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ï~~1 415 a eLiorg&Ur11 5J LdGarbN1 r bar UWlF}4RHNeedrNot Fedn' Slight fll;li FlT fhI telf oar In thes va a. r r.g.$.l ewdt tl'rh by Sa to Claus from Bon.tUI. iI I1 ofbiftuienz vi.,Maay 'l in eG esolan. W oe. 's boerenc:s theNewYprk children this year.., When1 ina mmso n eipytepresent controversy in regard to Take ~ efor lots He Oiid e sfre yU.Hs wascnth;Bl of (berman-made toys was g at~n.Isaking for cars toi od Crodd '' iijrst'brought up. It lookedastog "No Ow Ofes t' etthr need. 1a ae,stocking would be empty. wo~sacrh a tote Ty anufacture aelers In"-"-ledfo day or 'even Dart of a thtnqta child need worry or be de- Mayor's Committee'Aso Gt service. It Is needed at once. and Isolation and. Carel'ul Nuig Mr. Ig "prived of their Christmasts aGe Deds of 44 S ' b'-ont- ot retl.Te.aeletwll H the' men count of the elimination of erman Debuffokistued with the committee at uuuupest Treatment to tp ons ftoys litAmerica. Lt ishaqatr wnyscn >rnBoard According to jjnVY F. Schwarz, ot Surrendered by Lien Buyer it edurrs twnyecd Spread of Spanish Pestiec isdfe-manager of the F. A. 0. Schwarz Co., dor ie ulig, telephone____ yt it will at No. 805 Fifth avenue, American- BryantL 6600. made toys will fill the stocking. of The first conviction -as a result of "Influenza casualties, from ti skeli for young America r~ezt Christmas eve. the Investigation of tax lien sales and epidoei are warcastisThr fcabu get He said:' Illegal land deals by District Attorney a dei n doubt the 'ngton fcr 11f6 and "The~ percentage of Germnan-made atooftontysIthaovofNwYrt- Swann and Mayor Hytan's Committee tain areas due to war conditiosi its Union day is about 2 per cent. All of on Taxation. was obtained yesterday. repniefosuhatlis. 2 181~ this these toys have been bought and Jh.Liemn fRcmn il pifo.W hamaytosnspleaded guilty to larceny in general This assertion was made lastnih a er esos tatistics of dollars worth of German toys Sentence was postpone to liovem atth*cnfeene1andoran te ce is paid for and in storage in Rotter- her 1 oeal edr~nt baniimi meeting ' of the Governor's Comn* he saiddm Wesltiscnin ntn money to make restltu Ion. If h9 U EUU son' on Epidemic t 00"i1u uook a loolland. ou keeps a promise tor reps his victims, ____ Academy of Medicine, No. '17Ws s to. stertkena lookAr nurit will be takep into nsideratlon, -Forty fourth street. Members o h eiJth thisstre. Eeyhn i mrcn the court said. In pamsl sentence. c t commrission agreed the gpekor h tusq the made; You will find the same con-,ei derman. operated c lefty among Q+ iriuce scost of dition In practically every-toy houseptpel.Heladduyinhe $1,824,300 Se Askdefr he epidemic has been passed. They ~ the pe-in America. Of course, we still have PoorseoPasle. HeleedityfNteblev slt2no0assI9hetet granted some toys that were made in Geri fPeul eel*o o 0 and Salary lncreases-Sut- ment that must be depended ueni many. We bought them long befor fs One Huidred and Twenty-sixth ne. to ping its spread. th abtorslsepehy street. Deleslo paid derman $80 penda chCreurnurin'~s o geaes of the then wasrutt osaleeplea for a lot at Jamaica.r en he made vlei raigtedsae"si years hetben instucttoystell deveue hi. final payment It was elhown that vleI raigtedsae toeray just what toys are mad a t contract under which Leiderman.It wa s announced at yesterday's DtheWaNewYrkBAcademyofredne. children, tjustewhatrtoysaareymad was l~y ein Japan and just what toys ar make payments for the landmetn ofheBadfEucinHede: both the made in the United States." had been forfeited for non-paymentmetn ofheBadfEucinHede: abl teitr ertr asngsae mht and he *as unable to. deliver the lot, that that body and the Boald *. 'It is e en more necessary ta Lhey are ally yesterday that preference It d MSANY ARE vtrlll Estimate have finalli -agreed upon a tenrigo yhi.Ti iuetisnot been given the shipment ift Lel peldtoteMy ugtf 11.TettltfS. ease 'see s peculiarly to atl~ - He si:, o o Dlsoapae oteMyrs ugtf 08 h oa %$"toe"fanly adult age. betwn use it ld:omniittee about a month ago. In- 111.068.. e net is $48.296,863, as sixteen and thirty. The very yog eml).BU'~ fo I. "htsttmetisali. Pes veetigation showed that Leiderman th of Education has set aside and the d do not suffer so mc Kr.' Bag- quote me as saying so.' had made numerous contracts to de-* 2f8 ortefloin upss rm."ms ad Ptws bo" tl rtn. that Elizabeth Marbury. president of the liver lots: When final payment was$12400frteolwigppss. sidIwsbo ould get Aoe' eiolCmiteo h to be made he qagdhsofc d For the school lunch syesiem. $50. -imposll le for the phys tians ofie feeders American DefenseSoexety.e a tngne dress and the purchasers wets unable 0e0; for Increasing the salaries ofg York City to do more than naketh eak. and that at' at special executive meeting to find him.arreivn patients comfortable and treattem th~areidbytecmite 00oles;500ofh' orgtanization' held yesterday.,it He was traced b h omte department clerks who ae eevn He expial ad that'a fine diagnoiso of t aimusyvoeheataca-$1.800 ot less$25,90 n 17980tede ewsipsfl. H h ta a nnmul oe that acm and two cases were presented to tb. $17930te'd-awsIpshl S86paigs should' be undertaken not only. Istriet Attorney.,' le was indicted for incre~sing the salaries of ete- added, ho ever, that when roileas end Chi- to sternly oppose the d atrbuion of s arrested. At the trial yesterday mentary school teachers who are re- patients s Tiered extremely or we Germap t ye and;)the merchandise iderman admitted he hod committe d ceivig $1,800 orless./ they died t was fairly certain'nu ec ntly b ought to thi country, but. moral wrong. He said- he would Th action of&. Associate Superin- mqnlia wa present. to tisd eve y possible en rt to plrevent soetemnyh had obtained.tnetJh.Tlse nsped furhe ed be submittende h n fid co-operat peut dh rsnth ntrcg-sdaybn. fute,_erhads " Ge- stereinge convicte he ged ingFritz A. H. Leitiedh, a teacher in VACCIff E ALVJE DI5CV55UD. 1"asI Atrbigcnitd aaretog"nmany" Sr being sh d here., mti rtn oSme.BelnMorris High School, -on October 24, The val e. of various vacc~ein Vs40 unsel for the Mayor's committee, a for conduct unbecoming a teacher; prpventin or curnxg the dleeahewp Dl-ElC('? ic.Rpp 1r UIan under which he will make -r,'ti- was approved, I was alleged that discussed. Many 'of the phyilas pdgeion.Tc i ll r, o eoumed to o sfath e ad.. A.ooeat Wtite rsethna ot o aled nivriyai ofpede $ 6,000S e lae twoetday. IfyIt is satisfactory the school in the war service activities fits from these injections.* Prof. C. Ftttit tonywllrcmedtoo h oad iWnloho ae nveit ecurt that Leiderman be admitted Leuclis waS' called for t the flrst dt aft it.',aAteen used, ellectirsly -amog hi airmn - - - --ls-H hen took the ase to the A s.0C ard3f ivsomnadtiez,5t which ~~~~~~~Appellate i vision. miss Gupnnng's so tardi elpen ndLewaa haT0 as dent of Bye,,- malitt er.Gri t n- udedhnike(Iogswh~ 10/11/2006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M r4 " s I 1ads lk' vone1and

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