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ï~~robebly be near '"a "'n"'..."- 1 11111 - tueireaurysepa-tcfefl Â~A" uV could raise perhaps $10,000-T, the ee aebylbs Journal staff photographer. tetraurradrmnT -ia nortgagtnz the water works --- rest until every classronmpiTrI. ts it would then have to raise I. -I-_ualoe. cie.irie $15,000,000 or $20.0001,000 and C FF E TAKES ON! MfHL ICUEI ON E T S A S baed on a knowledge u,'The A~l~ debt limit. Of course, byj SHEK EL ESCORT THE DALYTW Lanugomerican hiertrestdoy agreement the company 4Jk',*~J~ -r~--- Anrcs ieaue n na ke a mortgage against the O 1 1 ~1 jl standing of American ideasw lh~ '. Jlway property Itself for this Milwaukee dealers are in receipt ot When you look at the Mitrhell I OF ="SOCIALISTS J. shoul ultimately insure to l h but the city could not com- word tha te ofeetd ofth in the com~ic section of- world the freedom In which mu drawings h ~~~~intended to live,.ti i eesx\t IsWVagOtP nited States notes with concern the. The Journal today', remember that A CT IONS TO B E FILE wok. Lfd thie American teacr sa. IsWrisOtPa. "nraiggaiyo h iuto"Ithere will be another Mitchell pic. bork.nde upon for Its acoipit" working out a plan for ftnanic icesnggaiyoftesta Ion" ture In The Journal tomorrow and I WHEN LEG ISLAITIRE ment.' iurchase of The Electric Co.'s entailed by the short supply of coffee, the next day and the next. The OE'I f dernocracy Is to be saefoh& iii this city as a basis for In the LUnited States. This is the case Mitchell pictures are too good for OPENS SESSION 1 world, or thie United States rWi log the legislation that will be In spite of the' largest accumulationof nloceawkInTeSdy nsi y." sad 0. S Canrght. a~ist-Journal.s they will appear also in ms attorney. "A rePorL il be stocks in the producing countries ever tedfy r Mthl al i hgsBsdo mloso h r-ag the mayor in the near future." known. The shortage is due to gov-; daily drawings Follies of thle Pass- Con'stlton-Allege ThaA Party in group is at present a law authoris- ernmental restriction which ha-s super. everyhpicTurer e'sPolltighlIn saidr taee pr.tgaze certificates &ganst a seded the law of supply and demnand.! vryl cur.1ogSMA ~iejsitedet C r V itympator oits p.rhase.they say. These have controlled cof.' I._________Organization. ' One of tefns iwolbencsayho-fedaesIthUntdSaebt LV E1ET OFIESand bestop'ti - Itwol b ecsarho.have left foreign interests free to ad- iisf Issue several Million dollars acprcstthexrmadhv FO RA M N Cottsfret3ibthene WalreatoYaresultednieqairadical changeofve.i ondto ahecire's areqity ofanedpriesttee xtiaremdca nd have FOjOGAI-TIN nd assembly will be filed with the t.he ciol~ug indetednss i lo andit Iin he cst o rostedcoffe t electionsnh ofcommitteeslys ooflctthoscomibodies thsefodceocene ae Inebedes i l* nd consumer. It is declared that the ad. UnitedStalessf NorthAmerica asertionThe t'emrgine it i thed branchof Nth Anerila. No. soonasthe legislature meet.,. ac- sm a usio hthrte iyvance. unless checked. will more than. 1 ra eItOhoheetd f oHryK.M~gn io-tscholhose4 to postpone all improvements 1.ognzdaOskhectdthe! cording toHarirs ~gnato-that ~ e' up its debt margin for ac- obetenralpieo ofe following officers: A. F'. Krause. 'tree-; ney In charge of actions ainst sev. j5=1afm Q 44p pe 'of eeycn~ he tret aiwaylies.Itis The circuhlrarays the continuance Ident; Ant. Kurzewskl, vice president.-.hestrotsayweth esornt the of the war restrictions, however serv.1 Jan K. Celkr.hrwskl. recording st,. cre- era] Socialist-s who receiseil certif.I- o munity ao1.~~1. letla htero o h ceaiulete may hav'e been during' cates. The se Idof slaterold ganizefo discussing the prolm Aacquire the property under thrprio.nwfltosrete tary- Branisiaw Celichoraskis,filnan - IitofL.A.Aro e the commut-ity, the state andten, dasuni a definite proposi'tewrpeid-o al osreIh la chairman of the Socialist party, will tlon-'es, theprbeso 'been outlined-"best interest of the coffee consumers ca secretary;' Jan Jakubow'skl. treas. Ipolmfte il~c3 lawsotind" fthscuntry aRr eo triin irer. Oshkosh has shout 250 Poles.'b contested in the isenate. it is not world'" ___________.fthscutrad raepadzn 1ffy'"h'an.fftIlvks.tnknown who the Socialist Assemblymen Instructions issued by thdeat' tevrexstence of the cfee Indus- fiferB heand five fotySloas..e are against whom contets will be, merit or public Isrt.nfrogq.inth~et Staes.Officers elected for the Neenah.Me- fled, but it is reported that at least ization of societies sa in par - COUNCILS nasha branch. No. 12., are the Rev. P.'two, and probably more, will be re. Isrcin o rgnza.-~___--WHITE PI,;kGI'E FIGH1TERS1 Kurzejka. president: Kasper Suchodiol-; quired to defend their right to their IntuiosfrOg! ski, vic~e president: A\nton Pawlowski,.;eats..These societies will furnlsa's l 'hiiipp says he has word finMEIGrEomrcrigse-eay oishjrk' lent opportunity to enable peol Drial concil ofdefense n ex- OEN MEETNG F)ECThecncase sagainst: Arnoldo, insttutThedase aainbetterldacquaintedd awithteAacquaited wi, anlcc]of d p een wsh Inhexnandt l ecrelary. and Mlichal Kie-11 in behalf of iavid I. Love,.XWest Allis. insttutions, history and traditos h~ an oftyexresedcishbethat THIRTEEN wicz, treasui cc. There are about 1,501) Is based on Arnold's activity as man--. eIII hudlceuctoa sw1 and cunty ouncls becon-Poles in Neenah and Menasha. Or-1 ager of the Socialist campaign. A as'%social Great problems wilrseps..on existncsenr t oret.ganizec I". A. Cmejla. pP'sident of the large nuniber of documents inthe teretconutionand thsell orr,~ ionaji ougncilzstioumgtwor The tuberculosis campaign as an iln Milwaukee branch, addressed both campaign bore Arnold's name and,poreopintocntnuh'th rgI za~ locl oganzaion miht portant factor in reconstruction workc meetings. author7.alton. Facts relative to th'e lenia 0C0C It will he wellfr~~-s i ot knw wadutmtentiona will be the theme of the tenth annual The I'ewaiunee celebration of vic' St. Louis platform will be set forth, as more thoughtful peorti' of tI oauaf no nwwa h ainltory scheduted for Thanksgiving day.: well as the characte f h ocialist utocnielad'loghrto4~ wises s t do bu ifit as eetng f te WscosinAnt-Tuer-postponed because of influenza, will organization. One of the allegations velop In our nation a greater p In view we are willing to cuoi eclto nLi-ri'tion of the things in i f,ti arera:our activities.- the governor tenosiacaion uidin nivueesity 'x be held as soon as expedient. t0 be made in the contest is that the worth astriving sn:l nnulrk'fo Lyproehsbe h e eso ulig iwuK-,Friday,!Socialist party Is a secret political or- Sugg~sted programs foor netng o oftye puseilsbee thistae re- and followed Saturday mtorning with AAERFLDTCIE jT ganixation, which has 50.000 memhers be held monthly toc nit iloeregy, of th ogncilionothisatto- specialconferences of Red Cross hoesA TERIL DTCIES(T who are not citizens, many o fth emenith apctPal' curred that required their msrvcrores.pbic-.' ti nr.e. FNS- CZA. eeyain.and addresses an' feisiured.I sdwA imn.w ol eul hmand sanatorium officials rintipal dnsa aeKo osiuin ited 'to tave mcmlxC- of tesoit meit w cul rbtil temspeakers will inciude gov ernmettt o T- Eeciuse they, sad been attendat t Bse nCntiuinejcom't familiar duirk 1 thea wtxmi I have a meeting- scheduled dlais. and several iscdlth experts of South V'iew hospital Henry Ausmrus The contests are based in part oisl the words of America, 't.c ' l ges adyt rpr o eoi national reputatioti. land Gutstav Inisbe. 493'T'wenty-sixth- -the conbtitutloir of the t'nited Stts.Ianiser. Battle ly-ini of the e~bt~~ __________________Amonsg those who a-ill attend and! at. thought they could eitforce health ssphich disqualiffles certain liersuns and Columbia lrt' n the Ocemn-' speak Friday afterinoon ace lDr. Donald laws. Judge 'Page couldn't see whry from legislative offilce.Toisfrtuyaeugsedmog DIARTIFt ]LED TAME LIFE B. Armstrong,.lFramirtgham, Naws., who they shoul exercise atuthority, and: Cite IFrear-Bancrofl Case. thiemi being the geography, o.teomARlED) WITH DETECTIVE. 'will speak ori A C'olmunity- Organ- imposed a V. lire. ienry anidGtiav Tecmili ilalg nec re nae nwr h saIss~ ___ 1ized Against Tuberculosis- Col. Charles I got into an arsqument' with a saloon cVAse that the candidate receiving therImeni of. the IU nited States ts P]. Banks. medical dire-toc of lie NWar' keeper over a nid 'svimst-. rime:-nisted. next highestriuniber of votes iseis war perioid; thse governmento tures of "Nick Carter" arc as!Risk Insurance m-pmnisior. iVashing- - had tilte"flu."i-nml who t-eiled lcilIdt h aae et neet comprcilwiththos Cap. I ori a-hse tpic ill e Leson -'crn 'nly ad as~ir --tic vai'ancy isfound. Tiisclaimsis;j governmnents; tie history of tewr -- Vr, of lime lni-rnationil tthe %War; C. IF.(;Ibbons of the na- --- ----- baeI 1 fnigo r=speewar an.l its caata. Olse Mtlln Ptttvfitional child labor comtnmtee. ind bs se-'~- T asedourLon thle fcasengof Fre.' s.pBan- of a leaflet contulning svordo ptt io o icnsd[>te-ivs, Michael M. Davis. Jr.- dtrentor of lte f' V htjl T II1otic and war.'usisg4 live oeds Ice in his talk onl Thrilling Ex-IBsodlpna''wh iipcm -- croft. the derision halide I 'li-wnorit BYDE1910. ichein l"rartk Tucker. candidate of!iiue s r oh i o s ~ of Sere Set-ce an.- ltevaue odnee fa tmr ubrcu -the ItmFolette win@,cfi-r attorney gen-: urday afternoom at 3.30. In the, 10la clinic - e ilding of the Y. hI. C. A. -J'rfUonK Crooso e nn- oral. s'omnmitted sumIede 'n% lara he-1 WViard has been cngagedl It. Priyof. J 'i'iR.Co ont. ito.fT ol- Oeo hlmues lemclxm fore lime primary. The tLaFultctte II ll'.lyt FASIFL WL' 5riewrfoyer.and 1laesn i.nder Ihe imrnre-ssiumthat te: DOW%'N tiRNI).AV T1AK' i' ef etetiv ofinlr'-r 'unt.I brook. Col. Charles );. Ban ks-.:1m i'tN. Andrew Oswald. retired shoe merr-hani tnl enrlrsnileint ill. en the black land nutbre- a ibok,wl b'hea r-:mm Ira-.mand former supeprvisior. 1'lieIHtalhIts acanncy should Tucker reclt.rom' llitbert N1. Lauer. colrp'rief~ Iint he mining distrinit. In I - osatdayevnigatlr m,:3 ih;,e n. - home. 391 tLaylmsim1i0d. sitirtly before %toes than tasncroft. urged their ml-;.grpligTheforstmiscr %nl!ohcement.,lederail Rubber C'i.. CudahvI np-g orlwi focmn.Seymour, manager of t.l VIbconssi-n lnoers t oto uit or.,.cker. The nic- - e and his mielt rarriod. scores r' sCnransa ol l ult wine Ithatl inn jpe)f I -tmr- fript of a letter fromnnFtanei gezl we were brotight Trs justice. I All ses sCion s lln telne death, more votes swene cast for i!mn:yin, sot if Joel ii-.'oenya, 6-'Mier irs alomssi fr iiy ieeting are open to thi- putli.. i'oc- -taifraenf. ntth uiron-5. Ilt enw115 ntees e-'ogiitio.o. ('apt. NViard 'ill ___________ ' --~1 oiset held ihat votes cast (f n-t can (le of lie street; fir so long ht gain at aeme s meeting i..:7 '-Iddate krsoseinto be dismrualiilem liciit glmc oteSae m f'I -t. C. A. Sunday, on IPeris Eof ] I'-FOR SlFFI.WF o bc o h tuE of. count. aind the place on the tii-k'lm sct halt I still have a hard jobrstsa I-~~~~~~~~n 'aaddt t nrt.nm nyself ffoni walking d am nt i a n91ionToo- a-- ODY OF ARMY FLU VICTIM AR-'_ SwILshether the FEquity members wmi. fm& IN M11LWVALUiEF into the Republican csuuiiThmerii s %.ill -~-HIIO's SISTER LOGT withomeansofprecing nn'i.FIFTlY PANAMA HATS ARE RV- lushness orn Reed-st. which he n-on. bosshh to present to his-cammap4o'lts4 witou ofeilig nynea' CEIVEI) BY MIAIL ducted until 1912, when he retired. fir0..0offhcer..3L sensibilities. There is great:!-w'as a close personal friend of Vrexi. DIES IN BATH PARLOR. Numobe of citizens are ofi~j of sen Otis accide-nts a1thins: If everybody did his ynailing as dlen 'D Underwood of the Eric rail- t'er autos to carry returnigry A driver rent-enlmy wiould have early as a Spanish exporter of n oal. I bile in a turkish bath p irlor titl. dtr homes from the eoti. lied if the 'spanish cannon had straw hats, the worry of Post. He is survised I I* thrr- daughters. 137 Mason-at, Saturday ought, Ti Il11ti m atm; care for in futureItg, iped him from Imiunging to the -master Schutzx as to Chtistmas M rs. H. Beers, and Miases l1aula and Isnapel. 31.stins strickens and diedl I-e contingents, particularly afe h.t rac ksa.If the feelings of maill, would be over. The post- Ida Oswald, who reside at the family fore medical assistance could be sum- holiday season, the committefpa ~i ho object to the Posts on the cfoicembas received a shipment of home on Layton-blvd. Funeral serv I mooed. The roan lived at 1129 West that registration of cars nw't I ~ that they are unsightly arie of fifty bats fr sale, next summer.- ices will be held at the chapel In For- Twenty fourth-et. and was employed ing when -they- will be 11aata sp~tans tashulsanlie aid heyass s~ipe4to a downtown eat Homne cemetery Monday at 2 p. m., as an elevato opefator lis the Pabst will.c I~tdOethielsa fon e all means lot the posts be tve hsiter. ',i nder the direction of Excelor lodge building. According to.,tbe -coroner5 4. is-.-,y ~7n;"s 175,A. F & A M. eath wiu the-tes~lt at ntura caueki_

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