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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~BOSTON POST, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 3, 1918 bet sedem bssI t t t =MW WAWflEDAT ONCE -~~ " Ini1aasofta Y ~DECEZflASEI AE ~ ~ ~ t.~merg ency Canteens I ~%~ noo frsÂ~ o s.;.-.WA5ItIOTON4QL 9M O man.ef"diinR the Silck w awe 1., IM' VNshNs bs,-'e The some. Iflee Five weodser. TW. ubewlsl 64w o @"So lver. Ba rs HeeetM/~rsCeltd as Msaaaa..u eee All- Uau.dii 'Spai rh"Influenz Somxe facts about it aqf kow "to preveut: tts spread "C SPNISti' INFLUENZA is a serious matter, and something of a mystery. It probabi jnated 'in.the ranks of the German Army and in prison camp.. It doubt spread frin '. Southward throuigh Spain and northward into: Holland; France, -En d and the Scand = countries. America was free from it until August 12th, when a Norwegian steamer arrive Ata tc port, haing had over 200 cases on the voyage. Whether this marks the entry epidemic or not, the fact remains that "Spanish" Influenza is here and is a serious menace like the familia Grippe. The disease is not alarming. in itself if proper precautions are taken. But without ci high e~ver and the likelihood of pneumonia to follow make it extremely dangerous B -~j~Gesr ~ ~thy, An iy recently issued the following rules b whyc the public ma against the spread of this subtle enemy: Rules to Avoid Respiratory Diseases (By the Surgeon General of the U.. Army) 1. Avoid needless crowdng-infueaza Is a crowd disease. 2. Smother your cough and messes-o*thers do not wise the goes which you would throw away. 3. Your noe, ne your mouth, was mode to breathe through-get he habit. 4. Rmoesnr sic tiru C's-a cgbsemwashen.maid, ed t.. 5. Tty to keep cool when you walk and warn when you ride and dleep. 6. Open the window.-alwaysat home atnight; atthie office when peactiahis. 7. Food will win the war if you give it a chance-help by choosing and chewing your food well. s. Your fate may be in your own hand-wash your hands before eating. 9. Don't let the waste products of digeston accsas t!e-drink a glass or two of wauc on getting up.", 10. Don't use a napkin, towel. osose, fork, glass, at cap which has been sed by another person sod not wahed. i1L Avoid tight clothes, tight shoes, tight gloves-seek to make astue yost ally not your rioor. 12. When the air is pjre bre he all of it you ce-breatho deeply. sew epdese on55ew "at W asne8: daang t- X4N aOWn IcW erodes as dsfbttalp ietsdi teat Naeatoday. Newcess repert. Neleaa District. W thasdassa oae lthl srte R~uus~festrAdslall3 Jessh W. 18,000.alddeeoae flO wfroesthe? a. as a preseetisary eseasars to. 300 eras f10 ri h 5eswtthts houldanmber reported biere. I I kte~t tn ap too' iportnt ra trneror-Paamenla als showed a daeease-. re woe flve deathe Is the distrist with ealy 870 cow eases ead 21 se110114006,s.deaths. IS dsoldierChams daddeest n the east alt the Ia thts etty. Leerud theirsrvios as aese a nd nseaItis. Winlopen the bitoben tr PO0T?100 NEW the preparationPtf bedsefOr bath E FIELWent Roabury C s11 q#, 091.; ltw the 90. Motern ant auresproddead.b.aittt aho h U WisEnd at esasas ueMost avybut e hado -em'oits tepno 34 t= Is ever. ~~~hif srbieetvl rdth eo he sy. A~tltet C Arstrng f Halith Uait. 17 Bloasee street. W-mt Vrli" rhoeisoaut heas Hittseoe esg uoe It tostoopan th p~lw. Hih "c~ol eecikthe. 141 har ps- gM &OSt.,Cacels sChurnt taking cae nf t thatsick sod aupplyeg aerae sad nss'W Ad, KMtZaoalCT CANTBENS AID1 PA' F5. Ntr ae aes at~tgta.,,............,.. Teeod fatestmns are tuned lets kitebsaingeteeepIdemic. Fresloft to right. asrs' aids Mrs. Fred A. Creniead Miss Carolye Wnbber. so the Roebury Toed Feet Jewish Wlfae5re nos whentsofeedI. M Princeton street. latDesow lt Flortw teorest, Southad. Now it ia the "Emegency Canteen' ceres ad nures' aids. Opened ldehen. Sts Draddiaw street. Derstsre. from whence flows nournshing soept Tood Tas eCe.troN 0 Ws nestreet, 0 Allen street. West end. sadcereals to tetvietimsoof the i-p~wih tt: ing oed. &e ~r ET'ATO R flames epademic. Organized by the wd forthews etopl teettoprpa E VE IGCOSD worseCity committee of the Puhlic EV YlUGCO D Safety Committee of which Mrs. Mar' heath Bosten ZLest~p, Me. Oeh a5-As a preea-toaymasr h ulc seol' prot1. Stanerd is the head, dithesrv' Littleese A ad A street. sod theates. chercestlebr aryad aeb other oral districts in the city have hero War Servtee Shop anFsmtaepyplanes at public gatheering were lsted parrngeftod far nsres ad wik. ore todey untiliturther ca. en Iaorderweqped cmtntoenokstorvntheprdigftnne.-- mostof hanexpet cokig deon- Eas Beaen lltocretesradgad~e else o with hOo saeola d prainhgMfoo eed hoaestreen etuhredboser ofrsc.Ame-pl oo erie hn a Sttepc u suppyefd Aletphetsikohoes arethelp Nrh tialofu. hai uyn-LJ essoe-areir thmseptes f l j f l.nctdwihe. as ty ie oobrenofteredtosto he leoentv!..rtoups I ntosokichn. little C a ahpeatered otty. Great threntalelog tallmns of souop, are steaigaa. andvryslecoe stled wtthaertuhllarbeng unse bigprepared In enCoty ty tenRoe "li' muhbury Food TaseCeamro. at a Warees;...,~ stee. dyseaoroy Da entsrenenuoptgesoaphotod beeafr he ivld.peae trJws pe thaei rdo he oe ered by roluseteers. who freqetly donated their e etars r for the sap. R and Uerts s,. The~ ~ ~~fo the ceeatol nsa. o int ygrdWhetsThey Are__andswno nave surea Toda esmay nests at thes omegea soup btebsnewill he opened. Those now to operation are located asfolfelow Tap Centnes - Conessoty Hetsh ~ df ry a sf o arenue. Atisce emuf 5tpicad Arfood strecBigt at.pplyinbgefoodfrsicklee rIcroes. IH ~ I 2a dsu b r St. Vincent do Pat Socety coeetd m with this nkethteking ears cofsOob le Iral.A great esay weoeare a troul Mtoue. b51. aingphscare of e s ~ l s stgie ltesfo et Lstephs m h eo heirs wonderfl lremedy bringsace aodsen e i erviesas aresdseep and reet to peoploe suofeing from akin * Sooth End troubles. It stops the itching at 'once and to very Started kitehee at the oneth sar soothing and healing wherever the skin Is irriUnoe. Hisonceavenuroo are milkii. saenereals. tted or itidisued. Much suffering may be avoided Lino se.s. Staeald street, tartd by the ua. of Cadum Ointment which is good. for seer bitchesnesehieg aop for sick snd their famesiea ecma, pilmples, blotchoa, itch, tottier, ocaly akin, Reiry eruptions, chafinga_p--ies, rash, scabe, ringoerm, e. Jvba Cpoaltrist aie.tioni. un.- cte, sores, burnsa, insect bites, etc. dot share of Measitoet Splaiee bis sep. Three Million Bones Sod' in Fran.. Every Tem plying heds. food. siethieg. doetots.

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