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ï~~iigo suto i Iruck Co.,9 PHONE 643 and have a Hate., deie LE AERO - and thus exoubts of these Squarantine: orders included the Â~ bition of church services, along public asseniblages of any kind, m quarantine was lifted on Novem- r 6, and on the preceding Sunday, t mber. 8, masses were said at the o edral of St. John the Baptist, and t tifieation of his action in disro Lingi te quarantine orders, Bishop t eli-contended that. the church xi_ cOR were in accordance with the s, of God, whioh took precedence thlhath- opees,-An -er -ni fact, he asserted, that the c- o of churches was not endorsed by cal opinion. The board of health been considering the case forsome P fUowng preambleanodesÂ~W9 were passed and unanimously ted yesterday afternoon_ by the d. of health: areas" the terrible epidemic of aimh influenza with which our cityd omon.;ith the wholeT tountr, been recently afflicted has now t ed, leaving elsewhere in its wake spread death and here causing unmisery and suffering, resulting in Y instances fatally, but circumed in its ravages by reason of oata-ea ran tteftn 0 of our health officer and the nificent obedienice of the citizens rally to the regulations promuld for its curtailment; and 7hereas, because of the national almost international sprea'd of scourge, the responsibility' upon board and its health officer guardthe health of this community was icularly grave and onerous,+ spay because of the presence of so y of our soldiers and sailors who offered their lives, which it was bnden dty toprotect for the nee of our country; an~d Vhereas, in view of the extreme sure adopted in other communities, as changing the hours of em-" es so that they shoub1 come. to depart from work in relayis, reing professional men and otherj e worker5 to leave their offices at rent times, ordering the albtost ersal closing of churches, schools. eo of amusenent and prohibiting public gatherings, so as to pre )f $40,200. On receiving the resort of the comnittee, the board appropriated $600 to e-endow for 1919 the first bed given he Nueilly hospital,. the one in honor f Jefferson Davis and supported by he entire organization of the U. D. C. hX thei mndividuat hsubscridws. - they today mnaecomplete the endo-, 5031 ORSALE-- rented apd., Supply Cor hoWed -that-- ters had ma 00 surgical rticles. The contributed and are supc to $19.,000. After tabulating the work of the organizatioa during the third Liberty, oan, the committee reports that as In ividuals and as chapters, the U. D._C. aught $3,S69,000 and as an oz'ganisaion sold $25,330,000 worth of bonds. In< the W. B, S. campaign, individuaniy they bought $457,000 worth of stamps and sold $1,143,000. Records of Men en Service A newdeartment wlhih a*a-hd )-,:are.. FOR SALE-Trunks, Cases at factory price bin, 182 Mxrket steeq SECOND-HAND BABY sale at 16 Rutledge 2029-W. Q RAT10-T~nrievusÂ~ I WANTEl ENQEC MALE HELP DAGGI * 53 EA sa av, -- F Kl#:''A.i1L1--ktA- j a 'i Alii ttomiany iny O nrs i 5u work, and whose report is s cessarily incomplete, shows that theI committee has so far collected records of 6.900 men enlisted in the servict who are lineal descendants of Confectorate veterans. An interesting feature of the session was the:adoption of a design for a badge for' the Children of the Confederacy. The children themselves selected the third flag of the Contederacy, adopted too late to be used in battie, a.nd known as "The Stainless Flag." The Confederateoveterans use the fint flag of the Confederacy, known-as the, "Stars and Bars"; the Daughters use the second-.flag.,used during -thep period of victorious achievement of the 'Confederate armies, and known as "The Flag of Victory," and thme badge adopted for_ the children will bring into use' the three designs created for the Confederacy The children's badge wil consist of a wreath of laurelinside of which will A t W-- O AM ~an. }#+ a9',v*m T.ply hens, chickens grders in or phone. 646 King street. FOR SAL-On aco leave the city; will Overland touring ~c be seen at 22 Bee s finder, seven pass( for $1,400.00; Will tmayhrCstreet, Charleston, FOR SALE-Ford ce sttrter; Yale lock. FOR SALF-omple galow' on Hampton old; hot and cold kitchen, Phone 21 FOR SALE-oCttag with lights and e reasonable terms. gins, 45 Calhoun S FOR SALE-Ford, 1 overhauled. Ex Thargrnin ait 3450O1 i. age out of~

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