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ï~~ fTMl SPOVtES'IT\ JIEVT'W. SPOICAI', WASH.B LES INFI.UENZA PINER 'WE H envy ench Guns Drives Hun rm a1ra iLE.- THAN,-OP WEE AGOAGIC __________ ate odpoae inat tMo pokat_____ Against14 on ednesdy N132.d Oie was ornsol 1n al -Errtz. 3wrSenyWlis_ cf L+ast Week. Latter b. aaqulret several oe.- of e ep onle ____lone-_ in- beak.... propertl and final. NINE; " DEATHS' IN CITY are of hi ow rprie.o GOOD WORDS FOR FRIENDS htuid " }-equtlly etweena Spoaneo. Portland v.1 ~~~~~~~~ad California.Jug We te.To btlofC e a ite. td Pa,-.;eoaar Sufering He wastely Arnt alal and JdoWhtr itetti. o.Fkae l~o afileasa Are' Cot- ait-Gereanan -lbs Abd tea- toat of ilteritir.. Watches - tatttlt- a htarte- memtberor ato-ane lodge trtfaai.-AsLso CIY SLISNAFueral sericIes at 3 o'clock tils \ tnally 1, ea delighted..t theh Caoisaraadaa: 7etordal. 2=M afteooat Turnbull't will be. tentht.o Tues.da. It 1. remeeialiyOrs a O~itbeaaota Gy tat teods.; 214. chiarge of the Elk. loge. Burial wili Iralya tat tmy supo.rt wa. Bra -itsi'rte t-~. fa te' 404. be at Fairmounlt, whoere out-of-doors oral thrtughout the ditrit 5.ter.. ptd aeeottla fesarard yettt0 servilot, will be conducted. oe heig coctrte d It et rnutr. ~oaJeda GROWER W er trmndu l Stairappad onoaz t O bag:tad QUZGRW RSA a ght Dy flfl thC S e tunar ratranie botaa te lrombe- loyal and patrittt aiattbtrte ha. ta cÂ~, g~i611.,,, prtaoarrd to betak defeat. I a ti,,>ata~e 1 IMw sAettpls 14& T APPrLE RADE[S sitatro I rrtrited from the press' aebl teA mir o Infttenza They stade it rtibie ttr ere to ut r hi;-h asba a _____ the [atto squtaly before the peopie. asa5thOitetlObd aaad.a 000 01001ta 0over Sothatt rrtti opsia day last *aaSk this 1s dts 00 Questionnaires Seek Expression Gahi of sty Iayal itaIsda I', ~tdec~pt f ge reortat oo untthroughata aHt rttat 0 assumo the --Odoolp~fas tor~ tooae.From 120 Horticultarists as beta at ~petgtttt atet -.tilgh brt taraad ays, front abet maeqgotsy pesmtlwl tsha buasaysyt o 0. to Proposed New 11. 8. Law. In t~~i oeo~ar tis '.eayorthik t soattr maka a _________ begoo.sod.. Th.:actual inmber Kte. bott expect 0. do--- - -Of-easte ehawiabl. to y~espdsl' toe- OVrotem - Cthe mate oto fm ie, ltrlaa..ttlInatad 'at 26.0 a eCOVR COLOR, QUALITY atdltwed t mdittand nonasan - atASIDA! jx.. W AObe+ as aramd with OhS ama day Nortbhwestern Fetit. Bobanga o -" Huna tram Ohs 'oiti of Casarat. The a ate shown ass tf Ohe "big folis ws is-OIh strts oftealyst. l f eisax dj~h invtousf- Wa herP rt an earth or Us tha capter. Iai.Jd. l x tY:-,; ", tandards. a apaigt headqtartert tha marniag a Pl ai -, ighOir Atyatta Caia L"r bteTheoope oa mor frof a. p OH ~ KELLY IN LEAD ALL SPOKAN TO ta Litoot~tS *' Mb - ft wert Ttrcki Otu soC as roi af-Weiarasa Questonnaire tlontt that prroposed. tpoll Uti~pat'#kvie atc.1 r itOsiX federal apl gaesag en tent patl a aadytiab apward foth!1rxteu as ~orduoIto 1200 of $a meimbers by the SC- oajt s~iaddte whom the over- LIBERT THA R FOR _ LEISAT RE WER _L +; i4a 't flgdht+--W. v.. oneFr~i goh~wetrasospay prt- ngat figiurese bad shtooa was elected 4,bhars 0-Ienj iiif1I--*tbl -piratQr~ to the annual adei ad ittydr was a mart drab and dratSobts saaQ wtnaitlto eArt arik-torfsresco Ca hl bal po playa Imgined by tha heals oft a 1, -af---. tad',t Apr. toe-the--ta < oa.gaeagf tha comtpaoy pand to ofs Oh itontuateg of ~ oa at Little. Ca-hill by Twssaty-one Stores, Cars, CorrmrPulce -- bet~afi~dlt nirrottW R3.., slile titf o at- brililas of th ookum~ attful tasdldats, the aon s ld -Saasda. aa ot iali.2 ladiittS hackrhsrotaoeos 0. todlag hti wauld he itl Deti~bn hrbe okAk Vts lce,11 D. aj opItllitnd isle tia and aimllar quostaon bianka to Re"p Keets Dil Bteyast. - ocAk -Vos. -PaeinOfes tdbyms r 0-irt1ijraaIls iLtt ctgtot tbflt ivowaf Oa-th. 13' hrancsh ss d -Wednesday ia Gh ay after IanEISWR O. -~u-~vs oss~~WNESA NEilpato 1 4s-i~ldate?" 4p5' ar~saileg 0- fight aty otff el to Spokase. Ta the victor belbegs tat BGN WOK OV 11 SiiDDC55 liliESO iNNR EFFECTIVE A;"'. he I 0du=-ag ld~e16raa it-,lwooth Osaorthierters grades. e spools ltbe congraOtulatos) hut with 1- Is -apactcasous; teIP.iak; geneala maagr 0f t defeaed C. C. Diii. that sot S. -fmlyslm;>-odb~n,"!ilfnl f~ptt t then1 a$nseamlpasy. Os eding Ohs staa of nit thitgs. hope, stil tltt - IC- Crawfard, M1as~gr af Rtta JMltobtll ita. 1465 Male. it,796,sedDtkPrt SdFaela opos. eprirL a-3olteiiashtlght "- hlletta t. the Spoae.grwe-o. CoIp-gbt Palr.C" fot lIft ted riptory. baert was aea~,t sa-hr. sdM~t O-S sta-JeC551Gse le ao-a bslisbdeoii26*ottt" arertaOBlt'ai loa at the proposed fdteral grada- nothling It Mr, Diil. bearlag as be ---eit taro arkaC~g fo.a, 16ale lo rtlkottr~~ol -.111 ll arllutig fo a esaSy it- qcof itoluded. In atoral way, thes appeal-ed at his -hsadteartr that I te PlayhoSes. aten Countr. Each Oa '. ptitnt.; twilit~t toaol.of 1 OiO~7oottrided for two. maiahataalapBraden tsdicated defeat Beoned a too Ol-soot 'prersent,--Oae albf -- xo. r3 which Ia le f ay orsaetlat kook tie of hi. recent iilessantd t telilita----l-eals sa -11 3aS.-- Ncaal cr sr r0okl marks ofa who had counted aed Sam W. B. Cobs. manager of st Ceegetet. Ne regulationtaips Jaa Dt gir~-~ -I - e d.. zed: a No. # gradi. which f- recounted figure. tht og slght Llesgne thaltr foat l 00 klst 7**l-. Webste...- - - - i.....3.311 o f eita oas s-allw.wtO!Attal Itti5 Ysr.g e lues 00. preett fanr and a farga through, he did eat hal-a the aper tetg e tetrday and wOll Oseat Dill- - - - - 2t5ae pioft eilas maa yOtbs rM "AL.sdffiiipittaslksha per of- t11e, pretteat Cgrad. A Daot of amao suffaering from wounds is moraing tor tle Rack-Ark.. t *4.Ael~ae plns -ptdlt 1tiieoapr~ ptd l ir ssnc o,3 grad. tlst pravided. hilt It is falr chich there Os no cure er tooth- seter tht centrl I rinii state board of heailth. f5- ~ard P~ls0 ydrtae tghamt-nf ts..-Ua eapettead that apples ef tat qutality ieR lotion. Cn lttroltr flns r ttbi - - i~O waattt 1s o yehsatn a.:egaS tCuirt rwlll ba otul asly for byprodects Qelto -ib. contrary- he hoped. And Cobs mado his application 00 pteson Stale...............1,2 ofic - --ayse d afilso by tatatba { a'ngdes#OO-.CthO.fftit lrbaptIiC4'lat-- - that boe was staktd at tbt marrac at Pullman thret maoths. ago and Mtouet-- - at.a so.I will.......1,1 hae deuain ors boh--; t aa1At~ (Thersday). Whether salaatlbt agree ca - --n T4,479 ala l- ttwls55Tc~hs Y h rll idotlt~ Prteatta Cto B"o epa or dltagye as to whether thare as a +1 Y t# MltfL!::..,' "hi "afr ito is sai Oa rtll weath ofticers'r -r - oaiZita aprpcttn The. tentative grada specificatons totmoroa at- tt it made sa differ - f - ~ j;;I. Pedtbartos. --..~..- dose lpet.066e ttestt t ade ea, t dint-sl a titales a fromal deppcts grdi te a 41e41da aetel t oa. Th fom t rit s heeBa......... -... 2,3 ofgfieste hoe fl-eat thhCeL; the Dao$ '-hounug to.t hg ecnaeo clrcaatr ana ocnkn h a-woulhed dr oilbeit 0150 inetoars sto a aste r egAasslvaier"~ a" -tellelo soa au-s Y sptitodapot from ther amai prcict In-I io- - -.0 enfoe. T Mis taiet too-o ttI~ t Ofiere Irst, of tvasey.dsstgaa.-A taiur-er Muer. Staei -abtapr a the.,. Cbt,. ~o o- asit Adlo.etySaa S~3e cd o ras~ a eeeal utoiity gta ytt tope Ite fl-tmy diitring. Webort lead bor of helt i5 tcde taay I 0Ohl00tt. fo 1i11tot t imih. 550uaane~ at hoe w ubica t cnil o he sacidahti -froBn --m0.3 afor tto hib udtsr An h es-sae ~~- bg pplsatag af 0 aercpil blheaof r h aft dat t rict -i c ibal Wihatf-h.leapooatee htth rt ishe no idjet atl r b:, --lw sgota le a ro rr Pe thaott would Thsirt Wethret I e teuipreme laou t itded o etf pokanTh on ie atO ot oeynsa Oilapi-evlsg to *alghO.I po-fe rm Gfeota tl rounty reapbtiaeeholrmae. and lbs M.~ k~t itcheill Malt and ut omlod tacie).. schools, elhosu hti. ro e I--<.E t N p,- tll tar or. affect Its keeping tualty ar marte retst of the Websterrvotet-t would sat e dals. e~- totdt. tet tl.i7ffect Itt satttttoe.p btgrudge Mr. DiII hi. topes, It eIN.ah SOrt big majoriies, ptoratbaa s and platosw tlpa sdaS b days tell or. o.th55 etr o lOtist a h r cooe n grdel ath- of 8000oa -;Pot*s Shot stated eablltk-!+t' I- Is the Thtrd eaepresentativt dtstrlct pie coagregae:sl.sao a ~~~t? -rsud irhual pls o 501 Osglr at aim. ti -Ii -~ ly M rO p ubt-oth at. o late retturns roots and limlar MitCp-s a olgt >pef wil oflae again t eeittsd seon rades bu shl made big gais.ovr Cahillt demoe- ditlanstays:baflde toa..' no h-tiOsfInclut apes grd.hotin dhay, Teephone Perose Poer tt ame. 1ci a- eat. WIth ate precint. Natt Mae- Ms aiAlir e. it. d tlgC Sm rts. orit of a.,. are tlallo apes tio-n o - Mi-. DilI was arooti his eadquar- Mar Bo- Anteb ssosiag vai d ytOses-r sot drink palke sd,elgar store el ar badly defertmod. it Inciodes telad- ters aOO aftrnoon. The inocent Itols- -ot " te aeicttolas Aea soa drintS isoa 1 b Wdo Tresat kvtlpec was Cinad ras- fallas.tem pusetaured, bruised, bali phone waetihe tagic lodetlone which A otie totsilan tosat lesldttam lor itd thet ar tday it polire court fora violtion peked, sue toaldG atler acoredl..,- teemed te oyt hlt o 00 Thart was wten eletetd by aay majoeltis. gass..e and etsit 0 tt0011t1UCopa galpiogr. byt lb i bia pltae. 300. start was Oaldteta spot. uncolored apples from every 01mt lb. hai ntgled tht glist ---' rguad t he thy b sroader o sarae Y latayelatoed to- oyrdar af tile cite- rod vrl-ltd asd all ether api-los not inohis eyt beapoke toe bope. dea t AA.I~LIIYIN1I ISMOO e h ct ealtO of floe - lpidedito No. S. haO 0000.. that aitadel. De rgoat ltI b eka. - a 1* hul-+Mmat iatngt0'sge -ST, dIed'o ahon ti -krga do bu DAcrigt h t of'at stoa~ofard yehl~farr. t. F igliC Coatera on Ne. J orse.r o tht cotdoling ea sere orar pl'at ILLE B H N e- eaa mask. at-a to be 50.a as o.sdM sotrvivad by 00. fathar, ibhtn Tbe fleas leapt t bocse-tiat Att Whet the boil ratg all eatae tao~iLL fJtof tfrateesstloascsetS ba atpl threesiasters and two hoot0- thaaNo. 1 radebecaue o1 Ctos mary cattntio and fail heast forward Is 8x9____ toencho.. composad ofotatshthlasr erH. Sad b-een raitrid froa ml- excetionse pertt e~d In the fedral thn lre e ee ihr fod setirelts cu ad ttEtoehe tefatl try service after eslisting twice., eguiatios. er~yadi uo pnwh c o bdraps ona s a se th mdia eainto aD fedin eW ntt Fr adc on Thre Corerla he met st Caos s; ostvesei seviet wll ho, bold inth00 Tht ftderal standards also ooaeOupnwte-oslo a-ptedttadeittliait. ratdieJnWett onseaS h tah-esetie o.t sogn Y'e ---an chlipetl. ookfM an lugomt Lost loe reCc-no cute.aefudtinttrldt oes otWih tthttm pwr Ia thefosllowingp10 Oasb bttaJb d:pt~tbodi "i stn ao toedrns H'ee obbe heetta M hed Is at Georgeys DW.O Hescm. Ca a pt-t. dif lst thatdi for Io:tepaesI.tncu twhr- I lllhIr td itct- Hor. h"a r;o ry assartaceaa. csnasmatsns.W S evnnsfItuer;a h o m Co. f Amken R. Akaf aso blck Blc itne bub. fehbc. hollaO 010 sa taats ie aet is oewvha iaS o daltosalkno Itl W.v 010.OO i.Ior. ldAO-ke. - -rsly o stret. Ita atil nt bito ye a A. pp a. Cot t e 11ork tand Mests Anto Aeste.n,>;1 T ita o afetyar e a. w ehr?'" ' ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ adl-r ber at.n Jh toaris s ofmnfeeDvstGaaiy lasru Le b ecdeSadlths pacsartwad n no ttCmp Pke sfo. teemi veue ecieda hga I m.idr, obis pr+ro aena H lar-al fHletame hee insp.Kn fromract wimll. t ~ b bf ro fhu edy training-amo ah too re tirl mirot- yeray foao h w0 m at daltd pub li at-ba tha s. lsdlbt:reaot tb. moth wo fro Cave-lgrt savi tandat ndTertaoolu. night that m wil e hcan eargtflrlo ohrn 0a thr Rrd Ct-tat et day ftOO atWshmenfrmngthmsf.h ',," pLgAkwer iohr ntst ripedh org pit iale ro va l a-dsrs. eldt. 000 fa e )0 Sen. mar t Is roo In.ortnat dea YS PHSfA TE T donn tha Anionsc of. Tbhpdtleidl.ya fa tha turlr, srie hflttm. Tho ti. ado. I. sedao. 4 2ine p~ hat D il oud It gaaa t etu Ca pttoaylsgNvmbri. on an wskild acio Iha pe lroorlurs ofall ctratdolr aes tt last ig r Te od tcs acgtatSm t. hs neve -I ncer or roor nur n~aIo wIt tr-. n h Dr~ t oaad ur eon streetlrc areltn eshtpein bdaad CO~~~Oto I1 NOttn ftunersg ofa~eeU qustosnt-aortl- hotolll rtl nlps that thevtlno '^lhale ^ra3 Ii hbeltrad the oat- growscr- an al Mh,,,",. an-I I,,h-. ae tasie~reasl OSlts.> to Vi.sitN ROUGE FOR CHILDR N ornt of~t Septembd 11whrink.tIt t nvo a hun R,"r hee er fvepa- deadu i ta.,,ju h t)a ahn Ili I.a.6 lid S O:ITes0. DID FOLK was greted yestaerGay by iho stt denls Oils, flily cas graduatet as righ b - - -l.1 irlia Go n i sa.I prtr rtt,Â~oorbrplrtr evc eatet tIa M rilD od nrI t oc. } ase, It t ur- the waj "- nn ".. I- sal~~c cl":Oo~ti non t~~. atortttf: dratsst at~1!F7't ha bFlr ad ~o las 10 ee eit ftrItht a - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - t. l l..n.+ i" Conal, request ofef caity ealth afil+-'-, Le" ia~ adrd pthcl a r t-h,1 t v~ar1-- - - - - )- - - 1. 1, '-Ili,, ittrI ill f oas It itrote Oirre aleptheath rda we s'kt etle oloo.,lI.loilahacclteattoOsbtl l~t-I 110.1-1 acotetalalbeaycrd roll Nl - 11101 tomlol~l.11C -0 ~C5-,O Carroll C.. tbatl.aorroi andflabtrt 5t o00 ela mutt00.0 ofore Hill lerr!'rlsllat nitht. H e is a oo- sro tl. sn II ao l ll nml n w pksIrhn hr. t".nlr" rso, Harr 11.mrel shhoali ' fern " aido ree. fwod a do..c 0el th1 Os- Iaa Ii thadtot TheI oled,1 T Io taN- - 0-IR the 0'hlldcfa orif 1. atehiltoaf t-ilO A. Mitcbellt sial iqualified rae-' It be oplaoo,+oce,"1. to- a li d lasI~rr $ obet A1.C1M I i-Itip witfht ZONEt~ ftalint5f h In%."1 tod Ireyta 01100.11 1 Iida o. it esd.Oat-at igtfa Cn - __ _ __ __ t.o: laIsI~ii I'n.cstet tat"r A 011,I atn- I.)d, rele- a--I Il..laoanllod L., pal for tha k Is rans anellad. with.oral tattep- posslble capy.*dastrte WIIhor h d.te 21., t n. a Furteeth -1 lions~a laode Itli,+n-la--V o and I h r I pnl aNrhen y soli. lb grdged i-in Roadgh.. tfls ngt o rt Cmo JO N T,U at onseap s~n^ tehd satBeaaT.dECRM I OCNLZN -sxn heldo. --Ir Itxora Cl a lihor fganm.ltk, oRaeigh Ha-N..,toentethe JO as frstb lied1 -I Iflw'iOIla at hi. bane. 82:i trekate Olteiror lD talled to New 0)'C11e O e Ill rI..I rkt I--t - 11 a1111 I-. s otfm teem a pT ad )Ielrfa.tret lat night. Hr Is toue. +kn phudtrtn fo rs tnt I-trtor he am rmpT sa. rowe bytihrn sr1dVac. e ilc ri aktsletelt 01.~l~alc.I- ola wihh -lot - -ca-I boar Ad s W. l Hs eavr e eth~-. ti ete t-hre Case oe fOsiaf 1-1010-ct and a fater. Tht 00101 Is at rla l Oiliamo P. Abocr lt I " tUt,"foo l-O~~ oatt t- hlloto. ItA-1101t d c-lol-llIa nn. llclhsd.di ta- ilCs~tee Orotoa ata.h~mfle at n f iv, at 0 the pa., 0.-l o r ill It,. 11.-stl Iu! 101 w ife, bud sulbmitted' ltrrtl Cal- St. Asntton. Too... to John T. Meotter, -raads a h f1 lb.e atladets sen a rainn r,.c s. c- thenyio' o h. r dolego n 10eport In ol.- 0.- asketl Judt, enter ihe siesrrlos. 11a0 Rele ot- la~ roi so em ay o andg.~c1 lt IaI.-grl C 101111 a -~ 5-u01i0 at thaes Crsopa. bOt Tlrrfty- latllder o at wst-lnrgahu it ELATED AT VEBSTER VICTORY apitn nlr attjo Ilii, IIm Illolool rl to pov:rulo CalsCrsohr ________ the ocltaoleatloe af hellb II tn~r whfs... i h Gat W0. L. ieleely rtlegs-eks Centfriaa 95;00 moe. UPPl o h nadEprde WL. cly, formr taiotorof wr wil LI R Y OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M--------a Chat 33Tety a ex,5:T3hp

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