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ï~~SAFrETY~v-' GUARANTIES ASKED Agreement Wul Call for Demobiltuion of 609islas For"Only Alliod Terms. LQNDOrN. Septenljler -A pemic p~er~iedtda 0o the Belft stock J46change as the reult, Of eVents In Bpl1gsi*a according to,& dispatch from The Hague to the Central News WASHINGTON, September 28.-. Balsa is out of the war, in the opwul0f, tephan Panasetof f. Bulgarian Iaister hee, who believes that his country defintely Js deterwine" to abandon its alliape with Germany and Austria, OZtd if the enteote &ais refuse to listes to peat. ov~tures will appeal to the United Stateo to use it. good offies. Mr. Panareto(f said his country would he willing to W~ settlement of the Issues rest In the bands of such A country as the United States, "aitcording t0 Justice as announced by Presidenit Wilson."v The minister dIS not pretend to have any advlcjs or instructions froma his government, for he is coinPletely Out Of touch with Soft, but ht said his opinion was based confidently onm knowledge -of the views of the statesomen and People of Bulgaria. LON'DON. septkmtber.-Crett Bitain has r000l6d to the EBUigrlin requestj for 4n 'armilstice. The reply. it is declared, is covered -fully by the answer given the Bulgarian representatives by the commander of the allied arMy onl the )Wacedonlan front 13y this reply iI Is Perfectly well defaned that no mill-, taz-y.operatis cam be suspendied. What Peace Would Mean.' At the same time, regarding, theomroposal that duly accredited Bulgorian representatives should confer -with the allies con the questjon Of peatce, it has been made clear to the ESofia governMont that such a "eace n~cessarlly invot-'es complete rupture by the BulrLdan government with Turkey. GeorMany aad Apavi-Hunary. The allied gorei-nients necesarily de.~ mand every guaranty that they belle. flCeesari' to safeguard their ilitary )peOtlons and prevent the dlspaich Of Germ"n troops to Bulgaria. I In discussing the B3ulgarian proposaL 10ispnted outt tha th* stilesS haVe1 no IntutIwlia at tem~tin to mae AL goo territorial settlement to the hslktve. Price of Peace Is Imarv*al J0imticel1h Every ltorm. D*ifre' President In Address. LEAGUE 9 NATIONS PLAN Must Be Part of Final Settlemiet But Hunts Not to Be Trusted at P.ree"t. NEW YORK, September 28.-Another answer in unequivocal terms to the peace propaganda of the central powers was given by President Wilson here last night before a meeting of Liberty Loan workers. No specific reference was made, however, to utterance made by enemy leaders. That there can be no peace by compromise, that the price of peace -is'-1nPartWp jusUce In overy Item of the settlement, no matter whose Interet is crossed"; *at league of nations must be a Part of the peace "etlelent Itself but Is impossIble now because agreements with the enemay are not to be trusted; that there an be "'no spoecil. selfishcombinations within the lague and no employment of &#y tfom of economnic boycott or exclusion," exoept as a penalty by the league itsealf, are some of the salient points in the Pc-saldents speech. New World Policy. Contrasting the new world policy of the United States with that in the early days of the republic, he said: "We stillrea11 W 0 ais' ininstal warafng agelast eatsaglngs slllases with ftale1nrheaessd aRS an4Weriag earpese. Rt etage.sp OW5 ad ftited aiffasesftea*tangles sad we wesegabse ad secept the lduty ef a new day IAWh6s& we Ar eg....Mited to hee few aamgeeami e160e wheb WWll ave~d ents*Alets eMW clear the #Ar ef the w wenotn ammen eseadiusad the islsateaawe as esiftoes right.." Fivs Thousand Hear Hirn. rive thousand personUS, who filled the Metropolitan opera house to oapaoity, heard the President. When he walked on the stage. escorted by Benjamin Strong, governor of Wth5fdamw1reserve bs~of Nw York. a& tremendous burst of brfo loge1wich Caused tMi presnident, after. eeatL to rise tree94tImen 62 M.or hen4 pl= e"Aiexics. the rpresIdent joi nng th e"e au isn singWiereed.the audie nce a 12rwnvn - -- - a Street Csam Oft*eBilig adM Publiz Places Affseted by toes * andRgpae. soclatlen andthe Indlqaol o~n X'lCtare ilhibltors' League wawheld ths-0htee Afterocn by Dr. If rnwa G. Morgaft. the Etersswerey of the city board of health. nntaslo 0t5 regard to preventive measures t*6 el1mi-.t' t nate, if Possile. the danger of an lnliu- ld t 1 intke prose epidemic In Indianapolis. The tthe- tht gh.a t pseeie -ibM atec- managers Intorme6 Dr. Morgan that they wiahed to co-operaein eer" wy lttltSK aitnf1~tr'i5B way with the city he& alth oeale In thetr bom as m"j e a se 'efforts to save indwaalis from &a in- aihi553111t~'*1 fluens epidemic. John J1. Mxaoney.' uperin tepdnt of o In1n4h1 the Indisnapolls Trsqtin and Terminal the Cornpan' -hen aske today Whatsep the am- a company had t""s to that the t-w comply the order -of the hiIWW of gr"t da heatth tA.4t Street ears be clened and ly with the fumligted each day, said the comDpan a9've been on ha eployed forty Colored women to0 e fodreand be behf clean tea". T120 Street car colt- roady frecpein pany had not yet recived the olildal order, of the board. OFFER FOR 1'$EAOTO -k6O Many inquiries. At the ceonference with the theater (.enti-al Union fteeeivg 1*we' ~ manages, Dr. Morgan took up the otr diers that persons with colds and coaghs H shall not be admitted to theAqr. &and wa VRaISc m lso0 the order that tiket sellers escer, ad of t talin i 1ersons asktn~g for tickets arets 40 ai t AL_&_t s o, issuing an eofres1 hetatm o 0"" OfW0 aW ad beleyee that this will not be neces.- if saxy with the thorough co-operati Onf efM 'IaSmts the baeater nage49rs. Mr. 5M attt 3any Inquries were Made at the ago a (le nijj odice of the hoard of health in regard a PrpWfor-Aftim to the fuggestion by Dr. Morp~n that dsapode 'F 6"e Masks be worn over the nose 0fif and mouth, especisijy by persons con. Ing in contact with intl unft 4eases.The "maskW' Is a sImPIs affair AJ3d costs only a few cents, said Dr. Xorgait 5q'Irgical clofthshould be bought.nd I.f. f.f. three or four thicknesses folded Ito NlW l a Small obon shake 7bout furiiicflql t~y jotInchs, apeshould be tied t,)eXI corner and then tied around the ""joai Heath Board Meeting. B I9 E1Y Rtules and suggeetlons for prevenftig were adopted at A special meetng oftheam oTH m tA city board of hea"lthlst nisil~t.ani- IU tory rules which iug ast heobeyed adCude orders issued aier" by Dr- Hernm G. Morgan. 5dept5*y of the ho~ad. SO at- the request Of Mayor Chrie* ISO ' Jewett Theater manager S 0 rerdnot to mtpersons Into t eates If hey a sufering with any form of cold s G au" Of I. S WOWb ticket selleM rs eOrdered to nl-egchao0 tatbM. - every person 0asking fora ticket ate by oppeneat o9,t00 whether they Ihave aSCold. Chilrenwith f rage amendodinat, 4,04 4 colds are to be erci to Uax schools. Street Ocage, MP A plas"where the public *eabY Wa lM anda.To le, 0 bard ees t e iloweclo ee e The sa- *qe-lu "ped by a box" am&S &Wit +eib1 08/21/2006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M

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