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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~ Reproduced at the National Archives and Records Administration-Pacific Alaska Region (Seattle) HEQUARTERS SP}RUCE PRODUCT1ON DIVISION PUREAU OF AIRCRAFT PRODUCTION Y ON BLDG., PORT1L NT, OREa. SPECIAL N OTI E TO ALL OFFICERS AND ENLISTED. 1EN O TH SPRUCE PRODUCTION DIVISION I. The following information comrild by thu Division Surgeon should be read to all organizations and posted on all bulletin boards and other conspicuous places.t all posts and camps in order that every possible measure may be taken to provent the introdnction and spread of so-called "SPANISH INFLUENZA", which is now so prevalent in certain parts of the Country. All are urged to comply with the directions contained herein: 1 -"Eecause of the wide-spread appearance o f so-celled 'SPANISH INFLUENZi', and the fact that the mortality rate from it is very high, urgent warnings are being sounded to the-general public to take all possible precautions to prevent contracting the disease. The fact that the most dangerous and frequent coplication of the disease is pneumonia, emphasizes the necessity for extreme caution on the part of everybody and that every suggestion made by medical men as a preventive measure be diligently followed. According to best information this disease does not differ from ordinary influenza except in severity, and that patients show a marked tendency to develop pneumonia as a complication and which has caused the high mortality. INFLUENZA is essentially a disease spread by people being in close contact with each other. Hence, one very important measure to be observed is to avoid crovds, especially indoors. Coughing and sneezing should always be done in a handkerchief to avoid scattering germs of the disease thru small droplets of mucus inasmuch as they exist in innumerable quantities in mouth and nose and are ejected by coughing and sneezing. In protecting others this way, you ara protecting yourself..Open the windows when you sleep and keep out of doors as much as possible during the day..Air and sun bedding daily when possible, and tent areas should also be sunned daily when possible,.by furling tents. In barracks, tents, etc., sleep with head and feet alternating, to prevent coughing in next rman's face. 2. Use a mouth wash or gargle twice a day, especially at night. The germ of easily destroyed by mild antiseptics, and does not live long out side the body. Good mouth washes may be made of the following: Dobell's Solution, which may also be used in an atomizer for -nose and throat spray; Listerine, two tablespoonfuls to a glass of water makes a good gargle; peroxide is of no great valu3. Alkaline antiseptic, National Formulary, is an excellent antiseptic, mouthwash and gargle, two tablespoonfuls to a glass of water; cormaon table salt half tablespoonful to a glass of water does very well if no other is obtainable. Jso brush the teeth, rotary motion, both surfaces with salt water or any toothpaste or powder, after each meal.

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