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ï~~ / Jo P ft Jr hairAsks enSa out open their WAS B t g g,~Ott. T.-nd~iite eq*. tliiutlof t1tlt b'light saving" tlhq sche il is proposed in a bill introduce todsoi b7. de tOs Calder of New york with the -erdiael nt of Chairman such Wetlewar ln4dltres Board, who be et daylight eavipg-ehould coiltinne as a coal conservation measure. Under the present law all timepieces would be turned back an hpur on October 27. Loan d tH Atough Camp death rae fromp o" baled on cames aiaittsd to the h~l deaths from OhteU ni peeeatr during 'the eat H~;" at wi. attanigthe. ilphempuso much Improedas. p k tse Adnaless.. to44W were S compared with 201 a wek "4e. Thie death list IAeludes: Frees Oklcaqia P2hpIas eBrunck, Ru T Brkbsl v ua ViFae Co barn, 0 $tane. 8+ trum; W ilM odg oden ih Thomas A. Jack son of Afien. - Preis Loisiana:! rivate Willis F. Parker, Bolivar. Brenam i.n. ie f smeaa. George, aged 47 years, died at-his home In Brenhamn Sunday afternoon, after a brief* illness of Spanish influesnsa, which developed into liesinonia. laie,.1s survived by a widow, thus daughters ad his mother. Deceased 4rsdin this county all his life ahd tde rBrshhamsaboutsa y ear ago. Be Irasa candidate for Sheriff ntbe, July patipries,ben dfatd y,Burney Parer.ben eetdb Stone-the T*as ecake apeciarst--offers the first sbe~lntril -webtss cake. You #rover sells theshl.-.4Adv) Macblue worked bitteii holes, 2to. to SOc, 1~eHemtiteltng W laud eShop,24 College street. (4) Bos 4 Gesapere Asylves anowe. Aocae-Pes' 0ItOMEt (Sundyg) Oct..-Samuel Goin pers, president of tile American Federation ofLbrarvdbr oa.In replying to the address of welcome, Mr.' Gompers said he was convinced that American Ideals would soon prevail among German workers. "The American peopie will fight until victory is won," h4 said. 1i Accordig to advices from Maor Gard _____neas crgo in chare of the Uynited States uo sath Service, conditions in ban MEETING CITY AND ARMY 0F. Antonio need cause no alarm. So far/the I~CLLS CALLED BY CITY cam sepeorted are of at light form of the disease, be considered xsu~dang4serousl the.SC -ears Is taken. Ac " OWICL " CO MM gto ~o q Yivilsashould should be Isi' IA to sh rhabits of living, an t "!s,hoat consdered advisable Dr. W. A.~ding, city health officer, has to use-preventativesbwgysat extent. called a m4eking for today at 12 o'clock of ciJ y and army ofclala'to dileuss prevents- sasaes ashs. asases, titr. measure J against the trther 'spresa TOBAACO I RIU1 of Spanish i luensa inSa. Antonio, No, further action in regard to the closing.of schools has been contemplated, but it i ImopOltars Charged With HavntgCq' probable that this matter wily be takn ernd S uit up at the meeting today. Twenty-five gradpate auree were sent to Camps Travis end Stanley Monday By 4U faed Press. mr ingiresonee to a call, according to NI~ YORK, Oct. 7f.T~-Federal indict Mr. B. Sere, who was instrumental., macta charging violation of the Sherman li4 raising this number. Graduate nurses I anti-trust and Wilson tariff laws wee are ra by, Mrs. Syers to communicats teturiit& here today against the Sumatra with her atO,5l ileteil Building. The sees. Purchasing Corporation, the -Supietra ToIces of nursesw ho are out In the city Ore bacco Import Corporation, American Cigar especially netidest at this time,, owing to Cowyany, General Cigar Company, Inc., the fact that hosiltals are unable to spare B. Buys Co., Inc., and fourteen mndl. their 4 e In its recent campaign for re- v idual andante. crults or the student nurse reserve thei The +r)endants are alleged in te in. women's committee of the Council of 'Na. I tmenta' t" have conspired ins93 and tional Defense, a number of wilinen weletra baconto the imotd ta by Smofound who had nursing experience. Mrs. ea b o o trainingd ta b ms Byers urges these to respond. to the clL 1 g eii hs!mpor an conspirin to raise -prices. The Red Cross is also in- the fight against t tis cspe they' ontrol f9 the epidemic. In an effort to meet the per cant o the crop' snt to 'this ariuntry, emergsncy, the work rooms of the local totaing 6$.000 bales, and valued at 910,chapter are being kept c~aek all dq ymak-0000 each year. lag face masks. The call for mah in.thOf ______ army hospitals about the cuyt is urgent. ' iaalsvitien u ia Ifoeated. Every woman who can do so is urged to By Assecate4Pross. come to the central work rooms aid assist WASHIN N(~i. B.C., Oct. 7.--William in making -the masks. ad ofasrpT. Chrsy.ofdLoisiana. was nominated toThese masks may be -bdeo.Csri laybireiatrof ilon Lou omis of old white cotton material. The masks sicper of Wmigaion ttoe omisart et, inches by lnine.lnches, unhemmed. O L mir ation,-atsthe portnofeNew To each of the four corners tapes twelve 5,.._., an aloiieat. lnehe" long are attachedd All masks that 'Waikiab Par~ieea saCSOda, are made at houme are to be turned in at the work rooms. The work rooms are still CONVE4'FIOPLE0(Yh Bud Swind, In need of old pieces of white cotton Oct. t'n Turkisha," ill -ten Ally women of San Antonio. who have the bli.Otbw1 om"a "1 POI.SONINKG STARTED TRO UBLE SHE-SAYS1 MRtS. DABNEY WAS ALMOST IN I DESPAIR OVER HER LONG SUFFERING. "My health W as sos'tmiserable that I was almost In deppair until some of my friend* got ma to lake Tanlac and I hones4tly beleve it bae saved my life," said Mrs. Mlanche Mlbney, 2901 Bookhout Street, Fort Worth, Texas, sonic time ago. '"About four years ago," she continued, "I had ptomaine poisoning, and that was the beginning of my trouble. Eiverythingf I ate would form 'gast that pressed up against my heart and would almost smother apa at times. I had severe cramping spells ' at times that got so bad I could hardly stand them. I was so nervous and restless. that I couldn't sleep at night and would bet so fagged-out and retess that when morning came I could hkI iy get up. I became, so weak I had to a~ up my housework., "I tried nil kinds of preparations but nothing did mec any good until I started tithing Tanlac, I began to feel better, from the start end my appetite improved so that I cajn now eat anything that I want. My sufferings are ali over now, I can sleep like a baby, and get up in the morn- i ing feeling full of life and energy and able to do all my housework. Tanlac hbas done so much, for me that 1 am glad to recommend it to othge." Tanlac Is sold in San Antonio by Wagner Brag Company and Meier's Pharmacy under the personal direction of a specials Tanlac representative.-(Adv.) s.,4 ~ 4 I he Ito be 6-< ' m ei e' f -G, 'IJ,5.I,.. y[ -'09/18/2006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M t " i II. 0 Â~ 1".;

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