......6 tO6.16 Cloudy. Wt'neieg 64 it 2.00 Clear CHARLES STEWART. CITY AND COUNTY RECORDS MARR~IAGE LICENSES. Gus Tooter (27) Republic and Alice Rober (21) Republic. tvan B. Griffin (29) Spokane and Elizabeth Melior (23) Spokane. BIRTHS. Bear--To Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Bear.. 021 Buckeye avenue; October 9, a daughter. Kliige--To Mr. and Mrs. Herman W. Klinge, 1401 Shknnon avenue; October 6, a son. Wikstoe-To Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Wikatrona, N392 Magnolia street; October 5, aeson.' Lowry-To Mr. and Mrs. Charles Grant Lowry, E908 La Crosse avenue; October 7, a son. Johnson-To Mr. and Mrs. Prod Johnson, B393.4 Riverside avenue; Octoe 3 a-agtr.._Cook-To Mr. and Mrs. Chester Robert Cook, W125 Sixth avenue; Octo ber 9, a son. - Win--To Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy B. Way, W1llS Fourteenth avenue; October 10. a daughter. Shore--To Mr- and Mrs. Walter W. Shore, N1807 Howard street; October 13, a daughter. Dav-is---To Mr. and Mrs. Albert M. Davis, 0El708E mpire avenue; October 12. -a daughter. Akagi.-"To Mr. and Mrs. Michita Akagi, 417 1-2 Trent alley; October 9, a daughter. Wollaston--To Mr. and Mrs. Percy F. Wollaston. N4905 Monroe street; October 4. a son. DEATHS AlOIi FtNEIA.LS... Loea.-Ms H. F. Lopeman. age 419. doed esterday at the bared 1eatt hospital, to which shb'.was brought at nooti to undergo an operationi that was not performed. She in survivd by two daughters. Elsie and Mrs. Alfred Simmtons, and four sons, Prod. Louis. Arthur and Frank. The hody) is at Sachooley'e. It will be sent, to hot- home-in Stratford. Prie--Henry Price. age 1.9. add an only son died at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Price, 8117' Arthur.street. yesterday. Ste!was a messenger by the 'Western. iotn Telegraph company until.-b. year ago and was a member of Compnany K. N. G3., W. The body is at Schooley's srvcs.o Mtexay-lR'ui ral sries'frMrs. 0"_6 eieMc1 ay will be:held,at the Schedle' 56,,3.18400 in5., cesaful termination of lbs fourth ' 1j1 erty loan camipaign is in sgg.. ~ - eastern Washington'dsrct 'F Spokane city. according to,tÂ~a dot 51 reported by George P. Hard ye, $1Y eastern Washington ch$irian, sa Wa night. The district total is 86,L400,?. actually reported to Saln'Franciso rm ihteiiilpyetf 8;pr1 0 etmd.Aas stn era gt Pend Oreille are officially,over axtd gave most of the others couintieso''utcoftt. dlaily have reached,.and fi!9 The complete report, off cial j 'p t cal. last night, is os follows - -. " Town. Subsdribed, Qlotaai were' City, of Spokcane....$2,9001.900'';5,542,600 'sli as Spokae County-. On-,. Chonsy..........; 70,250" $ 101,8.0#9 Deer Park 3.. 7,700 23,500 Fairfield........1,790t 81600 ha Ilillyard.... 72,400 - 7948 0' Latch............13.460 12.800 oinscst Medical Lake.... 24.060 3~0 ~d 37f ee Rock~ford...........9,100 20,500 the.sage.... 830 1,0 rb' V alleyford.........10.300 '1,400 ilo Waverly..... i7;900.-17.108 0li15.91 Sraw n 581.80 "$5,0'*s o0ihe:p2 AdassCounety. ' nitric, Hattan......: 10.200; 10,000;.B Lid.........:.. 31900.00: Otel....,6 000takRitevills...........193,410 172,691.e tli Waghtuena -....... 224 2~0.01#;0 ~ tinl, $264.00 8370: Q~pi Aasotia tCaunty. - In W Anatone -....5-4.700 $ -,200 ka. Asatin..............50,900 46,40li.gCaktn....'7,40 690 4ino'g $126.000;16500 iThe c Orient........ $ 6,750 5 8.100 Republic.... 36050 29,700 W. $41500,835.800,; n;: Franklina Geanty. Connell..........; 14,150 8 40,400 Mali Ellapia............ 9,400 9.400 mitt0 Kahltu.......6.560 7,600 the JAI Pasco............... 57.900 97.700 autost; - ---- ----- +- aalked $88,000 5156.100 and it 0inees County. - et pronel Almira...... _....8$ 67.800 $8;:6,00 yeateo Creston...... 18,250 17,400' *venV Davenport.... 130,100 1108,900 peoples K'dwall............20,451 12960own-i Harringf~on..AL. 97,600 itiO;0010 ots Odessa.............04,460 80,00)3'they't teardac. 144.1000 142,.9?. az Sprague -.... 97.100 97,100 pies Al Wilbur............ 76,900 73,900 roer. $ 725,750 $ 818,400 cao O Fendt Oreille Cclit?. Ione............; l23,10 $5 ii7 00'; {,' Metslne' Falls.. -- 15,4453 7509 i 1, Nhewprt...........8050 0980 fiE Kettle Pallsy 3Ot lO~....~ Hunters.............9,30}} x128,,f'ui; Northport'....- Il. 2OAs.p}:das. 53f 9.5 Y i 41 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER RN

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