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Influenza Encyclopedia

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"HI h 'serve mt ptc, vsay, ore and s en-inept ncmd to I - f' h t'thirty- ia a1 t-"ea o }i hbed mA sent cW86-eeecli1.;2-.'4 Lain.dlb t, a tha e a.ehA b { i; 'tpd l ost' n 1l:. de pri mao 'i ur * - tvi keep.a tempeatore un betiaa niv,t excr96 Oer a t. o tof, o- oo f 11' i I Ins l ' ed " 1 't A n i l;',t t a y 0i it 10/27/200R LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NESPAPER R M -O iac4 ee FGe~ ir pr -h t labe m rnd incond 1111am ie jud -in lal f all an tact 't A eric ra:meeeagp 'an tt ertpa nib heir!d a tti ii '01 s~na au tocrau,U.:<pease the aohe worl vernmen Austrl trt system in e pmust r ly beater r fa be pe frtann he' cents Ido 4 1,urrendet miia beb.ert mrt;fnot or "WVhen I " I ti -I r 1 9L > r ' 'I rse >; t gas t 1 r Y i 3 I. r-. f,,.

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