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ï~~ Mel ITyl!A'dOO Sn Aq peiceioid eq iAew pue Aped pil.n e Aq Gu!o!pCVW jo ~iqgl IuorierN I JO 1a10 UOIGIO Gj WOJJ peld03 SaM abed S!IIj UO leW l J. CLEAN HANDS Disease germs lead a hand to mouth existence. If the human race would learn to keep the unwashed hand away from the mouth many human diseases would be greatly diminished. We handle infectious matter more or less constantly and we continually carry the hands to the mouth. If the hand has recently been in contact with infectious matter the germs of disease may in this way be introduced into the body. Many persons wet their fingers with saliva before counting money, turning the pages of a book, or performing similar acts. In this case the process is reversed, the infection being carried to the object handled, there to await carriage to the mouth of some other careless person. In view of these facts the U. S. Public Health Service has formulated the following simple rules of personal hygiene and recommends their adoption by every person in the United States. WASH THE HANDS TMMEDTATELY Before eating, Before handling, preparing or serving food, After using the toilet, After attending the sick, and After handling anything dirty. DO YOU KNOW THAT Peace hath her health problems no less than war? Constant vigilance is the price of freedom from flies? The physical vigor of its citizens is the Nation's greatest asset? Idleness is the thief of health? Infected towels spread eye diseases? Half the blindness in the world could have been prevented by prompt and proper care? Vol. 4 AUGUST, 1917.. No. 8 Monthly Bulletin Health Department City of Oakland, California F. F. JACKSON, M. D. Commissioner of Public Health and Safety August, 1917 I lealth Department KIRBY B. SMITH, M. D. Health Officer JOHN H. MELLON, Secretary STAFF: A. M. THOMPSON, Market and Food Inspector C. C. WING, D. V. S., Veterinarian J. H. EUSTICE, Plumbing and Sanitary Inspector P. P. MUSSER, M. D., Bacteriologist JESSIE V. BERRY, A. B., Chemist LOUISE SCHMITS, R. N., Head Nurse. 1 Ill 'i I I II I I I; I' ii i I''! 1 II I1 r i it! l i i l l / I q lk il;ll 1~;III 'I M I I' I 'i I. ' j. Il; II li i I I_.Iii l II i'I r i j a, Â~pII.! r I. Y II. i,

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