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ï~~and be guarded by a decision of toe BuPree War Council hi France. Shrewd dilomatic. observers and Some-officials 'takc'e- this view, though flo inhliatlb104',1 ellaown atitude has come ro 'e~ because admtttecty tte.ope eutiosi.immediately at iSSUe Is a= militay problem--that of the evsbuatto, of invaded territory, by the Gerp i:a rmies as the condition Upon wl ih-tle 'plea for an armistice eoven 'will be gieven consideration Her EV aeuatiag. The Ger n*, ' -now are evacuating Belgiuvp. aszd i'irthern -France- as, rapily "as..the 0an:';ovea'before the Sweep of--tw;glied. And. Anmeridan. aol carried on after decisive ueiz'. ^ - -- ss cr more skill or- greater success than thes Ameria -a, been the German retreat, up td ostheWiz. ap~ present hour. and there is every pros- Or01144 peat 'now that the Germans will- be Dd,W10 able to get behind' the Meuse -river and Allier;-C4 stand o'n a shorter:line with a good betw4en ou cacofhligu Alidprutbw there- until, the campaign of 1919. the jt'ioV What the German is now concerned about -:prtm~rily is his home front; n MAXIM ILIAN IS HOPEFUL1-EI Sa Pei gent's Note. KaStint 8ri~Defisit. Oertay I Copenh tgeflOct...t-($Y.the Associated Pre5.-' 5id sn = l ecsj:,. Lv --. uj een Mr. menceau.sal lid of "Tin~ are" to s pec kih'r v3t uih~r diploiatt P. Y. ra o ht-lf the e r k-lnes shall b+ awi Od-- eilSI Teat In, The,o icdil text. of the, German noti re nse4 the - t; r a legtlion here b, ca e *ariy;~ahy but it was not de. livi ri atA&x;s ta e- Depja1 tvnent be, ctse, a 5Yi.'e 6day was.;spenta the1 igeI.tio. cj w dio *%t yaK ofQtde codiig the d s xariig al Thgish hai i4t ct.-t i* Germa the~ greaten hs~ae -b. 'tederIck Geder liii, t oe WIib -l rgs beokuse ther arlo obsonrfrtahwai esin' the unofficis versien recthied V esterday by, wire less, Which ~a.ybe cleared up by, more uaccu ste reriiig, of the Ger man: Whei tse"-charge's work tea done 5ec~etry''Lansing had left hi offi e' a ind ia dgagemenit was mad 9o el-pry';ofthq npte at - 10 ocolcl tco or, zaornj g. *PN Freeledisg. Ths ee! In iteelf was pointe to 'lsters #,r epae th t' exohange 0e 0n ekdo,- all ad Wash ing toe haVX be'i troeedinwutisnce ith Ce n [s la k i in onIt e of iolence, at #us -uugia s' #3_______ - ta il1ot-+ s A tliidtyha 5t1 ZI GERMAN PESSPEAKS irintua n nae sh T rt e=, r- I 6 -ke d ytmpera ur.fins elr ho sew i rf other atyand the een Seight degrees -rws Introdiced at a #tart Int e. DeclarestPeople Are eady et _. - een o hebar o ldrenta ecti_.,w 'USU Pay the Price - I st n ta e okhaso*t r#.r' Geneva, Oct. t-.Peaco mnust not be' psssed Lii. wa tage of Ie pidemlc, hPtvencs deeaeayed a l "single a day oftheHeats orol~nt ofCoplthe Ia Health Co ro apily s losioonarn Cifthe araandbitaiula arnng flf@t ndueo?tspidastl y as Iyr to htohensoiernls ifthey ak ret bte I af wrningagalntiudu dtesmsjd i '~t nd thea to~~~~~~~~~~~ it elreteVlsFen fthe dropping of: precautionary inea. -rf eddi h s Karlsruhe, which also Is permitted to ur; s. j submarinze for the bee speakt of the disappearance -of the iCu-I - I-far P"the ti=ms eb perstitious:belief''that: the riiperor' -. i. centru te upon.this=: ia =': was chosen to rule by divine rightI'5 "AN ARA WOKItri a etohefe i The Schwab inch eTagwacht says that Sj MICA A IL OR t b diot,: everybody is convincg.d now that the te1 ths i t ' devtiar-esl Allies will not accord Germany a cheap eseay attention to te' peace, but if the glory and power thof aniuv uperadsmalleor- craft. we ighit' Imperial Germany is the price, th H no af imle n out for. the tutuje in: German people - are ready to pay'" ' "i a3 ships on whib' In. permitting such Items to leave Ealloou A gTro. thbiesy urftatl p erarnthencn orhpa-nsl is preparing public opinion With the Amner nan Army, Northwestnal authorities have i for coming events,; of Verdun,.GOct. ' 22, # p. m.--(By the mind._____________ IAssociated?ros.)--rlie clear. weather Th 'thee-ear3oe;~ early this moran ptrinitt~d Sf scme Tetreya r r eil okadt rea and1919 provided for ten h - me ts aranwovr gaiteAtelefi oned six hattie cruisers. Kow V~T L1LUULUt rumpler ats iB y and a baloonS in as many more to. he: " ---the vicinity fi. formerly authorised' st FR.lENICU. Aside fro a-:iii. lnrsmal harassing and facilities becosee;1t Paris,.Oct. 22.-French troops hsve artillery firs of the enemy on the front "T'he total expenditers captured Chalandry sod' Grandiup, lnactvt nthe. r area and similar Upontienwpo'h i acivt oaiacodnno h a the al* 4#t 4 e Aericana th'.uw rgm, north of'-Ldacrigt h a the day pae4d without incident. th provision, for the itE -office announcement.tonsight. The Thr as no re',' try action of in- a third of this *2*e,@~, _C r~oa, recapred t u~ portance anid- to-lineremains s itexclusive of estimates _ h h Reh rQatrs h vlag! a-ls ih. pr~tldaft Terron. whicl hhad' teamp rariiy fa iledi _________ built under war urge167, Into the hands' of 'the enemy. $4 * 9.adas t ircrli;ALLEGED- PI4Y$ICIAN HELD otungndusiK lLondon. Oct.'22-British.troops have. destroyers under rway, pts entered the. western suburbs of.Vat '7k O.a're" f "lding the.#,, ciennes, Field' Marshal Hligreports Said to Thihkathriatit' I from' headquarters tonight. wihatolatot;. London, Oct. 22.--Several coUntertoRpo the new three-year ii 'atcs'yteGemneo eaeth tal *stiuiitess' of they 44 Grtgee& establshedobyte Brtih Columbian 8t 2.-S -8eclal: On comn- ship. *construction, - isat Lyoehrda eat oftheLye river, failed plin~t from Sumter' police. authoriti es, and ammn.aon with evere loses totheGrman.-een Penn, an alleged physician, has;riooooThtct s wihsvr is'oteGras enarse h~. *nd Glmia ",b.0.. h ososyan official -staement issued to-=oi. retdhr by -h Clmbaonomend' for approijatic night oBrts petonis'Fa-fd oc and:will.-h*_: t tned over to the si t nigt o Brtis opratonsin''Fln-federal a tthove'. t t ay. alleged for sipconstiructioth des. - ' that he 1 eatesd' saslf. s a.phy- plating vessels alrea asianut#s:he vanan.4r ew selis$! to sell 8pauiil Rn ~swmre." It is hole iL.-American and, Allied jharmnony said that:soM ' i"nlsvsId" to:-s; an Pre ', rear to I. re. rt =year sed and 'To Se t ICREDITj Reichatag; 'N in

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