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ï~~ lot n nrthely i~a f ~it warn referred to the drdinanco " 40k loqton $10, lmso oh tre; o-mitres.r" Kloati I$. ThneoTom Oeehih l.text of Mr. "Dunne's measure.kit I Sphn o ThmasGrenhagltas follows' at ux.. Margaret A.. lot and bulildngs an.Rsle. httecmite nlto westerly ide of Tuxedo avenue; con- Lnda aiimdt y peset II sideration "$10; pla to the Rhode Island Legislature, b Jamnes E. JBeckett to Theophylo. Per- whaicht may be made a reorgaiation rera at ux.. JLaura 0.. lot and. buildlings the present street csar system. so th~t ti on corner of Hope and Eghth streets.;Ivariotus leased lines ray be -,mergedI cosdrto $0 Foecmay hloigtelaeCWilliam T. W6hqrlan to A.Ili Johtna titng down the capital stolt o the vs' et ux.. Emaa two lots and Improve- t units now composing. the preset menta on easterly side of Samoset eve- s~stem eand cutting off certain non-pa.; nue: conskderation $10. - ing lines, all with the idea. of fixing AieJDasntChrot1".Refara aiaono whmafrrawod, lot and buildings on easterly side of dividend can- be m~id. ' of Haskins street; consideration $10. M.z. Hslandelrs re elutlon reads ats ft William D. Parish to Anna 1F. Parish, lows: his wife, undivided halt lot on northerly fltesolved, that the City SolicItor be a: side of Oxford street; consideration $10 ha is heretb' direc ted to mooqk app1Ic,tt I2EAL. ESTATE MORITGAGEIS to the (1lnerel Aseen bly r!Rep Thoms teenhlghat K., grgretPublic Laws, entitled (An Act to Creal A., to Roger Williams Savings Fund and, and Establish. a Public Utilities Con Loan Association, lot and -buildings on mission add Prescribe It's Powers sit westerly ide of Tuxedo avenue: $911l0. Duties and to Provide for the Regult Thomas c;reenhalgh et ux.. Margaret tion and Control of Public Utilities), wal A.. to Katie" D. ttpobn. property above amendment to provide that at least.or described: $500. member of sWi Public Utilities ComMi Theophylo l"eerreirs et UK.' l~aursa (.. to Sion shall be a duly qualited electort Old ('o!ony Co-operative Bank. lot and the city of Providence." buildings on corner of Hope and Eighth "t tts; 5s(o0. 'Iheophyio P'erreira at us., L~aura (3., wowAN SECRETLY 1IUilT D+ to James 1E. Hackett, property last above DENIE0111CAEGE OF XUEDE described: $1200. Jeremiah McCarthy to Roger Williams Savings Fund and Loan Association, lot Rath Phillips, Colored. Hold Wits and buildings on northerly side of Fifih eut *1ail 2. Casee. street: $16%k. Ruth Phillips, colored,- w~sara Charlotte E. iRiewold to Hiarmimie this monin before Judge Doran iit U Barre, lot and builidingrs on easterly side superior Court on a secret indicitme o akn tre;$00 tMISCirAtolcR OP REAL. ESTATE char'ging her with the crimpd of murded MORTGAGES She pleaded not guilty and was comnmi ted to jail without bell to awaIt trii Alice J. lDawson. by Eiien P. Her- The court appointed Thomas J. Dorm rick. four mortgages, representing $604 to defend dthe women. James B. Hackett. by Old Colony Co- Ruth Phillipis bad been bound overI orperative Rank; $X000. the grand Jury from the Sixth Iisil Moses Rtesnic~k et ox., Piril, b.0 Jeonle Court on a charge of Inciting to murdde J almn; $1000. and was held under ball. It was mal ATTA('IIMENT that she aited the man who used ar Abraham A. Mietofeky at al., by admin- volver In fatally wouinding John Kin isiratrix of Andrew J. Wilcox et al. who was shot Oct. 31. 1i19. In the vicinil seven lots and improvements on Kane of South main and Wickenden stree, and May streets;:!O and died the following day at the Rho( ____________island Hospital. CONGESSi }JQ ' 8 E Other cawes before Judge Doran it CONGESSAD3O~RJ AS ARK eluded two charges against Eva K. Carol OF REPECT O x00EV' It M for the larceny of goodis valued at $ OF RSPEC TO OOSEELTfrom a department store, and stealing plush coat, valued at $1.96' from anothi t~cath "or Ea-lPresident Stirs and store. She was placed on probationi aihoeke taspital. 'both rases. Washington. Jan. 6.-Both houses of William N. Hennessey Vended nobo *'ntcrt.55 adlourneti to-clay as a mark laromy from the person and sentenc of respct, aftor adopting resolutions of was deferred. Hts took $930. aocordinsL I rgret at the death of Col. oltosevelt and the indictment, from Thomes A. Mco1 liroviding for the appointment of com" mirk. The money was recovered. " mtt ies to aitend the funeral. Frank Van Leuvan end Joseph L.'Ices The dteeth of tot. tooseveit stirred oleadeci nolo to driving off an automobi' nilsluukti he aptal Unvesalregetbelonging to the lDolby ice Cream Cot n shckd teofpla greatnigusl eretepny. Sentence was deferred. 'it the plla4ng o gettiue'nth orreat eck pleaded nobo to three it natIons ifA was evlrlenl on every hand. dietments returned in 1917 charming hii P'rofoiun'd sorrow was shown by the manY hoknw h frhr lardetceron ny from,he person. Sensten'c whokne te frmr treidet ersn.was nderterred. ally and his l",litlcmsl friendls and antago- Francis 1'. McMurray pleaded nolob ninta Joined itexpiressions of admiration the charge of breaking and entering for the man. shop at night and larceny and aenton< Men in all walks of life were eager for was deferred. tho details. Telephones into newspaper Winiield tC. Pratt pleaded nobo to cot -dices were kept busy with calls from spiracy and to a charge of embezrleaun h igi, officlis of the iloverfiment. foreign The tcases were continued for sentence. lipion'ats andl members of Congress it Anthony Leal pleaded nobo to tt the iBettis spread. On the' streets every- charge of making an assault upon h: a heria tho an~xious interest was Apparent. wife with a stone and sentence was 4e; hi. morning a man brought in another, knocked off. His thigh is fractured. pse nhmI erb on r.iItteRoeIln optl Callaghan Pild this last" coin was a ne~w The )Sencino boy was caught betwe design, rather light in weight. but cv- the car aiad a motor truck. lHe -a OK -p done. tin warns everyone. particu- after lie hat been released, that he f ily the stores, to examine naycarer. no II.ffete. ful n eot*silu i o h aoeae ntemodiat onde. Speed in reporting Will bol was in charge of Conductor George tot, Mr. Callagha~n said. Ioswortl t an 1IoLorman M..J. Feley. TI wet olds the toni true "halt soun dint ire and the nur n pen othi A' wre that the wre rub all the th Th bu to ret A t 11 I +i it I' I Jt li I t.i' I ofies,1 'ttd cot the N ni~~thedy.o 5h(Whis their Atlelqr4r aeulgd lt- but' bra cae s.theflsttu ihe:and, o Ildown teedi tg,.second Yesr tarted to mp4t then hot toe the fledglings..'fheb I'esub * on athst i y:cu itdie'g Yell.toit'iti tnores before tid. chapel t %t arehi x te.s. t. o flto bar ther exiL hard and eo sit$ttlp4 Ih.i_%te hnsneds,.I-:r en formed. for'a concerted rush at' phomores. he firt year mtenout.. edthe Hop1 o*ore5. but the Deider ad tt'dvtitage of a yep 's en ce and acquaitance wit ene app and thae honrm'e woas fair1 *upgr usual, them!,Warn the dIvii~ liog matches; bitt they weare fewer { usual, and almost withouit exception first year toe" proved ~iaflor lore. At all events, the first ch*$il of thme year gladdened the bearts of pper classinen and gave promise of edy return of sown Universaity and student body to pro-war cbndftIns. mere fact that the familiar whitened cap bee retuzrned" to Iemu4 color o campus wauct; oeindication of the to a peace betps. JJERHEN WILL ttd at. tV~ri h~omn, *ad bo 3a JN T mot of tie tion me dise hay tithe men the Rie con 8u doct Fort case Ing. cent. end, "are Thi WAS fill sumct foun Thu ward repot from NAT1 I WmAsti,ILIDE INFLUENZA STEPS TQ410K110W Board of Aldermen will, meet tobw morning at ptl o'clock as a board salib to take up the influenisa sirtueIn this city and' cansider the 4uesof resoreing again to reetrictive ires as a moans of combattinE the or Gainer intended originally to the health meeting foiliiw the city ration this afterneoa, but prese of business prevented and ad)surn was taken until to-omorro*; when otter will be taken up. rts of new cases of the disease us to pile up in the once of the ntendent of Health. A total of 17 s to-diy reported 174 new caret. three doctors rported no now The number of physicians report.v owev er, did not represent 5t0 per. fthe practeing doctors of the city. *naequently.!t ia possible that tippe any su~re new cases unreported. morning the school department lied upon to ssppiy 56 teachers to cancies in the teaching force, A nt number of wubstituteq were death rate. igsn to show an up tendency to-day. Seven deaths wore ed, fotur from influeqza and three Ineumonla. O'S FLAGS HALFMABT D HONOR OF COL ROOS EVELT ititn a.6-Faswr afat the White House. the Ca pitol te ofks Rsvp. rtates.l' "&" -o coa. ' M No. eeq it 'wthM 5 lieu Qortiieed, NsU.rteetk, itk I teasitJliette. 1 1.hiwt t, i iaitee fl 8ag $t,* 1Waia, (igt reseo Ta s'e~~ ti'th 5t2 Meter dadh~i&~No rT of e~al. ak edhijism, Nerfses, Nwt tibrD. d-. ttreed.. 'Rttid J sa l~ehiss. lst 15th~ ARUIVED AT WS1W 7veaid, JAN;~ w. A. Nieiiw. A 1sute *. 'ketteuiem. 14. N. A gsmoe~st ti ol 8. S. Il#endenioe. Start. SAILhD 7FROMP(ITLAND,.4 II. N. War Liettl ''1 4th (hug cee4 SAILUI) >FROM kT iD~liJ S1A)~i 'k 1!.. Wimvbigs tier.). LTi.atN Portlasnd, Me.. J3t5'5.--Arrivedl: ~ia Winthrop, lNorfeik.i~l~ ~ Beson, Ja. 1... Arrival' Steabevprsldgd flk.slied: Steamners WtiielmJshs, feetA lustr: take SterlinglaLllhfeta P!!OfA.s ailselier, Nerfolk: HarYv( U. Rrewt5 ler fi Arrow~s,,New York; e D VAL" Tv'15 News. Ct.,.,.L 4 1 1 14,E Io U U 1 1 t r -. - - UL 1."' 'ATT i. ION McFarland Count, K. of C., No. 144. There will be a SPECIAL MEETINd TUESDAY'Z [NO, JAN. 7th, 7 P. M., at. the Columbhus Club, to, take rn 'on the death of our. late chaplain, REV. T1Q9 P ~FFEY. The presctlcc of cv cry inember pc tt; EUGENEl A. "McI.,ROY. Cran4 Kni j II M. LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER RM

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